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Vac Pro™
Venturi Vacuum Generator


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Product Description

The Vac Pro™ venturi device converts air pressure from your air compressor into vacuum. These venturi generators create .5 to 9 CFM of vacuum flow and produce up to 25.5" of Hg of pressure using only 80 PSI of compressed air. Since a venturi vacuum has no moving parts, this is a great air-powered vacuum source that is reliable and efficient.

For each model, the air supply port is 1/4" NPT female.

This part is the venturi only. It is not a vacuum press system and should only be used in conjunction with the auto-cycling Project: V4™ kit. The venturi is a replacement part for the Project: V4™ vacuum press kits. No instructions are included with this part.


  • Powerful design creates up to 25.5" of Hg pressure at sea level
  • No moving parts make this a very reliable vacuum source
  • Black anodized aluminum body for exceptional durability
  • Requires only 80 PSI but will operate with up to 105 PSI
  • Designed to allow small particles to pass without clogging
  • Straight-through silencer included
  • Lifetime warranty

Vac Pro
Port Size
Air Demand
at 80 PSI
Air Demand
at 90 PSI
Bag Size
Mini™ .5 CFM 1/4" NPT .8 CFM 1.2 CFM 2' x 4'
1.2 CFM
1/4" NPT
1.8 CFM
2.2 CFM
4' x 4'
3.2 CFM
1/4" NPT
4.8 CFM
5.5 CFM
4' x 9'
Premium 5™
5.5 CFM
3/8" NPT
7.8 CFM
4' x 12'
Premium 9™
3/8" NPT
12.5 CFM
14 CFM
4' x 15'

Please note that the Premium 5 and Premium 9 venturi units require our Premium air valve for proper operation.

Does this venturi include all of the parts to make a vacuum press system?
No. This is the venturi only. Please find the "Vacuum Press Kits" category on our site to see the full kits we offer. The kits include this venturi part.

Can I just the venturi to pull down the bag and then close off the flow to the bag with a valve?
Generally speaking, vacuum bags do not close and make a perfect seal. If you disconnect the vacuum source from the bag and do not have a system to monitor the vacuum level inside, then you run the very likely risk of having a failed panel due to lack of vacuum.

How does my altitude affect the maximum vacuum level of this venturi?
There is a loss of approximately 1" of Hg for every 1,000 feet above sea level. For example, at 5,000 feet above sea level the most vacuum this venturi will create is 20.5" of Hg. The generally accepted minimum for vacuum pressing a veneer is 17" of Hg.

Why does the venturi require more CFM at higher PSI? Shouldn't it be lower CFM at higher PSI?
We have two topics that are being co-mingled. The first is how much air flow can a compressor generate when the flow is unrestricted, and the second, how much air is flowing out of the compressor when it is connected to a device that restricts its flow.

This question makes a valid point about compressors having higher output flow rate (CFM) at lower pressures. The key here is the conditions where this is true. Higher flow rates at lower operating pressures result from having little to no restriction on the output of the compressor. As the restriction increases, the pressure in the compressed air line will increase and the flow decreases.

When air leaves a compressed air line and shoots unrestricted into the atmosphere, the pressure in the air stream, once it exits the compressed air line, is 0 PSI. To prove this, place a "T" fitting at the exit of the compressed air hose and place a gauge in the leg of the "T" that is 90 degrees to the axis of flow. Provided that the through bore diameter of the "T" is the same size or larger than the inside diameter of the compressed air line, the gauge will read 0 PSI. If you place a ball valve on the outlet side of the "T" and slowly close the valve you will see the gauge show increased pressure and the amount of air leaving the "T" will decrease. Once the ball valve is fully closed, the gauge will show full pressure and no air will be flowing out of the "T".

When there is a venturi at the end of the compressed air line a very different condition is created than what is noted above because the air is not allowed to exit freely to the atmosphere. The venturi has a limiting orifice which presents a significant restriction like the ball valve in the example above.

