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Better Bond Titan DX™
Premium Contact Cement



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Product Description

Titan DX

Better Bond Extreme Performance AdhesivesThis is no ordinary contact adhesive and it has little in common with the water-based contact cement found in most hardware stores. This unique high-solids adhesive has no competition when it comes to strength, resilience and ease of use. Titan DX™ will permanently bond paper backed and 2-ply veneers to any porous substrate including particle board, MDF and plywood. In addition, it works with leather, fabrics and many other porous materials. Not for use with raw wood (unbacked) veneers or plastic laminates.

There's no denying that contact cement has been a hot topic among professional cabinetmakers. In many parts of the country, OSHA has forced cabinet shops to halt the use of solvent-based contact cements. These shops are now required to use an environmentally friendly contact adhesive instead. Until now there has been no decent alternative and the most common issues with waterborne contact cement are poor bond strength and durability.

One company stepped up to the plate to fix this problem and developed an impressive water based-contact cement that performs even better than the solvent based types. There is a lot to love about this adhesive. It has a very long open-time. It doesn't fill your shop with hazardous fumes. And most importantly, it bonds like nothing else I've seen.

Titan DX TestI have thoroughly tested this adhesive with paperbacked and 2-ply veneer. Click on the picture to see the results when I used pliers to remove the veneer from an MDF panel. The entire top layer of fibers came off with the adhesive. Titan DX is stronger than the substrate material!


  • Low odor
  • Easy clean up
  • Non-flammable
  • Water resistant
  • Very long open time
  • Water resistant when dry
  • Exceptionally high coverage rate

Coverage: 100 square feet per quart / 400 square feet per gallon
Safety Information:
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Freeze Protection Information: Click here for details    Freeze Protection Info


  1. Not for use with unbacked veneers or 2 ply veneers which have the face and back side grain going in the same direction (also known as "parallel backer"). Not for use on non-virgin, hollow core, or solid wood substrates.
  2. Surfaces to be bonded must be free from moisture, dirt and any oil residue. The bonding surfaces must also have a neutral pH.
  3. Like all water-based adhesives, Titan DX will only bond to a porous substrate. Sealers, coatings or laminants on the substrate will prevent the adhesive from adequate bonding. Do not clean the surface with mineral spirits.
  4. Remove any surface contaminants and test for porosity by placing a drop of water on the substrate. The surface can typically be considered porous if the water drop absorbs within 15 seconds.
  5. Both the adhesive and surfaces to be bonded should be at 65° F when used. Both surfaces must be porous. It is always a good idea to scuff sand the back of the veneer and the substrate. Test the adhesive on a scrap or sample piece first.
  6. Use 80 grit sand paper to thoroughly scuff the back of the veneer and the face of the substrate.
  7. Shake gently before using. Mask off panel edges and other areas where excess adhesive is undesirable because removal of cured Titan DX is very difficult. Then use a glue roller to apply one even coat to each surface. The importance of applying this glue correctly can not be overstated. Don't make the mistake of using a paint brush or paint roller to apply this adhesive. Our reusable glue roller is the recommended application tool.
  8. An additional coat may be required on very porous surfaces, but should not be applied if the first coat provides a thoroughly tacky surface. Lower ambient temperature will increase the amount of time for the adhesive to set up and can reduce bond strength. A clear, glossy coat is the visual indicator that the adhesive is ready for application of the veneer. Cloudy areas indicate incomplete drying. Dull areas indicate insufficient adhesive.
  9. Allow both surfaces to set up (25 - 35 minutes) before combining. Set up times are affected by humidity, thickness of the adhesive application, and temperature. Make bonds as soon as possible after the adhesive has set up and no longer has a milky appearance. Adhesion occurs instantly upon contact.
  10. A handheld roller will not create adequate pressure to make a permanent bond on wood veneer. It is critical to use a veneer scraper to set the bond and make it permanent. Always move the scraper in the direction of the grain. Use sufficient pressure with the veneer scraper to insure complete mating of the surfaces.

Where can I find a chart that shows all of the Better Bond veneer glue differences?
This downloadable adhesive chart shows all of key points about each of the Better Bond veneer adhesives and may be helpful when choosing a glue for your next veneering project.

Will Titan DX work on unbacked veneers?
This adhesive is suitable for most backed veneers (2 ply and paperbacked). It is not suitable for unbacked veneer.

