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Veneer Scraper
for Backed Veneers
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Product Description

Our veneer scraper is designed for use on paper-backed and two-ply veneer when either is bonded to a substrate using contact cement or Flex-Pro™ adhesive. It is also required when applying PSA backed veneer. This tool doesn't look like much but it works wonders. It uses a simple but powerful concept in which the leverage of hand and arm force concentrates pressure at the tip of the tool to create a durable bond. It creates a much stronger bond than a roller. This scraper is cheap but what it does is priceless!

Each scraper handle is made from A-grade hard maple or beech and the blade is made with a double-sided, reversible, and non-marring plastic with beveled edges. The overall length of the standard version of the scraper tool is 9 inches and the blade is 3.5 inches wide.


Optional Enhanced Scraper Tool
Enhanced Scraper ToolI designed one of these specifically for a friend who has a bit of arthritis in his hands and he absolutely loved it, so it just made sense for me to have additional scrapers made and offer them here on our website.

The enhanced scraper is 13.5 inches in length (50% longer than the standard version) and has a large hardwood ball mounted to the top that allows the user to put more pressure near the scraper edge.

The scraper is designed for maximum pressure and exceptional ease of use. With this version, I estimate the average person can put nearly twice as much pressure on the veneer while scraping compared to the regular version of the tool. Click on the thumbnail image on the right to see a full-size picture.

How to Use the Scraper Tool
To achieve maximum bond strength, be sure to scrape the entire surface of the veneer using the centerline technique shown below. Most PSA veneer manufacturers recommend scraping the surface twice. Always scrape along the grain! Never scrape across the grain as this can stretch the veneer and lead to ripples and buckling.

Begin at the center of the veneer and work toward the edges in the sequence shown below. This method will prevent bubbles in the veneer and create an excellent bond. Start in the center and while firmly pressing downward, pull the scraper tool in the direction of the arrows shown below. Be sure to pull the scraper over each inch of the veneer to get the best possible bond.



Why is the "blade" of the scraper not made from vulcanized fiber core?
I'm not sure why so many other scrapers use a material like that for the scraper blade. Our scraper uses HDPE (a low friction plastic) which is much easier to slide along the veneer surface. A tool that is easier to slide is inherently easier to press down upon - which gives you a better bond.

Product Reviews

  1. Always Pleased

    Review by Ken Nimmons

    I have always been pleased with Veneer Supplies products. Even though I am a neophyte in my veneering skills, Joe has the best products and veneers for my veneering journey.

  2. Great Product

    Review by Jamie Kuenzi

    My husband is very happy with the scraper. It's the first time he has installed veneer and it looks beautiful. I ordered it for him instead of one from [another supplier]. It's important to support the small business. Customer service is great!! Product came quickly.

  3. Works Well

    Review by Douglas Walker

    The scraper (I would call it rubber) worked very well. Typically, I would use a roller, but I was able to apply greater pressure with the scraper. I am glad I purchased it, and will use it on future projects .

  4. Discovery of the Day

    Review by John Maltby

    Scraper was everything they claimed it would be. I was prepared to roll the veneer the usual way as I'd never heard of this scraper. Thought what the heck, its cheap enough. I was totally surprised at how much this made the job easier.Their description of its use also was helpful. Glad I now have it in my collection of odd but necessary tools!

  5. Terrific Tool

    Review by John Cilliers

    This tool is as described, and more than this, it was great at scraping the paper-backed veneer I used. the veneer looks fantastic. Highly recommended tool and VeneerSupplies provides quick deliveries of quality products.

  6. Both Versions Are Great But Get The Enhanced One

    Review by Caleb Ford

    Both versions of the scraper are in my tool arsenal. No doubt the more expensive version is better. I use them both but I use the longer one more often since it's easier on the hand and wrist. Each purchase I've made at VS has been shipped quickly and I've found their prices to be excellent.

    Side note: You're not buying this from some faceless corporation. Check out the ABOUT US page. This whole site is just a guy and his wife trying to live the dream.

