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Yes... it's really a page about us. Imagine that!

pg-joe.jpgOur website often conveys the image that we are a large corporation with a giant facility and dozens of employees. The truth is that our business is operated entirely by me, my wife and a part time helper. We handle everything from customer questions and website maintenance to order packing and credit card processing from a small warehouse here in Forest Hill, Maryland.

I'm an average woodworker with an average workshop and way too many projects to get done. I enjoy everything from small lathe work to large furniture projects. But it seems like I spend most of my free time sharing and swapping woodworking stories. In the shop, I have the basic hand and power tools... enough to get projects done anyhow.

Many years ago, I built a vacuum powered veneer press to add to my tool collection. The project was successful so I decided to write an article describing the construction process. After much testing and adjusting, I put the vacuum press article on the Internet. Then in March '03, I opened to help get vacuum pressing parts and exotic wood veneer into the hands of hobbyist woodworkers and small-shop craftsmen. Since then, the web site has received well over 16 million page hits and I have personally answered over 230,000 emails about veneering and vacuum pressing. That is an average of about 37 emails per day (including weekends) since we started our business over 17 years ago!

What Can You Expect From

  • pg-joe-and-christine.jpgMy wife and I will do our best to pack your order for a safe journey from Forest Hill, Maryland. We use recycled, unprinted newspaper to pack the orders. The beauty of this packing material is that it is biodegradable, static free, and it won't make a mess in your shop the way styrofoam peanuts do.
  • We will ship your order within a very timely manner. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the fast turn-around time for your order. You'll also receive a tracking number (when applicable) as soon as we get your shipment on its way.
  • You can expect the items in your order to be exactly as described on the website. If something in your order does not meet your expectations, you'll find that we will do whatever it takes to make it right.
  • Questions? I will answer your email quickly and personally.
    It is not uncommon for me to spend several hours on any given day helping out fellow woodworkers through email.

The Staff at

We've grown a little over the years and I've been fortunate to have a great staff that makes our business run as smooth as it does. Where would I be without them? I'd be nowhere. Without the help of these fine folks, this website would not exist. It is with their hard work and endless enthusiasm that orders from this site are packed and shipped on time. Here's the "who and what" of our company.

  • Website Development: Joe
  • Graphics and How-To Writer: Joe
  • Email Support: Joe
  • Warehouse Management: Joe
  • Troubleshooting: Joe
  • Product Development: Joe
  • Order Packing & Shipping: Jeff, Joe, Christine
  • Accounting: Christine
  • Purchasing: Joe (with approval from the Accounting dept.)
  • Office Management: Christine
  • Inventory Control: Christine
  • Human Resource Manager: Christine
  • Tax and Regulation Genius: Christine
  • Employee of the Month Year: Christine

This is just a way to explain that is simply a small company trying to get more woodworkers into the art of veneering. If you have a question, we'll answer it personally. If you place an order, we'll fill it personally. And if you like what we've done here, we'll accept your kind words personally.

Thanks for dropping by. We hope to hear from you soon!