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Customer Testimonials & Reviews
It's always nice to get a positive Google review or an email with compliments.
Here are a few that I've received over the years. Click here to send me your comments.


Comments by Mitch Harris - 5/4/22
I am not an expert at woodworking and veneer, but I have ordered multiple times and have always had an excellent experience with very rapid shipping, excellent packaging and accurate completion of my order. I have had some very beautiful pieces at very reasonable prices. I can't imagine why people would shop any other place for veneer and supplies.

Comments by Peter Constable - 4/28/22
I'm starting out using veneers and needed single sheet of a nice-looking veneer (plus backer) for a project. I had some questions to help me decide what to order, and got quick and helpful answers from Joe by email. I ended up ordering a walnut burl veneer, a backer veneer, and a couple of supplies. My order from Veneer Supplies was delivered quickly and in great shape. They had rolled it and packaged it very carefully for shipping. All items arrived in excellent condition. And they must have stored the veneers flat: I could carefully open the roll and the veneers flattened back out nicely. For comparison, I also ordered a bubinga veneer from another supplier, but the service from Veneer Supplies was much better. I'd definitely order from them again.

Comments by Ken Nichols - 4/7/22
I have read many times about this website on a woodworking forum where I'm an active user. In fact, every thread posted about veneering has at least a few people mentioning the customer service and products offered on this website. Someone posted that Joe and Christine are the "hardest working people in the veneer world", and another person posted that they are also the most honest. I found both comments to be completely true. Joe packed and shipped my order (which was fairly large) about two hours after I clicked the button to finalize the order. He also answered every question I sent him - including a reply on a Sunday afternoon. You're just not going to get that kind of customer service anywhere else. Much to my surprise on the day after shipping my order, they sent me a very nice email stating that their website over-estimated the shipping cost and that they had put a store credit on my account for the difference. That is going above and beyond in terms of customer service. I concur that Joe and Christine are probably the hardest working and most honest people I've met in all of my woodworking adventures. Thank you both for what you contribute to woodworkers.

Comments by Farid Masrour - 4/1/22
I'm a hobby woodworker and a few months ago, decided to take on the task of making my own cabinets. I also love the look of teak. But teak is too expensive to use for my cabinet doors. So I thought the best option would be to veneer my cabinet faces with teak veneer. It was an ambitious idea because I had no experience with veneering. So I started doing research and quickly learned that many experts in the woodworking community recommend VeneerSupplies and Joe's advice. So I contacted him for guidance on which vacuum press I should get and what other accessories do I need. Joe was extremely helpful and timely with his responses. He guided me through the process of choosing a press system, vacuum bags and the glue type. He was also super-fast in shipping orders. During the process I ran on out of glue a couple of times and it both cases Veneer Supplies shipped what I needed on the same day that I placed the order. I was extremely happy with Joe and Veneer Supplies and would go back to them in the future.

Comments by Michael Robbins - 3/30/22
What a great experience! Had everything I was looking for. Great quality and service at a good price. Delivery was quick and perfectly packaged. I got an immediate personal response to all of my questions. If you are looking for veneer, supplies, technical advice and just great all around service, this is the place to go! Thanks Joe!

Comments by David Redwine - 3/15/22
I've done business with Joe for 15 years—veneers, glues, bags, vacuum kits—the whole enchilada. It's awesome when things arrive on time and in good shape. Joe makes sure this happens, even in 2022. Moreover, when you have questions, Joe's there to answer them. If you're considering getting into vacuum forming or veneering, look no further. Keep up the great work, Joe.

Comments by Kenneth Kasten - 3/7/22
I've been ordering veneers from for several years and the quality and service is second to none. Joe is always available if you have any questions and could not be any more helpful. In these difficult times we need to support small businesses like Veneer Supplies.

Comments by Mark Holliday - 3/3/22
I have ordered from more than a couple dozen woodworking, furniture hardware, mineral paint and tool websites in just the last two years but none have been as useful, accurate and customer-friendly as yours. I recently crossed the line from hobbyist to launching a small furniture restoration business in December and my need for veneer skills and supplies is growing. I've known about you for years but placed my first order just last month and was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience. The wide choice of veneer, the accuracy of online selection of what you see is what you get, the care in packaging, the frequent feedback on order status and the rapid Fedex delivery are highlights for me. The bonus of encyclopedic veneer knowledge shared on your companion website is a bonus for someone still learning the ropes like me. You are a gem, and a fellow Marylander to boot! Keep up the good work!

Comments by Gord Williams - 2/26/22
This website is a wealth of information. You'll learn a lot about veneering just by checking out the products sold here because this really isn't just a selling website, it's an educational website in a certain sense. I've been buying all of my veneers, glue, and vacuum pressing equipment from for about 20 years. I was a customer for Joe (the owner) back when he and his wife had just two vacuum press kits and four sizes of vacuum bags. Look how far they have come! And here is why their business has grown... it's because they run a damn fine business. What Joe has done for the community of hobbyist woodworkers is praise-worthy. Before his websites came around, there were few places to buy veneer and those places always seemed like they could not care less about the hobbyist. If you told them you needed just a few sheets, they would snub you. I still remember the names of a few veneer stores and websites that sold veneer and they are all gone now. It's not surprising. Treat customers like an inconvience and they will eventually go away. Then you have Joe and his wife create a great website with a ton of veneering tips and a few outstanding ideas about how vacuum pressing could be made easier. Weekend shop guys are lucky to this website as a resource and to have a friend that will answer your veneering questions. Since then, I bet I have sent them more than 50 messages and they have always responded with patience and consideration. You just don't come across businesses that are run this well anymore.

Comments by Jason Spence - 2/20/22
I’ve been ordering from Joe at Veneer Supplies for almost 10 years now. Their products are the best around. But honestly what I like best about doing business with Joe is their service. Orders are always processed and shipped expediently, communication is always prompt and clear and any questions or issues I've had (which frankly I've never really had any real issues) were addressed quickly and to my complete satisfaction. I would not be exaggerating if I said Veneer Supplies is in my top 3 preferred companies to do business with. They really have this figured out. Kudos to Joe and his team!

Comments by Rob Hughes - 2/14/22
After a year or two of reading about vacuum clamping on the net I purchased the V4 Press Kit, VS Extreme bag, breather mesh and Ultra Cat glue. Any questions regarding what to purchase were promptly answered and after purchasing the products I was kept informed regarding delivery dates. The products arrived in excellent condition, and the V4 kit went together easily. The parts are of exceptional quality and the instructions are brilliantly written. The bag is robust yet flexible, easily conforming to complex shapes. My first attempt at vacuum clamping was 100% successful, no leaks, and easily handle by my pancake compressor. 5/5 stars for customer service, product design, value, and overall experience. Thank you.

Comments by Barbara Smyers - 2/9/22
I have been more than happy with everything I have ordered from Veneer Supplies. The management has been extremely helpful and promptly attends to any questions I’ve had. Not only are they responsive, but they have proactively contacted me when my order wasn’t able to be sent due to weather temperatures. I just can’t say enough about how much I felt like my order was appreciated and taken care of. Highly recommend!

Comments by Stephen Governale - 2/1/22
I am new to veneering (first project) and bought mappa burl and veneer softener from The order came quickly and as expected/described. I'm giving a 5-star review because their service is amazing. Being new at this, I've had a fair amount of questions on "how-to" that I couldn't find exactly on YouTube. Joe has been super responsive and friendly - he has helped me a ton along the way. I will use them for every veneering project I have going forward.

Comments by Mark Joiner - 1/12/22
I've been very impressed with the quality of the products Veneersupplies sells, as well as the service. I've ordered many square feet of veneer from them, and appreciate that they display photos of the actual veneer piece being ordered--and they have an amazing selection of exotic and domestic veneers, at good prices. Likewise, the glues and other accessories I've purchased from them have been top-notch. Anyone serious about veneering should check out this business. I was trying to think of something to complain about, but came up with nothing!

Comments by Justin Radican - 1/10/22
Amazing one-stop shop for everything you could possibly need (as well as some things I didn't know I needed) for veneering and vacuum clamping. All 3 of my orders came extremely fast. I went in not knowing anything, with just an interest in expanding my woodworking skills to include veneer, and left with a ton of professional knowledge on what I needed and how to use it. The owner is avaliable to help with any questions and clearly cares about his customers. I won't go anywhere but for all my veneer needs, because I can go there not even knowing what I need and leave with exactly what I need. Great company, looking forward to shopping with them some more soon, when my experimental stage is over and I'm ready to build my first big project.

Comments by Chris Johnson - 12/8/21
I am a woodworking student as well as an avid hobbyist.  As such, I have had experiences with numerous companies that supply materials for woodworking. Communication has always been timely with Veneer Supplies, products have been consistently of a high quality, prices are fair, and shipping competitive. You won’t be sorry to give this company a chance to earn your business.

Comments by Charles Cheeseman - 12/1/21
This is an outstanding resource for learning to veneer. Great service from Joe. I built the Venturi vacuum press several years ago and it has worked flawlessly every time. The tools and supplies from Joe are excellent and I am sure he would not sell them unless he believed in them. Excellent source of veneer and supplies always welll packaged and deliver undamaged.

Comments by Thomas Schmitt - 11/11/21
Joe and his wife provide excellent veneers, supplies, tools and advice for the small to medium shop and hobby wood workers. Prices are fair and the shipping is very rapid. The veneer batches are individually displayed on the web site. Joe marks flaws in the sheets with a chalk so what you see is what you get ! The size is listed and there is a search engine for dimensions. At the beginning of the pandemic I ordered some walnut burls with beautiful figure that were of the lowest grade. Purpose was to get some experience with burls. They can be brittle. I expected it to be used on test pieces and discarded. No way - with a little tape it was fine! I did some experiments but the bulk of the veneer was used for cabinetry. They are likely unique with their range of tools for vacuum bagging. This is a part of his business I use a lot and I have never been disappointed. They have pre-made bags and material to make bags. They have the vacuum fittings (hard to find in may places) and vacuum hose by the foot. They have pumps, control switches and a number of plans for vacuum systems. Their advice is excellent. About 10 years ago I started doing vacuum veneering. I made a great number of the usual mistakes. Joe's advice got me through with a minimum of pain. Five stars!

Comments by Sanjiv Chatterji - 10/7/21
I'm building kitchen cabinets for the first time. I found Veneer Supplies after a Google search. It was easy to navigate the site and get to know the products. I found an great selection of edge banding and installation guidelines. I have just completed my first glue-on edge banding project successfully. Motivated and developing some confidence, I am looking forward to future projects as a hobbyist. I may attempt veneering soon. The product selection including tools and machinery appear to be exemplary. This initial experience has been fabulous.

Comments by Shoshin Woodworking - 9/27/21
This was a great customer experience. Not only was the veneer flat, consistent, with perfect joints, but the information and supplies on the site made this project simple and a great success. Helped to make my first veneer project a complete success. Also great communication from Veneer Supplies from the time I ordered till my order arrived. Highly recommend this retailer, and will definitely use again for future purchases!

Comments by Ross Everhard - 9/22/21
Just wanted to write and say thanks. This was my first time using veneer. I want to say the zebrawood veneer I received was perfect in appearance and quality. Your website was a wealth of information and really helped me feel confident in trying this out for the first time, and the products I ordered really made the whole process approachable. I love the Heat Lock adhesive as well. Contact adhesive has always been a bit of struggle for me, especially when not on a flat surface. This project was one with curved surfaces and to have the able to position the veneer then adhere it a bit at a time really worked out well. I can say thanks to Veneer Supplies products and the information on your website, this project was a complete success, and I will definitely be doing many more veneer projects in the future!

Comments by Ritchie Hyland - 9/10/21
Joe, your website is a gem and the customer support you give is so hard to find these days. I wish I'd bought from you many years ago when I had no experience with veneer. It would have saved me so much trouble with lifting edges, bubbles, and terrible seams. I've learned so much the hard way and I could have skipped all of that if I knew about your site sooner. Thank you for the outstanding service and for answering all of the questions I emailed. All the best to you and Christine.

Comments by Brandon Smith - 8/29/21
Just wanted to say thank you for the gorgeous veneers. I can tell you packed them with extra care and they arrived in great condition. Have to say that you and your wife run an excellent business. There is nothing I could suggest that you could do better. From the help you gave me before I bought the veneers to the checkout process to the day I got the veneers, I've been thrilled that I found your website. I will spread the word!

Comments by Stephen Mulz - 8/8/21
The veneer looks great, and when I'm finished, my guitar will look great as well. Great selection, prices and ease of ordering, you can't go wrong ordering from Veneer supplies. Joe the owner even checks back with you, to see if there's any further questions you might have. Killer customer service, something that's not usually seen in today's world.

Comments by Mark Angelone - 7/9/21
I also am very pleased with your website. The pics and measurements of each and every veneer lot are an amazing feature. The veneer I ordered was exactly what I expected and very high quality. The tutorial content is great even though we have some different ideas on how to do some things but it is good to hear other ideas. I'll be looking to you first for veneer and supplies in the future.

Comments by Bob Cole - 7/2/21
Christine and Joe, it is always a pleasure to buy more veneers from you folks. I am often astounded at the beauty of some of the things that I make from what you sell. Your web site makes it so easy to search and purchase all items. You have made Veneer Supplies a fabulous business for your customers. Each veneer is properly marked as to its size, whether it is flat or needs flattened, plus chalk marks and special notes to identify defects and where they are located. The real bonus is the information you provide to customers to assist them with their learning curve when it comes to using veneers. Thanks for all you do for us.

Comments by Travis Griffin - 6/15/21
I'm so glad I stumbled upon this website a few years ago because it has taught me so much about veneering. But even better is the incredible customer service you get from the owner. It's clear that he cares about his customers, products, and website. I've ordered from the site at least a half dozen times and each order was shipped quickly and with careful packaging. The instructions for my vacuum press were as clear as could be and the tips that are provided with each order are something you just don't see any more these days. This is a company that cares. They want your project to be a success and I'm living proof of it. Joe has patiently answered so many questions that were critical to my projects. His replies are like getting an email from a friend and my furniture making-skills have grown extensively because of it. Now nearly all of my projects have at least some veneer on them. A big thank you to Joe and his wife for the absolutely awesome customer support.

Comments by Darrell Meece - 6/7/21
It has been a pleasure doing business with VeneerSupplies. I originally ordered the materials to build a vacuum press system. I have since bought other parts and each time they have been helpful and delivered my orders quickly.

Comments by Ken Fitzpatrick - 6/5/21
I purchased the PODZ and the Latching Foot Pedal to use with my veneer pump and give me positive clamping on my workbench.  I've been looking at these from other suppliers for a number of years as a hobbyist. I finally pulled the trigger and I’m happy I did.  I’d recommend these two products from to anyone looking for solid, unobstructed clamping on your workbench.

Comments by Christian Laf - 6/4/21
Great site and company to do business with. It was my first time ordering and I am truly satisfied with the products and service. Being from Canada and ordering from the US is sometimes problematic but the order was readily handled and promptly received without any issues. Joe and his wife run a tight ship! Will undoubtedly order from Veneer Supplies again in the future.

Comments by Joe Kyle - 5/25/21
Really thrilled to have found such a fast and reliable supplier of top shelf veneer and veneering products. My orders have shipped same day (ordering in the morning) and have arrived in perfect condition. You can tell by surfing Joe's inventory that he only stocks the highest quality stuff. The product photography is exceptionally helpful when you're trying to choose particular veneer you want.

Comments by Noel Dykes - 5/19/21
I have just placed my second order from this amazing company. They are incredibly easy to work with, and provide 'next day' advice to queries, always answered by Joe, the owner. Their customer service is what we all hope for but all too rarely receive. Their website provides advice, tips, and hints for the novice vacuum presser (me). I cannot say enough good things about them, and despite the extra cost associated with customs and shipping due to my living in Canada I consider my money well spent and the value for money excellent. Thank you Joe.

Comments by Matt Cohn - 5/16/21
I have made two purchases from Veneer Supplies and the experience has been great. First, the advice I received from Joe was invaluable. As a result, I was able to build my own vacuum system from parts supplied from this site. Second, the parts are of high quality and significantly cheaper than elsewhere. The vacuum veneering supplies are likewise excellent and at reasonable prices. I highly recommend this excellent site run by two great folks, Joe and Christine.

Comments by Steve Revella - 5/13/21
Fifteen years ago I purchased my first veneering equipment. I new nothing about veneering but read Joe's articles and decided I could do it. I bought a V2 vacuum press and a vinyl bag. I received a lot of help from Joe and got everything working. I was sure proud of those early veneering jobs. Now I have a V4 press (the V2 still works) and have won awards for my veneered casework. Thanks Joe.

Comments by Brenda Kenny Gessner - 5/2/21 has been one of the best supply companies I've dealt with. It has a very informative web site and a quick turn around on orders placed. I will be using them in the future.

Comments by Scott Blackketter - 4/29/21
I am a building contractor and experienced woodworker but only recently started using a vacuum press. VeneerSupplies made buying the right equipment and supplies a breeze. My first project, three Ipe veneered arched doorways, turned out great. The equipment I purchased assembled easily and worked as I had hoped. All the great advice I received along with the veneer and other supplies I purchased were top notch! Looking forward to my next project using!

Comments by Donald Griswold - 4/29/21
I have had excellent service from Veneer Supplies. The veneers I have gotten from them were also excellent. Joe and Christine are very easy to work with. I got the veneers within a few days of ordering them. The veneers were carefully wrapped and packed so there were no cracks in them when they arrived. Excelent place to buy high quality veneers and supplies.

Comments by Tom Leath - 4/26/21
Can't say enough about the personal service I recieved...not to mention the quality of the products. Quick response to my order. Follow-up after delivery. Impressive.

Comments by Chris Kaufmann - 4/22/21
It was my first time ordering through Veneer Supplies and I am impressed. The quality of the edge banding was exactly I needed. More impressive though was Joe and Christine's customer service. I will definitely use them again in the future!

Comments by B.M. Rocine - 4/21/21
Joe's operation is like the best of the old fashioned personal touch and the modern speed of communication and logistics. The quality of advice and products is excellent. My purchase of Better Bond Titan DX™ Premium Contact Cement met and exceeded my expectations.

Comments by Herbert Yost - 4/19/21
Any company where the owner himself or herself answers my e-mails rates way up there in my book. I've purchased many things from Veneer Supplies over the years and each purchase is handled quickly and well. The quality of the products is great and the packaging is secure. Yes, some things I can get elsewhere (for example a recent purchase of TransTint dyes) but I always know what I'm getting from Joe and Christine. I've been to their warehouse, and it is a sight to behold. Awesome company, awesome products, awesome people.

Comments by Blaise Foca - 4/11/21
I've bought a fair amount from here, from veneers to a vacuum pump, bag, tubing, everything you need to start doing a veneer project. Everything is of the highest quality and I couldn't recommend Veneer Supplies them more!

Comments by Nathaniel Glasgow - 4/10/21
Great people, have bought a number of things from them. You can look at photos of your actual piece of veneer, which is really nice. They've always shipped very quickly with excellent packing. These are the people for wood veneer.

Comments by Wayne Paulsen - 4/02/21
Always a pleasure to procure and discuss projects and solutions with Veneer Supplies. Dependable resource for all veneer issues and quality solutions offered. Excellent performance from ordering to receipt. Will always return for additional items.

Comments by Roger Beaudin - 3/17/21
I have been a customer of Veneer Supplies for a number of years now and they have always been helpful in answering questions in a timely fashion, it helps make ordering much easier and it ensures I get the product I need for the project I am working on. The quality of their products is never in doubt, you will get exactly what you expect at a reasonable price.

Comments by Gary Depelteau - 3/16/21
VeneerSupplies offers amazing services, time after time. All products are either well-chosen or well-influenced with suppliers based on decades of experience. I can't imagine there is a better company there is a better company out there to deal with for veneering. Thanks for everything Joe.

Comments by Jack Lawrence - 3/13/21
The folks at are super helpful. Their web site is chock full of information about their products. They even have installation guides and recommended accessories. I ordered three 4'x8' sheets of red oak veneer with PSA backing. It came rolled in a 1'x1'x4' box. They provided instructions for laying it out and allowing it to acclimate to my environment. This is a great product. And, the shipping was super-fast and very reasonable.

Comments by Michael Allen - 3/11/21
I'm a professional artist and maker that is constantly ordering (through the internet) products I've never used to do things I've never done. Yours is the most thoughtful and thorough website I've ever seen for products with varied and complex uses. I've never veneered before so had lots of questions all of which I was able to find answers for on your site. Whether or not my project (refacing my kitchen cabs) is a success, just placing my order was satisfying and a real thrill to know that there’s at least one website that truly serves its purpose. Thank you for treating your customers as intelligent beings! Best to you all.

Comments by Keith Krejchik - 3/9/21
I have been using the products, equipment and expertise offered by for several years. The broad diversity and quality of their wood veneer is unmatched by any other resource I have encountered and the personalized service received on every order is outstanding!

Comments by Bruce Clothier - 3/6/21
I purchased some Carpathian elm burl and used it for accent on a chess board I made. The veneer went down very well with minimal curling, and held perfectly. The product was solid wood (no backer) and I couldn’t be happier with my choice, or the quick shipment. Joe replied quickly and answered a question I had. For any future veneer needs, my search will start here. Thanks Joe!

Comments by Robert Moore - 2/23/21
Veneer Supplies is what all businesses should be like. The architectural quartersawn walnut I received quickly is absolutely first rate. Second only to the customer service that Joe and Jeff gave me during the purchase process. With follow up emails not only on shipping updates but queries to make sure I am 100% satisfied with the product. I don't write many reviews however I was compelled to do so at the site of such first-class customer service and top of the line veneer. I look forward to an ongoing relationship with many more purchases in the future. Thanks guys!

Comments by J. Daniel Roland - 2/13/21
Refacing some face frames, doors and drawer fronts on a set of oak cabinets to better match our much loved retro 1960's birch kitchen cabinets. I was very pleased and impressed with our PSA veneer order quality, grain veneers selection, and placement. This is truly a beautiful top grade veneer that doesn't get any better than this. The 10 mil 4'x8' sheet of red birch veneer arrived in absolute perfect condition without any scratches or tears. Thank you Joe & Veneer Supplies for the prompt super service! BTW, their communication with the customer is second to none...ahh shades of yester-year. Will highly recommend and order again!

