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Dual-Edge Veneer Saw
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Product Description

The Two Cherries™ veneer saw was offered on our site for almost 15 years but as prices continued to creep up, I decided to find a better option. Our new veneer saw offers everything that is good about the previous one but without the higher price. It has the same number of teeth with the "ramp" grind. I suspect that this tool is made by the Two Cherries OEM supplier in Germany. Take a look at the side-by-side comparison in this picture.

This dual-edge veneer saw could be one of the most affordable and practical tools in your shop. If you're doing any veneer work, this is one item that pays for itself over and over again. I have to admit that I really like this saw and judging by the product reviews, so do a lot of other woodworkers. 

With 18 very fine teeth per inch, this saw cuts with precision accuracy. It has the "ramp" tooth grind that cuts on the pull stroke. This is the ideal grind pattern because it makes an aggressive but clean cut each time.


Though I am a "lefty" and these saws are designed for right handed people, I've had no trouble using the saw with my right hand. I use my left hand to hold the straightedge down and my right hand to saw. As long as the saw is sharp, you won't need to apply much pressure to cut the veneers cleanly.

This tool is designed for use with standard-thickness (1/45 - 1/32") raw wood veneer. It will work with paper-backed veneer but it will require more pull strokes. Not for use with two-ply veneers.

Made in Germany.

Sharpening Option
If you select this option, I will hand-sharpen both sides of the blade for a thin, true and laser-like cut. I absolutely guarantee that you will cut exceptional seams with this saw using the right technique. You can find more information about the sharpening process here.

If you opt to get the saw without the sharpening option, please understand that you will have to sharpen it before use. It is not sharp enough to cleanly cut veneer without sharpening.


Veneer saws purchased with "pre-sharpened" option will also receive a cotton drawstring storage bag.

Warning: This Tool Contains Sharp Edges
Safety should be your highest priority when working with this tool. It is your responsibility to use and handle this tool in a safe manner and in accordance with all safety policies in the work area. Wear appropriate safety equipment including eye protection while using this tool. Use of this tool is at your own risk. JWW Services Inc. doing business as disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury or expense.

Learn more about this product by clicking here.

Why are the saws not sharpened from the factory?
My guess is it would increase the cost of the saw and require additional packaging to protect the edges.

Will my order be delayed for shipment if I opt to get the pre-sharpened veneer saw?
No, the order will ship on time.

Can I resharpen the blade?
If the teeth loose their points, the only way to sharpen it again is with a very fine mill file with a triangular profile. That is a tedious process so when my saw gets this way I just replace the blade.

Is there a left-hand version of this saw?
Though there is only a right-hand version available, most "lefties" will find this saw very easy to use. I'm a lefty and I've had no trouble at all using this tool.

Product Reviews

  1. Enjoyable to Use

    Review by Larry Kelly

    Very sharp and enjoyable to use. Arrived on time and quickly. If you need a veneer saw I would recommend this saw. Just like it was described on the web site.

  2. It’s Really Sharp!

    Review by Jim Gentry

    I love the fact that this was hand sharpened and very effective. I used it on thicker veneer and it took a little effort but did the job well. Thanks. Also Joe has very helpful with answering my questions.

  3. Very Good Value - Wish I Bought It Eariler

    Review by Bob "Blue Grass" Lynch

    I'm new to veneering and have been trying to use a razor blade to create a straight edge on veneer for book-matching but my seam lines were getting too visible. Sometimes I get a joint that looks perfect but when the finish goes on, the seam shows up again. I saw all of the reviews about this handsaw so I ordered it and some other veneering supplies. Shipping was quick and reasonably priced. Products were well packaged and as described. I order the saw presharpened and it cuts very well. The cut is square. By this I mean no bevel. And that was the problem with the razor blade cutting I had previously attempted. Problem solved. Now onto my next veneering project.

  4. Worth the Investment

    Review by Nick Peterson

    I had previously used an exacting knife so the leap in quality was enormous. I bought it pre-sharpened and it's working great. Definitely worth the investment since I've started using more veneers in my projects.

