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Self-Adhesive Veneer

Peel and Stick VeneerThese veneers have a pressure sensitive adhesive or "PSA" bonding layer on the back. Veneers with PSA backing are asy to apply and the only tools required are a razor knife and a veneer scraper. The pressure sensitive adhesive provides a permanent bond to almost any smooth substrate that is dry and free of surface contaminants. Common substrates include plywood, MDF, particle board, hardboard, and some metal surfaces.

This adhesive layer is manufactured by 3M™ and is applied to the veneer when the sheet is manufactured. It can not be applied by the user to an existing veneer. PSA is often a good choice for cabinet refacing, speaker building, and much more. Keep in mind that PSA veneers have a very robust adhesive layer so the veneer can not be repositioned once it's set in place.

Application instructions and answers to the most common questions about PSA veneer can be found here.

Reminder: Though PSA is very convenient, a project that uses a PSA veneer can be considered somewhat less durable than a paper-backed veneer that is applied with Titan DX™ contact cement.

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