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Cheap Figured Maple

Nearly all of the veneer in this category came from the same log. These bundles contain curly figure, burl figure, quilted figure, or a combination of all three. There are some outstanding veneers in this category and there are a few duds as well.

We got a very good deal on this log and we're passing the savings on to you. All of the veneer in this category is under $1.85 per square foot!

Common Name:
Scientific Name:
  Acer saccharum
  Cream, tan, orange, red, and occasional brown
  North America
  Primarily hard, though some softer maples do exist
  Fine, closed pore
  Readily accepts stains and finishes
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Tip from Joe

I've found that cell phones and tablets display reasonably accurate colors of our veneer photos.
Rendering variations on some computer monitors can cause our pictures to appear different from the actual veneer.