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Ultra-CAT™ PPR Veneer Glue


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Product Description

ultra-CATUltra-CAT™ is a high-solid content, pre-catalyzed powdered urea resin veneer glue with an extra long open time developed using catalyzed adhesive technology. This adhesive cures rock-hard so it eliminates veneer creep caused by seasonal humidity changes. This also prevent joint lines from separating.

This adhesive will permanently lock-in the form of curved and contoured veneer projects which makes it suitable for bent laminations such as curved doors, skateboards, and guitars.

Ultra-CAT is a sandable adhesive and offers type II moisture/heat resistance. It works particularly well with wood types which are prone to bleed-through such as burls and open-pore woods. It is a derivative of Cascamite and has a non-evaporative curing process. The curing occurs through a chemical reaction which is catalyzed by water.

Product Instructions: Click Here  Updated Information
Safety Data Sheet: Click Here


  • Extra Value: One 5lb container makes approximately 1 gallon of adhesive. This is enough for 200-250 square feet of coverage.
  • Convenience: Mix as little or as much glue as needed for your project.
  • Superb Consistency: The high solid content of Ultra-CAT reduces adhesive bleed-through and maximizes durability.
  • Unsurpassed Bond Strength: Type II moisture and heat resistance allows veneers to be used in unconventional environments.
  • Minimized Spring-Back: Non-evaporative curing process leaves an extremely rigid glue line that practically eliminates spring-back on bent laminations.
  • Extra-Long Open Time: Up to 30 minutes under normal conditions and up to 45 minutes in colder shop environments.
  • Usable Wood Tone: Ultra-CAT is tinted to match most medium to dark wood species.
  • Easy Clean-Up: Glue rollers can be cleaned with water (while glue is wet).
  • Outstanding Sandability: Ultra-CAT will not soften and gum-up sandpaper.

Tips from Joe

Glue RollerThe importance of applying this glue correctly cannot be overstated. Don't make the mistake of using a paint brush or paint roller to apply this adhesive. A dedicated glue roller is the recommended application tool. This suggestion is not a sales tactic! The glue roller we offer is unmistakebly the right tool to apply this adhesive.

Ultra-CAT MixerAlso consider getting a "hurricane" mixer with your order. Learn more here. This and the glue roller are well worth the cost and you'll find both tools very convenient to have on hand if you're working with a high-end adhesive as Ultra-CAT.

Recommended Uses

  • Acoustic drum construction
  • Exterior wood projects
  • Curved veneer projects
  • Skateboard building
  • Model aircraft construction
  • General purpose wood gluing
  • Crotch grain and other unruly veneers
  • Veneering with thicker (shop sawn) wood veneers
  • Veneer projects that requires high heat and moisture resistance

Ultra-CAT™ Tip for Skateboard Builders
Skateboard and longboard builders often desire some flexibility in the glue line without sacrificing bond strength or durability. Ultra-CAT may be somewhat rigid for certain types of boards depending on the thickness and number of material layers. However, it is very easy to make this adhesive more flexible which is said to allow more "pop" in the skateboard.

Once the Ultra-CAT powder and water have been mixed, the user can add up to 12% (by volume) of Better Bond X-Press™ veneer adhesive to increase the glue line flexibility. Doing so slightly reduces the moisture and heat resistance of the glue line, but not to any great extent. Important: Do not add type II or type I woodworking adhesives to Ultra-CAT.

Pricing: 1 lb Container - $16.75        5 lb Pail - $38.50        25 lb Bucket - $139.00
Coverage: 200 to 250 square feet per 5 lbs of powdered adhesive
Typical Shelf Life:
8 months (12 months if unopened)
Minimum Use Temperature:
70° F
Curing Time:
4 to 6 hours at 70° F
Speed Curing:
Some vacuum press users opt to place a heating blanket (set on 'low') over the vacuum bag while the project is being pressed to accelerate the curing of the Ultra-CAT adhesive, or when the minimum use shop temperature can not be achieved. Curing time can be reduced to 2 hours with this method!
Bonus: The 5 lb pail is made from HDPE so it can be used as a mixing bucket and then be cleaned out for re-use after the adhesive has cured.

