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Down-Cutting Edge Trimming Router Bit



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Product Description

Flush trimming is so much easier with the right tool. I typically use a veneer saw for straight trimming but I've also been using this spiral router bit for tricky veneers and curved edges. The spiral down-cutting action presses the veneer (and chips) toward the substrate which practically eliminates tear out on any kind of wood veneer.

It is the downward cutting action that differentiates this type of bit from standard flush cutting bits where the cutting action is lateral. These razor sharp bits are the most affordable I've found. Not for use with trimming plastic laminate or copper veneer. 

Material: Solid Carbide
Shank Size: 1/4"
Cutting Length: 1"
Cut Direction: Down
Pilot Mechanism: Dual Ball Bearings
Storage Case: Included


Warning: This Tool Contains Sharp Edges
Safety should be your highest priority when working with this tool. It is your responsibility to make sure you use this tool in a safe manner and in accordance with all safety policies in the work area. Wear appropriate safety equipment including hand and eye protection while using this tool. Use of this tool is at your own risk. JWW Services Inc. doing business as disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury or expense.

Product Reviews

  1. Great bit, great price

    Review by Paul Worrell

    Nice bit, sharp, high quality steel. Quick shipping, good communication, and the best price that I could find for a bit like this. I used this in my Bosch laminate trimmer router and it worked perfectly, nice smooth cut.

  2. Review from Statesville, NC

    Review by Steve Woodard

    I ordered this bit hoping that it would help me cut an edge on a special project that I was having trouble deciding exactly how to cut due to the nature and location of the panel and I am certainly glad I did. As usual it arrived quickly, which was good because I needed to use it right away. It cut a perfectly smooth edge with no chip outs or other problems and made quick work of finishing that hard to reach edge. I have since used it on several other projects, including cutting both with the grain and across the grain and it has performed flawlessly. The double bearing and downward cut really makes for a smooth and even edge. I would highly recommend this bit for anyone doing veneer work, it is a real time saver.

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