Why is Titan DX not suitable for all backed veneers and all substrates?
Some 2 ply veneers are made with acidic adhesives and/or backer veneers with high tannic acid content. And some substrates contain chemicals that are acidic as well. A non-neutral pH surface will de-stabilize the polymers in Titan DX. When this happens, the adhesive will typically turn white and gummy. This is not an issue with the Titan adhesive. It is simply an incompatibility with non-neutral surfaces. The 2 ply veneers offered at work exceptionally well with Titan DX. You should always test this adhesive on same-surface scrap materials to verify compatibility.

Why do the instructions indicate that Titan DX is not suitable for non-virgin, hollow core, or solid wood substrates?
Non-virgin surfaces are those which previously had a stain, finish, top-coat, or other chemical intentionally or accidentally applied to the surface. These chemicals often can not be removed and will impact the integrity of the bond. Hollow core substrates may not be rigid enough to prevent any warping that can occur with the application of any water-based glue, stain, or top coating. Solid wood substrates are generally not suitable for use with any type of contact cement.

What else should I order with this glue?
The glue roller and a veneer scraper tool are "must have" items when working with Titan DX contact cement.

Do I have to use a 20 mil paperbacked veneer if I plan to use contact cement?
In my opinion, there is a myth being passed around the internet that says 10 mil paperbacked veneer is not suitable for use with contact cement. In 20+ years of working with veneer, I have never found any problems with 10 mil paperbacked veneer adhered with a contact cement that is applied by roller. There is no need to upgrade to 20 mil paper backing if a smooth uniform coat of contact cement is applied to a smooth substrate surface.

How can this glue claim to have a permanent bond?
Once the adhesive has set up and is ready for the veneer to be set upon the substrate, you will feel an impressive amount of tackiness on both surfaces. It will feel more tacky than most solvent-based adhesives. If the two surfaces are allowed to touch, it is not likely that you will be able to cleanly separate them. After the veneer has been applied and "set" with a veneer scraper tool, the bond will be permanent. There will be no way to remove the veneer from the project surface at that point. The glue line will still be soft at first, but the bond will be permanent. Unlike other water-based contact adhesives, the glue line will turn rigid after 24 hours if applied correctly.

Will the water content of this glue create any issues?
Some species, grains, and backers can expand when a water-based adhesive is applied. It typically takes 24 hours for the veneer to return to its normal size. Therfore it is best to allow a day before flush trimming the veneer panel. This is especially true for flat cut veneers - and more so for maple. And speaking of maple, we do not recommend Titan DX for use with maple burl veneers.

What kind of finishes can be used on a project that has been veneered using this adhesive?
You can use water-based, oil-based, lacquer-based, and alkyd-based stains and top coats. Shellac is also a fine finish coating. Do not flood the surface with the first coat of finish. Apply a light coat and allow it to dry. Then proceed with heavier coats of finish as needed.

Is this adhesive suitable for areas of high heat or moisture?
No contact cement is ideal for projects that will be subject high or prolonged amounts of heat. Additionally, we do not recommend this contact cement for areas exposed to excessive moisture or humidity.

Can I use spray equipment to apply this adhesive?
Sprayers designed for low-viscosity adhesives may work with Titan DX.

Will Titan work on plastic laminates?
It's best to use Titan DX only on porous surfaces. When I developed this adhesive, I never requested it to work with plastic laminates but the chemist involved in the project said that it could work for that type of material. However, there are many chemicals that can be found on the back of a plastic laminate and some of those chemicals will prevent Titan DX from adhering.

Will Titan DX bond to foam board, metal, plastic, glass, or pre-finished wood surfaces?
Titan DX will only bond properly to a porous surface. Plastic, glass, metal, and pre-finished wood surfaces are not porous.

Does Titan DX bond to surfaces that have been patched with Bondo?
Generally speaking, the two-part types of fillers like Bondo are non-porous. Titan DX does not bond well to non-porous surfaces but if the filled area is small and it is thoroughly scuff-sanded, you will likely get adequate adhesion. I've also had success with Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty. Be sure to scuff sand the filled area with 60 or 80 grit paper to get maximum bond strength. It is very important to use a scraper tool to "set" the bond.

Can Titan DX be used on non-porous surfaces?
Like all water-based adhesives, Titan DX only bonds porous surfaces. We provide no warranty whatsoever if either of the bonding surfaces are non-porous. Materials such as plywood, MDF, particle board, and paperbacked veneers are often not porous unless they are scuff sanded with 80 grit sand paper.