  5. Works Beautifully

    Review by Kevin Choate

    After researching and reviewing veneer saws I decided to give this one a try for my first. From a cost perspective its the best deal I found. I chose to have Joe sharpen it so I could get right to work and I am very pleased with the product and customer service!

  6. Precision Tool

    Review by George Follett

    Excellent handsaw for precision cuts. Worth the additional sharpening charge too. I recommend this product for anyone who appreciates quality tools that are not available at most stores.

  7. Perfect Cuts

    Review by Carter Whyte

    I too am a lefty and this saw was incredible easily to use right handed. I used a 3/4” MDF scrap cut on my CNC for a straightedge (had some 7’ cuts to make for edge banding) and even going through a veneer that was a burl/highly figured it produced perfect cuts every time with no splitting.

  8. This saw is SHARP!

    Review by Ken Berman

    This Dual-Edge Veneer Saw is VERY sharp, particularly with pre-sharpening! Be careful with it and your fingers. It shipped the same day and got here 2 days later. I've done business with this vendor for a few years already. They are good people.

  9. Works Great!

    Review by Clint Weyer

    Works great. Ordered sharpened. Well worth it. Used it to cut quartersawn walnut and marbled walnut for a bedroom group I’m making. Also got that from Joe. Thanks!

  10. Get the Pre-Sharpened Saw

    Review by Daniel MacRostie

    I went for the pre-sharpened version of the saw and I'm glad I did! The saw arrive super sharp and ready for use. It makes quick, clean work of cutting my veneers down to size.

  11. The Best

    Review by Richard McCormick

    I have had an old veneer saw for 30 or 35 years and was getting ready to sharpen it. Instead I decided to browse the web to find the best one available for buying a new one. I decided on the one offered by Veneer Supplies and decided to order it sharpened. I just cut some new veneer from a koa wood burl and wanted a saw to be perfect for the job of book-matching the koa for two cabinet doors. I've been a furniture maker for nearly 50 years and have purchased tools and supplies from just about everyone. I could not be more satisfied with the saw and the various other items purchased from Veneer Supplies. As they say, if your product is the same as that offered by other companies your service better not be. Veneer Supplies provides perhaps the very best service I have ever encountered. Top notch in every way!!

  12. A Very Good Experience

    Review by John Capewell

    I'm repairing/restoring an antique clock which required missing to be replaced. Every cut I've made so far has amazed me, every other saw I I had, they couldn't come close to what I can do with this one, very clean cut like mill cut.

    This thing is amazing but so is the service. I was notified whenever there was a change in status and I got personal email to make sure everything was alright and an offer to do anything it took to make it right. I opted for the sharpening and that was very well done and worth getting. All in all a very good experience.

  13. High Quality and a Good Value

    Review by Jim Whalley

    Order was filled and received promptly, and was properly packed so nothing was damaged in transit. Sharpening was relatively easy and straightforward, taking me less than 10 minutes to put a bevel on both edges and flatten the back of the blade. Looked at both the Two Cherries and the Pax saws before buying this one. No difference in quality or finish that I could see. Very satisfied with the purchase and the service.

  14. Excellent Saw - Well Prepared to Use Out of the Box

    Review by Kelly Scott

    I'm always looking for a great tool and this one is definitely great. I got it pre-sharpened due to high activity in my shop. It is ready to use right out of the box. I've used it to packet cut 6 layers of veneers using a straight edge. The slip match joinery is perfect. Very clean cuts!

  15. Outstanding Tool, Exceptional Service

    Review by Paul Osman

    I had become aware that none of the veneer saws of this type are pre-sharpened, so that they are ready for use. More concerning still, few if any suppliers mention this. At 18 ppi I was delighted to find a supplier who offered a sharpening service - Bravo Joe. It cuts my 6/10 English Sycamore like a dream. Outstanding VFM and truly exceptional service in delivering my order to Italy. Thank you!

