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Searching and Sorting Our Veneer Selection
It's surprisingly easy to navigate and sort our veneer offerings.

Sorting-s.jpgSorting the Veneer Listings
Our website contains almost 5,000 raw/unbacked wood veneers. You can find these veneers by looking through the raw wood veneer categories. The categories are arranged alphabetically by the species common name.

Within each of these categories, you find a potentially wide array of veneer choices. In the categories with the largest selection, you may find it helpful to use the "Sort by" box at the top of the listing. You can select a sorting option to display our veneers using a criteria that is most important to you.

To see the veneers that are sold by the sheet, simply select "Type: Sheets First". This will arrange the listing within this category so that the veneers which are sold individually (sold by the sheet) will be displayed first in the list. You can also choose the menu option that says "Grade: High to Low" if you are searching for only the best grade of veneer.

Looking for a lower grade veneer for practice or a backing? You can now sort the listing by square foot price as well as by grade! You can also sort by length, width, and several other attributes.

Using the Keyword Search Box
Veneer SearchThe search feature is a very powerful, but often overlooked tool. With it, you can find products and veneers using specific search terms. Here are some examples.

Combining Search Terms
Our website gives you the ability to search for specific products by combining keywords by simply entering a plus sign (+) before each word. Below, you'll find some examples of custom searches.

Search for the best tamo ash veneer sold by the sheet: +aaa +tamo +sheet
Search for any kind of quilted veneer sold by the sheet: +quilted +sheet
Search for all maple veneer sold in lots: +maple +lot
Search for any curly walnut veneer regardless of how it is sold: +curly +walnut

Our Real-Time Veneer Inventory
The website will display our real time inventory level on the product page and on the category listing page. Use this to your advantage by planning ahead! Keep in mind that some veneers sell very fast and others do not. If you need 10 sheets to finish a project and there are 12 left, it might be a good idea to buy all 12 so you have extra just in case something you miscalculated your project requirements. Otherwise, the remaining 2 sheets may be sold before you have time to re-order.

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