What can I do if the veneer needs to be removed from the project after being bonded with Titan DX?
First, say a prayer because removing the veneer and the glue will not be easy. Some customers have said that removal of the veneer with hot air and a putty knife is possible. Of course, the veneer is ruined by doing this. The next step is removing the adhesive from the substrate and that will be tricky. Thanks to Nick F. for the following comments... "I used mineral spirits soaked on the surface for 20 minutes and a very sharp bench plane iron as a scraper.  Once the majority of the glue was off, I soaked the ply again, waited 20 minutes and ran the scraper from top to bottom like plowing a field to get the residual glue film off of the surface."

What is the clean up process with this adhesive?
Clean rollers with hot water mixed with 10% liquid detergent while the adhesive is still wet. Rollers will never come completely clean but they will clean up well enough that it can be used again many more times. The roller in my shop isn't as soft as new but it still works very well. If the adhesive starts to dry to the roller, soak it in mineral spirits for an hour and then clean with hot water and soft-to-medium duty scrub brush. Cured adhesive can not be removed from rollers.

Is Titan DX freeze/thaw stable?
This adhesive is not usable if it is allowed to freeze. Once frozen, it turns to a solid lump of very hard rubber.

Can I use this glue even if it is beyond the shelf life?
That is a risk that you have to be willing to take. I would not recommend it and I would not use an expired adhesive for my veneer projects. Typically there are no visual indicators that a glue has exceeded the shelf life and is not suitable for use.

What causes a bubble to form in a veneer panel?
Bubbles only occur for three reasons. The first and most common is from excessive moisture being absorbed into the wood cells which causes them to expand. Maple (especially flat cut) is notorious for expanding quite a bit when there are any changes to moisture content whether it be from glue or just ambient humidity. This is greatly worsened when used in an overly dry shop as the wood cells become like sponges. When working with any kind of veneer, it is critical to keep moisture at a reasonable level - around 40% RH. There is a good article here that goes into detail about humidifying the work space in dry winter conditions.

The importance of controlling absorption of moisture from the adhesive cannot be overstated. Keeping moisture in check starts with thoroughly scuff sanding the substrate with 60 to 80 grit paper. Plywood, MDF, and particle board are often thought to be porous, but the manufacturing of these sheet goods creates a surface that is often not very porous at all. Thorough scuff sanding with a coarse grit paper will help make the substrate more porous, and doing so allows the moisture from the adhesive to draw into the substrate. If the substrate is not scuff sanded and left non-porous, then the water content from the adhesive is forced to slowly migrate into the veneer where it causes swelling (often days after the panel is thought to be finished). Also, if too much adhesive is applied, or if the adhesive coating is not given enough time to dry before the veneer is set upon the substrate, then more moisture is retained in the veneer and substrate which leads to swelling of wood cells and the creation of bubbles.

The second cause of bubbling is from scraping across the grain. Doing so will always lead to bubbles. Scraping across the grain stretches the veneer. Veneer has excellent longitudinal strength, but comparatively little across the grain. It's hard to believe, but true. When the stretched veneer starts to return to its normal size, bubbles will form.

A third and final cause of bubbling in veneer is from veneer that is poorly bonded to a substrate, stored in a dry shop, and then moved to a location of much higher humidity. A good example of this occurs when a poorly bonded panel is made in a heated/non-humidified shop and then installed in an area of much higher humidity such as a boat cabin.

What other details should I know?
Shelf Life: 8 - 12 months (based storage conditions)
Coverage: 100 square feet per quart / 200 square feet per half gallon
Storage: Store in a dry area at 60° F – 80° F
Compatibility: Titan DX is compatible with most stains and finishes including lacquer, conversion varnish, and polyurethane.

Product Reviews

  1. Love This Glue!

    Review by John Cilliers

    Great glue and is easy to use. It made my project a cinch. The glue was delivered with a couple of other products I ordered, with no delays. This was my first order from Veneer Supplies, and all I can say this family-owned business provides outstanding service and quality products

  2. Thoroughly and Completely Impressed with Titan

    Review by Matt Hughes

    I just finished a very large entertainment center with paper-backed walnut veneer (from this website) using Titan contact cement and a scraper tool.

    There was a good bit of skepticism on my part since I've always used solvent contact cement and it always worked well. A small test with some plywood was a good idea because I found that the glue is so strong I can't peel it off. If I pull hard enough then the whole veneer face comes off the plywood. You can't ask for a stronger bond! Very happy I chose this contact cement and bought from this company. They are highly recommended!

