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Vacuum Controller Relay
30 amp



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Product Description

This heavy duty DPST relay will do the power switching for vacuum pumps up to 1 HP at 120v AC and 3 HP at 240v AC. This relay is used in conjunction with a vacuum controller for vacuum pumps that draw up to 30 amps. If your vacuum pump draws less than 10 amps at startup, you do not need this item.

We offer this item for our customers who are building the original version of the Project: EVS vacuum press system. Wiring instructions for this relay can be found on the original Project: EVS instructions. It is the customer's responsibility to safely insulate the exposed terminals on this relay prior to use.

Potter & Brumfield

1 HP or 30A @ 120v AC
3 HP @ 240v AC
Coil Actuated by 120v AC

Notes from Joe

  • If you need this relay, it is very likely that you will also need the vacuum damper for the vacuum controller.
  • This relay is not for use with rotary vane pumps.

Product Reviews

  1. Bullet Proof

    Review by Gerald Bressler

    I originally bought the vacuum kit which has been a great help in reducing the noise in my shop. The kit works great and the instructions for assembly are bullet proof.

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