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Vacuum Press Kits

Free vacuum press plans.We have several vacuum press kits in stock. Some systems run on electric vacuum pumps and others use compressed air to generate vacuum with a venturi. We've created a downloadable PDF chart to make the decision easier. For even more information, check out "Choosing a Vacuum Press" on the JoeWoodworker website.

Feel free to email me any time if you need help deciding on a kit.

  • $549.95 $429.50
    - On Sale -
    Excel 5™
    Continuous Run
    Vacuum Press System
    Simple is BetterThe new Excel 5™ Vacuum Pressing System is designed for woodworkers looking for a powerful and affordable way to veneer wood panels and clamp wood projects for routing, sanding, and carving. This system is a powerhouse...
  • $379.95 $329.50
    - On Sale -
    Excel 1™
    Continuous Run
    Vacuum Press System
    A vacuum press is not a difficult project to build, but if you prefer to jump right into veneering, this 1.1 CFM vacuum press kit is just for you. The Excel 1™ Vacuum Pressing System is designed for woodworkers looking for a simple and...
  • $399.95 $279.50
    - On Sale -
    Project: V4™
    Auto-Cycling Venturi
    Vacuum Press Kit
    Build your own air-powered vacuum press with the Project: V4™ kit and our simple step-by-step assembly instructions. The most significant improvements over the previous version of the system are the simplified wiring process (now 12v DC) and...
  • $229.95 $171.90
    - On Sale -
    Project: EVS™
    Auto-Cycling Pump
    Vacuum Press Kit
    This 32-piece builder's kit includes the core components of the Project: EVS auto-cycling vacuum system. It's designed for woodworkers who already own an electric vacuum pump and wish to use it to build a vacuum press system that cycles on and off...
  • $84.50 Project: CRS™
    Continuous Run Pump
    Vacuum Press Kit
    This 12-piece builder's kit is for anyone with a vacuum pump that would like to build a continuously running system. Since this kit is used to build a non-cycling system the check valve, vacuum switch and vacuum reservoirs are not required. The...
  • $104.90 Vacuum Clamping Add-On
    The Project: EVS™ and Project: V4™ vacuum presses can be used for much more than just veneering. With this clamping kit you can use the massive holding power of vacuum to instantly hold work pieces to your bench top for sanding, routing,...
  • $74.00 Vacuum Manifold Assembly
    A manifold assembly will allow a vacuum press user to attach multiple vacuum bags to a single vacuum pressing system at the same time. Below you will find four different kits that will allow you to maintain a vacuum in up to 5 separate bags. Each...