Optional: Ultra-CAT Lightening Agent
pg-ultracat-lightener-s.jpgIf you select this option, we will included 8 ounces of lightening powder in a separate container for use as needed in the Ultra-CAT mixture. Simply add this highly effective powder to Ultra-CAT to dramatically lighten the glue-line color. It is ideal for maple, sycamore, ash, and other light woods where a dark glue line would be unacceptable. One container of lightener is enough to make a 5-pound pail of Ultra-CAT adhesive similar to the color of maple. The lightener is inert and has absolutely no effect on the quality of the bond.

To minimize glue-line visibility with most light tone veneers, we suggest a ratio of 1 part of lightener to 10 parts (by weight) of Ultra-CAT adhesive. For medium toned veneers, use less lightener. If you want a dark glue line, it has been said that Transtints can be used with this adhesive.

Pricing: 1 to 5 lb Pail Treatment - $7.90         25 lb Bucket Treatment - $39.50

Why is this adhesive so freagin' expensive?
It could be corporate greed. The manufacturer of the plastic buckets recently tripled their cost to nearly $8 each. The bucket is very durable and it's great for storing/mixing the glue, but the price is just ridiculous. Then there is the powder itself which has suffered approximately eight price increases in the last three years. The most recent increase was nearly 60%. From what I understand, there is only one manufacturer of PPR glue in the USA at this point, and they have chosen to distribute it through just one wholesale company. So they have an monopoly now and can charge any price they wish. It makes me sick. I'm pretty sure that no matter where you buy US-made PPR glue these days, it is all originating from the same manufacturer.

Is this adhesive the same as DAP/Weldwood powdered urea resin?
It might not be identical but it appears to be very, very close.

Where can I find a chart that shows all of the Better Bond veneer glue differences?
This downloadable adhesive chart shows all of key points about each of the Better Bond veneer adhesives and may be helpful when choosing a glue for your next veneering project.

What is the shelf life of this adhesive?
The powdered Ultra-CAT adhesive is will remain usable for 8 months if stored in cool and dry conditions. If left unopened, most users can expect up to 12 months of shelf life. We have heard from customers who have used this adhesive without issue 18 months after purchase.

How can I tell if my PPR glue is past it's shelf life?
You will notice that the powder will not mix well with water. It'll be like pouring water into sand.

What is the shelf life of the lightener?
The lightener shelf life is indefinite.

Is this adhesive freeze/thaw stable?
Freezing will not harm this product.

Can this adhesive be used for general purpose woodworking?
Yes. This glue is excellent for standard glue joints especially since the glue line will have a wood tone.

Can I order just the lightener part?
Yes. Simply type "lightener" into the search box on our site to find it.

What does PPR mean?
Plastic powdered-urea resin.

Can I use this glue on paperbacked veneer?
Yes. Thoroughly scuff the back side of the veneer before application to allow adequate penetration of the adhesive.

Do I need to apply this adhesive to the substrate and to the veneer?
Always apply Ultra-CAT adhesive to the substrate only. Do not apply it to the back of the veneer.

How much pressure is required when using this adhesive in vacuum press?
The ideal vacuum level for Ultra-CAT is 18 to 21" of Hg.

What kind of finishes can be used on a project that has been veneered using this adhesive?
You can use shellac as well as water-based, oil-based, lacquer-based, and alkyd-based stains and top coats. Do not flood the surface with the first coat of finish. Apply a light coat and allow it to dry. Then proceed with heavier coats of finish as needed.

What filler can I use if my project surface has gouges in it?
Wood fillers typically create a non-porous surface. The problem is that water-based adhesives do not bond very well to non-porous surfaces. When the filler area was minimal, I've had success with both Bondo and with Elmer's "Stainable" wood filler. I've also had success with Durham's Rock Hard Water Putty on somewhat larger substrate defects. Be sure to scuff sand the filled areas with 60 or 80 grit paper to get maximum bond strength.

