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cat-vac-press-parts.jpgBuilding Your Own Vacuum Press?

If you are building a custom vacuum press system, you should be able to find almost everything you need here. Keep in mind that the free plans found on the JoeWoodworker website refer to the do-it-yourself vacuum press kits that we offer. These kits are designed to save you money and to simplify the process of building your own vacuum system.

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  • $9.90 Lock-On Vacuum Connector
    This brass vacuum connector securely attaches to our vacuum bag stems and our vacuum clamping fittings. It has a soft O-ring inside which makes a leak-proof connection. All of our vacuum press kits include the new style of the lock-on connector...
  • $12.95 $6.90
    - On Sale -
    Bag Stem Assembly w/ Free Lock-On Connector
    Important NoteThis item is the old version of our vacuum bag stem and the old version of our lock-on vacuum connector. You are buying the bag stem and we are including the compatible lock-on connector at no charge. This bag stem is an easy way to...
  • $74.00 Vacuum Manifold Assembly
    A manifold assembly will allow a vacuum press user to attach multiple vacuum bags to a single vacuum pressing system at the same time. Below you will find four different kits that will allow you to maintain a vacuum in up to 5 separate bags. Each...
  • $19.95 $4.90
    - On Sale -
    24v DC Transformer
    Center Positive DC Adapter
    This 24v DC power adapter/transformer was used on with the low voltage version of the Project:V2 vacuum press system. We have switched to a 12v DC system and have several of the previous transformers in stock. Input: 120V AC 60Hz 19W Output:...

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