  3. This Stuff is Amazing

    Review by John Havel

    Ordered for a kitchen refacing project I'm currently working on. This stuff is amazing. Very easy to use and sticks like crazy. Love it! My go to moving forward.

  4. Can't Say Enough!

    Review by Ron Carter

    Great product, easy to work with. The glue exceeded my expectations. I've worked with other contact cements but this one worked better. Any questions that I had were answered promptly by Joe via email. Really impressed with his effort and information available on his website concerning the veneering process. My order was shipped pretty quick in good shape. I definitely will recommend Joe and his team to my fellow craftsmen. Looking forward to my next encounter with VeneerSupplies.

  5. Good Product

    Review by Rick Peterson

    Product is easy to use and works great. The cleanup is easy. The instructions were easy to follow and the application of the product worked as explained in them.

  6. Worked Great

    Review by David Bowling

    We needed a water soluble contact cement for acoustic panels and this worked great!! Any questions I had were answered right away, and it only took a few days to arrive!
    Thank you!

  7. Good Tight Bond

    Review by Eric Tappan

    I used 2 bottles of this glue for my (very drawn out) kitchen remodel where I was making all the cabinets from scratch. The first bottle from over a year ago was stored inappropriately in a hot porch so I bought a second bottle to be safe on finishing the veneer for the upper cabinets. It rolls on easy, cleans up nice and doesn't smell near as bad as the contact cement I have used in the past. Good tight bond that held up through tung oil and varnish finish.

  8. A Truly Tenacious Bond

    Review by Scott Runyan

    Titan DX has been a success in my shop. It is easy to apply, easy to clean up, and offers an excellent bond. It's the only contact cement I use for paper backed veneers.

  9. Highly Recommended - Mild Smell - Holds Great

    Review by Sarah Shields

    I use this exclusively for shoemaking where I am also hand stitching the soles to the rubber. The glue holds well by itself but I would sew to be safe. It does not have a very strong smell at all. I'm pretty sensitive to chemicals and contact cements. I apply with ONE finger, then it's easy to wipe (ball up) off the finger. Also can use a pastry brush. I highly recommend this to all my shoemaking students!

  10. The Titan DX Miracle

    Review by Bud Burik

    I've been using contact cement in my shop for fifty years (God, I'm old), and Titan DX is the best I've found anywhere. And it's non-flammable!

    I've tried the plaid major brand non-flammable and it, uh, doesn't stick. Titan DX is the only cement I'll ever buy again--non-flammable, no odor, easy cleanup, excellent bond. What more could you ask for? Veneer Supplies is top-notch!

  11. Really good glue, just be sure to wait for it to dry!

    Review by Javad Shadzi

    So far I really like this stuff, but as with any contact adhesive, it does need to be applied and used properly. I gave it 4-stars as I did have an issue with it, however I was able to resolve it.

    Temp 65F, I applied one coat to each piece but it never got glossy, so I added a second coat and waited about 20 minutes for it to dry. It was dry to the touch, clear and glossy, so I went ahead and applied it, but when I did there was a sort of "bubble" under the center of veneer, and despite my best effort with the veneer scraper I could not get it to stick. In a panic I almost ripped it all off, but decided to give it one shot and clamped a board over the area tightly and let it sit for 24hour.

    Much to my pleasure that worked! Turns out I don't think I waited long enough, the second I did the same way and waited 60 minutes and it all bonded perfectly! Good stuff, just be sure not to rush it!

    [Note from Joe: It's a shame he docked a star because of a mistake he made.]

  12. I will never use solvent based adhesive again!

    Review by John Gowrie

    Wow... this stuff works! NO FUMES! In the winter months, it just gets way too cold in my shop. So I needed something that I could apply in my basement but without the worry of an explosion with a gas heater in the area. This product is really easy to work with and it has almost zero fumes... I mean it literally doesn't have any unless you get down close to the piece and take a deep breath.

  13. Amazing Product!

    Review by John Hingle

    This product is absolutely amazing! Super strong bond and no harsh odor. I used it to bond some of the Micra-Stone veneer. I'll definitely be back for more Joe!

  14. Works Great Even On Unconventional Projects!

    Review by Jonny Bilodeau

    I purchased a half gallon of the Titan DX to glue leather together for making bagpipe bags. I had previously used some stinky box store adhesive that didn't hold and smelled so bad that I never want to use it again. The Titan DX was recomended to me by another bagpipe maker and worked extremely well; The bag is completely airtight! I am very happy with the results.