Is Ultra-CAT PPR glue CARB compliant?
There's a lot of gray area here according to our supplier since much depends on your interpretation of the CARB rules. The PPR is a urea formaldehyde adhesive, so if you use it, you are adding urea formaldehyde to the panel, which the CARB ruling does not allow. However, from conferences and the like that my supplier has attended, the rule is directed at the core stock, with the intent of getting panel producers and users to only use core that is not made with UF resins. UF resins have been the choice in binders of engineered core stock for decades. You'll see these compliant core stocks referred to as NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde). ULE (ultra low emitting) UF resins have been developed and can be used, but they have to be certified. Ultra-CAT PPR is not a ULE resin. California's Proposition 65 Warning To California Residents This warning is provided to comply with California's Proposition 65 product labeling law. Each and every product sold by JWW Services Inc., DBA, may contain chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. JWW Services Inc., DBA provides this warning based on its knowledge concerning the possible presence of one or more such chemicals, without attempting to evaluate the level of exposure.

Where can I get more information about mixing this glue?

What is the cure time for Ultra-CAT veneer glue?
4 - 6 hours @ 75 degrees F
3 - 4 hours @ 95 degrees F
2 - 3 hours @ 120 degrees F

What is the safety and health information on this adhesive?
Health Risk: Carcinogen
For industrial use only.
This resin contains formaldehyde which is listed by California prop. 65 as causing cancer.

Appearance and odor: tan to brown free flowing powder that will form a crust on the surface by absorbing moisture from the air. Has a slight chemical odor. Primary routes and exposure: eyes, inhalation, skin contact. Inhalation: dust or vapors can cause irritation. Inhalation may aggravate colds, allergies, asthma, emphysema and psoriasis. Material vapors may be carcinogenic. See chronic hazards this section. Skin contact: repeated skin contact can cause sensitization and dermatitis due to formaldehyde. Eye contact: if powder gets into eyes it can cause severe irritation. Ingestion: ingestion of materials is not expected to occur during the normal use of this product. If ingested it may cause stomach and intestinal irritation, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, weakness, and headache. Avoid swallowing if a large amount of material gets into mouth. Chronic hazards: formaldehyde is listed as a human carcinogen, group 1, by iarc and osha and a suspected carcinogen by ntp. Evidence is based upon animal testing and data on human is inadequate. Formaldehyde vapors have been found to be carcinogenic to animals. Store in well-ventilated place. Keep cool. Dispose of contents/ container to an approved waste disposal plant.

Certain products offered on our website, including Ultra-CAT PPR adhesive, may contain urea formaldehyde and will consequently release small quantities of this and other harmful chemicals. The buyer acknowledges that he or she is aware of this exposure and will give appropriate notices and warnings to their customers and ultimate consumers of the fact that these goods contain urea formaldehyde, and will provide instructions that minimize their exposure to this chemical. There may be other chemicals used in the manufacturing process of certain products which also may have harmful effects on humans and animals. The buyer should consult the Material Safety Data sheets available on our website to determine the hazards and sustain preventive measures.

Product Reviews

  1. Very Good and Hard Glue

    Review by Joshua Fivecoat

    This glue is amazing, very long working time and cured rock hard! I am just starting out with veneer and wanted a glue that was going to give me a little longer to work with it than normal pva glue. Pretty easy to clean up as long as you do not wait too long, I like that you have the ability to lighten the glue to your needs.

  2. Extremely Impressed with Ultra-CAT!

    Review by Joe Posinski

    I purchased this with little knowledge of the product, and because I was working a pretty large piece, I thought it best to forego the normal glue I use and step up to a dedicated veneer glue. I wasn't disappointed. I was cautious at first due to the consistency of the mixed product, but it worked like a champ and turned out great. Strong bond with a good working time prior to setting up. This is now my "GO TO" adhesive for all of my projects. Thanks Veneer Supplies!

  3. This is the best veneering adhesive available, IMHO.

    Review by Gordon Martin

    There hasn't been a time in 20 years of building fine cabinetry that a PPR glue hasn't been used in my shop. I won't use any other adhesive for my veneer work or bent lams. The open time is very long and the bond strength is flawless. There is no substitute for this type of veneer glue. I have been using the Ultra-CAT version for at least 10 years and their powder just seems to work the best. It's easy to mix and it cures rock hard so I won't buy any other brand at this point. Also want to point out that the owner of this website is very responsive and helpful. Seek out his advice if you have veneering questions and you will learn a lot.