When a venturi is connected to the compressor, a specific amount of compressed air will pass through the limiting orifice inside the venturi.  When the input pressure is increased, more compressed air will flow through that orifice because there is more force being applied to each air molecule which results in more air molecules fitting through the orifice.

In summary, when there is a restriction in the system, a higher compressed air pressure will result in more compressed air leaving the compressor. The compressor will not produce more flow at higher pressures however more air will leave the compressor and flow through the venturi.

What are the warranty details?
The venturi is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship by for the life of the product. The additional components of this kit are warranted for 90 days. As defined by federal law, this is a limited, non-transferable warranty and is given exclusively to the original purchaser and applies only to Vac Pro™ vacuum generators (venturi) sold at by JWW Services Inc. for exclusive use in a vacuum press for veneering.

JWW Services Inc. disclaims any warranties, expressed or implied, whether of merchantability of fitness for particular use, except as expressly set forth herein. If at any time during the warranty period a Vac Pro™ venturi is found to have a defect in material or workmanship, JWW Services Inc. will, at our discretion, repair or replace it free of charge. The warranty is void if JWW Services Inc. determines that the venturi has been abused, misused, mishandled or tampered with in anyway whatsoever. Further, product malfunction or deterioration due to normal wear is not covered by this warranty. This warranty shall be declared null and void in the event that the venturi unit is found to be used in any industrial-use application. No implied warranty of this product is extended. Some states do not allow limitations of implied warranty so this limitation may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which may vary from state to state. This warranty only applies in the United States. JWW Services Inc. reserves the right to replace any product, which has been discontinued from its product line with a new product of comparable value and function. JWW Services Inc. shall use reasonable efforts to repair or replace any venturi unit covered by this limited warranty. In the event repair or replacement shall require more than thirty days, JWW Services Inc. shall notify the customer accordingly. The sole obligation of JWW Services Inc. under this limited warranty shall be to repair or replace the covered product, in accordance with the terms set forth herein. JWW Services Inc. expressly disclaims any lost sales, profits, general, special, indirect or consequential damages which may result from breach of any warranty, or arising out of the use or inability to use this product. Any warranties which are implied and which cannot be disclaimed shall be limited in duration to a term of 30 days from the date of original retail purchase. Warranty service products should be returned postage pre-paid to JWW Services Inc.

When returning products for warranty service include a note explaining the problem, a copy of the purchase receipt and a return shipping address. Return the unit with a check or money order in the amount of $10.00 to cover handling and return delivery charges. A return authorization number must be obtained from JWW Services Inc. in advance of return. Please call for an RMA number. This number must be displayed on the outside of your shipping container. Should a buyer provide JWW Services Inc. a delivery address that is incorrect, the buyer will be held responsible for the item(s). When sending a product back for warranty service, please be sure to get delivery confirmation or a tracking number, we will not be held responsible if a product is not received.

Product Reviews

  1. Works Perfect

    Review by Dave Nessim

    Great product and always great service. If your goal is to create a vacuum from your air compressor search no more and buy this. Works exactly as designed. The output tube is a muffler so its pretty quite.

  2. This one is better than the old one.

    Review by Gregory W. Hamel

    I've been using what I guess is called Project V1 for several years. Recently upgraded to this venturi and it is much improved. This one is quieter and doesnt use nearly as much air as the previous venturi. I'm a retired army engineer and I've come to know a good quality when I see it. This IS good quality.

  3. What A Cool Gadget

    Review by Tony Hoffman

    A buddy of mine built the vacuum press using an old refigerator pump that lasted only a few times. He upgraded to the Vac Pro Plus and it works like a charm. I used it on a bubinga veneer cabinet and it worked great. Now I am going to order the V2 Kit and build one for myself. I cant let him have all the cool gadgets!

  4. A Superb System

    Review by Sam Deen

    I have had the chance of using the V2 kit my friend had to do some wood lamination on a guitar and I must say, it is a superb system. The noise was surprisingly lower than what I had anticipated and the vacuum was really powerful.

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