Comments by D. Palmer - 1/24/21
I have been ordering from for a couple of decades at least. I am a furniture maker that found his way into veneers and all the possibilities it can offer. There is a huge learning curve depending on how far you take it. Getting quality products and information from Joe and VeneerSupplies has been critical to my progress. The products I have received have been of excellent quality and always arriving fast no matter what time zone I am currently living in. Over the years, I have ordered everything from the various glues, vacuum supplies, tints, patina copper, etc., all items I have found to be first rate.

The other aspect of the website is the huge amount of information that can be found. Joe has saved my butt more than once when I was overlooking an aspect of veneering. Take a look around and you will be amazed at the knowledge offered there. If you are into veneering or are curious about it, I highly recommend you check out Thanks Joe!

Comments by Hans Muller - 1/21/21
I ordered an Excel 5™ (assembled) along with a 2x4 bag and breather mesh. Everything arrived promptly and in good order. More importantly: after applying veneer in the past with an army of cauls and clamps, the upgrade to a vacuum press was a breeze! Much easier, much faster, and the result has been smooth uniform adhesion.

Comments by Timothy Hints - 1/18/21
I am an experienced woodworker, but only recently began using veneer. I discovered this website (which is quite well-designed) and before ordering, emailed Joe several questions on a particular project of mine. Within 24 hours (probably more like 12) I received a straightforward and informative response which guided me towards the right products I needed and the gluing technique I should use. I will use this website often. The business is old-fashioned in the very best way, through the honest service it provides.

Comments by Nikki Hutchison - 1/5/21
I love this company! The customer service is GREAT and the stuff I order gets here FAST! I have had to ask questions regarding projects, methods and ideas MANY times and Joe always gets right back with me. I work with copper and wood and his supplies make my visions doable. Very professional and personable. Definitely recommend!

Comments by John Paluch - 1/4/21
I've now made two purchases from Veneer Supplies and have been extremely satisfied with the products and personal touch provided by Joe & Christine. The information on the website is first rate and the products are high quality. Unlike many retailers, they understand their products and want to ensure you have success with detailed instructions, hints and tips. They care about your project and go the extra mile to insure the products work, like specifically not shipping products subject to freezing concerns when the risk is high and developing methods like their freeze protection when the risk is lower, as well as reaching out to see if you have any questions to which they quickly respond. I'm only halfway through my sleigh bed project which is my first time using bendable plywood and veneers so I don't have any great pictures to upload yet, but check out their website for my reviews of UltraCAT, Heat-Lock and other products.

Comments by Russ Shilander - 1/3/21
Amazing product. Built a cabinet humidor with paper backed Spanish cedar veneer. Cabinet looks like solid wood. I got mine with 3M glue backing. Very easy to install. I recommend buying or borrowing a steel straight edge to make perfect cuts. I paid extra for color match and the two pieces looked the same. Thanks for making my project special.

Comments by Katerina Connearney - 1/1/21
Joe & Christine are very responsive and were of invaluable help on my first veneer project last year. Their advice, very quick shipping, and excellent products have made my projects possible. I've done a few fairly large veneer pieces since then and couldn't have done it without them and their very informative website. Highly recommended.

Comments by Bill Larkman - 12/27/20
I've ordered from Joe many times over the past 5+ years and the quality of the veneers is consistently beyond expectations. His attention to detail and responsiveness to any questions is really impressive. It's great to do business with someone who takes such pride in their work. If you're looking for veneer or veneer supplies you can't go wrong ordering from Joe!

Comments by Jeremy Turner - 12/24/20
I cannot speak highly enough of Veneer Supplies. They are hands down the easiest vendor to work with, and certainly the most responsive. Every product on the website is demystified by tutorials and guides. They are the best for woodworkers of any level looking for quality products and top notch support. Not to mention since I'm in the DC area, everything comes next day.

Comments by Craig Rowe - 12/18/20
This site is great. Everything I’ve gotten here has been great. I’ve gotten some nice veneers and a vacuum pump and bag. The setup works fantastic and the instructions are good. The site also has a ton of great information about how to do veneer work.

Comments by Dean Cruse - 12/8/20
This was my first time veneering and of course rather than starting small, I dove in with 20 cabinet door panels and 8 drawer fronts for a big media center project. Joe's site gave me everything I needed to get up to speed on how to start. The content was fantastic and informative. He covers everything you need to know, step by step and the instructions are detailed, easy to follow and they made it super easy for me take that first step. Once I ordered, the products showed up on time and the shipping notifications were spot on. I had a question on specs and Joe returned my email within a day. I'm super impressed by the quality of the vacuum press, bag, mesh and other accessories I ordered. Especially the vacuum press kit! It was super well organized, the instructions were detailed and perfect, and it was a blast to build. Works great, too. I'm looking forward to more veneering in my woodworking future and see no reason to go anywhere else for supplies and how-to's.

Comments by Peter Cowper - 11/13/20
This was the first time I purchased off VeneerSupplies and have found Joe really responsive to my queries etc. When you can't walk in and have a look and a chat, this is important. The vacuum bag was shipped as soon as I transferred the funds and arrived in NZ after 9 days. Pretty good in these challenging COVID times too. Won't hesitate to shop again.

Comments by Kristopher Phillips - 10/22/20
I must say I'm a huge fan of you guys. Love your site, and respect the hell out of what you've done on your own.

Comments by Nick Pelliccione - 10/8/20
I'd like to support Veneer Supplies on a number of items. I purchased several items including the vacuum system, the mesh and the polyurethane bag along with curly maple and walnut veneer. This is my first attempt at veneering which I used to make a humidor as a gift for a friend. Overall, it was a great experience and I could not recommend these folks more highly. They provide great products, fabulous support and give you confidence to do this. I used the vacuum kit to veneer the curly maple to the sides of my humidor, as well as my own veneer of ambrosia maple for the top. I followed the superb instructions as provided in the numerous online support documents and it worked great. I look forward to more projects in which I will use these products to obtain high quality end results. Of course, the service was also fabulous and they will answer any question - no matter what related to veneer - clearly, and in record time. I highly recommend Veneer Supplies if you are even remotely considering veneering in your woodworking.

Comments by David Green - 9/8/20
I have purchased a number of items from Veneer Supplies and I have always found everything that everything I have purchase is excellent. I've had the occasion to ask Joe a number of questions and I have found him to be very present and friendly to work with. He has so much information on the web page that most of my questions can be found there. I started off with his Incredible Box of Veneer and when I got it I was very surprised with the quality size and variety of veneer. This gave me an excellent overview to what's available in the veneer world.

Being somewhat new to veneer, his webpage helped me spec out everything I needed to get going. I have found his prices to be very good especially where I could do an apple to apples comparison. His prices on brass fittings are very good, so if I'm making an order I always try to see if there are any fittings I need or would use in the future.

I've purchased a number of supplies and veneer products and found them to be outstanding. Joe has taken years to get this business up and running with so much advice and support for experienced and inexperienced woodworkers. I'm so grateful I found them one day when I was looking for information of the art of veneering a few years ago.

Comments by Harry Wong - 8/26/20
Really awesome people! This is my first time working with veneer. Their website was so informative that I was able to make a set of speakers with MDF and veneer it with paper backed cherry wood. I got my supplies from them using the heat sensitive glue and the glue roller which was THE combination to get the glue on evenly. And my speakers came out SO well!

Comments by Bonnie Williams - 8/24/20
I am so happy to have found Veneer Supplies. I ordered the Wood dye which can be thinned in water or can actually be mixed with the clear finish to get to the perfect color needed which is how I used it. It just takes a small amount so the small bottle will last a long time. I love that I can get the veneer and all the hard to find supplies from here. The shipping was lightning fast and service was great. I certainly recommend Veneer Supplies.

Comments by Robert Spangler - 8/21/20
I have used Veneer Supplies for years and they continue to offer the best speedy services at the best prices. And their web site is a wealth of information on everything concerning vacuum clamping, veneering etc. and they have the supplies to then get the job done. I highly recommend them.

Comments by Dave Battelle - 8/20/20
I've only ordered from them once, and I'm very glad I did. I was told by a friend they were having a sale on TransTint dyes, so I loaded up. I also picked up some very nice veneer for a great price. It all arrived on time and as described, and it was all very well packed and protected. I'll be doing more business with them in the future.

Comments by Dale Brown - 8/19/20
I received some veneer samples from which led to my purchase of Maple 7/8" pre-glued edge banding (250'). I applied 200' of that roll on 13 pantry shelves (top and bottom). Application is simple, cut to length with scissors, apply to plywood edge with a clothes iron, trim (tool and razor blade), lightly sand and finish. Once heated, the band can be slid and aligned to create perfect seams. I sanded the trimmed edges with fine paper and a hand sander. The band adheres to the surface extremely well after a quick cool down. The maple surface matched my maple plywood very well and the seams in the band are barely detectable and well spaced. All in all, I am very pleased with the product (finish and process) and will be buying more when I start on my bookshelf project.

Comments by Gregg Miller - 8/11/20
The Two Cherries Veneer Saw and extra blade arrived very well packaged, and the saw was wrapped and in a drawstring bag. The blades were presharpened for me, and cut beautifully for edge grain and cross grain. Joe was great to work with, and many thanks for a great product.

Comments by Gregg Silvis - 8/8/20
I am an artist and I was planning on doing a project with veneer. I was very pleased to come across the Veneer Supplies website and thrilled to discover that they had a veneer sample book. It was a little pricey, but upon receiving it, I realized that it was well worth the money. Rather than taking the time and effort to piece together individual sheets, the work has already been done for you. And more cost-effectively than you could do yourself. It's put together in a nice binder with the samples easily accessible. I was very pleased with the product.

Comments by Sue Fox - 8/8/20
I purchased the "sampler pack" assuming I would get some good pieces and some not so good. They came packaged well and not one broken piece. The veneer is of excellent quality. Their pictures truly depict the veneer. I'm just thrilled that I have found this supplier - the prices are right, the shipping is fast and fair!

Comments by Dan Younker - 8/6/20
The best veneer source on the web! Huge selection of veneer, and you see the exact pieces you are buying, with full description, any flaws noted, etc. Plus all the other tools and supplies you'll need for all your projects. There is a ton of information regarding all aspects of veneering on this and its sister site, conveniently linked together. I hadn't ever veneered anything before, and after reading most of the articles here, and a couple of emails to Joe, I was confident I could do it. I've had excellent results on all my projects, only two of which have actually been plain flat surfaces, all others were curved. This is my go to source for veneer, supplies and information. Quality, selection and customer service are unmatched, and Joe responds to questions promptly.

Comments by Joel Mehling - 8/1/20
Just getting into veneering and found this company with great prices, selection, communication, and service. Don't know how long or involved my new hobby will be, but this is the first place I'll visit when searching for veneering products. Even if the selection and pricing weren't as good as they are, I'd come back just because the owner seems like a truly good and helpful guy.

Comments by Carl Reiter - 7/30/20
I've been a customer of VeneerSupplies/JoeWoodworker since 2006 and have no other affiliation with them. I have dealt with other suppliers both online and locally, and they pale in comparison with Joe at It's very apparent how much time Joe puts into selecting materials, taking great photos, accurately describing/rating items with every detail you need to know as a woodworker, and making sure the packaging gets those one-of-a-kind veneers to you intact. The difference between a company trying to take your money versus making money by providing a valuable service matter to me. Many orders over many years have gone smoothly. Only once was there an issue where UPS managed to destroy a box. Joe went out of his way to intervene with UPS and go through his comparable inventory to make it right even though it was purely a UPS issue. One time the online ordering system gave a higher shipping fee than they actually charged Joe - which I didn't even know about. Joe notified me and credited me the difference. That's integrity, and it deserves recognition with a positive review. I wish it was a more common trait in business (and people). The veneer inventory is phenomenal, tools and supplies are carefully tested/selected and very fairly priced. All of that is just icing on the cake, compared to the extraordinary time Joe has taken to share his extensive veneering experience with everyone. Reading everything that has been posted on is guaranteed to improve even a highly accomplished woodworker. And there is a LOT to read - not just light comments but actual tests and updates to old articles when new products/tests/or information become relevant. OMG someone who cares about being a credible source online! I hope it benefits his business, I know it benefits woodworkers worldwide regardless of whether they buy anything from this company.

Comments by Silex Kross - 7/28/20
I am thoroughly impressed by this company. I have ordered from them twice now and not only was the veneer perfect, but my order shipped incredibly fast! After my second order, I received a single email from them, checking to make sure everything was to my satisfaction. Not an email a day, constantly spamming my inbox... just one email... with an offer to contact them if I needed any help. They have great service and a diverse inventory (I enjoyed an hour of just scrolling through the different veneers after I had already found what I wanted!) I will definitely be ordering from them again!

Comments by Dan Greene - 7/21/20
High quality products, good prices, prompt shipping, friendly service. What's not to love? Thanks so much for doing the leg work and bringing together all of these not-so-easy-to-find vacuum press & veneering products in one place, with lots of helpful information, to boot.

Comments by Alex Currie - 7/14/20
The Better Bond X-Press veneer glue worked great on my project. I applied it with the veneer glue roller using birds eye maple veneer on MDF board and the results were flawless. I highly recommend these two product if your looking for the perfect glue for your veneers.

Comments by Mike Hagen - 7/13/20
I ordered some flame maple veneer and veneer glue for a guitar build I am currently working on. I received everything in a very timely manner and the quality was top notch! I will definitely be using for all my future veneer needs.

Comments by Michael Haynes - 7/12/20
Veneer Supplies is one of the most knowledgeable retail stores with which I've ever been involved. The information contained on their web site is accurate and detailed. You can't go wrong dealing with this company.

Comments by Richard Carter - 7/8/20
Better Bond X-Press™ Veneer Glue - I have been using Veneer Supplies' veneer glue for the past couple of years with great success. I like that it is available tinted (light, medium & dark) to complement the veneer species being used. It has great tack so it resists move with initial clamping. And clamping time is about one hour.

Comments by Susan Forti - 7/7/20
We love and have ordered from them for the past 5 or 6 years, maybe even longer. Everything arrives quickly and is packaged perfectly! We highly recommend this company!

Comments by Ray Richards - 7/7/20
My order arrived before I expected it. Everything was in order and in good condition. Vendor contacted me after the stuff arrived and offered continuous support to ensure I got off to the right start. The service attitude of this company is a pleasant surprise and well appreciated.

Comments by Russell Vaniea - 7/6/20
I have been shopping from Joe's website for six years. They always have excellent service and high quality information. Joe's random boxes of veneer are some of the best inspirations I have had while woodworking. Thanks Joe!

Comments by Joshua Morse - 7/2/20
It can be really difficult to buy veneers online. With most shops you never really know what you are getting until you open the package, most shops just have a representative picture of the veneer. VeneerSupplies is different. Each listing includes a detailed picture of the actual piece you'er going to buy. It makes it so much easier and so much more fun to search for just the right grain pattern, just the right color profile. I've purchased over a dozen different veneers from here and never once did I feel like I didn't get exactly what I was expecting. I don't think my business would be doing as well if not for veneer supplies.

Comments by Allen Mueller - 6/26/20
About 10 years ago, I was remodeling a modern space and wanted to do things I'd only seen in magazines. I ended up on Joe's sites learning a lot and then buying a good bit of supplies. I built a vacuum press and tried several glues, and proceeded to buy almost every tool sold on this site. I still have most of the tools (and all of the experience) and here I am working on another modern home project that requires veneer. It's not easy to find truly objective information about anything in this age of misinformation, but if you read closely and methodically follow instructions without modification, you'll get the results you're after.

Comments by Gary Steinberg - 6/2/20
I've ordered zebrawood veneer and a copper veneer sample from them. Joe is always prompt to process the order and always responds to questions in a timely fashion. Very nice selection of wood veneers and patinated coppers.

Comments by Jaffar Annab - 6/1/20
Great product and superb service. I received the Project V4 promptly and it was quick to assemble. Clear instructions helped a lot. Take your time with this as it will pay off down the line. Once that was done, I got to work flattening some veneer for a project. This thing works as expected and I was pleasantly surprised by how well the vacuum held!

Comments by Stephen Holland - 5/13/20
First time order with this company. Phenomenal ease of ordering. The pics of the veneer were really helpful and the veneer was exactly as described. The dimensions given were accurate and conservative. The width quoted was at the narrow end of the flitch, so no disappointment there. Really well packed. Very fair pricing for quality material. Even a nice hint sheet included with the shipment. Nicest purchase experience I've had on the internet in years.

Comments by Mike Fuchs - 5/8/20
I have purchased a lot of vacuum handling gear from Veneer Suppies (.com) over the years. I do vacuum press laminating, vacuum resin infusion (stabilization), use their vacuum work holding jigs and use vacuum chucks on my lathe. These good folks curate an outstanding set of quality products. They don't just resell whatever comes along. They evaluate carefully what they are willing to stand behind. I have continually been impressed with the quality and features of products I have purchased here. I have come to buy with confidence, knowing that whatever they are selling has been carefully selected, and that they will stand behind their products.

Comments by Phillip Briles - 5/6/20
I have been a customer of Veneer Supplies since July of 2012. During those eight years I have probably made 40-50 purchases and have never had a single negative experience. In addition, I have asked for and received Joe's advice and he has never failed to respond to my queries in a timely manner. Another very important thing that separates his veneer business from others is his website. He must spend many hours photographing each veneer sheet or lot because when I place an order, I know exactly what I am purchasing. Other veneer vendor's have you call before placing an order to determine if the veneer shown on the website is available or not. IMO, this is an inconvenience especially if you have your heart set on the veneer that you are wanting only to find out that it is no longer available. On VeneerSupplies' website, what is shown is what he has in stock. I wish I could give Veneer Supplies ten (10) stars because they deserve it. This veneer vendor is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Comments by Mike Cook - 5/6/20
Ordering was as easy as easy gets. What is truly great is all the explanations on the veneer and the glue and supplies used to apply the veneer. The tips and techniques were also greatly appreciated especially since I was not experienced in veneers. I have always used solid wood construction and had no experience in working with veneer. This is the company to use if you want quality veneer and veneering supplies.

Comments by Jane Harvey - 5/4/20
I ordered the box of marquetry veneer (40 sq ft ) offcut mix from I am a hobby artist and jeweler and have never done any marquetry before but wanted to give it a try. I thought that a box of mixed veneers would be a good place to start. Wow! I was surprised by the incredible mix included in the box, which arrived swiftly and well packaged. I am enjoying figuring out what I can do with this excellent new art supply I've found!

Comments by Thomas Schmitt - 4/24/20
I have been dealing with Joe for some years. He has three products... veneers/veneering supplies, pumps/bags, and information. All three are all excellent. The only times I have gotten in trouble veneering have been when I did not initially follow his guidelines (eventually I always did). I will praise one piece of equipment in particular. I upgraded from a poly vacuum bag to a silicone vacuum bag (I have a veneer job with 20 cabinet doors). It is so easy to use; the handling is a joy. It is well worth the extra money to have a tool that is easy in every way. As a guilty pleasure during the Covid pandemic I purchased some walnut burl to "play" with. It is the first burl I purchased from him. The burl was not his top grade. It took a little tape and some trimming to get it ready. The results are stunning. I will be getting many more from him. I do not know of anyone who has his selection of burls.

Comments by Mark Hendey - 3/20/20
Veneer Supplies once again proved how good they are! As a professional woodworker I appreciate the level of quality and ownership. Built a complete vacuum system with a reconditioned pump and everything works perfectly. All my compatriots are a little jealous when they bought one poly bag for what I built my whole system for. Oh and the veneers are perfect and great value. Every pack has a photo of the exact veneer!!! I will use Veneer Supples for the rest of my career.

Comments by Lonnie Edwards - 3/18/20
I wanted a veneer press to make glue-ups easier and to do larger panels without the hassle of using a bag. I have a couple of vacuum bags and a small pump I bought used but it can be hard to get a detailed veneer job into a bag especially when working alone. And the small pump just wasn't strong enough for larger jobs. I decided to use the directions on Joe's site and build my own press. What a game changer! I can't believe how well it works! My frame size is 36” square and it sealed tight on the very first try. It is so much easier to set the panel on the table and lay the frame on top of it instead of fighting with the bag. I bought the 5 CFM pump and the EVS Auto Cycling kit. I followed Joe's suggestion and made a table out of ¾” Baltic birch with a layer of ¾” MDF on top of it. Then I laminated the top so it would be easy for the frame to seal. The sealing tape that Joe sells sticks right to the laminate – no leaks! I am very happy with my new veneer press. Using the instructions from Joe's website made it easy to go step by step and build the vacuum pump assembly and the veneer frame. Also, Joe was very quick to answer any questions I had and to suggest the best setup for my situation. And the cost was less than 30% of the commercial press I had been thinking of buying. I highly recommend Joe and Christine for all your veneering needs. If you enjoy veneer work do yourself a favor and build a veneer press. It will take your work to the next level.

Comments by Dan Younker - 3/6/20
The go-to source for all your veneering needs! As a self-taught woodworker, I really like all the information available, and the full range of supplies, as well as photos of the actual veneers you'll be buying. All with unmatched customer service. Joe has responded promptly to my probably trivial questions, making me a permanent customer!

Comments by Georgi Hadde - 3/3/20
Veneer Supplies were extremely prompt and professional when I placed my order to be delivered to Tasmania Australia. My order was dispatched within 24 hours and I was sent a tracking link to keep up to date on the delivery stages. I highly recommend Veneer Supplies. They were exceptionally professional, knowledgeable and delivered on what they say. The veneer delivered to me exceeded my expectations and was of high quality and excellent value for money. The beautiful Veneers available made choosing very difficult as I wanted them all. I loved the veneers so much that for my next order I plan to make a special trip to the USA so as I can purchase much more of these beautiful veneers for my many projects. Choosing a shop to purchase quality veneer can be overwhelming, confusing and time consuming. Having discovered Veneer Supplies and purchasing their products I will no longer be searching the world for exceptional quality and value for money veneers. Their website is packed with valuable information and an extensive range of accessories and associated products. Thank you so much for being honest, professional, knowledgeable and exceeding what you say you will do.