  16. Excellent Tool

    Review by Steven Wright

    This is a excellent tool. I used it for the first time tonight. It cuts perfectly. I used it on curly maple with the 3M pressure sensitive backing. No wandering or tearout, just a perfect straight line.

  17. Great Veneer Saw

    Review by Ken Gebhardt

    I ordered this saw pre-sharpened. I thought that I knew how to sharpen a veneer saw and I do but this was even better than I can do. The saw itself is excellent quality. Thanks!

  18. Best One Out There

    Review by Trisha Dearing

    Soo much better than a straight edge blade or Exacto knife. I ordered the additional option to have it sharpened and it was perfect! I highly recommend it.

  19. This is a Very Fine Veneer Saw

    Review by Craig Schindler

    As a cabinetmaker with forty-five years experience, I have frequently worked with veneers. I purchased my vacuum press about thirty years ago and have applied many types of veneer on all sorts of flat (and curved) surfaces. So I am embarrassed to admit that I only recently purchased a veneer saw. I had been using other techniques for cutting. I should not have waited so long; this saw is a dream to use. It is extremely sharp. It cuts precisely along a straightedge, and leaves an edge that is straight and square to the surface. I was cutting oak burl veneers and had no tear-out or splintering; just perfect edges.

  20. Shaprening Option Strongly Recommended

    Review by Steven Fazzini

    Sharpening option is well worth the added cost. Saw follows straight edge better than any knife. Light pressure is all you need. Take more than one pass for exceptional results.

  21. It is Sharp

    Review by Kevin Cowan

    I had Joe sharpen mine and it is sharp! I used it to cut purple heart which is extremely hard wood to begin with. Take your time and you'll be rewarded with a good cut. As a side note, my buddy has a large industrial paper cuter/slicer. He sharpened the edge and it worked fabulously!

  22. Buy This Now

    Review by Thomas Vogel

    Get this saw (I'm buying another soon). With a straight "straight" edge you will have perfect joints. Be sure to flatten out the face that the blade mounts to.

  23. Makes Veneer Trimming a Breeze

    Review by Austin Holgard

    I had opted for the blade to come sharpened and I'm so glad I did. I was able to put the veneer over MDF and slice off the excess with only a few passes over thicker veneer with the sticker backing. A great tool not only for veneer but tight little cuts of any kind.

  24. Great Saw and Very Sharp w/ Sharpening Service

    Review by Logan Anderson

    This was my first venture into the world of veneering. I knew that I didn't want the tools to mess up my experiment. Therefore I purchased this veneer saw, and I paid extra for the sharpening. The saw came in very sharp and did exactly what I needed it to do. I had to cut some 45 degree miters in the veneer, and it worked perfectly.

  25. Great Product

    Review by Deborah Garzon

    This tool is a blessing! So glad I decided to buy one. A must if you are veneering anything at all. I opted to get mine sharpened and works like a dream.

  26. Cuts Clean

    Review by Jim Patterson

    As a near novice with using veneer, I relied on Joe's advice on the best way to cut it. I ended up purchasing this saw pre-sharpened. Even though I am left handed, the saw is easy to use and very sharp. Use a good straight edge and light passes and this will work great for you too!

  27. Super Clean Cuts

    Review by Warren Coleman

    Very nice saw and Joe does a wonderful job giving it an initial sharpening. Cuts veneers like butter (well, almost), makes super clean cuts. Handle is reasonably comfortable and the price is great. Thanks!

  28. Cuts Like Butter

    Review by Patrick Starling

    Veneer saw made quick word of my etimoe veneer. Definitely suggest the sharpening! Cuts like butter. I tried a utility knife for a few edges on my project and it was always easier to use the saw.

  29. Much Easier

    Review by Travis Knope

    This pre-sharpened saw makes cutting straight lines in veneer much easier than using an Exacto knife, it doesn't veer off-line to follow the grain.

  30. Best Veneer Saw

    Review by Lonnie Edwards

    This saw works exceptionally well - especially if you have Joe sharpen it for you. I have another veneer saw, from a very reputable company, that cost almost $150 - Joe's veneer saw runs circles around it. I also got a replacement blade when I ordered the saw. Great veneer saw for a great price!