  15. Best Water-Based Contact

    Review by Bill Lee

    Used this product to laminate 3/4” plywood together to make 1-1/2” panels worked very well I think it holds as well as solvent based products. We are very pleased with this contact cement.

  16. Goes a Long Way

    Review by Ed Eudy

    A contact cement that works well and is water based... I have found it. It goes a long way too.

  17. Great Product Knowledge

    Review by Mark Michels

    This is the best product for my small job and without great website and product description I would of never got the right product for my veneer project.

  18. My Review: This is the best contact cement ever!

    Review by Nathan Davis

    "I don't trust waterbased contact cement." This is what I would have said a year ago, but a competing cabinet shop turned me on to the Titan contact cement and I will never go back to a solvent adhesive at this point. I had two almost-identical commercial displays for a client in June of last year. Our crew had already started the first unit when the Titan glue showed up so when the second unit was ready for the cherry veneer work, I gave them Titan. This is a sprayable adhesive with the right pressure, nozzle, and orifice. It's nice that there is no stinky smell but what matters is the bond quality. The guys liked the instant adhesion and first impression on the bond was a good one.

    They left a test scrap panel on the work bench which we were going to test with a tried-and-true conversion varnish. I personally tested the finish a few days later by spraying the panel with an excessive amount of finish. The board was dripping with finish. I tried later in the day to pry some of the veneer off and the bond was so tight that I needed a chisel to get under the glue line. I brought our shop manager in to look at this and he grabbed an off cut from the solvent contact cement we had been using for years. He slid his fingernail under that piece and was able to lift enough of the veneer to get an area large enough to pinch and then he pulled the veneer right off the MDF.

    I'm not going to post my business name here for privacy reasons but my company builds upper-range commercial case goods. We have more than 30 employees of which more than half are trained craftsmen (and craftswomen). Each of them had a chance to try out our second gallon of Titan and despite the somewhat longer set up time, no one wanted to go back to the hazardous contact cement we have been using for over a decade. Yes... the set up time (where the water has to flash off) is a bit longer and it is an expensive glue. I don't care though because it is a quality contact cement. Also should mention that the open time is close to two days (yes - 48 hours!). That really helps in our shop because the crew is often doing more than two things at once.

    The bond strength is what really sells this glue for us and we will not be going back to solvent based contact cement. I just made my 5th purchase here for another 4 gallons. Joe sent me an email with the tracking information and a personal note asking me to write a review since I've used so much of it. I'm sure we will be buying more.

  19. Highy Recommended

    Review by Adam Thompson

    I dropped by a cabinet shop that does a lot of high-end antique restorations. I just wanted to ask for some help with a dining room table I was building last month. The table top was made from MDF with a paper backed Cherry veneer on top and around the apron. I didn't want to use any adhesive with a lot of fumes so I asked what the cabinet shop owner was using. He said he had been using the Titan cement for a couple of years and highly recommended it.

    I understand now why he uses it. The bond is much, much better than the flammable contact cement at [a large hardware store chain]. There is nothing bad that I could say about this contact cement. It stuck very well and was easy to use. No complaints here at all and I recommend it to anyone who wants a great bond without fussing with smelly and dangerous solvent-filled contact cement.

  20. Great Product but Really Great Customer Service

    Review by John "Jack" Keeney

    I have to admit that I didn't like this glue at first. There were problems with it gumming up my roller almost right away so I sent an email to the admin of this website with a fairly nasty complaint. It was clear that the owner of this company wanted to help. He asked me to send him a sample of the veneer and the substrate along with the bottle of contact cement. He actually sent me a prepaid return label which was surprising to say the least. A few days passed and I got an email from him that explained the issue. My veneer was causing the problem; it was a cheap veneer with a backing made from some unknown species that was too acidic. I bought it (and much more) from a furniture company that shut down a few years ago because of a fire. We guessed that the fire may even have had something to do with it.

    What happened next is hard to believe. The owner of the company sent back the adhesive along with a new glue roller and 4 samples of his two ply veneer. He also adhered a sample of two ply veneer to my substrate with the Titan glue. Then he emailed me a coupon code for a discount on any two ply veneer I wanted. I took the opportunity and bought three sheets of flat cut cherry. I was very hesitant at first so I did a test panel. It worked perfect. I have more confidence in the bond than I've had in any other project. That was two weeks ago. The credenza and desk are finished now and sitting in my client's office... looking flawless as expected.