Comments by Neal Van Slett - 2/14/20
I have been using VeneerSupplies products the past few years and they have been great to work with. They have an amazing selection of veneers and everything I have received from them has been top of the line. Just received two 4' x 8' sheets of Redwood Burl for my next project a bedroom set and again the product is gorgeous! Thanks Joe and staff for great customer service.

Comments by Gary Spodnick - 2/12/20
I recently made 2 purchases from Veneer Supplies. The first was for the pieces/parts to make my own vacuum pump. The information that Joe provides on his website for building the pump is incredibly well thought out and super-informative. I didn't find it necessary to call for further advice or information because the information provided on the website was crystal clear. I placed the order on a Monday and I received the shipment on Wednesday of the same week. I realize I live only 1 state away but that is great service. Everything arrived well-packaged and intact. It would have been extremely challenging to source all this stuff on my own from different vendors. The second purchase was for a polyurethane vacuum bag. Again, the information on the website in combination with the information provided with the merchandise answered any questions I had about set up and use. Again, the merchandise arrived within 2 days of placing the order. Although I have done a fair amount of veneering in the past for various projects, I have never done any vacuum pressed veneering. Upon arrival of my bag, I set up the pump and bag and did a test run using some left-over maple veneer left on an MDF substrate. WOW! How simple was that. The system worked like a charm. NO LEAKS! The pump came on until full negative pressure was achieved and it didn't come on again for the full time the test piece was in the bag (over 3 hours). The veneer came out perfectly flat with no bumps, air pockets, ridges or other problems. This will revolutionize my current practices and capabilities when it comes to veneering. I couldn't be happier with the service, quality of product, and follow up that I received. They have a new loyal customer.

Comments by John Belniak - 2/9/20
Joe is very knowledgeable about all aspects of veneering, has beautiful reasonably priced veneers, and great equipment and related supplies. He's also willing to assist with questions and to offer advice and guidance. I've been building furniture and restoring antiques for over fifty years but hadn't done more than occasional veneer work. That will change when I order a vacuum pressing set-up from Joe in the next few weeks. This will be to use on some of the fabulous veneer I couldn't resist purchasing from him a couple of weeks ago. I wish all vendors were as responsive and as responsible as Veneer Supplies.

Comments by Daniel Guyer - 2/8/20
I used this 2" wide walnut edge-banding for 1 3/4" thick "floating shelves". The veneer is very high quality. The hot-melt glue went on perfectly, and is very strong. Splices in the veneer are pretty much invisible, and the veneer is nice and thick. This is not an easily available item, so I was very glad to find it. Previously I used their 2" wide maple edge-banding, also with very good results. I am very glad to have found Veneer Supplies. Their service and products are first class.

Comments by Scott Conradson - 2/6/20
I've been buying veneer and associated materials from Joe for several years. He (and his wife) have been consistently terrific. In addition to selling high quality veneer, materials, and equipment at reasonable prices, Joe has always been available to answer questions and provide advice. Particularly noteworthy for me was buying his vacuum system kit along with one of his rebuilt pumps. Everything that was needed, clear instructions, and backed up by his quickly answering questions. Now several years later the system has been used on any number of projects from jewelry boxes to full size interior doors, and is still going strong. Whether novice or expert, you cannot do better than buying from Veneer Supplies.

Comments by Keith Swann - 2/1/20
I love shopping here. Joe is great. I have nothing but good things to say about him and the company. It's a family run business and they do a fantastic job at it. Friendly, prompt, and fast service. I have no doubt that I could email him with a question and he would answer me quickly. And most of all, their product is top notch! Blessings to them!

Comments by David Chamberlain - 1/23/20
I purchased an Excel 5 system to make vacuum hold down jigs for my CNC router system. I also purchased the brass fittings since it was easier than locating them locally. Everything was shipped quickly and correctly. I purchased the Excel System preassembled to let me start using it more quickly. An excellent product at a fair price.

Comments by Michael Larkin - 1/11/20
Everything I've bought from this business has met or exceeded expectations. I just finally pulled the trigger on a veneer pump kit and tried my hand at copper veneering for a gas fireplace mantle. My 16 year-old nephew assembled the pump kit while I prepped everything else. All the information we needed was available through their website, and the two questions I had, I received a prompt response. For one of them, the answer was an honest “I don't know, you should ask an electrician.”, which you might think isn't a desirable answer until you've asked a Lowe's employee about something and been given an “expert” answer that's entirely inaccurate. This is a good business, excellent products, and fair pricing. I will continue to do business with them in the future and would encourage anyone to do the same.

Comments by Jim Wickham - 1/7/20
These guys are awesome. I've bought several things from them starting with everything I needed to do veneer pressing on through all the supplies and veneers as well. Shipping is fast, service is great and the price is very reasonable. One of the best online resources I've worked with, especially the ton of information Joe shares on all aspects of working with veneers. One thing I really like is they take the time to photograph all the veneers they sell so you know exactly what you're getting. I've purchased a number of veneer packs from them and will continue to use them as my primary source.

Comments by Juliet Talcott - 1/6/20
Fantastic company. Was so fast to ship the products and had great customer service. Ordered book of veneer samples and some copper sheets. All arrived in great condition. The notebook was so well put together and had everything labeled. They have very quality products that are well put together and I will definitely be ordering from them again in the future.

Comments by Mark Steele - 12/26/19
Great, durable products. Fantastic customer technical support. Family-owned business with that valuable personal touch. I have their complete vacuum press system and it has been a reliable work horse over the years.

Comments by Ernest Myers - 12/19/19
I purchased a gallon of Better Bond Heat Lock for a personal project several weeks ago and I have to say, I am impressed with it so far. My personal project hasn't started but I have used the glue on so many other things. Just today I was working on small assembly and saying to myself “How am I going to glue and clamp this.” That's when Better Bond Heat Lock came to me. The short time to roll on, let dry and iron is fantastic. This is my new go to for my veneer work.

Comments by Steve Kellner - 12/17/19
I bought the Excel5 vacuum press kit along with the Podz fixtures for clamping applications with the thought of adding veneering in the future. The immediate application is for attaching boards to a sled for resawing or cutting thick veneers on my bandsaw. I mount a 90 degree attachment to the sled made from melamine board and use the Podz to attach the board to be resawed. The system works great. I've been able to cut white oak veneer as thin as 1/16" even with a knot hole in the wood resulting in a significant vacuum 'leak'; the advantage of a 5 CFM pump. Assembly was straight forward with the included instructions. This is a very nice system at a fair price. In the future I plan to use the system for vacuum chucking with my lathe and will be purchasing additional parts from VeneerSupplies to accomplish this. Thank you VeneerSupplies for a very nice system.

Comments by Ed Overbay - 12/11/19
We really appreciate the quality, the attention to detail, and the customer support we always get through Veneer Supplies. Top quality materials, expert advice, and a genuine "hands-on" approach to providing the product. We couldn't ask for more. Never disappointed at Overbay Houseworks!

Comments by Patrick Starling - 12/7/19
Veneer supplies got me everything I needed for my first veneer project - a set of speakers. Great tools, gorgeous wood, and very helpful tips & advice from Joe! I will definitely go back to these guys for my next project. They made it very easy for a newbie to get started, and fast shipping!!!

Comments by Jim Sodam - 12/5/19
I've ordered from Veneer Supplies a number of times over the last few years, purchasing a vacuum pump, bags, glues, and of course veneer. The service and quality of the veneer and other supplies have always been top notch.

Comments by Mike Annis - 12/5/19
I am a newbie with veneering and I feel like I hit the jackpot with Veneer Supplies. I had many questions which Joe responded to patiently and quickly (same day!) The veneer arrived packaged well and undamaged. I unrolled the veneer per the instructions as pictured below. I also included a close up of the veneer against the unfinished floor for comparison. I am very satisfied. The customer service has been what I thought was a thing of the past. I will spend my money with Veneer Supplies again.

Comments by Julie Ireland - 11/27/19
We've used VeneerSupplies for several order for veneer, glue, and most recently, a vacuum system. Their product has always exceeded our expectation. Their website is very informative. And, their delivery is very quick. I will return to their "store" and order again in the future, for sure. I highly recommend them to anyone new or experienced in wood working.

Comments by Mark Young - 11/21/19
Super dedicated (to a fault) business owners offering incredible choices of every veneer I could ever want, along with high quality tools, vacuum presses for various budgets and needs, and an amazing website full of articles, videos, tips...

Comments by John Jenkins - 11/20/19
All online sellers should be this well-oiled. The pump and bags I bought were as described. The pump was surprisingly quiet. Joe provides a great deal of instruction and information - a great resource. I'll definitely be getting more veneers from Joe!

Comments by Herbert Hoover - 11/18/19
I made a Kickstarter project using veneer, and had never done anything like that before. I got the Marquetry sample pack, which is essentially cut ends, but very useful and beautiful ends if you're cutting tiny pieces to make a picture or parquetry pattern. I didn't know what some of the samples were, so I asked Joe if he could identify the pieces that I wanted to get in larger sheets. He quickly identified all the species and their cuts so I could order the right veneers for my project. Everything I received from them is beautiful and exactly as described. Joe is super helpful and his products are amazing.

Comments by Michael Fross - 11/16/19
Really happy with Joe and the crew over at VeneerSupplies. I've purchased everything from glue to veneer to my entire vacuum press system from him. All of my questions were answered promptly, shipping and follow-up were great. I think VeneerSupplies is truly the best place for, well, your veneering supplies. I'm not affiliated with them in any way, just a happy customer.

Comments by William Barker - 11/11/19
I have a medium sized custom cabinet shop and purchased veneer equipment from these folks for many years. I started with a venturi press kit and it has been a super addition to our shop. I now have added a refurbished vacuum pump from them and am moving on to try laminating foam and laminate into curved panels for RV cabinet doors and complete foam cabinets for weight reduction. They have always been prompt with their shipments and I consider them to be a valuable resource. Their website is chocked full of handy tips. They have been great to work with. They also have some amazing veneers. When I was younger as an apprentice, we used exotic wood veneers all of the time. I think this is a lost skill. One that was commonplace in the cabinet industry in years gone by.

Comments by Sam Lynah - 11/6/19
I was very pleased with the veneer ... exactly what I needed and will be ordering more soon. I also got a few supplies and a new veneer saw which is much better than one I had several years ago. Also, my order arrived several days before it had been promised ... great company! Thanks, Sam

Comments by Thomas Preston - 11/5/19
I've purchased most of the parts needed for vacuum bag veneering from this site as well as building the vacuum pump system. The parts worked well and the pump was easy to assemble and use. I emailed Joe with a question on cutting the veneer for a quad match veneer. He answered promptly and his suggestions worked quite well. This is a great place for information as well as necessary components.

Comments by Dave Wagner - 11/1/19
I have bought veneer and veneer supplies from VeneerSupplies many times, including, most recently, an Excel vacuum pump. The prices, quality and shipping are excellent. I have also contacted Joe several times with specific questions and for advice. He is easy to reach, knowledgeable and willing to help. I do not hesitate to recommend VeneerSupplies to anyone.

Comments by Lisa Binion - 10/30/19
I recently purchased a box (100 sq feet) of veneer. The turn-around time was great. The variety was inspiring. The quality is as anticipated. I hesitated to go with the "grab bag" approach because I am a finicky artist but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. For small projects, trinkets, and marquetry, this is a wonderful value. The added inspiration is like icing on the cake, or varnish on the veneer in this case.

Comments by Kelly Williams - 10/24/19
An absolute pleasure to do business with! Very knowledgeable on the products, everything is in stock, great shipping time and packing. Eager to help even if it it's not going to make them a sale. That something you just don't find very often these days.

Comments by Tim Reylek - 10/17/19
I was blown away by how quickly I received my order, I almost thought it was an error when I saw the tracking information! Everything was shipped in high quality packaging, which I was thankful for- as one item was a gallon of liquid and another was a delicate veneer...everything arrived picture perfect. I'm absolutely a customer for life!

Comments by Ted Nye - 10/17/19
I've never worked with veneer and had a cabinet to restore. I had a lot of questions about the application on how veneer worked. Veneer Supplies site had a question and help area on their site which answered all my concerns. I even went and emailed the company about which thickness of veneer would be best for my project. They answered within the day. They have awesome service. I would recommend Veneer Supplies for any of your veneer needs.

Comments by Steve Owings - 10/13/19
Products were top quality. Shipping was even faster than expect. I received the products in less than a week from ordering. Joe also provides extra instructions with your order for how to achieve the best results veneering, which were incredibly useful since this was my first time veneering.

Comments by Anton Berendsen - 10/9/19
Great website to review and get ALL of your veneer supplies! Order was placed and shipped to us very fast. Really looking forward to trying out my new vacuum press. I will definitely be buying from this company again!

Comments by Philip Hernandez - 9/11/19
Joe and his wife Christine are stellar! Great service, quick turnaround and shipping, and a wealth of knowledge. Feel free to ask them anything. Such a great source of veneer knowledge and supplies. Everything I have received from them has worked flawlessly and been of impeccable quality. I highly recommend them for anything related to veneer work, from beginner to expert.

Comments by Jesse Elmore - 9/6/19
I've been buying veneering and vacuum press supplies from these guys for a while now. Excellent products and customer service. If you have any need for veneer or a vacuum press, this is the place!

Comments by Adam Smith - 8/29/19

FedEx just dropped off my box of veneer, and after a quick inspection, I must say I could not be more pleased. The grain of the wood is exactly as your pictures showed, and it arrived without any damage. I must also compliment your quick and accurate processing of my order, to get it from MD to WI well within 60 hours of my order. And thanks to FedEx for their part as well. The first time buying online from someone new has a built-in level of the unknown, but you far surpassed my expectations. I will recommend you to anyone interested in buying veneer, and any time I need more material I will look to you first. Thank you so much for a quality product, accurately represented on your site, and your amazing customer service.

Comments by Evan Yardley - 8/11/19
Outstanding business, beautiful selection of veneers, great selection of equipment for lamination. The set up on the vacuum press kit was very straight forward and I'm very excited to see how my builds turn out. Not much more I could ask for.

Comments by Robbie Barone - 7/19/19
Working with Joe at veneer supplies is just like working with one of my trusted local vendors. Outstanding service, selection, quality and price. I'm a small shop owner and from my very first interaction with Joe, he treated me as if I were a million dollar account. Thank you, Joe.

Comments by Rafael Castellano - 7/15/19

Without a doubt one of the best companies to do business with. Vacuum pump, Podz, and veneers have all been top quality. Shipping is fast, great communication and the personal touch is really appreciated. I am a rather new customer but for sure will be a long time customer. Thank you very much.

Comments by Jim Tobias - 6/20/19
I bought several pieces of the top copper veneer from Joe at It is the first and main place I go when buying copper veneers. The quality has always outstanding, the packaging has always been good and the shipping speed has always been quick and responsive. Great product!

Comments by Charlie Price - 6/6/19
These people are outstanding. The products they sell are well researched and excellent quality. The instructions they provide are well written and provide sufficient detail to make the assembly easy. You could not do better for a veneering or vacuum clamping system, and you will not find more pleasant people to work with.

Comments by Josh Larson - 6/5/19
This was my first time using any kind of veneer and I have to say that all of the tools and products that I ordered from veneer supplies were of excellent quality. I just finished this walnut/black steel ping pong table for a client and delivered it yesterday June 2nd 2019, and it turned out amazing. I will be ordering more products from Veneer Supplies in the future.

Comments by Craig Smithfield - 6/2/19
Joe has been my go-to guy for everything veneer for several years. Recently ordered some beautiful burled walnut and birds eye maple and, as always, was blown away by the amount of thought and care that went into the wrapping and packaging. With his state of the art cataloging system I received EXACTLY the matching pieces that I ordered and found them in perfect condition. Also ordered a roll of masking tape and am super impressed with its sticky factor blended with ease of removal. Another home run Joe!! Thanks.

Comments by Keith Lockerby - 5/12/19
I have ordered from Veneer Supplies many times over the years. They have anything and everything relating to veneering and I don't even bother shopping around. Joe has always been unbelievably helpful, and has even offered technical assistance when I've been in a bind and didn't even need a product, just some advice. The best!

Comments by Jeff Roltgen - 5/4/19
Joe Woodworker and Veneer Supplies have been a valuable partner in keeping my custom furniture business going well over a decade. Great selection of awesome veneers that seems to keep growing - I've completed projects using wood, many varieties of copper veneers for accents, and yes, even stone! (check it out - it's no joke!). Advanced offerings in all the tools/sundries/glues for the best results, even the best pricing/selection of dye stains for coloring/finishing. Solid company. Solid products. I always check with Joe when searching for veneers and replenishing the tools I need to get the job done right.

Comments by Steven Rogers - 5/2/19
All I can say is that this company is amazing. I ordered the Incredible Box of Veneer as a starting point with veneering and to get some species that I've never heard of before. This box went way above and beyond my expectations. Ended up with 22 different piles (21 different species I think) and a total of 132 sheets of veneer. So much figure in them, a ton of options with sequential cuts for book-matching, some pieces over 10 inches wide, with very little in checking in the pieces. Add in their personal touch at every step and the super-fast shipping, you can't ask for much more in a company. Thank you and I look forward to ordering from you again in the future!

Comments by Kathleen Mazzacco - 4/16/19
Joe & his wife are great! I ordered for my husband and the products were shipped out the next day and arrived quickly. Everything was in excellent condition and Joe follows up through email to make sure that you are totally satisfied. Customer service is just outstanding!! For veneer and related products, this is the place to go!!!

Comments by James Morgan - 4/14/19
I have purchased both veneers and veneering supplies from VeneerSupplies over the past several years. Their website is easy to navigate and provides pictures of all veneer bundles, so there is never any surprise in what you get. Shipping is prompt and packaging is outstanding. I have written the owner, Joe, with questions several times, and he has always answered promptly. Overall: great product selection, excellent service.

Comments by James Gallo - 4/4/19
I purchased the 95+ sq ft box of veneers recently, and I am truly in awe. The amount and diversity of the veneers is incredible. That, along with the fast shipping made this a win-win transaction. I have purchased many veneer lots and sheets, glue, dye, rollers, glue spreaders, and veneer saws, and vacuum kit and bag, and have been more than happy with every purchase. I have had questions about how to use some of the products, and Joe, the owner himself, quickly responded with his expertise, guiding me, so that my project was a success. I highly recommend Veneer Supplies for all of your veneer and woodworking needs.

Comments by Steve Carlson - 4/4/19
I have been using products from Veneer Supplies for several years. Selection is great. Always shipped right away. Products are well packed to prevent any damage. Great source for veneer.

Comments by Jonathan Taylor - 3/25/19
Have made several purchases from Joe at and everything has always been shipped out quickly and arrived in great condition. All of my many email questions have been answered quickly (within hours) and in detail. Top quality products and customer service. Will continue to shop here for all my veneer and supplies. Oh and the DIY venturi vacuum system works GREAT!

Comments by Shane Montross - 3/23/19
First class all the way. Fast shipping, clear communication, and the products are top shelf. They are better in person than the photos and that's hard to imagine. I'll be going to Joe and his company again!

Comments by Ken Watson - 3/18/19
If you are into veneering, or just want to explore the idea, this is the place to go! One stop shopping for information, education, tools, supplies, the best selection of veneer I have found, and a great web site where WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and FAST!

Comments by Greggory Thomas - 3/15/19
Bought some ultra cat following Joe's advice. First time using pre cat and what a dream to use. Had to purchase a larger bag and had it in 2 days... bought some walnut burl that's absolutely gorgeous as well as some walnut. Joe was great in recommending the Ultra Cat since I was using shop sawn birds eye maple. Glad I took his advice before using yellow glue! Would highly recommend Joe for all your veneer needs but more importantly for his great advice.

Comments by Kathryn Muskopf - 3/10/19
I ordered everything a first time user of a vacuum press would need for veneering. Everything arrived super quick, and the Excel 5 pump instructions were particularly well-written and illustrated and easy to follow.

Comments by William McKinley - 3/9/19
What Can I say? They carry just about, if not everything you would need for veneering. I just got into vacuum veneering having used PSA veneer before. I built their vacuum pump kit with their rebuilt pump, build-a-bag bags, X-Press glue, roller, and breather mesh. My first foray was 6 MDF 18x30 doors veneered with wood backed 2 ply cherry. Worked great, doors are flat, veneer is light sand, finish ready. This will be my go to place for veneer supplies. They have promptly answered any questions that I have had with sound advise. I'm looking forward to my next veneering project 18x54x2 caps for my cabinets with birds eye anigre that I bought at Veneer Supplies.

Comments by Gary Davis - 3/7/19
I have dealt with this individual/company for 10 years and the products he provides are surpassed only by the customer support he provides. You will never go wrong buying from this company.

Comments by Ron Latour - 3/5/19
My first experience adhering raw veneer was much easier than I expected. I bought my supplies (glue, softener & roller) in accordance w/ what Joe Woodworker recommended & sells at his Veneer Supplies site. He gave personal service via one-on-one emails that was of tremendous help. I'll go back to him next time I need similar items.

Comments by Erin Zoll - 3/1/19
If you need veneer supplies, these guys are the best! They really go above and beyond with their customer service, fast shipping, and knowledgeable information about the products. They even go the extra mile to insulate their products which would be damaged from the cold. I will definitely use them for all my veneer supplies. Thanks guys!

Comments by Noel Poore - 3/1/19
Everything I ordered was reasonably priced and was shipped very quickly. I was impressed with the way that everything was packaged - the veneer I ordered arrived in perfect shape. There is a ton of useful information on the web site as well. I will be ordering more things from VeneerSupplies in the future.

Comments by Larry Rogers - 2/28/19
I'm doing a few guitar builds and I'm experimenting with different colors so I ordered about 10 TranTint dyes from Joe and received them rapidly! They were shipped the next day so there was no delay at all. And unlike most other online vendors, he had ALL the colors in stock and at a better price point. I can't say enough good things about Veneer Supplies' service and pricing. Highly recommended and I'll be back for sure!

