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Vacuum Pump - 5 CFM
120v AC / 240v AC
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Product Description

A pump like this is perfect for the EVS vacuum press kit and is suitable for vacuum bags as large as 4x15. You'll find that it generates a very powerful vacuum so it can be used for bending/laminating veneer over odd shaped forms. These units are also superb for bench top vacuum clamping. I've found this to be one of the most quiet piston-based vacuum pumps available. You may be pleasantly surprised since the sound level from this pump is even less than some diaphragm pumps!

Important Reminder
This product is a pump only. It is not a vacuum pressing or vacuum clamping system.


  • Motor: Single Phase Induction
  • Exhaust Muffler: Included
  • Maximum Vacuum: 25.5" Hg at sea level
  • Maximum Bag Pressure: 1,785 lbs/sqr ft
  • Air Evacuation: 5 CFM @ 0" Hg
  • Port size: 1/4 NPT
  • Blower Design: Air-Over-Motor
  • Power Cord: 5' Attached Cord with Plug End
  • Capacitor: Included
  • Construction: Permanently Lubricated Ball Bearings
  • Valves: Stainless Steel
  • Design: Oil-less Double Rocking Piston
  • Cylinder: Wetted Aluminum Alloy
  • Sound Rating: 55 dB at 10 Feet on the A Scale
  • Duty Rating: Continuous

Amperage Draw (for 120v AC pump)

  • Start-Up: 8.5a (does not require a relay for EVS kit)
  • Running at Free Flow: 2.9a
  • Running at Full Vacuum: 3.7a


  • Thermally protected (266° F), induction motor
  • Flow-through ventilation - provides superior cooling and low discharge air temperature
  • Long-life impregnated cylinder is hard coated with aluminum alloy for greater durability
  • Permanently lubricated ball bearing construction - offers a long service-free life in continuous duty applications
  • Balanced eccentric - provides smooth, low-vibration operation
  • Ultra-quiet vacuum pump includes noise-reducing muffler

Optional Mounting Screws
The mounting screw option (above) includes four 6mm x 1mm x 25mm machine screws for mounting the pump.

Optional Vacuum Filter
All of our vacuum press kits include a vacuum filter, but if you are using the vacuum pump without one of our kits then the vacuum filter option above should be selected. To be clear, you do not need to order the optional vacuum filter above if you are also ordering a vacuum press kit from our website.

Warranty Information warrants this pump to be free of defects in manufacturing and materials for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase when purchased with and used exclusively with a vacuum press kit. No warranty is provided for vacuum pumps that are ordered without a vacuum press kit. This product is warranted for non-commercial use only. The 220/240v AC version of this pump is non-warrantied.

International Customers
This pump is now available in a 220/240v AC version but we do not offer support for 220/240v versions of the EVS kit. A qualified electrician should be consulted when using this pump with our EVS vacuum press kit. The plug on the power cord is designed for Australia power outlets using the AS3112 standard but we believe the plug end can be cut off and used with US 240v. The 240v version of this pump is now discounted $90 less than the 120v version.

How does my altitude affect the maximum vacuum level of this pump?
There is a loss of approximately 1" of Hg for every 1,000 feet above sea level. For example, at 5,000 feet above sea level the most vacuum this pump will create is 20.5" of Hg. The generally accepted minimum for vacuum pressing a veneer is 17" of Hg.

Is this pump suitable for running continuously?
Yes! The manufacturer estimates the life of the pump at 10,000 hours until servicing is needed. We stock replacement parts for this pump and though we have been offering these pumps for many years, we've only shipped a few replacement parts. This vacuum pump has been exceptionally reliable and durable.

Are replacement parts available for this pump?
We now stock a variety of affordable replacement parts including piston cups, cylinder sleeves, valve plates, and heads. Though we have been offering these pumps for many years, we've only shipped a few replacement parts. This vacuum pump has been exceptionally reliable and durable.

Can I use this pump with epoxy?
This pump is not explicitly designed for use with epoxy and similar adhesive types unless an intake filter is used that can trap airborne particulates and prevent gumming in the system. We do not offer this filter nor can we suggest where to find one. Some users have reported that off-gassing is not a concern with today's types of epoxy but I have no clear evidence to support this.

Why can't I use epoxy with this pump?
I'm not saying you can't. The pump is not designed for use with epoxy. You can try and it might be fine. Or off-gassing from the epoxy could gum-up the piston in the pump and ruin it which would not be covered by the warranty.

Can I use this vacuum pump to generate compressed air?
This pump is designed to create vacuum, but I have heard from people who bought it for pond aeration and they had no issues.

What kind of plug end is on the 240v version of the kit?
The plug on the 240v power cord is designed for Australia power outlets using the AS3112 standard. Here is a picture of the plug end.

Will the 240v work in the USA?
Yes, but the plug end on the power cord will have to be cut off and replaced with a plug end designed for your 240v receptacle. The system is non-returnable if the plug end is cut off.

Can this pump be used for vacuum chucking?
There is no safe way to answer this question. More information needs to be provided. You would need to know three things...

