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Inline Vacuum Pump Filter
25 Micron



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Product Description

A dedicated fine-particulate filter is the easiest way to protect your vacuum press equipment from harmful debris. This vacuum filter is perfect for the vacuum press systems we offer and can handle up to 10 CFM of vacuum flow. Each filter comes with a micro-mesh particle filter made of stainless steel.

New Version!
This improved filter was added to our site on 2/27/21. We are now providing a cartridge that filters out even smaller particles than our previous version and has no impact on vacuum flow. It traps airborne particles as small as 25 microns and exceeds the manufacturer's warranty requirements for the vacuum pumps we offer. This filter has been made exclusively for us and is now included with all of our vacuum press kits.

The polypropylene head threads on to a see-through polycarbonate bowl and is sealed with a Buna-N O-ring. The 1/4" NPT air inlet and outlet makes this an easy addition to any system. Especially recommended for piston and rotary vane pumps. If you're using your system for vacuum clamping or chucking, this item is a must.

This filter does not work with liquids, vapors, or gasses.

Made in the USA!

Filter Cartridge Close Up


  • Glass-filled polypropylene head with 1/4" NPT threads
  • Replaceable, high-flow 30 micron filter cartridge
  • Removable see-through bowl for easy cleaning
  • Ideally suited for all of our vacuum press systems
  • Rated for vacuum flow up to 10 CFM
  • Meets the manufacturers warranty requirements for the vacuum pumps sold at

Optional Replacement Filter
Select this option above and we will include a spare filter element with your order.

Will this filter separate out oil?
This filter is designed to protect vacuum systems from air borne particles only. I have not yet found a filter that allows high vacuum flow and separates oil. If you find one, please send me a message and let me know.

Will this filter out water?
This is an airborne particulate filter only. This filter does not work with liquids, vapors or gasses.

What are the approximate dimensions of the filter assembly?
3-5/8"T     3"W      1-7/8"D

Product Reviews

  1. Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

    Review by Chris Manker

    Best thing since sliced bread. The filter already saved my pump stopping wood chips from going into it. I'm using it in between the vacuum pump and a vacuum chuck on a lathe. If I lose vacuum while turning bad things will happen.

  2. Easy to Find Materials Online

    Review by Carly Leslie

    I needed vacuum pump filters that were of the highest quality. Joe’s site made it easy to find exactly what I needed!

  3. Great Find!

    Review by Russ Alexander

    Although I just received this filter and the quality immediately caught my eye. The price is great, but the product really defies the low cost.

  4. Inexpensive Filter

    Review by Gerry Wytoski

    I'm only writing a review because this filter is so inexpensive. A local supply house has a very similar vacuum filter for $19.99. I can't think of a reason why they price it so high. The price here is far more realistic and palatable. I purchased two filters from and they work perfectly.

  5. Well made and a great price.

    Review by Mark N.

    When I emailed Joe to tell him how much we like this filter, he asked me to write a review on this website so others could read it.

    I work for a wholesale pneumatics distributor and we have bought these filters here for over a year now. I dont know how Joe found such a great filter! The filter itself is well-constructed and the housing is clean and machined nicely. We tested several of these filters by place one in line after another and pulling a high CFM vacuum through them. Fine dust was then introduced to the intake on the first filter. Not surprisingly, there was no dust to be found on the second and third in line filters (we examined these filters with a Motic digital microscope). The first filter caught everything. Even after cleaning the first filter with compressed air, we found virtually no dust on the second and third filters in repeated tests.

  6. No Problems - Works Perfectly

    Review by Bob Tobin

    I use this filter on my vacuum compressors and it works perfectly. Most of my vacuum compressors are pulling 10 CFM or more and I've never had any indication that the filter affected the flow rate.

    Its very easy to clean and the clear bowl makes it easy to know when a cleaning is necessary. My experience with this company has always been and I've never had to worry that a product wouldnt perform as described. I saw a commericial supplies catalog with a similar filter and it was $27.95 so you cant beat the price here.

    I just ordered 6 more!

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