  31. Very Happy with It

    Review by Noel Poore

    I'm so glad I ordered this saw pre-sharpened. It arrived quickly, very carefully packed and is razor sharp. I'm a beginner with veneer but this saw makes clean, straight cuts very easy, so I'm very happy with it.

  32. Great Saw

    Review by Cory Martin

    This is my first veneer saw, for my first veneer project. I opted to have Joe sharpen it, and I'm glad I did. It cuts veneer for me much more precisely than I was getting with a razor. It is SUPER sharp, and thus cuts with little effort. Very high quality feel to it. Not much more to say, it cuts, as a saw should.

  33. Nice Veneer Saw

    Review by Mark Slivka

    This saw cuts through veneer like butter. I opted not to get it sharpened and I trying the saw on a small piece before I sharpen it and it did just ok. I then sharpened it myself and it make a big difference. If you don't feel comfortable sharpening yourself then I would recommend having Joe sharpen it for you.

  34. Buy it and Let Joe Sharpen It for You

    Review by Jason Tumlinson

    My first veneer saw, so I don’t have much basis for comparison as far as veneer saws go. But I do have a number of top notch backsaws from Lie Nielsen and so in, and this veneer saw cuts just as sweet. It does everything you need and nothing you don’t. Have him sharpen it for you and all will be well.

  35. Veneering Newbie

    Review by Larry Treuer

    Just picked this up and found it easy to sharpen. It does a great job and feels comfortable in my hand. I could not believe how quickly my order arrived. It is reasonably priced too !!

  36. Great Veneer Saw

    Review by Dwayne Cooper

    Bought the saw already sharpened. This was my first attempt at cutting veneer and it worked perfectly. Shipping was quick. The project turned out great. Edges fit together very tight.

  37. Very Good!

    Review by Mike Malaspina

    Very good veneer saw, easy to use, and nice results. The sharpness check was real customer service and much appreciated. Veneer Supplies is an excellent source for supplies and tools.

  38. Excellent Performance

    Review by Andrew Trammell

    I'm new to veneering but if tools like this continue to make my jobs easy and professional then I'll take as many as I can get! Excellent performance and shipped quickly.

  39. New Veneer Saw and Sharpening Service

    Review by Bob Cole

    I just received the new veneer saw and had it pre-sharpened for me. The saw cuts very well cutting through some very burly redwood and very burly Sapele like it was butter. I highly recommend this product to any veneer person. Be sure Joe sharpens it for you.

  40. Excellent Saw

    Review by Warren Griffin

    This is a great tool. I have made a few test cuts before I embark on the real project and find that it makes a very clean, straight cut. I tried a razor knife, a rounded tip on the razor knife, and a router. Everything followed the grain enough to leave gaps between the veneer pieces. I could not get a tight fit.

    I probably could have followed your instructions for sharpening the saw, but the cost of having you sharpen it was well worth it. I am not sure I could have done as well.

  41. Amazing Customer Service

    Review by James Scott

    Far beyond expectations. Joe sharpened this himself by hand. Not only is it a pleasure to do bushiness with these people, they offer some, if not the best products and customer service from any online dealer I have ever dealt with, and that says a lot when coming from me. With out Joe Woodworker and Veneer Supplies I wouldn't be doing what I do. They have made a whole world of new possibilities open up for me. Thanks for all your hard work.

  42. Great quality and value.

    Review by Alan Murzynowski

    This is an excellent saw at an excellent price with the added bonus of being able to get it pre-sharpened you can't come close to matching at Amazon and other internet giants. Delivery and customer service are also top shelf at Veneer Supplies. Thank you.

  43. Best Veneer Saw Ever

    Review by Marty Hook

    Excellent product. And quite a value since the box stores and other online retailers don't give you a personalized super sharpening service. Makes this saw cut thru veneer like no other saw I've used in the past.