  1. What is the surface area where the chuck attaches to the project?
  2. Is the project material porous? (some species of wood are very porous)
  3. How much weight will be held on the chuck at turning speed?

With these bits of information, you can calculate a number that will help you determine if the pump is safe to use for chucking. Continue on to the next question.

How much clamping force will the pump create for vacuum chucking?
This is based on a calculation using the maximum sustainable vacuum level and the surface area where the project is attached to the chuck. A smaller attachment area means less clamping/chucking force. A large industrial pump capable of pulling a very high vacuum may not be suitable for chucking if the vacuum surface area of the project is small. You have to calculate the vacuum surface area on your project first. Then determine what amount of vacuum you are capable of applying to the project. With this information, you can determine the total clamping force on the project and consider whether or not it is enough to safely hold your project while it is being turned. Here is the method for calculating the clamping force.

  1. Determine the surface area of the vacuum attachment point. In most cases, the vacuum chuck will be circular so use Pi (roughly 3.14) to determine this number. The formula starts by taking the diameter and dividing by two. This gives you the radius. Then multiply the radius by 3.14 and then multiply it again by the radius. Let's use a chuck diameter of 6" and determine the surface area. Divide 6 by 2. That makes 3 so then multiply 3 times 3.14 (Pi), then multiply that again by 3.
    6 ÷ 2 = 3
    3 x 3.14 = 9.42
    3 x 9.42 = 28.26

    So here we have 28.26 square inches in a 6" diameter chucking surface.
  2. Determine the maximum sustainable vacuum level that you can reach with your project piece attached to the vacuum chuck simply by placing it on the chuck and turning on your vacuum pump. A non-porous material that is chucked to your lathe will typically achieve the same level of maximum vacuum that your pump is capable of achieving. In other words, the project material itself allows no loss of vacuum therefor the pump will achieve its best available vacuum.
    In the following example let's assume that the project material is non-porous and that the pump can generate 25" of Hg. For every inch of Hg vacuum, you get .49 lbs per square inch of pressure. Multiply .49 by the vacuum level that the pump can create.

    .49 x 25 = 12.25 (this is how much pressure in pounds that you are getting per square inch)
  3. Multiply 28.26 x 12.25 to get 346.19 lbs of force holding your project to the lathe.
  4. Now only you can decide if that is enough chucking force to safely hold your project.

What if the chucking project is porous? How do I determine if this pump is suitable?
Unfortunately, there is no way to determine this without actually placing the project on a vacuum chuck. You would need to determine the actual maximum sustainable vacuum and this will vary across each project you try out depending on the size and porosity of the material.

What pump do you recommend for vacuum chucking?
I can only suggest one thing... the bigger, the better. Several of our customers are using 3 CFM vacuum sources for chucking but most are opting for 5 CFM vacuum sources.

What is the weight and size of the pump?
The weight is 17.2 lbs. The approximate measurements are 9.5"L x 6"W x 7.25H"

Product Reviews

  1. Great Pump!

    Review by Kim Adcock

    This pump is awesome. As it is brand new, I cannot comment on its durability, but with regard to performance, it is top notch. Very high flow, high attainable vacuum, easily adjusted level, and quiet. Because it is designed for continuous operation, very straightforward to set up and operate. I would recommend it without reservation.

  2. Pump for Lathe Vacuum Chuck

    Review by Eric Kreyl

    I am using this pump with a vacuum chuck on my wood lathe. It seems like a good match for this application at a fair price. Was shipped quickly with no issues.

  3. Excellent Quiet Pump

    Review by Mark Osgood

    I am very pleased with the quality and performance of Veneer Supplies' pump. It is much less expensive than what's available out there. It works great and the noise level is more quiet than my older Thomas pump. Plus, it's a new pump so I don't have to worry about what it was used for in the past.

  4. Solid Pump - Perfect for a Project EVS

    Review by Joel Watson

    I bought this pump to replace the old Thompson pump in the Project: EVS vacumn rig. The rig is over 8 years old and has seen some use; the pump was bought rebuilt and still works, but I wanted a backup. This pump is almost a drop-in replacement: same size and just as quiet. I recommend this pump.

    Shipping was prompt, packaging good, and delivery was quick. I recommend Joe: great service and solid advice!

  5. Impressive Performance

    Review by Harold Walsh

    I created a rough system just to get through a couple of very large and time-sensitive projects. I didnt have time to build a complete system so its ugly at best but it works. The pump has been running for several weeks almost daily and almost nonstop for the full work day. Impressive performance for such a good price. Great customer service from this company as well. This pump is serving three 4x8 vacuum bags at the same time in my shop.

  6. Review from Lamar, Missouri

    Review by David Barnard

    I have never done vacuum forming before but always wanted to try it out. I bought this pump and thinking it would be noisey like an air compressor; it is not. A huge amount of power for its size. Shipping was quick even during a snow storm eastern US.

  7. Review from Gastonia, NC

    Review by Curtis Johnson

    I used this pump with the EVS auto cycling kit. It does not draw too much power to require the use of a separate relay. The unit was powerful and drew vacuum down in a hurry, and was also surprisingly quiet.

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