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Sales Tax Information
The Supreme Court allows certain states to force us to collect sales tax on your order.

Until recently, online retailers such as ours have not been forced to collect sales tax for any state outside of where the business has a presence. However, a 2018 Supreme Court ruling made it possible for each state to determine how "presence" is defined. The industry term for this is called nexus. Please see this page for additional information.

Under the current law, states may define nexus in a number of ways and this has created havoc for small online business owners. Several states have adopted a definition which says a business has nexus or presence - and therefore must collect sales tax - if it has more than 200 sales within a preceding 12-month period in that state. This is not the only definition of nexus but it is the most damaging to small online business owners.

Unnecessary Complexity
The rules for the collection of sales tax are vastly extensive, and while it may seem simple to apply a single tax rate to any particular state that requires it, the larger issue is the multitude of jurisdictions within each state that have their own additional sales tax amount. It has been estimated that there are approximately 10,000 tax jurisdictions in the United States and within each jurisdiction there are rules for what is taxable and what is not. Some states even require the collection of sales tax on the shipping charge!

Our Current Method
Our website is currently set up to charge the base state tax rate for the states listed below. We cannot possibly know which jurisdictions within each state require additional tax amounts and we have started the process of working with a sales tax advisory service to automate the process of charging the sales tax rate for all jurisdictions.

Until we have completed the implementation of a fully executed sales tax calculation method, we will not charge our customers for any sales tax amount beyond the state minimum. In other words, if you're jurisdiction has additional sales tax, we will pay that amount to that jurisdiction for you.

Sales tax will be collected for orders delivered to the states below.

  • California - 7.25%
  • Georgia - 4%
  • Illinois - 6.25%
  • Indiana - 7%
  • Michigan - 6%
  • Minnesota - 6.875%
  • New Jersey - 6.625%
  • North Carolina - 4.75%
  • Oklahoma - 4.5%
  • Pennsylvania - 6%
  • Washington - 6.5%
  • Wisconsin - 5%

* States in red above require us to collect sales tax on the product as well as the shipping and handling charges.

Shipments to Maryland is located in Maryland where we are required to collect 6% sales tax for orders delivered within the state.

You Can Help
We encourage you to write to your senators and representatives to demand that they take a stand against a policy that many feel is unfair, overly-complicated, and will ultimately destroy small online businesses such as ours.