  44. Quality Saw and Impressive Service!

    Review by Arnie Jew

    Being recently introduced to veneer work I settled on purchasing this tool because of the excellent reviews and service. Now having received the saw, I completely understand why the 5 star is of very good quality and extremely sharp. What was even more impressive was the customer service as Joe was very responsive to questions from me as a'll never get that kind of service from any big online retailer!

  45. Sharp Saw

    Review by Seth Morgulas

    Great veneer saw. Strongly recommend the sharpening service, makes for a great cut.

  46. Quality Sharpening and Good Service

    Review by Richard Sidwell

    I was very happy with the quality of the sharpening on this veneer saw. While I had read on sharpening, seeing what a sharpened one looked like really helped put in perspective. This is a quality product and I haven't had issues with its use.

  47. Just what the doctor ordered!

    Review by Steve Wood

    Super stoked to get this saw! I had it pre-sharpened and it came needle sharp. Fast shipping and great communication. Thank you for your services. I will be doing business with you again!

  48. Clean and Precise Cuts

    Review by Dominic Nepa

    The tool was perfectly packaged with my order that arrived quickly. I paid the few extra dollars for Joe to sharpen the tool, worth every penny. My cuts were clean and precise for my starburst table. And with joints spanning over 4’ in each direction I was incredibly impressed with how well the tool works.

    Add it to your order!

  49. Wow... the edges are very sharp!

    Review by Paul Cowan

    I have only good things to say about this tool. It was ordered on a Thursday morning and later that afternoon, a tracking number was emailed to me. Then it showed up at my door the next day. It was packed with paper surrounding the saw and there was a card on the saw reminding the user that the edges were sharp. Wow... the edges are very sharp! I ordered it with the pre-sharpen option and the teeth are like little razor blades. The clothe storage bag is a nice touch too.

  50. Review from Terrel, TX

    Review by Garret Haddock

    I am new to veneer work and this saw works better then I could have imagined. I ordered it pre-sharpened and it came razor sharp. I ordered on a weeknight and it shipped by noon the next day. excellent customer service. I will definitely be ordering from here again.

  51. Review from Absecon, NJ

    Review by Tony Eldis

    I recently placed an order with
    The web site was user friendly and it was easy to find what I was looking for. Customer service was excellent, something that is missing from so many online sites. My order was filled quickly and I received it sooner than I thought. I will be ordering all my veneering supplies from Joe.

  52. Review from Broad Brook, CT

    Review by Albert S. Grant

    I ordered the veneer saw sharpened and I'm glad I did. It has remained very sharp - no tear out problems. Delivery was prompt.

  53. Review from Bronx, NY

    Review by Rachel Lime

    Joe with fulfilled our order promptly and with the utmost excellent service. The Two Cherries Veneer saws were received just as advertised and very quickly from them. I would highly recommend them as a source for your tooling and veneer requirements.

  54. Review from Woodbridge, VA

    Review by Martin Nordberg

    I have used fancier/more expensive veneer saws, but the traditional offset handle and easily resharpened blade is a better choice. It was great to have it come pre-sharpened and working well.

  55. Review from Malvern, PA

    Review by Steve Scartozzi

    Veneer saw arrived very quickly and extremely sharp.

  56. Review from Lafayette, IN

    Review by Richard Bartholomew

    I ordered the pre-sharpened veneer saw and it made great cuts. Sharp, crisp and clean lines ready to join with the veneer joint tape. Thanks Joe

  57. Review from Crystal, Minnesota

    Review by Ryan S

    I was having trouble with getting a clean cut on paper backed veneer using a router. This saw with Joe's pre-sharpened blade is amazing! Saving me a lot of time and keeps my workplace much cleaner. Highly recommended!

  58. Review from Bellevue, Washington

    Review by Benjamin Docherty

    The people at Two Cherries could learn a thing or two about sharpening these saws. I ordered pre-sharpened veneer saw and a not-pre-sharpened replacement blade. The difference between the two is amazing. The pre-sharpened blade is so much faster and the edge of the veneer is cut perfectly. I dont think I could ask for a better tool than this one and the price here is hard to beat. I found this saw on Amazon (without pre-sharpening!!!) for the same price as the pre-sharpened saw here.

