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Veneering tools now in stock.Other than a vacuum press, you only need a few tools to get into veneering. Our top seller here is the Two Cherries veneer saw but the veneer glue roller is the highest "bang for your buck" tool in the list and it's highly recommended by many of our customers. You'll also find our top-rated Super Soft 2™ veneer softener below.

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  • $57.95 $46.50
    - On Sale -
    Paper-Backed Veneer Starter Kit
    FREEZE PROTECTION OPTION: CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS Paper backed veneer is very easy to use when you have the right parts for the job so I put together this package to save you money (15%) on these essential tools and supplies. The...
  • $69.95 Veneering Essentials Combo
    I must admit, this package of veneer tools and supplies is long overdue. I can't count the number of woodworkers who requested a combo package like this. So here it is! Combine this package with a vacuum press system or kit and you'll be ready to...
  • $69.90 $57.50
    - On Sale -
    49-Piece Veneer Sample Book
    Our latest sample book contains 49 extra-large paperbacked veneer samples including a PSA and a 2-ply veneer. This is a superb reference guide for cabinetmakers and architects. Your clients will appreciate the opportunity to see labeled samples of...
  • $8.60 Super-Soft 2™ Veneer Softener & Conditioner
    Super-Soft 2™ softens crotch, burl, and other wavy veneers by temporarily plasticizing wood cells. This outstanding liquid will condition and "tame" wood veneer to prevent splits and cracks by instantly making them remarkably flexible. It does...
  • $74.90 Hand-Held Veneer Glue Applicator
    The application of veneer glue to large panels and production runs of smaller panels is much easier with this type of adhesive spreader. The glue hopper can hold up to 24 ounces of PPR or cold press veneer adhesive. That is enough glue to cover more...
  • $9.90 Veneer Glue Roller
    The easiest way to prevent bubbles in a veneered panel by applying glue the right way. The rule of thumb is that you should be able to see a pencil line (marked on the substrate) through the glue layer. The easiest way to to this is with a decent...
  • $5.40 Replacement Veneer Glue Roller
    This is the replacement roller for the veneer glue rollers we offer. Not for use with some solvent-based adhesives. Tips from JoeCleaning - Be sure to clean the roller immediately after use. Warm water works wells for most water based adhesives...
  • $21.95 $17.95
    - On Sale -
    Dual-Edge Veneer Saw
    The Two Cherries™ veneer saw was offered on our site for almost 15 years but as prices continued to creep up, I decided to find a better option. Our new veneer saw offers everything that is good about the previous one but without the higher...
  • $88.50 $69.20
    - On Sale -
    Simple Veneer Tape Dispenser and Moistener
    If you've ever joined two veneers with veneer tape, then you probably know how important it is to have a decent tape dispenser on hand. There are several imported dispensers out there that are remarkably expensive but I doubt there are enough...
  • $10.95 Dual-Edge Veneer Saw
    Replacement Blade
    This veneer saw replacement blade has the "ramp" tooth grind that cuts on the pull stroke. With 18 fine, unset teeth per inch, this blade cuts with precision accuracy. Fits all veneer saws sold by Sharpening OptionIf you...
  • $22.95 Down-Cutting Edge Trimming Router Bit
    Flush trimming is so much easier with the right tool. I typically use a veneer saw for straight trimming but I've also been using this spiral down-cutting router bit for tricky veneers and curved edges. The spiral down-cutting action presses the...
  • $14.95 $12.70
    - On Sale -
    Veneer Scraper
    for Backed Veneers
    This "narrow ridge" scraper is designed for applying paperbacked veneer with contact cement and Flex-Pro adhesive. It is also required when applying PSA backed veneers. This tool doesn't look like much but it works wonders. It uses a simple but...
  • $109.90 Veneer Punch-n-Patch
    A2 Tool Steel
    It's not uncommon to find bark patches and other voids in burl veneer. This tool allows the user to easily punch out the defect and replace it with a reciprocal patch. A tremendous amount of thought and experience led to the unique design and...
  • $24.95 $19.50
    - On Sale -
    Woodworker's Guide to Veneering & Inlay
    by Jonathan Benson
    I have admit that this book is probably going to be one of the de facto standards for veneering guides. The author clearly explains nearly every aspect of veneering from log to finished project without over-stressing any particular concepts. This...
  • $9.95 Edge Banding Trimmer
    This is one of the best edge banding trimmers available. It has two blades for cutting in either direction. Both blades can easily be reversed when they become dull. I've used one in my shop for quite some time and haven't had to change the blades...
  • $4.15 Edge Banding Trimmer
    Replacement Blades
    This is a package of five replacement blades for the edgebanding trimmer we offer here at Buy 3 packs and get 10% off each.
  • $7.95 Ultra-CAT™ Helix Mixer
    Ultra-CAT™ glue is activated by mixing water into the powdered resin. Very small batches of adhesive can be mixed with a paint stick, but otherwise I highly recommend this helical mixing tool to achieve a smooth and lump-free blend. Attach...
  • $18.95 Vacuum Breather Mesh/Net
    One of the keys to vacuum pressing success is being able to evenly distribute vacuum throughout the vacuum bag. Breather mesh is the perfect way to do this! Breather mesh is a unique plastic fabric that is used in the vacuum bag to allow free air...
  • $4.20 Veneer Tape
    Veneer tape is used to join two pieces of veneer and keep the seam tight while the adhesive cures. The beauty of this water-activated veneer tape is that it shrinks as it dries. It is this shrinking action that pulls the veneers together and makes a...
  • $4.90 Elastic Veneer Tape
    Ordinary painter's blue tape is generally fine when the veneer joint lines up perfectly. However, you can often come across a joint line that just needs a little extra "pull" to hold tight. I tried countless blue tapes from every manufacturer I...
  • $6.95 $6.10
    - On Sale -
    Veneer Joint Tape - Quick Stitch™
    Waterless Veneer Tape
    Over the years, I've tried countless self-adhesive splicing tapes hoping to find one perfect for vacuum veneering. Some were too strong and impossible to remove after pressing a veneered panel. Others were not strong enough to hold the veneer seam...
  • $2.90 Veneer Tape Moistener
    This item is a really just designed to moisten stamps but it's also an excellent tool for wetting veneer tape. It won't give you the same warm and fuzzy feeling as the calendar (I think) but it's cheap and it works. I started using one of these in...
  • $1.20 Glue Injector
    This is the one used by the pros! A great tool for spot gluing. It's an excellent tool for marquetry and for fixing lifted veneer edges, blisters, and bubbles. Tips can be trimmed to apply just the right amount of glue. Other woodworking suppliers...
  • $9.90 Seam Roller 2"
    This roller has a soft, contoured rubber handle and double-end plated steel frame. Choose from wood or medium/firm rubber roller based on your needs. Made in the USA. The wood roller is ideal for making air-tight seams on DIY vacuum bags. Since...

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