Comments by Bob Baker - 2/27/19
The veneers from Joe at Veneer Supplies are the best I've ever found. The pictures on the web site are exactly what you receive and the detail in the pictures is extremely representative of exactly what you receive.

Comments by Randy Findlay - 2/24/19
Joe provides excellent shipping/packaging and customer service. Quality products that work as intended. A new capacity in my shop to veneer high grade exotic wood species for higher grade custom furnishings. Thanks Joe!

Comments by Maverick Edwards - 2/19/19
I recently built one of Joe's kits for my shop. I've used it about half a dozen times so far and it's worked flawlessly every time and the resulting laminations have all turned out perfect. Even if you're not mechanically or electrically inclined, don't fear the prospect of building one of these kits. Joe's instructions are very thorough and easy to follow.

Comments by Bill Hostetter - 2/16/19
I've done business with them many times over years. What you order is what you get. Service is fast as is delivery. Communications after an order are always good. It's impressive that you can roll up 8 feet of veneer and ship it to wherever and it arrives in perfect condition. They know what they are doing.

by Norman Bostic - 2/15/19
I found Veneer Supplies buy doing Google search for TransTint. They were a pleasure to deal with & had the lowest prices. Even with shipping & tax. The TransTint will be used to stain a guitar that I am building. Small company that offers great service.

Comments by Geoff Peterson - 2/12/19
I have been using Veneer Supplies for over 8 years. I have never been disappointed in a product. This is where I got my start in veneering. I built my own vacuum system based on the info provided on the website. There is a lot of good information on the site and Joe is always available to answer questions or provide advice.

Comments by Louis Robbio - 2/1/19
I have purchased several items from Veneer Supplies at various times in the past. My most recent were the veneer tape and stretch tape. I have had only great success with purchasing from this company. Joe and his wife pay close attention to quality and superior packing, especially the veneer. The products have always been true to the description and of high quality. I will certainly make many more purchases from Veneer supplies.

Comments by Rolf Geyling - 1/28/19
Great products and great service. Joe knows what he's doing and his vacuum press kits are well-designed with clear instructions. A very enjoyable build that leaves you with a piece of shop equipment you'll enjoy for decades to come.

Comments by Bob Zimmerman - 1/28/19
My order showed 100% OTIF (On Time In Full) and in perfect condition which was important since it was Trans Tint dyes which would be a problem if damaged in transit! I truly look forward to the next time I do business with Veneer Supplies.

Comments by Kyle Mix - 1/26/19
This is the only place I'll ever order veneer! Unparalleled selection, a really wide variety of beautiful and often rare material, detailed descriptions, great photos, and extremely prompt securely packed shipping.

Comments by Jamie Riotto - 1/25/19
I have been ordering from VeneerSupplies for a number of years, and every order is handled expediently and correctly. You always feel as if you have personal service from Joe. He makes sure everything is to my satisfaction. Couldn't be happier and will continue to be my number #1 site for veneering and vacuum clamping supplies.

Comments by Michael Gowman - 1/23/19
Joe designs and sells quality vacuum systems. He is very helpful and responds quickly. The wealth of information on his website is very valuable and allows the customer to make an informed decision and the right decision the first time. Thanks Joe!

Comments by Dave Hunter - 1/22/19
I ordered the wood softener to use in making my bentwood rings. This is a different usage than most would use the product for but it does work. It allows me to soften the veneer and roll it around my form to prepare it to be made into a ring. Joe was very easy to work with and answered questions very promptly. Shipping was also very fast. Thank you Joe.

Comments by Marco Meneghin - 1/16/19
Absolutely first-rate service. I've ordered a number of times from Joe at Veneer Supplies, and orders are always shipped promptly. Any time I've had questions, Joe is very quick to respond by email with thorough information. Joe is the kind of business owner that you feel good about patronizing; he has tons of knowledge, a great attitude, and great quality products priced competitively. I wouldn't hesitate a second in recommending Veneer Supplies to anyone!

Comments by Diane Taylor - 1/8/19
We just received another bargain bin box of veneer and as usual it was filled with truly beautiful veneers! High quality, low price and Joe I get them delivered so fast I think you must drop them off at my shop on the way home even though I live in rural Florida! One other thing I must mention is the skill you have in packaging your veneers, I have never had anything sent to me from you that has ever been damaged in any way, this last order also contained some glue and additional veneer sheets, I was so impressed with how you kept everything strategically separated and suspended in the x to protect it all from the rigors of delivery! Because of your bargain box of veneers, I have tried some varieties I might not chose at first glance when ordering but because of the different woods you send it lets me experiment a bit, with some very good results! We make marquetry jewelry boxes and whenever you send us a new box of veneer we can hardly wait to see what exotic woods are inside, we also like the fact that you are always adding new varieties! Joe and Christine in addition, you make our work at art shows look extra good because of the fine products and knowledge you provide thru your website! Any veneer worker, an amateur just beginning to a g or small shop like ours would be very foolish to not shop with you! Your products are always priced very fairly and of the highest quality!! Truly, Joe thank you. We really are customers for life!

Comments by Mark Bissen - 1/4/19
Excellent site with MANY veneer products to choose from! Some you may have never heard of, or seen before. Prices are reasonable by comparison to other sites I've seen, with many more choices. If you're looking for veneer and related products, this IS the only site to visit! Great owners too who care about their customers enough to contact them personally about their orders. I HIGHLY recommend this site.

Comments by Kevin Goddard - 12/5/18
Ordered a few burl veneers from Joe and was a little nervous due to the no phone number option but found that they were very responsive on email. I've ordered veneer, tape, glue, tools and softener. All came in on time and as promised, the tools are high quality and the veneer were exactly the ones I chose from the online selection. I will definitely use them again for products and have already recommended them to other cabinetmakers/hobbyists. I don't normally write reviews but given how pleased I was with quality I felt compelled to write this to eliminate any concerns about the no phone number thing.

Comments by John Maxwell - 11/27/18
My comment is really one about Joe and Christine and it pertains to everything I've bought from them (which is basically everything to enable veneering including the vacuum press, starter kit, mesh, veneer, etc.). It would be hard to imagine better customer service. It's not "just" that the products offered are of high quality and very reasonably priced. The accuracy and thoroughness of the advice AND the cheer and genuine interest with which it is offered is really special. For someone like me, with significant hobbyist experience in woodworking generally, but none until now with veneering, that advice/attitude has been the most valuable thing, without which I doubt I would have gotten into veneering in the first place. That kind of treatment is more and more rare so when one sees it, it bears commending.

Comments by Bob Chiampa - 11/25/18
I could not be happier with my first two orders placed with Joe and Veneer Supplies. I ordered crotched mahogany veneer. It shipped quickly and all 4 pieces were of the highest quality. I also purchased an Excel 5 vacuum press setup including a poly bag. Again, it shipped quickly and was packaged perfectly. The quality of the equipment is top notch and the instructions perfect. I found the Joe Woodworker articles to be incredibly helpful to a newbie like myself to vacuum veneering. I will be working with Joe in the future and highly recommend Veneer Supplies.

Comments by Jolly Builders - 11/23/18
I wanted to try TransTints for the first time so I checked online and found My first time dealing with them but the price was great. I'm really glad I tried them, extremely professional. They confirmed the order and when it was shipped, a follow up email was sent to make sure things went smooth. The order arrived in perfect condition sooner than expected. I will not hesitate to order from them again. A solid 5-star operation.

Comments by Val Martinez - 11/17/18
It was a pleasant surprise to see my shipment show up this morning. That was really quick! Thank you for getting everything sent in such little time but I also want to compliment you on the incredible packing job you did. You could teach a lot of other internet companies a thing or two about proper packing. Well done - you've got a customer for life.

Comments by Alan Hopkins - 11/2/18
Everything went perfect from start to finish and by finish, I mean the finish coating on my credenza. Joe was super helpful right from the very first email I sent to him. There must have been another dozen or more emails that I sent with questions that now seems kind of stupid, but Joe answered each of them. You just don't find customer service like this in places these days. I can't wait to get my next order from you. This website has been more helpful than all the other woodworking websites I've found when it comes to veneering. Your personalized emails even after I placed the order were awesome. Keep up the great work and you'll be very successful.

Comments by Thomas Tullos - 10/5/18
Joe, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the products and service from you and Christine. This is only the second time I have ordered from you - I'm a hobbyist, so I don't use a whole lot of veneer - and both times I have been very happy with your personal attention as well as the products. It is really nice to do business with individuals such as you and your wife who really care about your customers rather than a large company that is only concerned with sales. Thanks for the attention that you give your customers.

Comments by Butch Weathers - 10/5/18
I've been a big fan of for several years now. A picture of my homemade vacuum system is on the site... made with parts from Joe. I've bought many supplies including bags, saw, rollers, glue and veneer for them. I've always been satisfied with the quality and speed of delivery.

Comments by Jon H. Walega - 9/15/18
I can honestly say that Joe is the most responsive and caring business owner I know. He answered a ton of veneering questions about my speaker project and I could not have finished it without him. He replied on weekends and in the evenings as well as during normal business hours. The veneer and glue I order was shipped within 8 hours of submitting my payment info. He packs the veneer in a way that you can tell he cares about his customers. I've not had such a great buying experience anywhere else and I'll never shop for veneer any place than here.

Comments by Diane Taylor - 8/6/18
I just received an order of awesome curly maple veneer! Even better than the picture online! My husband and I have been buying veneer from you for the last few years and every time it is always even better than we anticipated! We also ordered a box of veneer from your bargain bin, very well named because it is most certainly a great bargain! What we also appreciate is that you will often include some of the new veneers that we can test out before we discover we need it for an upcoming project! Joe and Christine, thank you for the great service you provide to the veneering community!

Comments by Al Sobieralski - 7/25/18
I appreciate you and your business. Your integrity and personal connection to the products you sell is exceptional. I am always a bit wary buying things online, especially when it involves customs, but since my first order from you in 2005, you have proven to be trustworthy and I shop with full confidence knowing that you will do the very best for your international customers. There's always a value added touch thanks to all who make that happen. Looking forward to getting some projects on the go using your superb reference library... like going to Veneer U.
All the best and continued success Joe.

Comments by Duane Largent - 7/24/18
We are in the commercial wood door business. There comes a time when we have to cut a door down to a non-standard size. Therefore, we use 2" pre-glued wood veneer edge banding on the edge of the door that gets cut down. Thanks to Veneer Supplies, we placed our order and rec'd it in a timely manner so we could meet our deadline. Just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service.

Comments by George R. Kozak - 7/12/18
In my business I usually refinish wood with some repair. But when I need veneer, this is the only place to be. Not only is there a huge variety of wood types, the sizes and amounts allow for perfect match ups to any project. I especially like the personal service Joe gives and the conversational atmosphere here at Veneer Supplies. Questions and comments are answered in a very timely fashion. Well done, Joe.

Comments by Bill Burnett - 6/12/18
Joe's is the place to go if you need veneering supplies. I live in Canada and we are very limited in the number of veneering suppliers, especially for equipment like bags, pumps and press parts. This site is one-stop shopping for everything I have ever needed. Customer service is exceptional and delivery is fast, even having to cross the border. Highly recommended!

Comments by Sergio Oliver - 6/8/18
Recently I decided to re-do the veneer in a car dash that I had done 25 years ago. Results were ok but left me wanting better. So the first thing that I did was to look around to see if I could find a veneer that I liked and landed on Joe's site. I purchased a batch which arrived very quickly and what was exactly as pictured. I was impressed not only with the promptness of the fulfillment but also the excellent communication that kept me informed as to the order status. I discovered that that Joe's site is an absolute treasure trove of veneering information; discussing the many ways that veneering can be accomplished with an ample discussion of veneer choices, glue options and adhesion methods. I quickly concluded that the method that I used 25 years ago has been superseded over the years. The long and short of it was that vacuum pressing was a better option for me. I ordered a system and again experienced the same outstanding order delivery! Joe offered to provide guidance as a set up my new system. I am confident that as I have technical questions that Joe will be fully responsive to my questions.

Comments by Eric Rimel / Driftless Joinery - 5/10/18
While I'm very well versed in most aspects of furniture and cabinetmaking, I'd only dabbled in veneer a few times other than basic edge-banding. I cannot express how helpful these resources are to someone who just needs a little 'push'. On top of that, I've found my orders are packed amazingly well and shipped FAST. I placed my last veneer order the same day as some materials from another supplier. I received my veneer order from Veneer Supplies before I even got an email informing me the order from the other company was 'shipping soon'.

Comments by Dan Cook - 5/9/18
This company has top quality products at very fair prices with quick delivery. Extremely responsive to questions. Products are well researched and the website is an education by itself. We built a vacuum press pump using their instructions provided on their website. A pleasure to watch it start up and work perfectly. Will do business with this company again. This company deserves our support.

Comments by Michael Prendergast - 5/4/18
Joe has been a great resource to my business. He is knowledgeable and responsive and is the kind of vendor I look for to build a long-term relationship with. We discussed the unusual applications for which I needed a vacuum press (laminating metal sheets to a variety of substrates) and came up with a parts kit that worked great for us to shop-build a unit. Subsequent to that, he has discussed glues and sold bags to me, always with the same great attitude. By the way, the bags are top notch, and just this morning a colleague was shocked to hear Joe's low pricing on a big bag. My friend had paid almost as much for a 30" x 48". Keep up the good work!

Comments by Brian Sutphin - 4/25/18
I made my first veneered panel at a woodworking workshop in Maine a couple years ago and wanted to do more at home. One of the Maine instructors recommended Joe/Veneer Supplies and I'm really glad he did. Not only did I find everything I needed to get started with veneering (vacuum press kit, vacuum bags, glue, etc.), but I found something even more valuable - Joe's guidance and advice. Joe answers every question clearly and promptly - and not just product questions. Joe's an incredible resource for veneering technique, both in email and through the articles and tutorials on his website. Much of the woodworking I'm doing now is veneers and curved laminations, and I wouldn't have gotten to this point without Joe's help. Many thanks Joe and Christine!

Comments by James Scott - 4/3/18
I know I don't order much from you guys, but seriously, I wouldn't be doing this with out you. All the information you offer (and for free) is invaluable to a beginner. I've been able to set up in a tiny little apartment and make some really awesome stuff using mostly hand tools. I get my substrates from a company that throws out otherwise perfectly good panels and apply your products using a pump and bag and everything I get from you. I should mention I don't drive either so being able to shop for everything in one place and have it delivered to my work or front door works out really well. And Joe's help through all this was invaluable even though he probably doesn't know it. I have actually been able to start building a business using this site and hopefully in the next two years I'll have a shop. I really can't say enough good things about you and Christine, your customer service, and the veneer and everything else. Thank you so much and please don't stop doing this. I seriously will not buy veneer from anyone else.

Comments by Diane Taylor - 3/26/18
I just received another order of veneer and it is of course FABULOUS! I order different veneers from you a few times a year and they are always of the highest quality and the best prices as well. Because I have been getting accustomed to your products being the very best every time I feel like I should send you and your company an "atta boy" email every time I receive an order from you because what you send me is really always that good! Thanks Joe and Christine. I'm a satisfied customer for life!

Comments by Keith Etheredge - 3/20/18
Joe and Christine are the best small business owners I have had the pleasure of working with. I've ordered mahogany, walnut, and curly maple paper backed veneer from them, and each time the veneer arrived well packed, and in top shape! I use these veneers with the Heat Lock iron-on glue and veneer softener to make speaker cabinets, and the results are always great. Thanks Joe and Christine!

Comments by Paul White - 3/19/18
It's hard to find good American companies that do business online and treat their customers as good as Joe and Christine. They were both quick to answer all of my questions and the products they shipped to me are excellent. I bought a vacuum press kit and the instructions were better than I could have imagined. And the vacuum bag I bought is built like a tank. I suspect it will outlive me. I also should mention that I ordered on a Thursday and FedEx delivered everything on Saturday. I picked out some curly maple and birds eye zebrawood for my first veneering attempts too. I've never seen wood with this much figure. This is my new favorite place to shop for wood!

Comments by Dale Akeo of Akeo Woodworks - 3/6/18
You guys are AWESOME! I ordered Koa veneer and it arrived quickly. I opened the box and my wife will tell you I was like a kid on Christmas morning opening the box as I was beyond happy with the beauty and quality of the veneer I had received. I will definitely be ordering more veneer from you folks in the future. Mahalo!!!

Comments by Steve Crane - 2/25/18
I decided to dip my toes into veneering by making a Bible box for our family's 160 year-old bible. I ordered some glue and tools from Joe and his wife. I was totally amazed that it took only 2 days from the time I placed the order to receiving it - 2 days! It arrived before my bank posted the transaction. I was also impressed at how carefully it was packed, padded and insulated. I will be ordering more items for any future projects I attempt.

Comments by David Meeks, Everest Construction - 2/15/18
You guys ROCK!!! I recently started doing veneer work at my shop. I ordered the vacuum pump kit and it works like a dream. Your shipping was fast and fair. I will be a long time customer. Keep up the good work.

Comments by Blake Dozier - 2/8/18
Are you new to veneering? Do you put off veneering because it seems so intimidating? Are you afraid to try it because you don't know where to begin? Stop putting it off! Simply go to and spend a couple of days, or more, exploring Joe's website. The amount of information and advice to be found there will put your mind at ease. If by any chance you have a question that is not already covered on the website, drop an email to Joe and you will receive the answer in short order. If Joe does not have the answer, he will find it and send it to you. However, the wealth of information that has been posted on the website covers a lot of territory and your questions have, probably, already been answered and you simply missed the answers. It has happened to me.

Now - On to the products offered at The sheer volume, variety, and unexcelled quality of the veneers is enough to make your little woodworker's salivary glands go into overdrive. I defy you to find a better selection at these exceptionally good prices. As you cruise through the selection of veneer and look at the pictures, you may notice chalk marks. That is Joe pointing out flaws in the product. He hides nothing. One exception, the pictures are of the lot that you will receive. The exception is that the pictures on the website do not do justice to the actual product. I ordered a lot of walnut burl veneer last year and, after opening it in my shop, immediately took it into the house to show this beautiful wood to my wife. I am now using Joe's walnut burl veneer for the bottom of all of the boxes I make, regardless of the box material. Even if the receiver does not like the box, they will love the bottom. They may even display it upside down.

After you place your order, Joe and his wife go to work getting your shipment packed up and ready to go. The product is well packed to prevent damage in shipment and the actual shipping is very prompt and you will receive an email informing you that your order is on its way. All orders are handled in a professional and still personal way. You will not be disappointed.

In summary, if you are thinking of trying veneering or if you just like to learn about a different aspect of woodworking, go to and have fun. You might be surprised at the possibilities.

Comments by Verlyn Veldhouse - 1/25/18
I have been woodworking for years but recently decided to further jump into marquetry. After finding Joe with the vacuum press information and then his supplies site - wow I was impressed. I just had to have all that stuff to start doing more legacy projects, starting with the vacuum press! I had a few questions along the way and was surprised at how fast I got a response - kudos to Joe. I ordered a bunch more things and it shipped the next day - very nice. I have always felt that it is best to support those that are involved with a product and not just someone who had it online because they could and this experience has proved it out once again. So thanks again, I will be a long time customer.

Comments by Philippe Gouvet - 1/9/18
I'm not in a real position to review the products I ordered from you, since I won't be using them for quite a while. What I can comment on, though, is… you! Because it didn't take me long to make an opinion. You're obviously a rare breed; you replied at lightning speed to the emails I sent you, and I can easily guess I'm not the only one to do so. But you do not only sell veneer supplies; you provide for free an unbelievable amount of advice, the true litmus test for people with a devouring passion. Where else would you get free plans to build your own vacuum pump system while minimizing cost? I can't thank you enough for being such an unusual business. You made me feel like veneering the whole planet!

Comments by Stan Grady - 1/7/18
I want to commend you for such a great job on my order. You've helped me out more times than I can count over the past few years and I've ordered many times from your site but this last order really showed how much you care about the veneers you sell. Thank you for putting so much effort to making sure my tamo ash and walnut burl veneers would not get messed up. I've ordered veneer from [another veneer company] and [another veneer company] but no one puts as much effort into packing. All of the members in my woodworking club know how much I like your business and when I mentioned it quite a few others added that they had a great experience with your company as well. Thank you for everything!

Comments by Jake Evans - 1/2/18
Thank you for shipping out my order so quickly. The package was on my door step just two days after you emailed me the update and everything inside is perfect. The birds eye maple is much, much better than I thought it would be. You have a great website, outstanding products, and your customer service is a model for all businesses. I'm so glad I found your site and I've sent a few of my buddies a link to it. Keep up the great work Joe.

Comments by Becky Matthews - 12/28/17
Your patience with all my questions was incredible. Thanks for replying with the tips about the cold press glue. It was all so helpful. I really like your personal email messages. Even the automated email when I placed the order shows how much you care about your clients. That is so unheard-of these days. Anyhow, you were right about the curly maple and the veneer glue bubbling. It was easy to fix and I'm very excited to have this table in my family room now. I have learned more about veneering from your websites than I could in a dozen books!

Comments by Pete Voss of Voss Furniture Builders - 12/8/17
Thanks Joe and Christine. I have purchased veneer and veneer supplies from in the past, and continue to do so today. I don't know where else you can actually "see" your veneer before you buy it. I am amazed by the inventory that they have accumulated, and impressed by their high level of customer service. Way to go guys, nice work.

Comments by Bob Kalinowski - 11/27/17
Great customer service! I had a problem with my vac system after two to three years of use so I emailed Joe with a question late in the day on Thanksgiving eve to which he responded quickly. After many pictures and emails back and forth well into the day, we determined the problem was the Mac valve. Ordered the valve on Thanksgiving eve, received it the following Sunday. Pump is back up and running. Thanks!!