  59. Review from Northville, Michigan

    Review by Tristan Trafford

    I ordered the Two-Cherries veneer saw with the sharpening option and some Super Soft veneer softener. I am very happy with my order and it was processed and shipped extremely fast. It came very well packed and protected. I am excited and can't wait to actually order some of the veneer on this site as it looks fantastic! In addition, the fact that this website has great information pertaining to veneering and other processes is a step above most other websites. Thanks again! Look forward to my next order!

  60. Review from Suprise Arizona

    Review by Tania G

    The two cherries saw is a must have tool. I bought it pre-sharpened and it cannot get any sharper than that. I loved doing business with Joe. I'd definitely buy from this seller again.

  61. Razor Sharp

    Review by Joe K

    Watch your fingers.. this thing is razor sharp. I chose the pre-sharpened saw option. It came in my starter pack. For my first attempt, I found it was not a good option for my thicker home made veneer. I made some 1/16" thick which required multiple passes. No problem and not the saw's fault. I know it will work great when I start doing standard 1/42" veneer. I've seen other saws for the same price and they don't have Joe's edge

  62. My joints are almost invisible now.

    Review by Luis T

    I needed a precision tool to joint veneer and after reading all the comments and reviews decided to try it. Until now my main veneer cutting tool was a utility knife but the results were far from satisfactory.
    I order the knife pre-sharpened since I have never tried to set and sharpen this type of tool. Arrived fast and very well packed among the other supplies I ordered. First test cut was AMAZINGLY straight and clean! What a difference! My joints are almost invisible now. 100% recommended!

  63. Wiicked Sharp!

    Review by Jim T

    This thing is wicked sharp! The upgraded sharpening you did on the stock saw blade elevates it from steak knife to scalpel.

  64. This Does the Job

    Review by John St. John

    For more than two decades I would joint veneers with a router bit in various jigs. It was tedious and not very satisfactory. I was skeptical that a saw could give a clean edge, but this does the job. Properly taped seams are flawless. I can do multi-edged projects like four-way matches easily and with confidence. And yes, I had Joe do the sharpening.

  65. In order for a veneer saw to work good...

    Review by Matt P.

    In order for a veneer saw to work good you have to have really good veneer and I will only purchase my veneer from Joe. Joe's veneer is 5 star all the way. By the way let him sharpen your saw he does a perfect job at it.

  66. The Right Tools Definitely Make a Difference

    Review by Dave W

    I'm brand new to veneering, and before I bought this saw I tried several other veneer cutting techniques - including a razor knife. The razor knife just followed the grain no matter how hard I tried, so I broke down and ordered this veneer saw. My first attempt using the veneer saw resulted in a perfect seam. The right tools definitely make a difference, and it's totally worth the small charge to receive the saw sharpened and ready to use.

  67. Add Me To The List!

    Review by Mark Brady

    I'm another customer who is going to write about this veneer saw and Joe's incredible sharpening job.

    I bought this saw not thinking it would be much more than satisfactory. That was a huge mistake - this saw is wonderful. The sharpening job is first class and it cuts through veneer like a scalpel. I use it mostly on walnut burl that I lay up for bookmatching simple designs for table tops and it cuts like a Ginsu knife through a tomato.

    You wont be disappointed with this saw if you get it pre-sharpened. For the money, you just cant beat the quality of the saw and the hand sharpening process that Joe gives it.

  68. A must-have for veneering

    Review by Sheri P.

    Have Joe sharpen it for you and you won't be disappointed. Gives very clean straignt cuts for your seams.

  69. Dangerously Sharp!

    Review by Cacy

    I had Joe sharpen it... well worth the extra cost.

  70. Excellent Tool at an Excellent Price!

    Review by Paul E.

    I recently tried a friend's Two Cherries veneer saw and was amazed. It had a much nicer action and a better cut than the veneer saw I own, and it was HALF the price I paid for mine! I am definitely adding one to my kit ASAP.