  4. Excellent Adhesive

    Review by Geoff Foote

    This product has an extremely rigid glue line which sands away like a breeze. Highly recommend it over pre-mixed product. The open time is perfect for laying up large multiple sheets. Follow the directions closely and err on the side of safety with clamp times. I prefer this to [a competing adhesive] due to the flexibility of mixing yourself.

  5. Works Well

    Review by Robert De Troye

    I have used it several times. It works well, can be hard to get the tint right. I tended to add too much lightener, but it sands easily and the spots are usually so small that it is not seen. Don't get to much since it does have a shelf life and tends to cake up after a year.

  6. Best Glue Ever

    Review by Robert L. Cole

    I have blamed some of my failures with glue-line creep and highly figured veneer on everything except the glue. I recently purchased Ultra-Cat and Voila! My incompetence disappeared. If you are having trouble with highly figured veneer or/or gap line creep buy this product.

    The first time I used it (in practice) it began to set up quicker than I could use it. I solved that problem by following Joe's advice and used the spiral stirring rod. That solved my first problem. I usually use a small paint roller to spread glue. I had to switch to my hard rubber roller and immediately got better results. Using this product has been a positive learning experience for me. Save yourself disappointment, time, and money and switch to this glue. The aggravation of mixing your glue is worth it. It will pay for itself.

    Clean-up is very easy. Just have a bucket/pail of water handy.

  7. Great Product from a Great Company

    Review by Angie Bates

    Product is easy to use, mixes well, and adheres easily. Cleans up easily and can be mixed in small amounts using nothing more than a tablespoon. I used an old cabinet door, a small weight, bag of sand, and a few clamps to apply pressure. It only took 2 tries to figure out how much glue to use and not have any squeeze out.

  8. Book- Matching Burl

    Review by David Gil

    The ultra cat is now my go to glue, especially for projects that can'’t have any glue creep. I got out a modern digital kitchen scale and followed the instructions very carefully. With that, it's easy to get perfect mixing ratios for the burl walnut I was applying. It will be my go-to for most projects, especially when book-matching makes avoiding any creeping a must.

  9. Good for Bent Laminations

    Review by Roger A. Thompson

    I have used Weldwood plastic resin glue since the mid 70's, but it has been discontinued. Ultra-Cat worked identically on my bent laminations. Happy to have a replacement for Weldwood.

  10. Good for Laminations

    Review by Thom Lindheimer

    Ultra-Cat was used as a bonding agent for laminations as opposed to the usual veneering. My past experience in building high performance boats from wood has stayed with me as has the experience of using this type of water catalyzed bonding agent. The current laminations were performed under vacuum with the end goal of producing pieces having structural integrity.

    Working time is reasonable. There is no time to tarry. (I did learn that brushing a very light coat of water onto the substrate immediately prior to applying the Ultra-Cat help to distribute the adhesive evenly.) Minimal glue line. Nice.

    [Note from Joe: I put parenthesis around this user's comments regarding the light coat of water, since that suggestion is not recommended by the adhesive manufacturer.]

  11. Durable Veneer Glue - Here is My Experience With It

    Review by Kevin Barnes

    I've been using this veneer glue for many years and always have success with it. A panel I built last year got put to the test recently. It was a dash panel on a small yacht. The owner and I removed the panel to do some wiring behind the console and we left the dash panel outside over the weekend. Returning to the project this morning I found the panel sitting in the weekend rain. My first thought was disaster but it's completely fine. The Ultra-Cat glue held up to a day and a half of foul weather. I do have to lightly sand and spray on another finish coat of spar urethane though.

    Having used so much of this glue, I can write a couple of tips. First, download and follow the PDF instructions for mixing and using the glue. Those instructions are so comprehensive that I learn something new each time I read them. Second, get the spiral mixing blade because getting this adhesive lump-free takes too much time without it. Third, also get the glue roller offered on this site to put down a smooth coating. Fourth, watch the temperature in the shop - it should be 70 degrees minimum. That can be problematic in the winter so I just put a heating blanket over the vac bag as others do. Fifth, clean up the mixer and roller before the glue hardens.