Comments by Thomas Bosworth - 11/15/17
I'm writing to say thanks for all of your recent help with my vacuum system. My 'sent messages' folder has nine emails over three days that I sent to you. Some of those questions were pretty stupid now that I have read the kit instructions but I appreciate that you took time to answer everything. That says a lot these days and I thank you for it. My EVS system is running as I'm writing this message. I've got several jewelry boxes to make this weekend and the lids are all getting some of your incredible curly maple veneer.

Comments by Sigi Spierings - 10/25/17
Today I received my order and I have to say I'm super impressed. The packaging was perfect and therefore all items are in great condition. After quickly, but careful unwrapping and inspecting, I was even more impressed. The quality of the items is beautiful and quantity is above what I'm used to at different places. Honestly, I was finishing an order for veneer at Rockler (yeah, I'm a first-timer and went to the most common source) but decided to get some more information about veneering. After watching a video from "The Woodwisperer" about veneering, he mentioned that he bought his supplies at Shortly after that I found your store online, and man am I glad I did. It is hard to judge quality from a picture, but this is also how I purchase my wood and that normally works out great. I didn't need much persuading after seeing the volume and price of the items. Actually, I found everything I needed (including some valuable much needed information) on your website. As a first-timer I could start with some small easy project and veneer, but where is the challenge in that? At least now I can put my teeth in some great veneer for a price that I haven't seen yet. I normally don't write suppliers unless something went wrong, but in this case I just had to reply. I'm super happy with my order and I'm sure I will be a returning customer.

Comments by Russ Grimm - 9/26/17
This is an outstanding firm. I purchased the vacuum press kit a few years ago to make a mahogany Chinese scroll table, and kept thinking of new things to do. I used it again this week to make a black walnut roll-top bread box. Still works like new and the bag has been through some rough jobs without fail. I've purchased veneers as well, mahogany, oak burl, madrona burl and others...very pleased with quality. If you're thinking of veneering, you can trust this company to sell good products and treat you right.

Comments by Larry Parker - 9/5/17
When I started to get into veneer and marquetry, I quickly came across Joe Woodworker and Veneer Supplies. Everything I've ever done in veneer work I owe to them. Could not do it without Joe. They are my one source for education, how to do stuff, and supplies. Got into vacuum veneering by building a vacuum pump out of Joe's parts and plans. Save tons of money and had lots of fun. Their glues and tapes are top of the line and do and expert job. And oh are the veneers wonderful.

Comments by Jeff Leahey - 9/1/17
I live in Australia and two weeks ago I ordered from Joe a vacuum veneer press kit an 4' bag. Not expecting any issues to arise I quickly settled down to await the kits arrival in about 4 to 6 weeks, which was my expectation from previous international orders. The next morning I received an email from Joe's wife letting me know that Australia Post would not accept the bag because it was too large. Well Christine quickly arranged an alternate shipping arrangement for about $50 less than the original shipping cost. To my surprise the kit and bag arrived in 6 days, this has to be a record for international delivery times. I can honestly say that Joe and Christine's approach to customer service is exceptional and it is something that many businesses here at home could learn from. I will definitely be using in the future. Well done Joe and Christine.

Comments by Ryan Davis - 8/3/17
Thanks for all of the help with my questions. I couldn't have done it without your suggestions and I give you credit for most the success I had on the dashboard. I'm glad you steered me to the right veneer glue. It would have a disaster otherwise and that beautiful etimoe would have gone to waste. It is good to know that there are people who are willing to put up with so many questions and still reply so quickly with helpful info. The Triumph is just a few weeks from completion now and I think the veneered parts are the best part of the whole project!

Comments by Nicky Duncan - 7/26/17
Count me among the list of people who post reviews on your testimonials page. The new walnut burl you sent is perfect and I can't wait to use it this weekend. It is so refreshing to find a wood supplier who treats his and her customers with such consideration. I really appreciate your replies to my questions. You were so helpful even before I bought the veneer. Not sure if you know how it all worked out but you sent me a tracking number for my order within an hour after I submitted my payment. That is wonderful!! Then my veneer showed up yesterday - which is actually less than 24 hours after I placed the order. Many thanks to you and your wife for this excellent business. I wish you many years of success!

Comments by Howard Day - 7/24/17
Just placed a small order for veneer. Wanted to let you know that I had purchased a vacuum press kit a couple of years ago and it was your extra special service that I'll always remember. Through my own stupidity I had forgotten to turn the set screw to set vacuum pressure. We went back and forth for about a half hour before I finally realized my mistake. In that short period of time, I was thoroughly impressed with how important it was to you that I solve my problem. I have never forgotten that. So on those days when things aren't going well, just remember there are customers like me who truly appreciate your efforts.

Comments by George R. Franklin - 7/19/17
I really love your website and your customer service. I ordered on Saturday night and my kit was delivered yesterday (Tuesday). The vacuum press is already assembled and I'll be using it to press a guitar body tonight. Also wanted to thank your wife for issuing a refund for the over-charge on the shipping. That was incredibly thoughtful and a complete surprise. You run an awesome business and I'm happy that I found you. Keep up the great work and I will be back for more!

Comments by George Chambers - 6/30/17
Thank you for getting my veneers shipped so quickly. They arrived in perfect shape and will be put to good use in the coming week. I'm delightfully surprised by how much care you put into packing this order. I'm used to getting shipments with almost no cushioning inside and having to grind my teeth when I open the package to evaluate the damage but with your shipment I didn't have to worry. I think you put three miles of packing paper inside! I wish there were more companies like yours. It is obvious that you care about your customers and the wood you send us. Well done Joe and thank you.

Comments by Jude Espinoza - 6/13/17
A few guys from the Sawmill Creek forum had recently mentioned your website and I'm glad I checked you out because the veneer I ordered is excellent. Thanks for packing it the way you did. That little bit of extra cardboard reinforcement made a huge difference since our delivery guy is a bit careless sometimes. I can't wait to post pictures of my upcoming hunt table with your veneer.

Comments by Gary Flegel - 5/22/17
What you are doing for the average woodworker is commendable. You should be proud of what you and your wife have created with your business. You have given the little guy a chance to work with such amazing veneers and this is a blessing to us all. I plan to give a woodworking seminar later this summer and your company will be the focus of my segment on running a successful business. It is clear that you put thought and care into every part of your website but it doesn't end there. My orders from you have always arrived quickly and without damage. I also want to mention that I appreciate the honest and helpful email replies you've sent me over the last few months.

Comments by Robert J. Koehler - 5/9/17
My package of veneer just arrived and I've never seen such care taken to ship a product. It's clear that you love what you do and it shows in everything from your customer support all the way to the way you packed my order. How refreshing to know there are still good people in the woodworking world. Thank you for everything.

Comments by Joe Annala - 4/14/17
I'm really impressed by the speed and quality of everything you guys do. This order was no exception and it's obvious that you love these veneers as much as I do because the packaging is about as perfect as can be. The pictures on your website are so helpful and I appreciate the time and effort you put into everything. The birds eye maple you sent is, in one word... amazing. I will be used on a vintage jukebox like the last one.

Comments by Paul Leeman - 3/22/17
Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand? Just kidding... bet you read that a lot. Anyhow I recieved my paperbacked veneer from you and it is very nice. The figure is better than I hoped it would be and couldn't ask for a better sanding job. I doubt I will have to do any sanding at all! I really like how you run your company and that shipping refund was a pleasant surprise that I doubt most companies would ever consider doing. Happy to have found an honest businessman running a respectable website. My hat is off to you and your wife. If you ever visit Long Island, look me up.

Comments by Aaron Gillette - 3/5/17
I just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks for the beautiful veneer you sent. It will be used for a coffee table and two end tables. The koa is flawless and I can't wait to get this on my project. I especially want to thank you for the excellent packing job. Keep doing what you do. You do it so well!

Comments by Wade Turner - 2/28/17
My veneer arrived today and it is just outstanding. Thank you for taking time to make sure it was packed with so much care. My wife commented that she has never seen a box packed with so much packing material. The maple burl veneer that you sent is even better than the pictures. The walnut burl has a perfect color and the grain shape is exactly what I needed for the coffee table project that you saw in the drawings I sent. I will send you more pictures when it's done. In a way, I consider you a partner in my woodworking projects now. Your service is outstanding and the veneer is the best I've seen!!!

Comments by Craig Evans - 2/14/17
I appreciate how much care you put into packaging the veneer and it's a good thing you do because this veneer would be too nice to destroy in shipping. That was a lot of packing paper you used. I'll have to find a way to re-use it. I also wanted to say that your customer service is the best I've seen. I am not sure if you remember or not but I sent you about 10 emails over the span of just two days last week. Yes that was a lot of questions I know but I learned a lot. Your answers were very helpful. That is hard to find these days - some companies would not answer just one "beginner" question but you answered everything. Thank you so much for what you do.

Comments by José Tijerien - 1/12/17
I wanted to just say thanks for the incredible veneer you sent last week. You obviously have a passion not only for veneering but for your customers as well. The way you package your veneers in the box is remarkable. I bet even the worst shipping company could not damage a veneer in your packaging. Thanks also for the helpful answers to the veneer questions I sent you earlier this month. I will be recommending you to all of my clients when it is time to choose veneer for their furniture projects.

Comments by Bob Cole - 12/31/16
I just purchased more TransTint dyes and four more veneers from Joe. His prices for TransTint brand dyes cannot be bested anywhere. His veneers are the best. They are always exactly as advertised and shown on his website. Well, a little more than that. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. His veneers are more spectacular than his photos. I am planning on using two of the veneers for table tops and table shelves. Thanks again Joe for perfectly packaged superior products.

Comments by Amanda Doughty - 12/23/16
I ordered a number of walnut veneer PSA sheets, edge banding, and some other basic supplies for cabinet refacing. Everything came quickly from Joe, and the veneer shipped directly from the mill. There were a couple of issues with the veneer, and Joe was very easy to work with and had the mill put new veneers in the mail the next day. He was very communicative via email and answered my questions promptly. I will definitely order more from Joe's in the future! *just reiterating re: the veneers- it was a mill issue, no fault of Joe''s nice to have great customer service.

Comments by Diane Taylor - 12/6/116
Well Joe I received another wonderful box of your marquetry veneer yesterday and it is truly awesome! Please use this letter as a review of this exceptionally fine product and in addition a pat on the back for your outstanding company that you and Christine run. It really does operate like a well-oiled machine. Your first class, very reasonably priced products are always delivered safe and sound, in a very short delivery time, are outstanding in variety, quality and best of all the fact that you run a very people-oriented service for veneer crafts people! Your veneer tips and newsletter are always filled with numerous important facts and very helpful whether you are an old pro or a new veneer or marquetry person! You make better craftspeople out of all of us due to the great products and veneer information you provide! What more can one say? I feel lucky to have such a great supplier.

Comments by Justin Rogers - 11/18/2016
I just wanted to say that I love your business. It is hard to find a company that is so respectful of their customers and has great product and prices. I've bought from you several times and I'm thrilled with your service. I can order on a Monday morning and know that I will get my veneer by Wednesday. The personal replies to my email questions are the icing on the cake. I have recommended your business to everyone in my woodworking guild and as long as you keep up the good work, I will continue to tell people about your incredible business ethic.

Comments by Lee Temple - 11/3/16
I am an advanced hobbyist woodworker and needed some walnut veneer to apply to some drawers in a Pennsylvania spice chest I was building for my granddaughter. After searching the internet, I found Veneer Supplies and ordered what I needed from them. My experience from the review of items available to selection to receipt of the veneer and supplies was very professional and I will use this company in the future for my needs. The items were packed very well and I had absolutely no damage and the items were exactly as I had expected.

Comments by Sam Doyle - 10/8/16
This was my first order from Veneer Supplies and am very pleased with their service and support. The website is easy to navigate and gives clear details of their wide range of veneers and related products. Placing order was easy and response was fast. Confirmation of order and shipment came quickly. On their own initiative, they provided additional information that was relative to the product I ordered in an effort to make sure I got the best results. Received my order promptly and am a very satisfied customer. Great job VS!

Comments by Scott McElroy - 10/1/16
The people running this business have somehow managed to bring personal care and service to a level I've never seen before in an online business. I've done woodworking for a long time. I have a project that requires a new skill - marquetry. So, I needed veneer. And was lucky enough to come across They occasionally have boxes of pieces sold in a big box. I'm talking good stuff, whole, very useable veneer at a super price and fast delivery. You're lucky to have found them! Bookmark the page, place your order and make something lovely.

Comments by Gabe Douge - 9/30/16
I wanted to write a bit to let everyone know how pleased I am with the supplies and customer service I've received from Joe. I've been building custom guitars for 20+ years and vacuum clamping is the absolute best way to do it. Period! I can't believe how great all of my vacuum supplies work. I started with a vacuum pump and chamber of my own creation for stabilizing rare woods. Then another builder I know told me about this From here, I ordered a vacuum bag for veneering and it changed everything for me. I'm now on my third order and this is the place to go for all those hard to find fittings and the best choice of vacuum bags I've seen.

Comments by Jane Griffith - 9/20/16
I have ordered veneer from Joe on several occasions. Each time his response has been extremely fast and efficient. I love the veneers that I have received. Beautiful choices and easy to use products. It's great to have such a reliable and high-quality resource for wood veneer.

Comments by David Crass - 9/9/16
I'm an avid woodworker but had never done veneer. I read through Joe's instructions and advice on his website and decided "I can do this!" I ordered the Excel 1 vacuum system, veneer essentials combo, mesh, 2x2 bag and beautiful walnut burl veneer. Joe replied right away and shipped my order the next day. All of the tools and materials are absolutely top quality and priced very reasonably. I made up 8 panels for an 8 sided display pedestal. They all came out perfect the first time. I'm already thinking about what my next veneer project will be. Thanks Joe! It's great to have people like you that are willing to share your expertise so the rest of us can learn and enjoy.

Comments by David Goen - 9/1/16
Joe Gorleski is a treasure. His influence is wide, due to his JoeWoodworker site. The product descriptions on are accurate, fairly priced, and he is quick to ship. The care he takes in communicating the status of an order is exemplary. Over the years I've come to see that his honesty in conducting business is constant and unwavering. I would never hesitate to choose Joe first for my veneer and vacuum press needs.

Comments by Carol Adams - 8/24/16
The veneer I received was excellent quality. The communication from Joe regarding shipping status was great. I was kept updated and thus able to plan my time to finish my project quickly. I've finished my first project and the sunburst made a simply beautiful small table. Can't wait to get started on my next project and will get all my business from now on. Thank you!

Comments by Bob Cole - 7/19/16
I highly recommend products sold by Joe. Over the years I have purchased a vacuum system, vacuum bags, veneer saws, veneer conditioner, cold press glue, and of course, veneers. I have never been disappointed in anything I have purchased. Of all the items almost everything has an industry standard. The only exception are veneers. If you are not aware, not all sources of veneer send you what you believe you are purchasing. Not so with Joe.

Unfortunately, there is no place on this site to leave feedback on veneer quality. Thus, here I go. I have purchased many veneers from Joe and have never been disappointed. There is no sleight of hand with Joe. The descriptions and photographs of the veneer you are purchasing are extremely accurate and he does not omit a flaw or defect in his description. If you are hesitant about ordering veneer from him ... relax, sit back, make your selection and rest assured your money has been well spent. Thanks again Joe.

Comments by Joe Hardy - 7/12/16
Why should you spend your hard-earned money on this company? Besides the excellent quality of products and low prices, the value of Joe's tutorials is priceless. If you are new to veneer work and you follow his advice it can save you years of heartbreaking mistakes. I really appreciate his open-sourced go-for-it attitude. It's been the tradition of the trades to keep their secrets to themselves to protect against competition but here this guy who gives it away for free! Sure you could save $1.25 by shipping prime but no algorithm can recommend what this guy can.

Comments by Chris Cheney - 6/30/16
Don't waste your time looking elsewhere. I made my first order with a little over a week ago thinking I would source many of the brass fittings from my local hardware stores. The local hardware stores didn't have a number of the fittings I intended to use to build my vacuum system. And the basic fittings they did have were $7 to $8 dollars. I'm all for supporting the local hardware stores vs the big boxes - but the price for each part was to much compared to what Joe is selling them for. I just placed my second order and despite the additional shipping cost, well worth it. Don't make my mistake, check what you can source locally before you place your order!

Comments by Jay Atherton - 6/22/16
I have used since I learned how to veneer. The school I attended to learn about woodworking recommended this place and I'm so glad they did. The web site is very helpful, especially for an amateur. Their service is fast and friendly and their products are top-notch and very reasonably priced. When I start a project that involves veneering, I don't consider any other source than

Comments by Cliff Costa - 6/10/16
I ordered a bunch of parts to make a vacuum press on Sunday. Everything I ordered shipped on Monday and I had it on Wednesday. Excellent service. All of the parts were of high quality and all worked as advertised. Their web site really has a wealth of helpful information. I plan to order more stuff from them.

Comments by Jonni Gardey - 6/9/16
My husband is making our granddaughter a puzzle guitar chair. Since she would love it to be purple, it was my job to find purple stain. After much searching, I found Joe and Christine's website and ordered the most beautiful purple tint. The ordering was smooth. I quickly received a very nice confirmation email then was alerted it shipped within a day of my order. Super fantastic customer service!

Comments by Diane and Rod Taylor - 6/7/16
We just discovered Joe and Christine's company Veneer Supplies and since then have made three orders in as many weeks! They are a great place to buy veneer and supplies from! All has arrived on time and in great condition. We purchased the bargain boxes of veneer and were amazed at the quality and various different exotic veneers supplied! What a deal! This is the only place we will now purchase any veneer or related items in the future. Great service, quality products with great and knowledgeable customer personal service. What more can one ask for? Customers for life Diane and Rod.

Comments by Michelle Richards - 5/26/16
I just cannot say enough about the customer service I have received from Joe & Christine. If there was a problem, I wrote and it was taken care of yesterday. They are that fast. When I screwed up, they fixed it and didn't even call me a forgetful old coot. If you are considering using Veneer Supplies, do not hesitate. They are the real deal.

Comments by Douglas Murphy - 4/20/16
Just got my order of vacuum press components from Veneer Supplies. Wahoo! After reading the articles on building a vacuum press I got into putting one together from things I have and things I learned I should have from the articles on the web site. All items I ordered came well packaged, quickly, and as described. The follow up on web orders is on a standard above most web-based stores. Good work!

Comments by Bill Larkman - 4/13/16
I've ordered from Joe several times and the quality of the veneers has consistently exceeded my expectations. The orders are delivered promptly and packaged very carefully. The website is very well designed and I find it easy to locate the type and size of the veneer I need. The service is outstanding and Joe is always available to answer questions. I highly recommend

Comments by Veronica Sorgi - 4/5/16
I've been wanting to buy a veneer press for quite some time. I ran across the "Joe Woodworker" website and then it was all I could do to tear myself away. The amount of information is astounding! I ordered a pump and kit to build my own press which I'm very excited about. Shortly after I sent my order, I received a confirmation and then a shipment notice. The products arrived very well packed with a checklist that I could verify each and every piece. The instructions on the website are easy to read and follow. I can't wait to build this pump! I will definitely be ordering more supplies from them. It's refreshing to do business with real people who care about their service and product.

Comments by Mark Henry - 3/17/16
I commend Joe and Christine on their professional practices. I love the email updates and prompt response to questions and whatever I need. The product is nothing short of fantastic. The way the veneer is photographed and displayed on the website is outstanding! I make hand crafted frames for artists. When I discovered their website, it was a godsend. I have many a times recommended to fellow woodworkers and artists.

Comments by Johnny Cioffi - 3/16/16
This being my first experience with ordering from proved to be a great choice. Joe is very passionate about veneering, but more so about helping others. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you are getting far more from a mail-order website than merely the products themselves. These are the types of mom and pop companies that have built the true American theme. Keep pressing on! Although I only purchased a couple of small items, I have found another trustworthy home on the net. Thanks Joe!

Comments by Charles Grauer - 3/15/16
I wish I would have found this site before I purchased vacuum pumps other places as I didn't make the best decision. There would have been a benefit of buying from someone who has tested and found the best products for a fair price and save time and money. I have found the customer service to be over the top which with the big companies doesn't even exist and they couldn't care less.

Comments by Adrian Lay - 3/15/16
I was beyond satisfied with my experience. Shopping on the website was easy and fun with the high-quality photographs of the veneer. I was blown away when I received my order. The contents of my package were very carefully wrapped and therefore there was no possibility of damage. Not to mention the quality of the veneer was beyond my expectations. It was clear that the veneer is being store properly at their warehouse and with great care. At first I was hesitant purchasing veneer online, but now I'm going to refer anyone I can to this website.

Comments by Lyle Madeson - 3/7/16
After retiring a year ago, I finally had the time to start doing woodworking again. Many years ago I had tried doing some work with veneers. My results were really quite poor, from bubbles to poor seams. I really wanted to be able to work with some woods that are not readily available in dimensional stock. I came across Joe Woodworker in searching out veneering. I read all I could and decided that the vacuum method looked promising. I purchased an Excel 5 from Joe. I wasn't too thrilled about having to put it together but have to say that the directions were very clear and it took less than a half hour. I never even cursed once! The pump and bag system along with the breather mesh used in place of platen has worked quite well. I have used it about twenty times and have only had one bubble which appears to be due to too much adhesive. The Better Bond cold press has worked very well. I have purchased probably 15 different veneers from Joe. All have arrived promptly and in good shape. All were well represented with the photo on the web site. I have read every subject on Joes' site and have found everything to be accurate and helpful in veneering. I have no reason to even venture to another commercial site. It has been a pleasure to with Joe.

Comments by Rick Jahnke - 3/4/16
I just received the veneer box (175 + sq ft of various veneers). Like everything else that I have purchased from Veneers Supplies it met or exceeded my expectations and, as always, the customer service was excellent. I will pick and choose from these to create a marquetry inlay to repair a water damaged area on the top of a built in dresser on a $1 million yacht. I am an advanced hobbyist woodworker and occasionally I do a "commissioned" project like the above repair. I have built a lot of furniture from solid woods but only began veneering a few years ago when I started buying from Veneer Supplies. They got me started with not only veneer and supplies but also the vacuum pump system kit and most importantly Joe's know-how that kept me from making a lot of mistakes that would have happened if I tried to figure things out on my own. The products are good to great and the customer service is terrific. I would recommend Veneer Supplies to anyone doing veneer whether they are just getting started or are a seasoned expert. Frankly, they could charge more and still be a great deal.