  7. Great Tool, Great Price, Great Service

    Review by Keith Rice

    I bought the special enhanced scraper model and it was a good choice. I've never used the regular scraper so I can't compare it to the longer one but it is made very well. The wooden ball on the top of the scraper handle fits very comfortably in my hands. Me and my wife used it to apply a peel and stick veneer that we bought here (which is also a great product). My order was sent in on a Monday afternoon and though it was well past their 12 o'clock cut-off time, Joe still shipped it same day for me. He also quickly answered several questions that emailed to him. Very happy with my purchase here.

  8. Sturdy Good Quality!

    Review by Rebecca Brockway

    This tool is super sturdy. For the pressure you need to put this under I am truly impressed. Does exactly as it should and doesn't grab or tear your veneer.

  9. Must Have Tool

    Review by Deborah Garzon

    Another must-have tool in veneering. Totally worth it to get all the tools and have this one close at hand. Makes the veneer so secure and bonds like a dream.

  10. Aids in Peel and Stick Application

    Review by Lee. Brown

    Simple but does what it is designed to do. Does not damage the veneer and allows ample pressure to stick the veneer to the substrate. Right tool for the right job.

  11. Replacement Blades Would Be Nice

    Review by Michael Miller

    Works just fine for PSA backed veneer. Only wish they sold replacement blades. I have already worn one side down and am working on the second edge. Obviously the handle does not wear out. The blade is reversible. I do install a lot of PSA backed veneer, so this tool gets a lot of use.

    [Note from Joe: You can remove the blade from the handle and cut a new edge on the plastic. It's an easy fix.]

  12. Used Scraper on Stereo Veneer

    Review by Thom Walker

    Bought one to apply paper backed veneer on a set of custom stereo speakers. Works great!

  13. Review from Arbtus, MD

    Review by John Midkiff

    I had a veneer project that needed to be done and am a total rookie woodworker. Looking around for veneer scrapers I saw several that were reviewed poorly for breaking under pressure or leaving marks in the veneer. I wound up ordering the one from these guys and it performed brilliantly. Held up under severe pressure and never once left even the slightest mark on the thin veneer. Add quick shipping and a follow-up email to make sure I was happy with the product, and this equals something (and someone) I have no problem recommending. Thanks Joe!

  14. Review from Seattle, WA

    Review by Terry Stipe

    Great tool! Well-made and shipped lightning fast.

  15. Review from Yankton, SD

    Review by Jerry Anderson

    Scraper is of a good solid build and the nylon head glides over your veneer's without damaging your project. A good buy and a nice tool to add to your wood working tool box. Item was shipped quick and packed well.

  16. This is Much Better.

    Review by Raymond Miller

    This website recommends a scraper tool for pushing or setting veneer into contact cement and I agree that it is completely necessary if you want the project to last. I forgot to order the scraper with the veneer I bought here and had to pick one up from another website (because I had to order some drawer knobs anyhow). To make it short, their scraper had jagged edges and a poorly machined handle that could have given me splinters. It was disappointing that their website showed a very nicely made tool but the actual product was far less impressive. If I had used their scraper, my veneer would have been scratched and ruined.

    I emailed a picture of that scraper to Joe (the owner of this website) and he promptly replied with a temporary solution that allowed me to get my project done. After that, I return the scraper to [edited out by Joe] and got a refund.

    It was a week later that I needed more veneer for another project and decided to order it and the scraper from I'm only writing a review of this scraper because of the outstanding service that is offered here and the quality of the items.

    As always, my veneer arrived quickly. The scraper arrived separate from the veneer and it is excellent compared to the other one. The edges are smoothed and the handle is sanded and well-shaped. It's a simple tool but it works wonders. And now I know I can trust that this company has quality stuff and great customer service. This is now my only source for veneering items.

  17. Must Have Item

    Review by Terry H.

    This is a must have item if you are using a pressure sensitive adhesive veneer or contact cement. I've learned the hard way that a roller will not work. I destroyed a $400 panel because I thought a roller would be enough. After the veneer bubbled up, I had to start over. On the second try, I used the same veneer type and substrate but this time I was smart enough to follow Joe's suggestion and use the scraper. Big difference! No problems at all now.

    Considering that this scraper is so affordable, it would be a mistake not to order it. The shipping time from Joe was only two days and the cost was reasonable. I have no complaints at all about this company. Everything is so well done!

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