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    Build Your Own Vacuum Press

Product Guides and Safety Data Sheets
This page will provide you with instructions for all of our kits and adhesives as well as SDS and safety warning information.

Vacuum Press Kits
• Excel 1™ (PDF)
• Excel 3™ (PDF)
• Excel 5™ (PDF)
• Project: EVS-2™ (PDF)
• Project: CRS™ (PDF)
• Project: V4™ (PDF)
• Vacuum Press Organizational Chart (PDF)

Legacy Vacuum Press Kits
• Project: EVS™ (PDF)
• Project: V2™ (PDF)
• Project: V2 Premium™ (PDF)
• Excel 1 Quiet™ (PDF)

Maintenance and Service
• Project: V4™ Air Valve Service (PDF)

Vacuum Bags
• Vacuum Bag Basics (web page)
• Vacuum Bag Instructions (PDF)
• Vacuum Bag Price List (PDF)
• VS Build-a-Bag™ (PDF)
• Flush Mount Bag Stem (PDF)
• Breather Mesh (web page)

• X-Press™ Veneer Glue (web page)
• Heat Lock™ Veneer Adhesive (web page, pdf, FAQ)
• TC-20™ Copper Veneer Adhesive (PDF)
• Ultra-Cat™ PPR Veneer Glue Tips (PDF)
• Better Bond™ Adhesives Chart (PDF)
• Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (web page)

Other Items
• Vacuum Clamping Kit (web page, PDF)
• Podz™ Vacuum Clamping Jigs (PDF)
• Veneer Punch & Patch Tool (PDF)
• Veneer Tape Dispenser (PDF)
• Transtints Dye Information (color chart, web page, PDF)

Veneering Information
• Paper-Backed Veneer (web page)
• Getting Started in Veneering (web page)
• SuperSoft 2™ Veneer Softener Tips (web page)
• Veneer Tape (web page)
• Veneer Saw Sharpening (web page)
• Veneering Without Vacuum (web page)
• Veneer Tape Tips (web page)
• Edgebanding Guide (web page)
• Frequently Asked Questions (web page)

Safety Data Sheets - Adhesives
• Heat Lock™ Veneer Adhesive (PDF)
• HH-66 Vinyl Cement (PDF)
• Flex Pro™ (FSV) Adhesive (PDF)
• SuperSoft 2™ Veneer Softener (PDF)
• Titan DX™ Contact Cement (PDF)
• Ultra-Cat™ PPR Veneer Glue (PDF)
• Ultra-Cat™ PPR Lightener (PDF)
• X-Press™ Light Veneer Glue (PDF)
• X-Press™ Medium Veneer Glue (PDF)
• X-Press™ Extra Dark Veneer Glue (PDF)

Safety Data Sheets - Transtint Dyes
• Transtints Amber (PDF)
• Transtints Aqua (PDF)
• Transtints Black (PDF)
• Transtints Blue (PDF)
• Transtints Bordeaux (PDF)
• Transtints Bright Red (PDF)
• Transtints Brown Mahogany (PDF)
• Transtints Coffee Brown (PDF)
• Transtints Cordovan (PDF)
• Transtints Dark Mission Brown (PDF)
• Transtints Dark Vintage Maple (PDF)
• Transtints Dark Walnut (PDF)
• Transtints Golden Brown (PDF)
• Transtints Green (PDF)
• Transtints Honey Amber (PDF)
• Transtints Lemon Yellow (PDF)
• Transtints Medium Brown (PDF)
• Transtints Navy (PDF)
• Transtints Orange (PDF)
• Transtints Perfect Red (PDF)
• Transtints Purple (PDF)
• Transtints Red Mahogany (PDF)
• Transtints Reddish-Brown (PDF)
• Transtints Violet (PDF)

Safety Data Sheets - Other
• Backing for Paper-Backed Veneer (PDF)
• Adhesive Film for Two-Ply Veneer (PDF)
• Wood Dust (PDF)


California Proposition 65 Warnings
• Brass Products (web page)
• Wood Products (web page)