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Do It Yourself Vacuum Press
Build your own vacuum press and save big bucks!


Our website offers several free plans for building your own vacuum veneer press. There are instructions for building a system that is powered by an electric vacuum pump as well as instructions for using compressed air to create vacuum. Make no mistake - each is a heavy duty, durable, and reliable work horse. If you follow the instructions carefully and take appropriate care of the system, then it will last for as long as you enjoy the art of veneering.

Most of the veneering books and articles I have read are just too complicated and are geared toward proprietary materials and equipment. The construction method found in our vacuum press articles use many standardized parts that can be found on the Internet and at your local hardware store.

I wrote these articles and designed these systems to show that you don't need a mega-buck setup to do professional-level veneer work. I hope you'll agree. I'm always looking for a way to simplify and improve the system which is why it's under continuous revision. As always, you are most welcome to send me email with your suggestions for improvement.

Here are links to our free vacuum press plans:

pg-needhelp2.gifExcel 1™ (PDF)
• Excel 5™ (PDF)
• Project: EVS™ (PDF)
• Project: CRS™ (PDF)
• Project: V4™ (PDF)
• Vacuum Press Chart (PDF)

Here are pictures of Project: EVS™ vacuum pressing systems using our free plans:

pg-vac-61.jpg pg-vac-3.jpg pg-vac-4.jpg
pg-vac-6.jpg pg-vac-16.jpg pg-vac-8.jpg
pg-vac-10.jpg pg-vac-20.jpg pg-vac-12.jpg
pg-vac-69.jpg pg-vac-67.jpg pg-vac-60.jpg


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