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Quick-Connect Assembly



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Vacuum Quick Connect FittingsWe now have the ideal vacuum connection system for those who prefer to easily detach the braided vacuum tube from any of our vacuum press systems. I've tested more than three dozen connectors and found only one that holds vacuum. This is a three-component item which includes the quick coupler, barbed fitting for 3/8" ID vacuum tube, and 1/4" NPT brass attachment nipple.

This connection assembly simply takes the place of a 1/4" NPT x 3/8" barb fitting.

pg-warning-yellow.jpg WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit

By ordering this product, you acknowledge that it will not be used for installation in a system that is intended to convey or dispense water for human consumption through drinking or cooking.

Does either part of this fitting have a built in valve to stop the flow of vacuum when disconnected?
This fitting does not have a valve inside.

Is this fitting the same as the lock-on connector used to attach the vacuum tube to the bag?
Yes, but in this product we're just highlighting the use of the connector as a means of detaching the hose from the vacuum press system.

Product Reviews

  1. Great Product, Very Useful, High Quality

    Review by Brian Kelley

    Great connector, perfect vacuum seal. I used two of them, so that I could switch from either my vacuum press or my vacuum clamp on my CNC. Great quality, good price!

  2. Good Connectors for Vacuum Setup

    Review by George Mathew

    Used this to replace the high pressure couplers from the big box store. With this setup I am not seeing any leaks. It is a bit more expensive and needs a valve to close if nothing is connected to it.

    [Note from Joe: Compressed air fittings are not designed for vacuum. They give the appearance of working for the first few weeks and then start leaking. Also, the lock on connector does not have a valve inside since there is no reason to disconnect a vacuum source from a vacuum bag while pressing a panel. All bags leak a little so disconnecting the vacuum source is just asking for trouble.]

  3. Expensive and Worth Every Penny

    Review by Mike Fuchs

    Yes, these are a bit expensive. But I have been very impressed with the outstanding quality and durability of these fittings. They attach and detach smoothly and easily, and I have never had one leak (and I have at least 6 of these in use.) This is a far superior way to go as opposed to barbs and hose clamps.

    As with all the items I've bought from Veneer Supplies these are a very high quality item, and you can buy with confidence.

  4. No More Screw Drivers and Hose Clamps

    Review by Larry Peters

    We are currently utilizing a vacuum chamber system for a series of molds that we use to form materials. Previously, we were using the old hose barb and hose clamp routine to switch from mold to mold. Life is simple now with the quick connect fittings I purchased from Veneer Supplies! No more screw drivers and hose clamps! These make switching set ups so much quicker and easier. Very friendly people here that follow up with a courtesy e-mail to make sure everything was to my satisfaction. Don't hesitate to do business with this company and the friendly people who work there.

  5. Great Customer Support and Service

    Review by Wayne Van Every

    This is exactly what I needed, and is an excellent quick disconnect! I ordered them late at night, the order was processed and shipped out on FedEx the next day. I got an email in the morning, another later in the day saying my order was complete and ready for FedEx to pick it up. I had sent an email to ask a question again at night, which was answered first thing the following morning. Ordering and checking out is simple and straight forward. So I would recommend this site and company for their great customer support and service.

  6. Tight Fit, No Leaks

    Review by Aaron Nicholson

    I've tried rigging quick connects from the hardware store for use on a vacuum chamber... it doesn't work (even after using a bunch of silicone) - but THESE do, and they're much, MUCH less expensive here rather than some of the other vacuum quick connects I've shopped around for online. One place sells them for $200 bucks a piece!

    Tight fit, no leaks, and easy to snap on and off. These are a great product for the price.

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