Comments by Tom Faber - 2/25/16
I ordered the Excel 5 vacuum press and a vacuum bag from Joe and I must say that I am completely impressed. Not only was the system easy to put together but also easy to use. My projects have been turning out better than I had expected with this system and for that I am grateful. Also, Joe clearly made himself available for any questions that I might have using the system and answered those questions very quickly. It has been an amazing experience going through this company and I could not be happier. I will definitely use for all my vacuum system needs in the future.

Comments by Ray Brill - 2/19/16
I would like to thank Joe and the staff for the help building a venturi system. I thought I would be able to source the brass fittings locally and save a buck or two, but if I had to do it again I would just order the system. I have a 65 gallon 5 horse compressor and this system pulls the vacuum in less than a min. I had quite a few questions and I missed the check valve when I ordered, so the system didn't work but the staff answered my questions and told me what I needed quickly and had the parts on the way asap! The system now works great and I have bookmarked their site and will order from them in the future in the knowledge they will give great service!

Comments by David Landis - 2/17/16
Veneer Supplies has become my go-to source for what I need. Items are always well packed. The website is full of helpful information that has been invaluable. I have shopped and bought other places but the quality of what I have gotten from Joe is way beyond what I have gotten from other places. I won't be going anywhere else.

Comments by Jason Driver - 2/16/16
Joe, his products, and his service is top notch in my opinion. I had a few questions for him about his products since i had zero experience with vacuum presses, and Joe was absolutely great with a quick response and was very informative as well. Once I ordered the press system (bags and mesh as well as the press) they were shipped in an extremely timely fashion and Joe also included documentation (along with references to information on his website) that really helped me to get things going very quickly. I highly recommend to anyone interested in veneering to contact Joe with any questions and to try his products. You won't be disappointed. Great person, great products and great service...what more can you ask for?

Comments by Sergio Aparicio - 2/15/16
While I was looking for a place for good prices and decent quality veneer, I came upon the and Joe Woodworker websites, which have really detailed information and excellent pictures of their products, so I decided to try some burl walnut veneer. When I got my order, oh man, it was beyond all my expectations. What an incredible veneer. The quality was more than excellent, that I couldn't believe I got for a very competitive price!!! I have seen other webpages charging almost twice the price I get at Veneer Supplies. I was so pleased that I just put another order now for glue and other stuff from here. Also, because service is impressive and personal, and you don't get that from big name companies! Thank you Joe. Greetings from Mexico!

Comment by George R Scarlett Jr. - 2/9/16
It is to my great delight to be able to give testimony to the outstanding, efficient, and caring service I, and no doubt many others have had the privilege to enjoy. You and Christine, and all others concerned are, and continue to be "aces" in my book! Your knowledge and expertise have not only helped me along the "Vac Path", but have saved me $$ and time as well. Thanks for your great design and plans for the EVS Project which is now almost completed after about a 2 year delay on my part! Even after the delay, I recontacted you and moved forward without even missing a beat, that's how it should be with someone you can trust, and consider to be a valued friend and associate!

Comments by Hans Braul - 2/8/16
I have nothing but praise for Joe and his products. Without fail, the service has been fast, and has delivered exactly what I expected or better, at prices that I can't find anywhere in Canada (or the US for that matter). I've asked some questions via email, and all have been answered right away. A pleasure to deal with this company.

Comments by Andrew Bartlett - 1/31/16
2016 was the time for a new vacuum press. I selected the Excel 5 Continuous Run and have been impressed with it. It was very easy to set up and the manner in which you did - follow the instructions - gave a thorough understanding of how the machine works. I did my first veneer press within 30 minutes of opening the box. I also purchased a polyurethane bag. This bag impresses me and I wonder why I did not purchase one earlier. As an international customer I am happy how easy this purchase was and the speed of delivery - 1 week to Australia. Thank you.

Comments by Michael Bonestell - 1/22/16
Joe went way beyond what any normal shop would go. UPS damaged my package and before Joe could have gotten it back, a replacement was in the mail. I appreciate the extra effort so I could get my project finished. Will be ordering from again for sure!

Comments by Richard Anderson - 1/20/16
Dealing with and Joe has been a wonderful experience. My order was shipped in a timely manner, but unfortunately, an item was missing from the shipment. Fearing the worst, as is usually the case when ordering from the internet, I sent an e-mail to Joe on a Saturday evening. He responded within minutes. I explained the problem to him and he said he would take care of it. On Monday, he shipped the missing item and got it two days later. In summary, the entire experience was exceptional. Sometimes bad things happen, such as my missing item, but Joe took care of it in very quick fashion. Veneer Supplies is my go-to place for my veneering supplies.

Comments by Larry Dent - 1/7/16
I just received my first order from and everything is just as described. I ended up here after my order at a large internet site showed half of my order as being out of stock. I should have just started here! Joe has an extensive selection of veneer and related supplies, and the best information and tips on veneering that I have seen. Shipping was within 24 hours, and I got personal confirmation of my order submission and of shipment. This is my go-to store for any further veneer projects.

Comments by Wes Crawford - 1/5/16
Felt the need to express my appreciation for a first-rate consumer experience. Joe is so "reachable", I don't know how he (and Christine) manage it. I'm "old school" and this is how it used to be where I come from. I felt like I owed him just from the wealth of info gleaned from the website, let alone the fantastic array of priced-right products. If all businesses operated like this, what a sweet time we'd have.

Comments by Nathan Corder - 1/5/16
The quality of the veneers I have received from Joe are incredible! It far exceeds anything else I have seen. The personal service is excellent and Joe is a pleasure to work with. I have learned a great deal from Joe and he opens the door to veneering to anyone, regardless of woodworking skill level. If you haven't tried it, you need to. I am always a little skeptical of ordering things I selected a small order the first time to test the waters. Everything about that first experience was excellent. I have placed a few larger orders since then and they were even better than the first! Joe has proven himself to be true to his word and I hope to do business with him for many years to come.

Comments by Nick Comito - 1/5/16
As a woodworker I've been ordering lumber and veneer from various suppliers for over 30 years. Recently I ordered some figured bubinga veneer from and it is now the only source of veneer I will ever deal with again. It was nothing less than amazing. The extensive selection is clearly displayed, and what you see is what you get. I also appreciate his personal replies to each order and his enjoyment with communicating with customers. I just ordered some beautiful birds eye maple. Joe Woodworker is a class act. Now excuse me, I have some veneering to do.

Comments by Juan Abreu - 12/30/15
Some time ago I purchased some wood veneer from Joe. When the veneer arrived, it was everything that I expected and more. Now I am ready to install the veneer so I ordered other items needed for the installation. Prior to ordering the supplies I had questions and Joe answered them with great detail. His service and customer care are outstanding. I will definitely will continue to do business with Joe.

Comments by Randy Mayes - 12/29/15
I ordered walnut burl veneers to be used with pedestal mount bases for our custom taxidermy mounts. All of the veneers I ordered were very usable. I really like the concept of being able to see the actual pieces that you are purchasing. I have very high standards when it comes to this type of thing. I must say that these veneers not only met my standards but the pricing was very competitive! The order was also shipped promptly and correctly. Keep up the good work!

Comments by Gordon Roberts - 12/15/15
It occurred to me that Joes' EVS unit would be just what I needed to build up a vacuum bagging system for the 'bucket list' project involving resin composite construction that I am working on, i.e. nothing to do with the purpose for which it has been designed. Joe was very patient with advice to this raw beginner and with his various queries and steered me in a direction which will almost certainly guarantee results. Now I am eagerly awaiting delivery of the bits to build a super vac forming machine without the hassle of trying to design from scratch. Well done Joe!

Comments by Alex Kiefer
I ordered some walnut veneer to cover a pair of speakers I made from MDF. Veneer Supplies was the only place that I could find sheets large enough for the application, and at a great price. When I unpacked the veneer, it looked exactly like the pictures online. It turned out one of the sheets didn't fit the panel, but the return process was very smooth and Joe resolved it quickly. The customer service is excellent and I'm looking forward to shopping here again!

Comments by Simon Cave - DIP Fabrications
I am very pleased to have received my order today and sooner than I thought I would. I am excited as I have some awesome ideas for these veneers. You helped me out a couple of years ago with supply of some veneers and tools which got me into veneering in a big way. You helped me diversify into real timber and its natural beauty. So yes, you have done many things right and I can't thank you enough. Your website is fantastic, helpful, and very informative. I really appreciate the knowledge you are giving to people like myself. It has been great dealing with you and will definitely be buying more veneers in the near future. Thank you for a prompt and reliable service. Especially for a customer halfway around the world.

Comments by Ken Bathgate - Boarwood LLC
I've been using veneer purchased from Joe exclusively for the past six months. Everything, from selection (I love the full-length flitch photos), grading and packaging for shipping has been top notch. This is my first choice whenever I am looking for something unusual. I experimented with water-based stains for the first time last month and the information that was on Joe's web site was very helpful and provided an excellent baseline to start. I recommend Joe and without reservation.

Comments by Sal Sclafani
I want to thank you both for providing access to veneering materials, tools, and knowledge. I have constructed my shop vacuum press using your plans and am very pleased. Used it to veneer a walnut desktop and could not be more pleased with the outcome. Anyone looking for a quality source for veneering material, tools, advise needs to stop at

Comments by Greg Clevenger
My first veneer order from Joe was as expected and I am very pleased with the quality. More importantly, I feel like I am back in the 70's or 80's when businesses were committed to their customers success by providing know how, great service, and quality products at reasonable prices with no surprises. That is just how Joe does business. Thanks Joe for teaching me about veneering and making the buying experience easy and painless.

Comments by Dennis LaRoche
I received the Transtint I ordered and it is everything I was needing to fill out my staining operations. The dye mixes easily and does as advertised. This product is great for bringing out the figure in maple. Joe and his team were very helpful and shipped the product to a semi-remote location for a very reasonable price. Thanks for a well-run business.

Comments by Michael Frase
Just a note on the service I have received thus far. Let me simply say that I love well-run small businesses. They are the heart and heritage of America, the very fiber upon which this country was founded and by which it has thrived for so many generations. Say all you want about mega-businesses like Wal-Mart and Microsoft, they are necessary for sure, but it is the of this country that provide the human touch and handwritten smiley faces that the big guys can't do and don't even understand.

Comments by Joseph Forti
I recently purchased some Transtint dyes from Veneer Supplies. I was pleased with the price as it was five dollars cheaper than any other company I could find. Joe was very quick to respond to the order and have it filled and shipped. Great response and customer service. I had never used Transtint before so it was a shot in the dark if they would be worth the purchase. I am a novice wood worker with little finishing experience. But I must say I am sold on these dyes as they are easy to mix and apply. I would recommend them to anyone wishing to or having the need to match a particular color. It does take some time and patience but worth it. I also will use this company again and recommend it to my friends and associates. Great job Joe!

Comments by Jon Spector
I am so pleased that I found Veneer Supplies. I needed some samples and had questions before ordering. The staff followed up right away with professionalism and enthusiasm and good information. A trifecta! Samples were ordered and arrived quickly. The package and contents were perfect. The USPS padded envelope had no bends or damage. The supporting cardboard around the veneer samples was in great condition, with no shifting of samples. The veneers are simply beautiful and made well. I recommend this company for your veneer and product needs!

Comments by Mike Staige
I was recently commissioned to build a rather elaborate table. I did thorough research looking for the best possible veneer and I couldn't justify going anywhere but Not only did they have the selection I needed but they had all of the sizes I needed as well. I received my order very fast and was blown away by the quality of the veneer. When your material is of this high of quality, it makes the results that much better than the rest. Thank you Joe and Christine!

Comments by Bill Palmer
I finally had had enough listening to my aging vacuum pump recycle every thirty seconds and decided to rebuild it. I had purchased the system from Mercury Vacuum Presses in the early 90's. There have been some great improvements since the early days of vacuum presses in no small part the result of Joe's experimentations. For me, the addition of the Mac valve was the answer. My old system relied exclusively on just a check valve to stop any back feed from the pump to the bag. The addition of the Mac valve gives rock solid resistance to any back flow. Now, my pump recycles about every 15 minutes. I also liked the tip about using silicone to plug any possible leaks in the fittings using the vacuum pressure to pull it into any voids. Hear that... Silence!

Comments by Jason Spence
I've been ordering from Joe for a couple years now. Just recently I received my order for a veneer press kit and am excited to begin its construction. I have to say that the wealth of information on Joe's site as well as the wealth of beautiful veneers is just staggering. The guide for constructing the veneer press is so thorough - as someone who has had to create manuals in my professional life, I can appreciate the effort that went into it. Every single order over the past few years has exceeded my expectations in terms of delivery time, clear communication and the quality of products (these veneers are just gorgeous)! In this age of Amazon, expectations for online ordering can be hard to meet. Kudos to Joe and everyone there at Veneer Supplies. Keep doing what you are doing because it's all spot on! Thanks!!!

Comments by Paul Serafin
Just received my order and as usual everything is perfect. I've ordered product several times and everything has always arrived on time and has been just what I expected. The website is also very easy to order from, even for someone as computer illiterate as me.

Comments by Lynn Lehman
Hard to say enough positive about this site. Great articles and the veneer selection is unequaled at any price. Product line is fantastic and prices cannot be beaten anywhere on the web. Shipping is ultra-efficient and so timely (although I am lucky to be only 2 states away). I often get packages ONE day after ordering. So far I've followed Joe's plan for the EVS Vacuum system, added a vacuum clamping setup and I'm in the process of building a frame press. All with excellent results. Can't think of any woodworking site I would recommend more highly.

Comments by Ken Webb
Joe has been an answer to my prayers. Fast service, quality product, to my door, on time, no hassle order. I am a repeat customer and have found a home. A big box store told me it couldn't be done but Joe said no problem and backed it up. The project was color matching raw oak to a stained Brazillian cherry floor. Crazy I know and HD suggested a solid paint; killing the grain. Joe and two small bottles of Transtint say otherwise. I am happy to say the least.

Comments by Lily Yoos
When in the course of my interior design work I am lucky enough to meet a customer interested in a custom marquetry piece, I look for the perfect veneer that will enhance the character of the image. This website is my first choice by far. Photos and descriptions are accurate. The quality of the veneer is excellent. Packaging is the best by far. Shipping is fast. Pricing is reasonable. And, as a cherry on top, the customer service is exceptional: fast response, courtesy and genuine care. I highly recommend this website. The team working their cares about what they sell and their customers.

Comments by Cindy Crane
I just received my first order from you and was absolutely thrilled. I haven't worked with veneer before but on the recommendation of a friend of mine who is also one of your customers, I ordered the veneer samples since I work in miniatures. The quality, selection and sizes were amazing. Can't wait to get started. I also ordered the copper veneer and that too exceeded my expectations. The delivery was great!

Comments by Dan Ozsvath
Just received my order which arrived in a very timely matter, and the order was complete. The thing that I love is it is one stop shopping. The items that I ordered appear to be of the highest quality. And your website is so easy to navigate. Looking forward to dealing with Veneer Supplies in the near future. Thank you for an overall good experience!

Comments by Alan E. Tasoff, MD
Received my order today, barely 48 hours after placing it. The personal online technical advice, shipping confirmation and service are a pleasure in this world of robo-calls and junk emails. My purchase of a vinyl bag and new vacuum gauge got my system running again. Have been a customer before, and now for the indefinite future. Many thanks.

Comments by Pierre Laliberte
Many thanks for the excellent and fast service you provided with my order. I received my vacuum pump kit and bag a few days ago and was able to assemble everything with no problems at all thanks to the excellent instructions on your website. I did a first test of the bag yesterday and everything worked just fine with no leaks at all! Great product and service!

Comments by Damon Penn
This was my first veneer purchase from any source other than the large woodworking stores. What a shock! Huge variety and great prices. I got some mahogany crotch for wainscot in my study that is stunning. It came well packed and looked exactly like the photo. No checks or cracks anywhere and the sheets are nearly 2X2. I can't believe I never tried this before. No more piecing small pieces together, ever.

Follow Up Comments by Damon Penn (about his third order)
This is my third order this month. The first was to get some crotch mahogany. It was so nice, I ordered another lot. Today I received my third order, a new vacuum bag. The cheap one I got with my pump blew out. This one is twice as durable and still flexible and easy to use. I ordered it on a Saturday and it arrived Tuesday, after a Monday federal holiday. You can't beat that.

Comments by Bob De Vries
This was my first veneer purchase and now I don't know what I got myself into! I am very impressed with the speed of delivery as well as the cost. When I unpacked my new found treasures I wasn't expecting so much! I know the sizes and amounts are listed but with the cost so low I thought I was overlooking something. I can't wait to get started! Thank you very much!

Comments by Les Burstein, DDS (second message)
Ok, it seems that my last commendation from my first contact and order with Joe is the most recent one. I will very proudly and appreciatively write another. At this time, I am a long time practicing dentist who grew up working in a family lumber yard. As a project, I am undertaking to create a secretarial desk in rosewood book page veneer about 4 x 8 ft and birds eye maple dental cabinet drawer fronts. Having not done veneer woodwork before, working with solid woods, I was thrilled to find Joe's excellent and very complete site. He has provided veneer education and technique support for the beginner through to advanced processes.

I have been emailing with Joe since my first order arrived in NY overnight from his warehouse. My second order is also being shipped the same day as ordered and will arrive the next day!! He has provided guidance and recommendations that are greatly appreciated. It is a pleasure to deal with this business that is responsive and service orientated to support the customer. I appreciate receiving good reviews and I am truly pleased to acknowledge Joe 's excellence in providing for his customers. I look forward to being a continuing repeat customer with. Veneer supplies. A great thank you and 'well done' for Joe and his staff.

Comments by Les Burstein, DDS
I am really pleased to say wow! The veneers ordered on Monday arrived in NY on Tuesday. The speed and service was fantastic. Joe has been online personally answering questions about my veneer needs and the availability of stock for my project: rosewood veneers for the doors and reception desk in my dental office. He has been on top of my queries and provided helpful guidance. Now, I have to go to work after my daily work and make the veneers into beautiful artwork. Many thanks.

Comments by Dan Skittlethorp
I just wanted to let you know that the system you have available in kit form works perfectly. I probably spent 6 or 7 hours in total to build it and I am very pleased with the results. It is without leaks of any kind and this system will hold a vacuum for days without restarting. I have been using it for about a week now and have laminated many sections of curved backs and doors for the walnut executive bar I have been commissioned to build. The laminations are flawless. Good work Joe. I'll be your customer from now on. As an aside, I was amazed to have received my order so quickly. Ordered on a Sunday night, shipped Monday and received it Tuesday. Very impressive.

Comments by Scott Trebble
I recently received my veneer order from Joe and couldn't be more pleased. Shipping was amazing. I live in Alberta, Canada... 2500 miles away, and received my order within 5 business days! Across the border and all, with no hassles...just a signature at the door. Shipping cost was more than reasonable as well. The veneer looks awesome, and exactly as pictured on the website. Being able to see the actual veneer you are getting is a great feature. It gave me the confidence to make such a purchase online. This is my first foray with veneering but I doubt it will be my last. I know I will be a repeat customer. Thanks Joe and Christine!

Comments by Jeff Martin
I will be re-veneering the wood in my Jaguar and there was virtually no selection of veneer here in Canada and what there was, wasn't very good. I couldn't see what I was buying and the sizes were too small for the job, not only that, all the choices were quite expensive. At I could pick and choose what I wanted, I knew exactly what I was getting and subsequent sheets were kept in order to enable book matching. Excellent source for veneer and vacuum bagging supplies !!

Comments by Jack Motl
I received my veneer order today, one day early I'd like to add, and can't express how pleased I am. The sheet is flawless with beautiful figure. When you described it as "flat" that's just what it is, absolutely. I don't believe I'll need to use any softener on it. At least that's the way I'll proceed. I'm new to veneering, using old school hide glue and veneer hammer. I initially bought some veneer at my local lumber store and there is no comparison between the two products. Theirs had wrinkles that were a real challenge to hammer out even after Super Soft. I now wish I'd come straight to you, I'm a customer for life! Thanks for the great product.

Comments by John Kunstman
Joe is awesome. His pricing is fantastic, shipping is incredibly fast. Customer service is second to none. I had an issue with my first order with Joe. The mistake was entirely my fault. And Joe went out of his way to help me solve the problem. I will be a customer for life. Thanks Joe!

Comments by Mark Scarlato
I have been a customer of Veneer Supplies for the past few months. Let me unequivocally say that if you are considering taking up veneering as a hobby, this is the place to learn and shop. Joe has gone out of his way to really make his site both informative and useful. I am new to veneering, however, with Joe's help, and his superior products, I have been able to turn out some top-quality projects. In the near future, I will be posting photo's of my projects. However, until then, I will be using Joe's knowledge and supplies to learn this exciting hobby!

Comments by Bill Elliott
I've been a customer of Joe and for a few years now, and have come to depend on Joe for all my veneer needs. The majority of my work is in antique restoration and having a full-service site, great customer service, and superior products is such a great asset to my business. The quality of the veneers I have ordered have exceeded my expectations. Every one of my orders is fulfilled quickly and arrives in great shape. Joe is always willing to answer questions and offer suggestions. He has great sales, too!

Comments by George Tsiolis
Veneering has been my most favored hobby for over fifty years. Lately, I only wish I had always been aware of VeneerSuppliescom, or any source of exotic wood veneers such as the one owned by Joe and his wife Christine. In all of my three ordering experiences with them, since I became aware of its existence about a year ago, I am increasingly finding their variety, as well as the quality of veneers exceeding my expectations. Their promptness in fulfilling my orders and their willingness to provide me with quick responses to whatever questions I had, have been exemplary. As I am writing this, I am looking at a veneer sample of quilted, pommele & figured sapele, which was included in the package of my most recent order. I am afraid I am becoming addicted to its color, texture and quality, and I am already mentally designing my next project with it its main feature. I never knew such veneers existed. Joe already knows my taste.