    There is a moral to this story. May be a couple of them. One, don't use junk veneer. Two, follow the instructions. Three, there are people who run internet businesses that can be trusted.

  21. It worked Flawlessly

    Review by Tim Durant

    I have ordered this three times in the past 18 months. It has no peer for the plastic impregnated flooring I have been using in my rentals. We bought several thousand square feet of discontinued commercial flooring from the Permagrain warehouse here in North Central PA and when we ran out of their BB-120 water based adhesive we tried all kinds of options for about two years until we ran across this Titan DX.

    Our first order was for a 1/2 gallon, it worked flawlessly! Recently we ordered two gallons. We are hooked. Fast, well packed trouble free delivery and a product that does what it says it will. Can't ask for more.

  22. Could Not Be More Pleased

    Review by Craig Parker

    Just finished my first veneer project. Replaced veneer on a friend's dinning table. I purchased the scraper, roller and Titan DX contact cement from Joe. Could not be more pleased with how it turned out. I was a little worried about it, first time doing this. Worked exactly as described. Shipped to me in a timely manner. I'm very pleased with the services and highly recommend doing business with these folks.

  23. Restored Antique Mahogany Table Came Out Perfectly

    Review by Stan Matthews

    This glue was used to put a new paper backed veneer onto a 60's dining room table that had fallen into disrepair from years of use and abuse. I removed the old veneer and sanded the surface with 60 grit until I got down to the original bare wood. I applied the cement onto the veneer and the table top as the instructions indicate and let it set up for 15 or 20 minutes. Then, I had my brother help me lay the veneer over the table. We worked with the scrapers tools that you can get from this webstore.

    You have to work from the center going out but never go across the grain. It's very easy to do. The next morning I went back to the shop and found my trim router for a quick trimming and then some light sanding. I've used contact cement before but none of them are this good. This glue really hardens up after several hours and I'm telling you there is no way its going to come off. I recommend this webstore to my woodworking cohorts and now I will be recommending this glue as well.

  24. Really Impressed

    Review by H. Michael Logan

    I recently built a dining room table and chairs set. The table top and aprons were made from paper-backed cherry veneer. I've done a lot of veneering projects with this type of veneer and I've always used Weldwood contact cement but the fumes can be a bit strong and I don't like the lingering smell of it in my shop. Rarely have I had any issues with this type of glue but I wanted to try a water-based contact cement anyhow. A couple of woodworking forums mentioned Titan contact cement and I sent a few private messages to the users who had mentioned it on the forums. All of them wrote back with positive comments and I'm adding my own here. This glue is better than anything else I've tried. The coverage is impressive but the bond strength is better than any solvent contact cement could dream of having. I bought the glue roller and the scraper thing here on this website along with the half-gallon order of Titan because these are tools that were recommended by the owner of this company. He was quick to respond to my emails and just as fast getting my order shipped. Overall I'm just really impressed with this glue and this company. I honestly can't think of better words to type to describe how well this glue works. You just apply it and let it dry. Then you lay the veneer onto the project board and scrape it down. It bonds very strong right away. Wait a day and you'll find that it is permanently bonded.

  25. Review from Atlanta, GA

    Review by Zach Consorti

    I have used a few different waterborne contact adhesives and this one outperforms them all. Very happy with this product. If applied according to the directions it will perform as well as any of the solvent bornes I have used.

  26. Review from Phoenixville PA

    Review by Joe Corsi

    Shipment arrived very quickly and was well packaged, thanks Joe! The Titan DX is great to work with. Using a veneer roller and scraper achieving perfect results with this contact cement is hardly a challenge. I will definitely use this stuff again.

  27. Review from University Place, WA

    Review by Larry King

    The package arrived on time and included Titan DX cement, the small roller and the veneer scraper. I used all three to put a new top on an old oak dresser. I had a piece of oak veneer. The Titan DX went on very smoothly and none of it went over the edges. The small roller worked great. Following the Titan DX instructions I waited for low humidity and temps. above 65 degrees. After getting the top down I followed the photo instructions on this site for attaching paper backed veneer using the veneer scraper. There is a precise pattern from Joe for scraping. After doing that, there were no bubbles or soft spots. The new top just seemed like it was born there. The scraper is a great value and works perfectly. You can feel the top settling into the Titan cement. After scraping and cleaning up I waited until the next day to trim. This new top should last for decades. It's just beautiful.