  71. Presharpened is the only way to go.

    Review by Bill H.

    When the saw is SHARP, it works great, but it is NOT sharp as it comes from the factory. Take advantage of Joe's sharpening service. He does a great job and the price is right.

  72. Wow - Precision Cut From A Simple Hand Tool

    Review by Rod Roland

    The Two Cherries veneer saw beats any other low-tech method for getting tight seams. I've never been more satisfied with a hand tool than I am with this saw. I ordered mine with the pre-sharpening option and right out of the bag, I could see that this was a tool worth that is worth the cost. I even bought another saw to give to a friend of mine who just got into veneering. He too was amazed.

  73. The Best Veneering Tool

    Review by Mike Doughty

    This is the best veneering tool a person can use and do agree to get it sharpened. I make custom game boards and particularly chess boards and tight invisible seams are a must and this tool does deliver. I'm left handed and with a simple clamping jig to establish the strips in equal widths it's now possible to put the router away and work in a quieter and much cleaner environment. Thank you for a great tool and the service was unbelievable. Thanks again and I'll definitely be back for more saw blades.

  74. An Amazing Tool

    Review by Jack Gifford

    I have been veneering speaker cabinets for years, and have always used a router to trim off the excess from a finished panel. Finally I bought a Two Cherries Veneer saw so that I could try splicing two pieces of veneer together. The saw works exactly as described, and is extremely useful for that purpose, but it is the best trimmer I have used for removing the excess overlap from the edge of a veneered panel. Simply back the veneer with a block of wood, and cut away. Beats a router every time.

    This saw should be in every woodworkers tool kit. Used properly, it is an amazing tool.

  75. The Pouch Is A Great Accessory

    Review by John V.

    Get it pre-sharpened and you'll be doing perfect veneer seams instantly. The handy dandy pouch that it comes with is a great accessory.

  76. The Real Deal

    Review by Tim Rumbinas

    For those that prefer a European style saw (as I do) this is the real deal. The correct tooth pattern makes a huge difference in the cut.

    Joe provides a good overview of sharpening here, but I've been following the advice given in the late Tage Frid's "Tage Frid Teaches Woodworking." Basically, file it like a saw -- sharpen it like a knife.

    The finest Nicholson saw file does a great job filing -- three or four strokes on each tooth (one can do this by eye), then hone the bevel edge like a knife. I use 1000, 4000, and 8000 grit water stones.

    Then -- and here's the big dividend -- polish the BACK of the blade on your finest stone. I use the 8000 grit waterstone, and apply pressure with a jointed block of scrap wood to keep the blade flat against the stone.

    The first time you flatten the back, you may need to go through a range of grits, but afterwards, the it should only need a few seconds on the fine stone.

    When you get this right, you're cuttin' pretty.

    (Comment by Joe: The pre-sharpened saws offered on the website are completed with a 4000 grit waterstone on the front and back.)

  77. Don't Forget Veneer Tape

    Review by Joann Trumel

    Worth every penny! Combine this saw with some veneer tape and you'll be making sunbursts and quadmatches on any project you can think of. We got our order only a day after the order was placed and it was packed very well. We are truly satisfied and will be shopping here very often.

  78. This Saw Is Absolutely Incredible

    Review by Thom Garriths

    I just wanted to post that this saw is absolutely incredible. I got the pre-sharpened version and I'm amazed by how sharp it is. Joe has one helluva good tool here and the price is outstanding. This same saw sells for $18 at most places ... and thats unsharpened.

    Great tool!!!!

  79. Laser Like Cut

    Review by Jason Andreasen

    Just got my saw yesterday, but already have used it quite a bit to joint several sheets and rough trim veneer from the panels. I opted to order the saw pre-sharpened. I have no idea how it performs "un-sharpened", but when sharpened it truely does live up to the claim of "laser like cut". With a good straightedge and the aid of some veneer tape, for the first time I've achieved really great (dare I say "invisible") joints.

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