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Frequently Asked Questions about International Shipping
Doing our best for woodworkers across the globe.
line-horizontal.gif can only accept orders from the countries shown on our International Orders page. Unfortunately we can not accept an order from any other country regardless of location, situation or circumstance. No exceptions will be made. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Why is your country list so small?
International shipping is a huge risk for a small business such as ours. Additionally, it is surprisingly difficult to monitor the rules and regulations for shipping our products to other countries. We have opted to allow a limited number of countries that we have deemed safe and suitable for shipping.

Can I order if I'm having the package shipped to a country on your list?
Orders are only accepted from and shipped to the countries listed on our site.

Can the order be shipped via a freight forwarding service?
We will not ship any of our products to a freight forwarding service.

Why can't my order ship to a freight forwarding service?
We have offered shipments to freight forwarding companies in the past and the amount of damage claims and requests for missing parts was excessive. Also, there are several products and many species of veneer which can not be lawfully shipped outside the US.

Do you have any distributors or resellers in my country?
We do not have any international distributors or resellers.

Can I pay with a bank transfer?
Sorry no.

Can I pay by PayPal and then have you ship to my country?
Sorry no.

When will you add more countries to the list?
We have no plans at this time to increase the number of countries to which we can ship.

Can you please make an exception for me?
We can not make an exceptions to this policy.

Can you please make an exception for me if my order is very large?
We can not make an exceptions to this policy.