  28. Review from Baltimore, MD

    Review by Gil Shriver

    I have been using this contact cement for several years in my yacht repair business. I've used it on a few multi-million dollar vessels and it always sticks perfectly. You can find other water-based contact glues in Home Depot and Lowes but they dont work for long... especially on a boat fixture. I don't personally know Joe (the owner of this site) but I can tell you that he runs a top notch outfit and only sells quality items. This glue is no exception.

  29. Review from Zeeland, MI

    Review by Eric Sooy

    This adhesive out performs 3M NF-30! I've used both extensively.

  30. Excellent Results

    Review by Luis T

    This is the first time with this glue. Excellent results, very easy to work and ultra strong bond. I reveneered a heavily damaged console and this product was a real lifesaver.

  31. Satisfied Customer

    Review by Niles Miller

    I've always been weary on buying glue online but I sent several questions to the owner of this site and he replied quickly. I placed an order and received it in two days. My first project with this glue was a paperbacked cherry veneer being applied to plywood for a head cabinet backing. I just did one coat on each side and waited for it to dry a bit. Before I applied the veneer, I touched the surface with my fingers and I swear they almost bonded to the plywood! This glue is really good. I trimmed the panel later on and found that the bond was strong enough that there was no tear out at the saw edge. Overall I am very happy and would recommend this glue to anyone looking for a non-toxic contact cement.

  32. This Glue Is Fantastic

    Review by Todd W

    Just finished my first veneer project-- a cherry fireplace. This glue is fantastic. I've used solvent contact cements in the past and this seems as good without any fumes or smell.

  33. Highly Recommended

    Review by Bill B

    I must admit that all the reviews were so glowing for this product that I suspected an "inside job". But after failing with several big box bought brands and some other failed techniques (wood glue and special veneer adhesive)I came back to contact cement and said what the heck, for $27 let's try this stuff (the job was to affix 1/16" wood back veneer to the sides of my kitchen cabinets).

    I'm somewhat handy but have never done this type of work before and I was very frustrated with my previous attempts. Needless to say, this stuff worked great (be precise though on initial placement, there are no second chances) and allowed me to finally finish the job in a weekend.

    Now on to the tile backsplash...

  34. Everything as Claimed and More

    Review by Lou C

    Great coverage, easy application, quick dry time, and phenomenal bond with a single coat. I'll buy more.

  35. The Ultimate Replacement for Contact Cement.

    Review by Randy R.

    This is the ultimate replacement for contact cement. I was skeptical on a water based contact adhesive but on the recommendation of a colleague I bought it. This stuff is unbelievable. Virtually no odor, which is important to me since I am using it in an academic woodshop. Solvent based contact cement has been outlawed in our building. The grip this has is just incredible. Easy cleanup and once it is setup you can clean residue up with Goo Gone. Forget everything you heard about water based being a wimpy substitute. You will not be dissapointed. Do yourself a favor and also pickup one of Joe's veneer glue rollers to apply. They are worth every penny. Thanks Joe.

  36. Four Gallons and I Still Want More

    Review by Sam Kendall

    I've been using the Titan glue for a year and I have gone through 4 gallons of it already. Most solvent-laden contact cements have good adhesion but the fumes are a big issue especially in this age of environmental awareness. I tried one other water-based contact cement and the results were not acceptable.

    Then I tried this Titan contact cement and now I use nothing but this one. The bonding is flawless and its just as good, if not better then the solvent cements. There are no fumes with this stuff which is surprising and the cost per gallon seems a bit only until you realize the savings in the exceptionally high "spread ratio".

    My shipments generally take two days to get to me in New York and the boxes always arrived well-packaged.

  37. The PERFECT Contact Cement

    Review by Nicholas Fellows

    Everyone knows that water-based contact cements are "iffy" at best. I thought so until I tried out this contact cement. I read about it on a woodworking forum and all of the posts mentioned good experiences with this one. I was building a desk for my son and decided this was worth adding to my order (along with some paper backed cherry veneer).

    I didn't think it would be THIS good though. It's very easy to apply and there is not much of a smell to it. The glue bonds so strong that it almost felt like it had be glued down with epoxy glue. I tried pulling off some of the veneer on a cut off and it just would not budge. To be honest, I will never use a non-water based adhesive again. The odor and the flammability is just too much especially considering how good this Titan glue works.

  38. Surprising Results

    Review by Wallace S.