Comments by Tim Keller
I received my pump kit and Podz on Thursday. I ordered it on Tuesday at 8:00am and received an email at 12:48pm Tuesday that the order was on its way... very fast response time and shipping. It only took me about 10 minutes to put it together with the well written directions, and about 15 minutes for the Podz. This is the first time I ordered from this website and I am very satisfied with the service and shipping. I had a couple of questions for Joe and emailed him and he got back to me very fast with answers, sometimes the same day depending on when I sent the question.

Comments by Elayne T Brooks
I am a classically trained master finisher (my mentor was the head of finishers for the Colonial Williamsburg line when the furniture came out of the original Kittingers) and I apprenticed for 9 years for learning finishing. I was always terrified of veneering, although I have repaired veneer for over 30 years, I read Joe's website and had a client that pleaded with me to restore a 1790 Boston tambour desk. It needed veneer work. I was terrified. I carefully read the directions, applied my previous knowledge of antiques and I am happy to say I am extremely pleased with my results.

Comments by Steve Naranjo
This was my first time using and I was very impressed by the service and the quality of the products. To be honest I was skeptical of what I was going to get and the condition it would arrive in from such a long journey. On top of that I ordered fragile walnut burl! Turns out there was no reason to fear anything. The photos of the sheets on the website were spot-on and the package was very carefully packed. To top it off, the burl was laser flat, saving me extra time and work. It was the first time I was trying veneer on a large project (car dash) and Joe gave me several helpful hints both though the FAQ section and through direct contact. Don't know how often I will veneer in the future, but if I do I will certainly rely on for the materials and know-how.

Comments by Wayne Skibinski
I have made several orders with Veneer Supplies and have always had great service. What I like about this website is product but more importantly is Joe. Now and then we all run into a problem that needs expert advice and Joe is there to share his knowledge with you. "Thanks Joe". Every now and then Joe will run a special on veneer, my advice is sign up with and start receiving Joe's emails.

Comments by Michael Antonishak
This is my first order with Veneer Supplies and so far I'm impressed! The website was easy to navigate and included all of the information I needed to purchase and use the products. I received my order in a little more than 24 hours and was pleased of the quality. With this said and the prices very reasonable, I will be happy to give Veneer Supplies my patronage for my veneering needs.

Comments by David Snow
This was my first order with Joe service was very fast. Since I am new to veneering your site is great to work with, it allowed me to read about veneering before diving into my project which is a hope chest for my granddaughter. And it was time to get started with this process since wood is so expensive. Also you couldn't ask Joe to go any faster on e-mail questions. A lot of companies don't even get back to you. Hope to do more business with Joe.

Comments by Tom Riccardi
I buy veneer from 4 different sources. By far, Joe's website is the easiest to place an order on. All veneers are described, (size, flat or not, & pictures). All these things, especially whether, flat or not flat, help me in picking the right veneer. I also like the bundling feature he offers. Whatever your level of experience is, this website will be your safe bet on buying veneer.

Comments by Josh Welt
The services provided by Joe and Veneer Supplies are some of the best I have run across during my time as a designer. The information provided is some of the most informative on the internet, not only is the information great but it is also condensed and easy to process. The wealth of knowledge and customer service provided by Joe and Veneer Supplies is astounding and an extremely useful resource to anyone looking to improve and expand their wood working skills.

Comments by Annie Blide
Just had to let you know that we bought the PSA veneer as you suggested and wow, did it turn out fantastic! We really appreciate your website, that we found you, and that you actually took the time to help us. We can't thank you enough for your time and kindness. Have a wonderful day and thanks again.

Comments by Jim Burton
I don't often write reviews but I often benefit from the reviews of others. In this case I feel that I really must comment upon the excellent customer service from Joe and Veneer Supplies. I am by no means a significant customer for Veneer Supplies having placed only a few orders. A year ago I placed an order and received a smaller piece of HDPE than I had ordered. I took a photo of the box and sent it to Veneer Supplies and received a prompt email response from Joe. After discussion we decided the best course of action was to credit my account.

One year later I placed another order and did not see the credit. I emailed Veneer Supplies and almost immediately received a response from Joe indicating the credit would appear during checkout. The bottom line is that I'm a small customer but Joe gave my account personal attention. It's like the attention we used to get from the local hardware store owner but all over the Internet. He is quick to correct and make things right if something has gone wrong. I would not hesitate to recommend or do business with Joe and Veneer Supplies.

Comments by Bob Keaty
I've wanted a vacuum press for a while now to speed up my bent lamination work and to get me started on veneering and decorative inlay work. After reading through the materials on the JoeWoodworker site, I decided to take the plunge. Getting a high-end system at less than half the price of a ready-made model was another big attraction. I bought my pump used on eBay but got the rest of the kit from this site (If I had to do it again, I probably would have bought a rebuilt pump on this site also). The instructions I downloaded were easy to follow and the pump worked from the first time I flipped the switch. There is almost no leakage: the pump takes more than 20 minutes to cycle back on. Now I have no more excuses for not doing all the projects I have had in the back of my mind for so many years. I had a couple questions during the process and I got a quick response. The items I ordered arrived quickly and in good condition. I will be doing more business with Joe, veneers and adhesives, in the future and can strongly recommend this site to anyone else.

Comments by Rick Medlen
I've never veneered anything in my life. But I have large panels that I need to adhere paper-backed birch to, so after a few email conversations with Joe, I ordered the "full-meal deal" or the complete kit and pump (5.5 Gast) and a 20 mil poly bag. Dropped $800, and hoped it was worth it. Here it came, it took about 2 1/2 hours to assemble the whole pump kit. I followed the directions on to the letter. Now I'm the guy that has to do everything 3 times before it works - First: screw it up massively. 2: get it close. 3: perfect it. So it was with GREAT happiness that I plugged the pump assembly in, heard it kick in, saw the needle rise to 5" (then adjusted to 21" per instructions) the very first time and even stayed there! So I put a test piece in the bag, hooked it up, closed off the end, and opened the valve. Voila - perfection. Thanks Joe for all the GREAT help in getting me up to speed! Worth every penny.

Comments by Dave Fairfax
Outstanding product, the selection and quality is second to none. Except maybe for the customer service which is world class. Joe is a pleasure to work with and answers all of your questions promptly and in great detail. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for veneer.

Comments by Andy Leseur
I recently purchased a large number of veneers from this site, I got maple burls, walnut burls, redwood burls, ash burl, and birds eye maple, and I must say I am totally floored by the quality of each veneer. Such a spectacular assortment, all of it came very flat and stable, not much needs to be done before working with it, and I can't wait to see what happens to them under a nice finish as they are already stunning just sitting there dry. Thank you! I will be back!

Comments by Cliff Miller
Hi Joe, This was my first time working with your business and it was great. Really liked the site and all the information available. Easy to order and everything arrived very quickly in perfect condition. I'll definitely keep you in mind for future orders and let other people know about it.

Comments by Dave Wetzel
Hi Joe, I wanted to tell you that I have just received my order and will start putting the vacuum together tomorrow. I am very impressed with the total shopping experience I had with your company. I left you a message asking you about what type of products I should purchase and you got back to me immediately even though you were on vacation for a few days. I then ordered the product and within an hour Mike had already packed it and shipped it. In just three days I received the order. The packing was excellent, the order is complete and everything looks top quality. Every small business should use you as an example as to how to run a business the right way, sell top quality products at a good price and take care of the customer. I have ordered products through many internet companies and you guys are by far the best of the best. Take care.

Comments by Dean Hoover
I inherited a small collection of veneers and did two small projects then discovered your website. After three orders from you I am hooked. I love to just browse the site. I've learned much from your articles. I don't see how two plus people can maintain a great website with fine pictures, fill orders so quickly and still find time to work in the shop. I feel I know what I am getting when I place an order. Thank you.

Comments by Steve Ruffin
I just wanted to thank you for the fast shipping, the professional packaging, and just the way you do business. You guys are the best I wish you could teach some of these other so-called online superstores how business should be conducted. They take your money, fail to email you if they are out of a product and treat you like you should love them regardless of their disregard. Thanks for having the ethics needed in this economy.

Comments by Mark Hedin
Thank you so much for what has been a completely enjoyable shopping process so far. Your timely responses and order confirmation via email is a refreshing experience in a world where most companies only pretend to provide customer service. I have received the order and I appreciate the quick turn around time. Everything appears to be in order. Thank you and I look forward to doing business again in the future.

Comments by Steve Worzman
After reading your response and most of the FAQs, I have decided not to fix what isn't broke. Better yet, not to mess with what is close to perfect. It has been sinking in on me from the first day I discovered your site, how helpful and comprehensive it is (you even added a veneer de-lam repair tip from me), that you have been refining and refining and refining everything on it to a level of excellence that goes beyond any online informational resource I have seen (and I am very technologically advanced – chemical engineer turned MBA, computer science, venture capitalist and CFO). As I kept toying with how to mod the Project EVS (looked at the gallery many times), I repeatedly realize how your minimalist design has been refined to the max. Anything else that anyone might do to it is an artful embellishment. I will save myself some time and build your plans verbatim (imitation is the highest form of flattery you know). The only thing I might do is put some wheels on it. Thank you for all your hard work, intensity, and integrity. I will do my best to support you.

Comments by Tim Merrill
Hi Joe... Just a short note from a new customer thanking you for the very prompt service. I've done a few veneering projects in the past. Now I want to expand and your website came up in every Internet search I did. I found your website very well laid out and a huge help as I evaluated all the choices and made decisions. Thanks again and I'm sure you will get further orders from me in the future.

Comments by John Bare
Thanks for the great website featuring great products and unmatched how-to on veneering and vacuum press kits and parts. I have to say that your website is great to shop for veneer on. You show exactly what you are buying and exactly what the total price for the item is, not some cryptic per square foot that you have to figure out yourself like some other sites. I am old and cranky and all I want to know when looking to purchase something is what it is and how much it will cost in total. So long winded way of saying thanks for having a site that is clearly the way it should be arranged. I just completed assembly of my Project EVS and wow what a nice system... the completed system works way better than my expectations.

Comments by Ray Kowal
I'd just like to say that the veneers I received were very beautiful and well worth the price. The packaging was very good... double boxed and moisture sealed. The cold press veneer glue worked very well and dried quickly. This was my first time ever applying real wood veneers and it went along very smoothly. Your site contains many tips and useful info to help a first timer do a great job. I repaired an old family chest and it looks great!!

Comments by Martyn Miller
The package arrived today. You do fantastic job of packing. Everything arrived without problems. The five veneers you sent look great. Your pictures on the website are very accurate. It will be a good educational experience for me. Thanks for great service. Time to go and experiment and learn about veneering.

Comments by Stephen Raid
Just letting you know that my order of Teak came today, and I am extremely happy with it. I was worried that it wouldn't look as nice as the picture on your website, but if anything it looks even better. I have it set to the side for the moment and I keep finding myself staring at it for a minute or two. Just wanted to say thanks for this awesome veneer and for having a well put together website.

Comments by Tomas Berinstein
I was very pleased with the quality of my last order (veneer, pump, bag). It arrived in 3 days and was meticulously packed. The veneer was excellent and exactly as described. Just wanted to say thanks. I've just placed another order for a second pump, a bigger bag and some more veneer.

Comments by Brent Clifford
Thanks so much for the speedy service. I had ordered a few sheets of bubinga veneer and the quality is excellent. Where I live, we don't have any shops that carry quality exotic veneer so I truly appreciate what you do and the prices are reasonable.

Comments by Alan Wright
Joe, just a quick note. I bought the stuff from you to build the vacuum press and after several weeks of picking away at it, had the bags built and the vacuum press and finally did my first panel for a project I'm making. Everything worked out great and the panel looks wonderful. I'm tickled I now have another tool (capability) in my belt to have fun with in my shop. Your site was enormously helpful!

Comments by George Rotowski
Joe, you really know how to earn your business. Thanks so much for the quick replies to my non-stop emails. It says a lot about your level of service and it's something so rare today that most of us don't even expect it (which is why we are so surprised when we find it). Your website articles are really well-written and this website is so easy to use that even an old fart like me can place an order with not trouble at all. Thank you again for your wonderful service, excellent websites, and incredible prices. You've got another very satisfied customer here!

Comments by Bill Atkinson
Thank you for your latest delivery. Just got to say that I wish there were more like you mate! Your extra quick, very helpful and a pleasure to have done business with. Seems that... there are still a lot of good people left. Have a nice day!

Comments by Scott Presson
You'll see my comments below as "SSgt Scott Presson, USAF." I wrote that testimonial at least 6 years ago. Since then, I've moved to California, Germany, and back to Maryland. I've been a loyal customer all the while. Joe continues to go above and beyond on customer service - and the product quality is top-notch. Every veneer order I've placed has arrived well-packed and more stunning in person than the photos represent on the website. Joe under-promises and over-delivers time and time again. I've used Ultra-CAT, Heat-Lock and the liquid Veneer Glue, and all three have been fantastic. My furniture has withstood climates in all three places as well as a significant amount of time in transit on cargo ships. I only wish the bonds on my miter joints came through as well as the veneer bonds! Judging by how much the miters moved, the furniture was subjected to a significant amount of humidity in transit from California to Germany. The veneer bonds all came through flawless. No creep, no loss of adhesion, and still no visible glue lines. As a final testament to Joe's commitment to customer service, he advised me not to run my vacuum press on a transformer in Germany, and instead gave me a smokin' deal on a 240V/50Hz pump to swap into my press. I donated that press to the Ramstein Air Base wood shop when I left Germany and have since switched to a Project V2 plus set up. I love how quiet and efficient the venturi kit works, but the pump never let me down, either!

Comments by Marc Kerner
I am a contractor in New York City. I just received my first piece of veneer and sample book and can't tell you how happy I am. The wood is beautiful and your website is clear and concise. The sample book is so amazing that I will be ordering more as Christmas presents for the architects I work with. Keep an eye out for my order. Thanks for a very pleasant experience.

Comments by Bill Olexa
I just wanted to thank you for a great product. I had a slight kitchen dilemma and checked into your website. I read both how to install and order the right veneer to remedy my problem. I'm thrilled with the result. The $120 that I spent saved me thousands in remodeling. Thanks again.

Comments by Roger Bean
Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate your fast and great service. Each order I have placed with you has met or exceeded my expectations and I wanted to let you know that more orders will be forthcoming. I have recommended you to another friend who just received an order he is equally satisfied with. Great work. It's great to find someone you can trust.

Comments by Joel Watson
I received my order Tuesday and I'm thrilled! I want to thank you for carefully packing and promptly shipping it; everything arrived in great shape. Your website is really a treasure trove of information. As you likely figured out from my order, I'm building a vacuum pump rig and a couple of large bags for veneering. The information you share on your website has been instrumental in my decision to expand the scale of my work, and to build my own pump and bags. I hope to finish them later this month and start pressing large panels for dining tables next month.

Comments by Patrick Hanna
My veneer order arrived in fine shape today, and I must tell you that I am very happy with it. The walnut burl is stunning. The very small void near the center is a bonus for me. I will be cutting very small pieces from these veneers, and I can easily work around the void. The burl will be featured on a guitar I am building--headstock, pick guard, and tailpiece veneers. That will leave me with the option of either building a few dozen more guitars of the same design, or of thinking up other uses for my remaining sheets of walnut burl. The void had the effect of significantly down-sizing the purchase price, so I am a very happy camper with this particular lot. I had planned to laminate two mahogany veneers into the neck of the same guitar (between the three walnut laminations that will make up its neck). However, when I laid the mahogany bundle out and saw its figure and luster, I began having second thoughts. It seems a shame to bury such beautiful figure between other laminations. Perhaps I will save these for a table top, and shop some more for a less spectacular mahogany veneer for my guitar. In any event, for what it's worth, please let your customers know that I am MORE than satisfied with the quality of your products, and also with your excellent and speedy customer service. Everything was exactly as advertised, or perhaps even better than advertised, and I will recommend you to every wood worker I know.

Comments by George Sterpka
There are few places left that give you fast, accurate, personal service and a great product too. Joe's workshop is one of those places. Got my order in a few days, and that was during Christmas week. Product of course was better than expected. This was my first order, and I will be back. I am just getting into veneering, so I have a lot to learn.

Comments by Chris J.
Just finished my first bent wood project and wanted to send a "thanks". I purchased the polyurethane vacuum bag material from you, and learned a lot from your website! The performance of the poly bag material is amazing. I can't believe how much it stretched over the bending form, and when I released the vacuum, the material laid flat again. Having a quality vacuum press had opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for me, and for that, I say thanks!

Comments by Jeremiah Rieke
I'm afraid that I must complain. I placed my order last Friday thinking that I could take the weekend off, then on Monday, Tuesday and probably Wednesday I would be able to organize my shop and get things set for when my parts arrived. Much to my dismay my order was on the door step Monday morning and I was completely unprepared! Your shipping is way too fast for procrastinators like myself, we need extra time to do things like sweep and put things away before starting a new project and you simply didn't allow enough time. Thank you very much for your prompt service, I've never seen customer service that good. I appreciate it.

Comments by Per Swenson
Impressed? Yes I am. I needed the resin glue 3 weeks ago. Of course, forgetting you had it, I ordered from another source. On Tuesday of this week I cancelled that order with prejudice. I was mighty exasperated to put it in mildly and sans expletives. I placed my order with you Tuesday night. The glue was at my door Thursday afternoon. That's what? Less than 48 hours. Makes me feel like you got the order, put everything on hold and drove it here yourself. Thank you very much, we won't forget.

Comments by Stuart Smith
Joe, I've been making furniture and cabinets for 25 years or better and used a limited amount of veneer. Recently we sold a large conference table and needed to press veneer on a larger surface than we had done previously. Your web site, vacuum system and additional advice (all accurate, timely and quite helpful) as well as the information you have published on that site have all come together to provide me the resources necessary to accomplish our veneering goals. As a result, we will work to include more veneer work as part of the furniture and cabinets we provide not to mention we have a product to deliver which is of superior quality. Thanks so much for your assistance. I will take every opportunity to pass your name along with glowing reviews.

Comments by Pasi Nuutilainen
Thank you for your great service! I received my veneer yesterday (a day earlier than the original delivery date) and it was in perfect condition. The package tracking service is wonderful, as I was able to chart its progress day by day with no doubts about when (or whether) the veneer would arrive. Even with shipping charges, I paid less than half of what I would have paid for a similar piece of veneer here in Ottawa, Ontario. I would recommend your site without hesitation for its customer service and high quality of product, and I will definitely order from you again!

Comments by Ken Miller
I consider myself an expert in online shopping. I buy almost everything online and have it shipped UPS. I can't remember the last time I actually went out and purchased something at "retail". With that said, I must admit that I wish every online retailer offered service as genuine and impressive as Joe's. I placed an order for the EVS kit, pump, and vacuum bag on August 2nd at about 1pm EST. Within 2 hours, I received a personal email from Joe thanking me for my order and saying that he had just shipped it. He sent the tracking numbers as well. Three days later, UPS shows up and there's my stuff from Joe. It was packed perfectly and all of the parts were easy to find. The parts are all well made. With the pricing Joe offers combined with his honesty and truly personal approach, I couldn't possibly imagine a better place to do business. Joe, my hat is off to you for saving me a bundle and providing a service that is second to none.

Comments by Mike Lonchambon
For anyone potential customer of this site, I can tell you that my experience with Joe has been outstanding from beginning to end. I got my system in a few days and had it built in one day. I had a couple of questions along the way and Joe responded to my email immediately with the solution (that was right in front of me all along). I was simply astounded by his responsiveness. I thought customer service was dead, but its alive and well as far as Joe is concerned.

Comments by Nick Hansen
Got the veneer yesterday, and I am very happy with it! I am always skeptical about buying wood online as I like to "feel" it first. However, with only one hardwood supplier in town that charges outrageous prices for mediocre wood I am forced to buy online. So far, I have dealt with two burl suppliers and always receive quality burl and exceptional service. That said, I was amazed when I opened the box and saw this veneer. AMAZED! I'm a wood addict, and this is good stuff! Like I said before, I have been turning and sculpting wood for years and work primarily with Australian burl, but I love highly figured maple. I am just tired of paying a couple hundred dollars for premium wood only to turn 99 percent of it into shavings. Plus, many of the species you carry are getting difficult to locate and/or afford in large pieces. OK Ill wrap this up, I am extremely pleased with the veneer, and thank you very much for throwing in the glue and the extra sheets to practice with. I stayed up til 3 am gluing up panels and experimenting with different ways to match grain. Anyway, thank you and I am looking forward to my next order.

Comments by Bill Davis
All I have to say at this point in my veneering career (not really a career but a new facet of my woodworking hobby during retirement) is "Thanks!". I built your venturi vacuum generator and have since been collecting material for a maple toybox for my expected grandson. Well, yesterday I veneered my first test panel using curly maple veneer on 1/4" MDF. Your web site has provided the most valuable, down-to-earth tutorial full of good explanations giving me the confidence to begin a new skill (I hope it becomes a skill anyway). I made the panel without a hitch following your suggestions pretty much exactly as that is about all I know about the whole process. This number one success was very encouraging.

Comments by Brian Hooey
Joe, Thanks again for the fantastic website. You've helped me quite a bit. My Premium vacuum is built and it works great. I'll have a picture for your gallery soon. I just have to put a finishing touch on it. By the way, I very much appreciate the silencer on the venturi. We're adding noise controls in the studio to make it as comfortable as we can. The silencer was perfect - much, much quieter than the old unit.

Comments by Brad Pederson
I recently purchased your veneer softener and your heat activated glue. I used them on some Carpathian elm burl for a poker table I am making. I wanted you to know that they both preformed to the highest expectations. The softener made the burl easier to work with and the ease of the heat activated glue was great. It allowed me to clamp the veneer right where I wanted it and then apply heat without fear of misalignment and after several days is holding steadfast. Thank you for the quality products. It was well worth the price. There is great value in what you sell.

