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Vacuum Tube (Black Hi-Flex)
1/4" ID



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Product Description

This is the tubing used to remotely connect the vacuum controller to the vacuum press system. It may be shipped in a black or bright blue color depending on our stock. It is also used to make a pig-tail attachment fitting on the JoeWoodworker DIY vacuum frame jig.

Each piece is 1 ft long. Please note that if you were to order 5 pieces of this tube, we would ship 5 individual pieces that are 1 ft each.

Product Reviews

  1. Works Perfectly

    Review by Andy Sever

    As with all of the products on Veneer Joe and his wife have carefully selected them to work well. In this case basic black tubing that works perfectly.

  2. Tight Fit

    Review by Justin Easterling

    Very flexible and has no problems under vacuum work collapsing,etc... Bit of a tight fit over the barbed firings, but I used a little air tool oil and worked it on.

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