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cat-vac-press-parts.jpgBuilding Your Own Vacuum Press?

If you're building a custom vacuum press system, you'll probably find everything you need here in this category. Keep in mind that the free plans found on the JoeWoodworker website refer to the do-it-yourself vacuum press kits that we offer. These kits are designed to save you money and to simplify the process of building your own vacuum system.

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  • $299.95 $226.50
    - On Sale -
    Vacuum Pump - 1.4 CFM
    120v AC
    A pump like this is perfect for the EVS vacuum press kit and is suitable for vacuum bags as large as 4x4. These units are also superb for bench top vacuum clamping. I've found this to be one of the most quiet piston-based vacuum pumps available. You...
  • $399.95 $309.50
    - On Sale -
    Vacuum Pump - 3.5 CFM
    120v AC
    A pump like this is perfect for vacuum pressing and that is why we include it in the Project: EVS-2 kit making it suitable for vacuum bags as large as 4x9. You'll find that it generates a very powerful vacuum so it can be used for...
  • $449.95 $359.50
    - On Sale -
    Vacuum Pump - 5 CFM
    120v AC / 240v AC
    A pump like this is perfect for vacuum pressing and that is why we include it in the Project: EVS-2 kit, making it suitable for vacuum bags as large as 4x15. You'll find that it generates a very powerful vacuum so it can be used for...
  • $11.90 Vacuum Valve 1/4" NPT
    Heavy Duty
    I searched the half the world (ok, maybe a little less) and finally found an affordable heavy duty valve unit with 1/4" NPT threads (male to female) that works perfect. This is the vacuum valve that is now included with each of our vacuum press...
  • $13.45 Check Valve - Heavy Duty
    Our check valves are designed for the utmost reliability and flow coefficient. These are ideal for use in vacuum press systems because of the optimized cross-drilled poppet design and the light-weight poppet spring we have selected. Despite the...
  • $3.60 Exhaust Muffler
    Add this muffler to your existing vacuum pump to reduce noise without sacrificing efficiency. Highly recommended for all vacuum pump models up to 10 CFM. Reduces noise by 17 to 22 decibels. This is a great replacement for the Gast AH190A muffler...
  • $7.90 $6.15
    - On Sale -
    Pipe Tap
    1/4" or 1/8" NPT
    Several vacuum press builders have asked me to add a pipe tap to the catalog of parts needed for the kits I offer. This is the best pipe tap I could find for the money. I figured that since it's going into plastic and it only will be used a few...
  • $2.00 PVC Cap (Schedule 40)
    These schedule 40 PVC end caps can be used to make vacuum reservoirs for the auto-cycling vacuum press kits offered on our website. I've tried to price these as competitively as possible to make the DIY vacuum presses affordable. Sold individually...
  • $48.00 PVC Reservoir Kit
    Vacuum Tanks
    These reservoir kits are for the Project V4™ and Project: EVS-2™ vacuum presses. I've received several emails from builders on the west coast indicating that solid core schedule 40 pipe was not available in their area so I'm...
  • $21.50 Quick-Connect Assembly
    We now have the ideal vacuum connection system for those who prefer to easily detach the braided vacuum tube from any of our vacuum press systems. I've tested more than three dozen connectors and found only one that holds vacuum. This is a...
  • $33.00 Solenoid Valve
    3-Way, 1/4" NPT
    When used on a Project: EVS-2™ system, this 3-way pneumatic solenoid valve controls air flow between the vacuum pump and the main reservoirs on the system. This is a direct replacement for the Mac valve part# 113B-111BA that was formerly...
  • $56.50 Vac Pro™
    Venturi Vacuum Generator
    The Vac Pro™ venturi device converts air pressure from your air compressor into vacuum. These venturi generators create .5 to 9 CFM of vacuum flow and produce up to 25.5" of Hg of pressure using only 80 PSI of compressed air. Since a venturi...
  • $29.50 Vacuum Controller
    1/8" NPT
    One of the most critical components you will need for the vacuum system is the vacuum switch. Our kits refer to this item is as a "vacuum controller". This is the device that measures vacuum inside of the reservoir and controls the electric power to...
  • $14.90 Vacuum Controller Project Box
    with Cable Gland
    This ABS plastic project box is pre-drilled with a 10mm hole in the bottom so that our vacuum controller can be inserted inside and securely enclosed. A cable gland* suitable for wires ranging from 5/32" to 5/16" in diameter is pre-installed. We...
  • $34.90 Vacuum Controller Relay
    30 amp
    This heavy duty DPST relay will do the power switching for vacuum pumps up to 1 HP at 120v AC and 3 HP at 240v AC. This relay is used in conjunction with a vacuum controller for vacuum pumps that draw up to 30 amps. If your vacuum pump draws less...
  • $14.90 Vacuum Damper
    For Large Vacuum Pumps
    It's a good idea to add this vacuum damper (also known as a "snubber") to the vacuum controller if your vacuum pump pulls more than 4 CFM. This will minimize on/off sputtering by the vacuum controller at the end of a charge cycle and potentially...
  • $21.95 $17.50
    - On Sale -
    Vacuum Gauge - Heavy Duty
    1/4" NPT
    This industrial grade vacuum gauge is made specifically for us and I've opted for a heavy-duty sensing element inside to offer unmatched durability. Each gauge has a stainless steel case for protection in harsh environments. A gauge like this offers...
  • $10.70 Vacuum Tube - Heavy Duty Braided
    3/8" ID
    This is a premium tube has a braided reinforcement and a double-wall construction. It looks a lot like what you'd find in the hardware store. The difference is that this tube will not collapse under vacuum and it supposedly has a polished inside...
  • $1.85 Vacuum Tube (Black Hi-Flex)
    1/4" ID
    This is the tubing used to remotely connect the vacuum controller to the vacuum press system. It may be shipped in a black or bright blue color depending on our stock. Each piece is 1 ft long. Please note that if you were to order 5 pieces of this...
  • $35.20 Air Valve 12vDC
    3-Way, 1/4" NPT
    This electronic air valve controls the air flow from your compressor into the venturi unit. Each unit comes with 14" wire leads with flag terminals at each end (not shown in the picture). Each port has 1/4" NPT threads. No instructions are...
  • $6.50 Brass Adapter For Vacuum Clamping Jigs
    If you use your vacuum press for vacuum clamping, this fitting will allow you to directly attach the new version of the lock-on vacuum connector to the vacuum clamping jig. This part is not designed for use with our vacuum bags. Click here if you...
  • $16.90 Inline Vacuum Pump Filter
    25 Micron
    A dedicated fine-particulate filter is the easiest way to protect your vacuum press equipment from harmful debris. This vacuum filter is perfect for the vacuum press systems we offer and can handle up to 10 CFM of vacuum flow. Each filter comes with...
  • $9.70 Replacement Filter
    25 Micron
    This is a replacement cartridge for the inline vacuum filter offered here on our web site. This is a micro-mesh particle filter made of extremely fine stainless steel capable of trapping airborne particles as small as 25 microns. Not suitable for...
  • $11.50 Lock-On Vacuum Connector
    This brass vacuum connector securely attaches to our vacuum bag stems and our vacuum clamping fittings. It has a soft O-ring inside which makes a leak-proof connection. All of our vacuum press kits include the new style of the lock-on connector...

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