    Overall I think this is one of the best veneer glues on the market and I will continue to buy it here since the price is more than fair. Also its great to support a small family run business.

  12. Great for reason veneer and laminations

    Review by David Ferguson

    Ultra Cat is my go-to for veneering. Great results every time. I appreciate the available 1 lb container so I have fresh glue for smaller jobs. Just did table base with 1/8" resawn oak, no worries about creep!

  13. Never Had An Issue

    Review by Ryan Lienau

    I use Ultra-CAT exclusively for all my veneer and laminate glue ups. The longer open time and strength are a real advantage. I use a digital scale and just follow the directions. I have never had an issue.

  14. First Timer

    Review by Larry Kiefer

    New to veneering and used it on a burl per recommendation. Worked fine on the burl. I rolled it on a bit to thin for the backing and the bond was weak on one edge for that piece. Follow the directions and all is good. Open time is nice. Easy to prepare. When mixed, it is a thicker paste than expected.

  15. An Excellent Adhesive

    Review by Dave Green

    I've been using Ultra CAT on burl veneer for several years with great (100%) success. I measure everything on a small digital scale and follow the instructions to the letter and it comes out perfect every time. I couldn't be happier with this product.

  16. Excellent Product

    Review by Mike Whitmire

    Excellent for use with cold press veneering but also very good general purpose wood glue. The color works well with mahogany and cherry with no tinting.

  17. I love this product!

    Review by Lloyd Colvin

    I primarily use it to craft layered veneer panels for hollow-body electric guitars. The long open time allows for precise application to the veneer, assembly, and vacuum pressing. The assembled panels are rock solid and light weight though quite thin. Ample assembly time also prevents bleed through, in my experience.

  18. Seem Great So Far

    Review by Ryan Larkin

    Seems great so far. Used to make a large cabinet with shop veneers. Not sure about the longevity but the open time was great for lay up. Shipped quickly.

  19. Great Glue

    Review by Joshua Petersen

    We have been using this glue for years and it has never had an issue. The bond formed between pieces is extremely strong and so thin you can't see the veneer between them.

  20. Very Pleased

    Review by Christopher Young

    I'm on my 4th glue-up using UltraCAT. So far I am very pleased with the results. The instructions are excellent. The powder mixes smoothly (no lumps to fight with) and the adhesive spreads easily and cures rock hard as advertised.

  21. Bent-Arm Lamination Superstar

    Review by John Toner

    I bought this glue to make the bent arms for a Morris chair. The arms are laminated on a bending form from four 1/4 in. thick pieces of white oak. The glue performed perfectly. The key is no spring back after removing the now 1 in. bent arm from the form. The arms were identical with zero change from the bending form. This glue allow no creep, unlike the aliphatic glues commonly used in other aspects of woodworking. It is easy to use and cleans up with water. Wear protective gloves and a mask as the glue has formaldehyde in it.

  22. Product Review and a Few Tips

    Review by Bob McPherson

    This is a very good precat powder resin, best used in a vacuum press and a porous substrate. I like using it with a paper-backed veneer over a premium plywood or MDF because the paper backing keeps the glue from seeping through the pores of the wood veneer, and it forms a great bond. I built 50 kitchen cabinets, and the ones that used the precat resin held up for 20 years, but I had to redo the cabinet fronts when I used anything else. I also suggest using an electric blanket to keep it warm while the glue cures if your shop is below 60 degrees. The catalyst in the glue doesn't work when it is cold. Mixing the glue with a whisk does a nice job of getting the lumps out, and using a glue roller on just one side provides a smooth, consistent layer of glue for your work. Adding a bit extra water in hot weather, and a bit less in cold weather helps. The glue should be the consistency of pancake batter when you apply it to the substrate. If it is too thin, add a bit more glue or wait a couple more minutes for the glue to thicken. Happy veneering!

    [Note from Joe: A paper backing does prevent glue from seeping through the pores in the wood, however when using raw wood veneer (un-backed veneer) bleed-through is very easy to deal with. First, experiment with using less glue. That is the most common cause of bleed-through issues. Next, be sure to use breather mesh in your vacuum bag. That way if you have any bleed-through, it can be easily removed with a cabinet scraper. Lastly, a tiny bit a bleed-through can be a good thing since it let's you know that enough glue was applied. I've experimented with using too little glue on test boards and there were two things common to those panels... I had poor bonding and I had no bleed-through.]