Comments by Stan Fettig
Joe, I have to thank you for the great directions you provide for the construction of a vacuum press. In no time at all I was able to complete the entire system including the bag using mostly parts purchased from you. In testing I find that I loose less than 1 HG in an hour. The directions were so easy to follow and so full of information. I can now add veneering to the list of all the woodworking that I already do.

Comments by Aaron Libby
Dear Joe, I just got my shipment of veneer. WOW! I read some of the emails sent by your other customers, and I thought to myself, "Yeah, right. He can't be that good." Boy was I wrong. The walnut burl is beautiful, and is perfectly flat. I bought some walnut burl from (another place) a while ago, and as happy as I generally am with (another place), their veneer can't hold a candle to what you provide. The extra pieces that you included were a welcome surprise too. I feel like I got way more than my money's worth, and not only do you have a repeat customer in me, I'm going to pass the word along. I'd love to pass on some pics of the completed projects that I plan to make.

Comments by Rick Funcik
Joe, I'm a full-time woodworker and been vacuum pressing for over 16 years now, with a noisy old Gast pump that sucks oil. Never thought of a reservoir system like yours, and as I'd not seen them advertised I figured they'd be real expensive/unaffordable for me. Anyway, saw your site, read your info, bought your parts, and it's working like a champ. What a relief to work quiet without that darn pump running full time. Don't have to go back to the shop at midnight just to make sure there's oil in the reservoir or that the pump hasn't overheated. And it's a luxury to be able to regulate the pressure too. Also appreciate your very reasonable prices and prompt service. Great job with the pump info and site. Thanks!

Comments by Jesse Silver
Joe, I received my order of curly walnut and quilted sapele last week and it's gorgeous! I was a tad hesitant to order online because I wanted some really nice stuff and pictures never seem to do justice to figuring in wood. But it's even better than I had hoped and I just hope my skills can make the best of the amazing veneer you sent.

Comments by Corey Abercrombie
I just wanted to say thanks for the products received on my order. Thank you for providing quality supplies at a great price with terrific service. And thanks for shipping same day! You can look forward to future orders from me. I also wanted to say thanks for the information on your site regarding the construction of a vacuum press. While my application and design will be a bit different, you have helped in pointing me in the right direction.

Comments by Fred Jensen
Thanks Joe; I have now placed three very successful orders with you, always more than satisfied with what I received for what I paid. I too have built one of your vacuum pump systems, made my first bag and it works really well. The last order of mixed bubinga, lacewood, and mappa burl veneers, blew us away. It would simply be impossible for me to afford buying all that wood in solid lumber, but with some time and careful workmanship, I can make several products featuring really fine exotic woods that are actually more stable than solid wood due to lack of stress and natural wood movement. You have opened up an entire new pathway for fine woodworking to a woodworker previously stuck in a build it of solid wood, or not at all. I once thought of veneer as a cheap imitation for the real thing; but have come to realize that it is not only environmently responsible to use veneer, but as stated earlier actually structurally preferable in many cases to the solid wood alternative. I will be shopping with you again in the future. Thanks for a great place to find great products and information.

Comments by CJ Munne
My system is up and running like a champ. Thanks for the prompt and courteous answers to all of my pre-purchase questions. It was a tremendous help and I really appreciate it. You've developed a heck of a fine system and made it affordable. Finally, someone honest offering a vacuum press for the masses. I promise this thing will see some very heavy use. It's been under pressure for nearly 2 straight work days... which is 6 different projects!

Comments by Allan Fitch
I just finished my V2 system and I can't begin to describe the feeling of amazement as I watch my vacuum bag draw down to 21" of mercury. I completed the system in about 90 minutes and had no trouble at all with the connections. The website you have is wonderful and your level of customer service is simply something that most folks don't see these days. I wish you the best with your business!

Comments by Robert Bennet
Hi Joe. I just wanted send a note of thanks for everything you've done. My package arrived less than 48 hours after I placed the order. I was absolutely delighted with the walnut burl veneer. The pictures on the site made it look good but this is REALLY GOOD. I sincerely appreciate the careful packing and the quality and honesty that you and Christine offer. I will be back for more next week.

Comments by Steve Thompson
Joe, I want to thank you for all of the help that you have given me from the time when I first set up my vacuum system right on through to helping me resolve a problem that I was having with the regulator. Your customer service and attitude is just outstanding. It is a real pleasure to deal with someone who will spend the time to work with their customers and not be satisfied until they are satisfied.

Comments by Ken Reaney
Joe, my package arrived three days after I ordered it. The veneer is exactly what the pic. showed and it was in one beautiful undamaged sheet. Any future veneer that I purchase will be from your shop and all fellow woodworkers I know and those I have yet to meet will all be directed to your web site.

Comments by Tom Harper
Hi Joe, I wanted to let you know that the vacuum press kit I recently received and online plans worked flawlessly for me. I just performed the initial flip of the switch on my system, and there appear to be no leaks or other problems. It is hard to describe my elation watching the pressure dial dip into the negative numbers. I've wanted to build a vacuum system for about 5 years, but just could not get the time to research the project. Your products and plans made my system a reality. I could not have done it without your excellent help. I am another extremely satisfied customer and will be telling others about your website.

Comments by Al Carrick
Joe, Hey I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the punctuality of your service. I ordered some veneer from somewhere else before I found your web site. It still hasn't even shipped, sure made me think..... wish I would have ordered that from Joe as well. People just don't get the customer service issue, myself I will always go with good service over a cheaper price every time! And make damn sure I recommend a guy who provides it. I guess I will have plenty of time to build the press. And in the future I will go with Joe Woodworker for all my veneering needs.

Comments by Steve Spurgin
It's all true! This is the most informative site and the products fit the bill perfectly. I built a veneer press and clamp system together with the kits Joe sells and everything was excellent quality and worked. I will definitely buy more as needed and hope others do the same. We want to keep Joe in business!

Comments by SSgt Scott Presson, USAF
The short version: Joe blows away the level of customer service I've received from ANY other business ever. Period. As a complete novice to veneering biting off a big chunk on my first project, I was a little less than confident. I'm active duty in the military, and I will soon be moving from the east coast to the west coast. I decided to tackle this project now as it will require a lot of veneer work, and JWW is about an hour away. I contacted Joe and inquired about picking up a vacuum press kit and some veneer in person. Joe invited me to his home after "normal business hours" to pick up my items. I expected to arrive there and be given the goods at the door and sent on my way. To my surprise, Joe invited me in to hand-select my veneer. We spoke for a while in his shop, and it became clear to me how enthusiastic Joe is about his business. Joe invited me back to his home and took a good 3 hours out of his WEEKEND to show me the ropes on veneering. We used his tools (other than my vacuum press to test it out), his veneer, and his supplies. I wasn't charged a dime. Long story short, I'm convinced that Joe isn't in this for the money. He tells me he does what he does because he loves woodworking, and loves to share his passion with others. I believe it 100%. I'm not at all affiliated with JWW or Veneer I'm just so blown away by how Joe has taken me under his wing that I feel compelled to let everyone know. Joe, you've helped me realize that I have what it takes to make my first veneering project a major success. I'll send pictures along as soon as it is complete. The new vacuum bags are working very well, by the way. Thanks a million!

Comments by Bill Logan
Got my order right away, also got excellent customer service, answering all my many questions right away. Very happy with products and service. Will buy from him again without question. He sure beats some of the "Don't give a darn after I'm paid" others I have dealt with.

Comments by Chris Dellos
Absolutely some of the best service I've dealt with. Everything was shipped in a timely manner and packed very well. I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer. Thanks for the great service!!

Comments by Jeff B
Just wanted to drop a note and say that the Walnut Burl and Maple Pomele veneers that I ordered a couple of weeks ago were terrific! Beautiful figure on both, and is making a fine chessboard. This is my first veneering project and it has been a success so far. Thanks for a great website and great service.

Comments by Nick R.
By the way for what is worth, I've dealt with hundreds of web sites and (other) people and you offer by far the best customer service that I have ever experienced. The thorough-ness and lightening quick responses is just amazing. Thanks for everything.

Comments by Larry F.
About my first veneering project...The panels were pressed in the press I made from your plans, the veneer and glue came from your site. This is the first time I ever tried veneering and with all I learned from your site, it was a piece of cake! The education you provide allows anyone to begin with the utmost confidence and know that your project has a great chance of first time success! (Joe), you can take a great deal of the credit for this one! I would have never attempted anything like this before I came across your site.

Comments by Doug Byrd
Joe, I just opened that sheet of (#1567) quilted Maple. WOW. It's absolutely GORGEOUS! A piece of wood like this doesn't come cheap, but it's worth EVERY penny! Great customer service is rare these days, and I want to thank you for promptly answering every e-mail I sent- and for going to the extra trouble to pick me out the best sheet. I am 110% satisfied!!! Take care, and thanks for doing business the way business should be done.

Comments by Bonnie M.
Joe, I just wanted to say thank you for everything. The vacuum press I built with my father was a total success. It went together very easily and runs like a charm. My father is so excited about using it on his next project (a vanity for my sister). To be honest, this was the first tool that he has ever "built" and sits right in the center of his shop where he has shown it to at least 10 of his woodworking friends. I'm so happy to have found your veneer articles and your website.

Comments by Stan Smith
Another woodworker had done some great veneering and spoke very highly of Joe. I decided to give Joe Woodworker's methods and equipment a try. I probably sent him 10-15 emails with lots of questions. Joe, very patiently answered all my questions and gave places for additional resources on his website. My test piece was good on one side but I used too much glue on the other. My first project piece came out just fine after Joe explained that I had used too much glue on the test. Following Joe's great instructions, I had no leaks on the bag that I made, either. If you want to do successful veneering, I recommend the methods and equipment that Joe has to offer. I feel very confident on using the veneering process and I'm sure that it will save me considerable $$ over time.

Comments by Nick Colombo
I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the jaw dropping elm burl and walnut burl veneer. Absolutely beautiful. I'm making a coffee table and a regulator clock for my wife for Christmas. Also the Heat Lock adhesive works perfectly,nice product for people without vacuum presses. Thanks again for the great products and excellent service.

Comments by Don Mitchell
Received the order today and it looks great! Honestly, I was a little nervous since this was the first time I had ordered from you but be sure the next time I need a quality piece of veneer, you'll be the first and only place I turn to! Thanks for the great service and fast shipping.

Comments by Dennis Murray
Wanted to complement you on a well thought-out presentation on building a vacuum press. I followed your suggestions and am highly pleased with the results. As far as I can tell, this system equals commercially available units, but at a significant cost savings. Thanks again for a great construction article!

Comments by Andy Conneen
I just wanted to say thanks for all the helpful information on your website. I finished building my bag press and successfully veneered a bubinga sheet I purchased from you. I framed the panel with some wawabima & white mahogany for a coffee table top. This was my first attempt at veneering and I am very pleased with the results. Again, thanks for all the help and the great website.

Comments by Ron Polansky
Joe, Thanks so much for all the great help. The vacuum is up and running. I just took my first panel out of the bag and it looks incredible. I'm so thrilled, I've got goosebumps and I just had to share it with you. It's so nice to have the support you offered. I will be sharing my great experience with you and the JoeWoodworker website with my woodworking club next month. Thanks again!

Comments by Bryan White
I wanted to let you know that I think you've got a great website and fantastic customer service. I'm a "veneer virgin" (so to speak) but from what I can tell, you're the best in the business. Great job and thank you so much for all the help.

Comments by Sheryl G.
We just wanted to thank you! We received both the veneer as well as the vacuum pump set up today. We are very happy with the veneer, and can't wait to set up the vac system to get started. We look forward to doing much more business with you in the future. I am sure as soon as it is known that we are starting to do vac bagging we will get much more business for it, since we are the only ones here in the BVI that can do it!

Comments by Rick Bruns
Thank you for combining the orders. I want to let you know that I am extremely impressed with your service, the selection of products you offer and the quality of your products. I built a vacuum press with the items you supplied and it works great. I pressed a curved box lid for six hours last weekend and after the initial bag evacuation the compressor never had to run. The system only dropped one inch of Hg in 6 hours. The instructions you provide on your web site are very good! I am also very impressed with the selection and quality of the veneer you offer.

Comments by Fred L.
What wonderful product and service! Especially in a time where both of those things are rare. The Veneers were even better than shown in the photos, the prices were unbeatable, and I got my order in less than 4 days from when it was placed. I also liked that I could get small quantities of specialty veneer which fits my usage, whereas most other places that sell veneers want you to purchase large quantities, and that spells big bucks for someone like me who builds small projects. Thank you, I'll be back!

Comments by Robert Hill
Thanks Joe! The veneer is absolutely perfect, and my order was processed and shipped lightning fast. It was packaged well and delivered to me completely undamaged. From the day I ordered it to the day it was in my shop took all of four days. Never again will I look anywhere else for veneer, and you'll be sure to be getting more orders from me. Again, thanks a million, couldn't be more satisfied!

Comments by Paula Mikrut
I wish that every purchase I made from was like this. Not only did I get what I ordered quickly (I got a shipping confirmation less than half an hour after ordering, and the package arrived the day it was supposed to arrive). That in itself is excellent, but not all. I'm a complete novice to veneering, trying to put together a veneer press that will serve me now and for the future. The website answered many of my questions but not all. For these, I asked Joe, and I got quick, helpful advice that I know will serve me well. Then, when I placed my order, I got email from Joe because he was concerned about the combination of items I'd ordered, and wanted to make sure I'd end up with the system I wanted. I've never had anyone do this. Finally, when I got the order, there were instructions that were clearly put together by Joe and company about safe handling and optimal storage of a couple of items on my list. I couldn't have asked for more, and I look forward to ordering lots of veneer and supplies from after I get my press up and running.

Comments by Steve Talbert
When I went searching the web for a veneer press, I found your site. I must say that I was impressed with the straightforward instructions for building the pump version. I ordered the parts from you and they came as promised. It went together easily, even though I added a few more bits of plumbing. Fired it up and it worked like a charm the first time. Pulls 26" of Mercury in about 60 seconds. The bag went together with no leaks. With the 4'X4'6" bag attached it cycles on about every 2+ hours. I am a happy camper.

Comments by Scott Gosling
Joe thanks for your great information on how to build a vacuum system. I ordered all of the parts here, put my system including bag together in a few hours, and was successful on the first try using my own shop sawn veneer. With your information no experimentation was necessary. The system worked flawlessly. The surplus pump evacuates the bag very quickly. Many thanks!

Comments by Scott G.
Again, the instructions were awesome, I was able to get the system together in a couple of hours. You made it possible for me to afford to vacuum press veneer, as I would not spend the money for a factory system. And the really neat part is that I know how it all works, and where to get the parts and supplies, so you are providing a very valuable service for the average woodworker. So many thanks.

Comments by Brian D.
Well, I've tested out my new vacuum system with a vacuum frame that I built for bracing guitar tops. It works really well! The frame is 16" x 20" x 2" and has a natural gum rubber membrane (1/16" thick) attached to the top perimeter. It hinges down over my workboard, and the perimeter gasket seals to my Formica benchtop. Full vacuum of 25" takes 40 seconds, and you can clearly see even the thickness of a piece of paper through the membrane.

Comments by L. Flowers
Received two sheets AAA veneer this evening, opened the box, unwrapped and was ABSOLUTELY AWESTRUCK AND DUMBFOUNDED! One only sees projects made from this stuff in books. I never thought I would actually be able to make something with that type of material! WOW, is that stuff beautiful or what!! I mentioned the small shop, I've got to figure out where I can store it untill I get time to make something. A person could get very spoiled working with this quality veneer.

Comments by Spencer Garrett
Joe, Kudos to you and your fantastic website for a fantastic resource for the small-scale builder/experimenter.

Comments by Jeff W.
Joe- Everything was in great condition when I received it last Friday. I would rate your website and especially your quick shipment of orders as excellent. I'm going to try to put my vac bag together over the long weekend and make my first try with the new set-up. My vacuum pump went together without a problem thanks to your excellent directions and parts from the website.

Comments by Frank Preene
I want to thank you for your excellent service and also for the quality of your veneers. I am an artisan of miniature furniture 1 inch = 1 foot and so I need the small burls and nice grains that you offer. I have been dealing with [another supplier] for 10 years or more before they closed New York, and the quality has fallen so low I was desperate for a new source and here you are...I love the internet!

Comments by Fred Appuzo
I received everything this past Friday. I ordered Monday, I couldn't hope for a better service. I tested the results of my efforts by pressing my first test piece and I think my results are terrific, but you be the judge. I left my test piece in the press for more than 6 hours and the pump only ran during the initial vacuuming and never needed to run again the vacuum never went lower than 22" of hg and I think it would still be holding if I didn't open the bag. I want to thank you for your input and encouragement to make my own press. I know it exceeds anything I could of bought for twice as much.

Comments by Larry F.
The information provided by you on your site gave me the confidence to do what I did and KNOW that it would work just fine... and the FANTASTIC top-quality parts kit and pump provided. I could not be happier and my chest has swelled just a little! (Actually, it has swelled a LOT!) Now, on to bag construction and finally building that veneered jewelry box my wife has been hounding me about. That is what started this whole thing in the first place.

Comments by Kevin W.
Joe, I just wanted to say thanks for all the great service and products. In my first order I purchased your complete vacuum press system and have used it along with other supplies purchased here, including some beautiful oak burl veneer, to build a wonderful bed for my master bedroom. I was a complete novice with veneer; but your clear, detailed instructions made it easy. Now for my second order I am ordering some more veneer to use building the dresser and nightstands to match. Thanks again!

Comments by Ron K.
Hi Joe, thank you for taking the time to ask, very unusual for today's busy work ethic. Everything arrived fine, I was very impressed with the quality of the vacuum pump and related components, it's a pleasure not to receive junk. And it's certainly a pleasure to do business with you!!!! I am spreading the word. Thanks!

Comments by Terence M.
Hey Joe, Got the package last night. Everything looked great. The small bird's eye is amazing. I only had time to glance at the big one, but it looked fantastic. Mahogany was also superb. Had never seen bubinga first hand. It's got a great shimmer, but I didn't realize it was so purple. Luckily ordered the smaller ones to try out a few finishes on it.

Comments by Fran M.
Just a quick note to let you know that the pump and tank combo is up and running and its a killer!! At least as far as the initial "duct tape" test stage and I have little doubt about putting it to the actual task. ...It reaches pressure quickly and steadily, runs and holds strong and the pump recycle at this stage is close to 20-25 minutes. I am so pleased. Thank you again not only for the thorough plans in the first place, your amazing and wonderful website, and the complete offering of parts to make it possible, but also your primary willingness to share and all of your additional help and patience during my electrical fiasco. I will keep in touch as things progress. Thank you so much again.

Comments by Dave C.
I just got my vacuum clamping/pressing system up and running. I have messed around with several designs and, thanks to a JOAT post, I ran into I purchased a pump and controls from JoeWoodworker, hooked it to a 7 gallon portable air tank, and have a system that runs great. Joe was great to work with and his site has a large selection of different veneers. Check him out if you get a chance.

Comments by Randy B.
Thanks again for all your help. By the way, I want to mention that I have read several of the "leading" books on vacuum veneer systems and in my opinion the information on your web site is much more useful and complete than any of these expensive books.

Comments by Jon D.
This vacuum press is a great alternative to paying $300.00 to $600.00, and more, for a vacuum press and, I think, is far superior to the one sold [elsewhere] for $300.00. Thanks for the great, very explicit, instructions and plans.

Comments by Mary W.
Hi Joe, I just wanted to say thanks for the veneer and softener. I was a bit worried about using the veneer since it was somewhat wavy. The veneer softener (Super Soft) really worked well. It's amazing, but you can actually feel the veneer getting softer within a minute of application. I let it dry for a couple of days under a piece of plywood and some paper towels and the rest is history. The veneering went as well as could be expected. My veneered table top is ready to be finished tonight. Thanks again for such excellent service and great products.

Comments by Joe V.
The vacuum press works great. ...I just don't see how this could work any better no matter what the price. Thanks so much for your help and time putting all this information together.

Comments by Ken O.
The walnut burl and fiddleback maple you sent are incredible. I couldn't believe how much figure is in these sheets. I appreciate you taking time to pack these so well. Everything arrived in good condition and has well exceeded my expectations. My brother will be sending you an order later this week for more of the maple. He was very impressed with the figure and want's 10 sheets!

Comments by Howard U.
Joe, what can I say but thanks. The press works perfect and the whole thing was much cheaper than the "big name" presses. I couldn't believe how easy it was to assemble. Your instructions were clear as can be. And the JoeWoodworker store is just plain cool. Its easy to navigate and the selection is really great. My order took only a couple of days to come in and was packed very well. I will send you pictures when I get the project completed. Thanks for everything.

Comments by Fran M.
My order arrived yesterday in perfect shape ...thanks for such a careful and considerate packing job. I am very pleased. I do have a veneer press but I am enticed with your plans for a vacuum clamping system. I want to experiment with the idea so I will definitely be ordering some parts from you in the near future when I clear up some current projects. Many thanks again for such an informative site and your personal willingness to share such valuable findings. Incidentally, if you keep track, I found your site on Google by searching for "vacuum clamp" information. Your site was the only one (out of maybe 9 or 10 pages of listings) that possessed the real hard information I was looking for. Bravo!! Thanks once again and much continued success.

Comments by Dustin Y.
Thanks again for the great service! I got my order already today--now that is fast! I'm been really impressed with the glue; it's got a great initial tack and doesn't take long to dry in the vacuum press. That's especially good for me because I do all my veneering at home, and I can't run my press past 10pm. Since I got my initial order from you last year, I've been having a lot of fun veneering. I've made 3 humidors, and 2 very nice chests of drawers. Thanks for the great web site and purchasing service you offer.

Comments by Richard H.
Joe, Thanks for offering such a great article on the vacuum press. I built the press with items from your site and it worked perfectly. I placed an order on Tuesday afternoon and it arrived on Thursday and by Saturday I had successfully veneered my first panel. Thanks for all your work and for sharing such superb information!

The go-to source for all your veneering needs! As a self-taught woodworker, I really like all the information available, and the full range of supplies, as well as photos of the actual veneers you'll be buying. All with unmatched customer service. Joe has responded promptly to my probably trivial questions, making me a permanent customer!