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Exhaust Muffler



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Product Description

Add this muffler to your existing vacuum pump to reduce noise without sacrificing efficiency. Highly recommended for all vacuum pump models up to 10 CFM. Reduces noise by 17 to 22 decibels. This is a great replacement for the Gast AH190A muffler.

We also use this as a high-flow breather vent on our continuous-run vacuum press kits.

Thread Type: 1/4" NPT

pg-warning-yellow.jpg WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit

By ordering this product, you acknowledge that it will not be used for installation in a system that is intended to convey or dispense water for human consumption through drinking or cooking.

Product Reviews

  1. Works Well and Great Price

    Review by Eric Arnsdorff

    This is a great price for a relatively commonly available item and it works exactly as it should. Components like this offered by Joe makes things so much easier to assemble your vacuum system without all the hassles of trying to find these items at various locations and I couldn't beat the price on any of the items. I couldn't believe how much more I paid for a couple of items I went to pick up at HD after realizing I had left them out of my order.

  2. Exhaust Muffler

    Review by Gary Jensen

    For such a simply item it really does the trick for cutting down on the noise from the exhaust port. Definitely would recommend this item and the cost is very minimal.

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