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Paper-Backed Walnut Burl Veneer
Architectural Grade
4' x 8'
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Product Description

pg-pb-veneer-projects.jpgYes, this is real wood! Each is made from the finest wood veneer for outstanding character and figure. Premium wood veneers are permanently bonded to a resin saturated backing which allows maximum flexibility. From architectural woodwork for office and residential furniture to store fixtures, kitchen cabinets, automotive dashboards, Hi-Fi stereo speakers and more, no other veneer has such as wide range of uses. Nothing compares to the natural elegance of our premium paper-backed veneer.

Staining & Finishing
Since this paper-backed veneer is a real wood product, it can be stained/dyed easily and requires no special top-coats or finishes. Aniline dyes, oil and water based stains, Transtints, polyurethane, lacquer, conversion varnish, shellac and tung oil are all compatible with our paper-backed veneers.

Adhesive & Tool Suggestions

  • We highly recommend Titan DX™ which will bond this veneer to plywood, MDF and particle board.
  • These veneers can also be adhered in a vacuum press with Better Bond X-Press™ veneer glue.
  • Better Bond Heat Lock™ and Flex-Pro™ work quite well if a vacuum press is not available.
  • A pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing can be selected below. This "peel and stick" adhesive by 3M™ is applied at the factory and allows you to instantly bond the veneer to a project surface.
  • A scraper tool must be used to apply backed veneers with contact cement, Flex-Pro or PSA backing.

The image shown for this product is a representation of the veneer you will receive in your order. This is a product of nature so there will be variation from what is shown in color, grain and figure.

48" (measured across the grain)
96" (measured along the grain)
The actual thickness of a 20 mil sheet is .030" +/-.005"
When comparing our paper-backed veneers to others, make sure you are being quoted for "Grade A or better" veneers. Several online dealers are offering lesser quality veneers at comparable pricing. You have to decide if your project is worth a premium veneer. If so, you'll find none better than what is offered here.
Pictures: icon-image-available.gifAfter an order is placed for this veneer, we will contact the mill and request pictures of the actual sheets in stock so that you can choose the pattern/grain which best suits your project. The pictures will be forwarded to you as soon as we get them. This typically takes less than 2 business days. The lead time shown below begins after a veneer picture is chosen.
Lead Time: Backing Option
20 Mil - 2 business days
w/ PSA Option
20 Mil - 4 business days
Backing Option:
The standard paper backing on all burl veneers is 20 mil thick.
Peel & Stick:

A pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) backing can be selected above. This "peel and stick" adhesive by 3M™ is applied at the factory and allows you to instantly bond the veneer to a project surface.

This option adds 2 days of lead time.

Transit Time:
These veneers are shipped from the manufacturer in Indiana.
Transit time is typically 1 to 4 days.
Each veneer is carefully rolled up and shipped in a corrugated box with corner reinforcements.
Shipping: Order as much of this veneer as you wish and the shipping cost stays the same! No additional shipping costs will be charged for adding more of this veneer to your order.
Return Policy:
This veneer is non-returnable.
Discounts are available on orders of 20 sheets or more of the same veneer. Let us know your project needs.
We stock veneer samples in several species and backing types.

Learn more about this product by clicking here.

Product Reviews

  1. Better Than Expected

    Review by Brian Acton

    I received an order for Walnut Burl paper backed veneer and I was very pleased with the quality and appearance. In fact, I was surprised as to how beautiful it was and it was better than expected.

  2. Repeat Customer for Life

    Review by Tom Nichols

    Only ordered one panel of this but was given the opportunity to pick from several photos as to which panel I would prefer. Excellent product and arrived 2 days after I completed my choices. I have ordered from here before and see no reason to go anywhere else. Excellent customer service too. I emailed Joe a few questions and he gave very direct and honest advice.

  3. Have Always Been Satisfied

    Review by Andrew Leonard

    I have purchased many veneers from this company and have always been satisfied with the quality and this burl veneer was no exception. I was able to view several choices and even had the time to let my client see the sheets for approval before purchasing. Delivery was within a week. I will continue to shop here first.

  4. Review from Delta, PA

    Review by Ben Cairnes

    I've been buying this paperbacked walnut burl veneer from this website for 3 years. There were probably 10 to 12 orders during that time and each time I order, the owner of this comnpany was able to get pictures for me of whatever stock he had and let me choose the one that I wanted the most. It is pretty hard to find a company that works this well with their customers. The walnut burl I've received has been highly figured and shipped very quickly. For this kind of money you expect the veneer to look very good and it always has.

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