    I bought this glue a few weeks ago and just got around to using it. Normally, I dont write "reviews". But I'm very happy with the results I found with this Titan glue. There's almost no odor and no health hazards so that is a plus but the biggest surprise was how well it bonds veneer. I use paperbacked cherry regularly on my projects and I always hate to use stinky and flammable contact cement. The Titan glue works better than any solvent type adhesive. I'll use and buy this again!

  39. Titan Glue Is Superior

    Review by Howard Treneau

    I can only repeat what the last reviewer wrote. Everything you've read here is true. The Titan glue is superior to solvent based types. What I like most is that it stay tacky for a very long time. There is no rush to get the veneer onto the project board. Other positives include a high spread rate, extremely strong bond, no fumes, and long shelf life. My only complaint about this product is that the bottle isnt clear like some of the other glues on the market. I know thats a petty idea to even write about but when I look on my shelf, I like to see if I've got enough glue for the job at hand.

  40. Products Are A Step Above The Rest

    Review by Dale Thompson

    I have to admit that I didnt expect much from this stuff. It only took a single trial with some paperbacked cherry and MDF to learn that this is a great contact cement. I dont think there is anything better on the market than the Titan glue. Never again will I be tortured by the fumes of the solvent based contact cement. I dont smell a thing with this adhesive. A few words of wisdom for everyone else - get the glue roller and the scraper tool. Both are needed to make adhering a veneer as fool proof as can be. Both of these are cheap items on this website. The glue roller can be clean up so it completely re-usable. The scraper tool really makes a huge difference in the strength of the bond. I've learned this the hard way. As others have written, corresponding with Joe is wonderful. His shipping rates and methods are excellent and his products are a step above the rest.

  41. Shipping Is Very Reasonable

    Review by Jack Jimmerson

    I used this glue last year at the school I work at to repair doors prior to refinishing them. I was new to veneering but we had great results and the glue worked fantastic. When I went to re-order more for this year I waited until it came available again because it worked so well and I did not want to chance another product. I also like the water base which makes for easier clean up and virtually no smell. One of the big pluses in ordering it online from is you have it very quickly and the shipping is very reasonable which allows me to get more done and not run all over the city to try to find something else. So thanks for restocking it!

  42. What A Great Bond

    Review by Don Whitbeck

    I had always used the solvent based contact cements, which work well and I have tried other water based cements which did not work so well. I decided to try the Titan DX and it appears to have every bit as good a bond as the solvent types. It has been especially valuable to me in the cold weather as I can use it indoors without fear of dangerous fumes.

  43. One Of The Better Contact Cements

    Review by Frank Gamblin

    I bought this glue about 6 months ago and havent had time to put it to use until last night. This is one of the better contact cements on the market. I have tried quite a few over the last few years with varying degrees of success. While I was waiting for this contact cement to set up, I noticed that it was developing a strong "tack" within minutes of application. By the time the veneer was ready to set onto the MDF, the tack was so strong that if I touched it, I could almost lift the MDF off the bench. Once the veneer was down I tested the strength by pulling on some areas of overhang and from that point, I knew this was the one contact cement that would be used in my shop for a very long time. The bond is flawless and there is no smell whatsoever. I paid $7.25 for shipping but that also included a glue roller and some brass fittings. No bad for shipping (I've seen worse).

  44. The Exception To The Rule

    Review by Art Edwards (Fairhill Cabinetry)

    Most water based contact cements are junk. This is the exception to that rule. Our best flammable contact cement is only half as strong as this stuff. I worked with Joe to get these available in 1 gallon containers and he assured me that he was working on it. We use this cement in a spray system here in the shop as well as with a brush and roller on the job site. Those customers appreciate the lack of fumes when we are working in there homes with paperbacked veneers. This is one of those products where you get what you pay for. Its a little pricey but the spread rate is higher than anything our company has ever used so the true cost of application is much lower than you would expect. Art Edwards - Fairhill Cabinetry

  45. Instant Full Strength Bond

    Review by Brian K.

    I used this contact cement to bond some paperbacked maple veneer to 3/4" thick MDF for a desk top and was very surprised by how well it worked. They are not kidding when they mention its instant full strength bond. I had some scraps left over and I tried to remove the veneer from the MDF but it just wasnt possible. This glue definitely has more bite than any other contact cement I have tried. And my father (who is a life-long cabinetmaker) agreed completely. He is ordering some for his business. I suspect this may be one of the those "sleeper" products that doesnt get much attention but works really well. Maybe one day, someone famous will mention it and then, of course, we'll hear about it everywhere.

    I am very satisfied with this glue as well the service that Joe provides. I'll be back for more!

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