  23. Bendy Plywood

    Review by Steve Cunningham

    I used this glue to glue up large panels of bendy plywood on a form. It worked great and locked a 1/4" and 3/8" piece together to retain a large curved shape. Thanks Joe.

  24. Good Glue for Bent Laminations

    Review by Walt Fisher

    This glue was used to make a large series of bent oak laminations for rocking chairs and it worked very well. The glue line is as rigid as you can expect. I've been throwing a heating blanket over the clamping assembly and can get the glue to cure in about 3 hours. I'm quite happy with the performance of this glue. There are other places selling a similar glue for a lot more money. I'm happy to support small businesses like this.

  25. For Thick Veneer

    Review by Craig Balzarini

    We use this product on our shop made veneer interior doors. Flawless results, easy to use, and clean up. Great service and fast delivery. I highly recommend VeneerSupplies.

  26. Ultra-Cat Ultra-Experience

    Review by Roger Sperline

    Ultra-Cat is easier to use and performs better than I expected. It has great open time,sets hard enough to sand well, and won't creep. It is also reasonably economical; once I accounted for the amount lost to the roller and tray (70+, I've been seeing very little waste despite mixing and spreading in small batches. Ultra-Cat's natural color matches the fleck grain of my veneer so bleed-through is a virtue rather than a curse.

  27. Ultra-Cat Was Excellent on Shop-Sawn Bubinga Veneer

    Review by Katerina Connearney

    I first used Ultra-Cat on shop sawn bubinga veneer, as Joe recommended. And he was right. So far I've had excellent results. I tried Titebond's veneer glue for store bought (thinner) veneer just to compare, and I had some issues with bubbles that I didn't have with the Ultra-Cat, so I am sticking with it. Pun intended.

  28. Great Product

    Review by David Masser

    Very solid glue line on 11 foot, 2.5 inch thick floating shelves. The foam in the middle of these shelves didn't flex one bit. Very happy and Joe is always there to help. Hard to find service like that anymore.

  29. Performed Superbly

    Review by Sean Downey

    I used this glue for a backgammon board with veneer that I cut myself. The veneer was .07" and straight off the bandsaw and the Ultra- Cat performed superbly.

  30. Excellent Price, Service, and Product!

    Review by Caroline Eveningstorm

    Absolutely perfect for our large job. Just enough drying time to get the area covered and veneer applied. Personal, FAST service and price... TOTALLY FANTASTIC! We'll certainly be ordering again in the future. :D

  31. Awesome Veneer Glue

    Review by Frank Parsley

    I have used Ultra CAT glue on two different projects. One was a 2-ply zebrawood and the other was some shop sawn veneer that was pretty thick. This product has worked flawlessly both times. I can't imagine going to the trouble of veneering and not using the best glue for the job. This product takes some of the stress of pressing my own panels. Joe at has excellent customer service and fast shipping.

  32. Pro Tips

    Review by Sean Lambkin

    I've reviewed this product before, but I wanted to add some tips. As a professional furniture maker, this is my veneer glue of choice. I have tried several premixed glues, and this stuff is, by far, better. Yes, it is a pain to mix (I use a formula of 15 grams of powder per sq ft and 1 1/3 oz water per 70 grams). Use it anyway. Get yourself a cheap food scale and measure by weight (grams).

    The other tip I have is to be careful with your platen in the press. The platen is used against the veneer to make sure the veneer presses flat to your substrate. Whenever possible, I use pre-finished maple plywood as the platen. If you don't want to spend the extra money on pre-finished, then cover your platen with cling wrap plastic. As I have found out, this glue is strong enough to adhere to melamine where no other glue will.

    Lastly, if you are doing a bent lamination, use this glue over a PVA wood glue. It will keep its shape better and the "spring back" to a minimum.

    [Note from Joe: I prefer to use a melamine platen instead. Just put a light coat of car wax on the melamine and buff it off. This will prevent the glue from sticking to it.]

  33. No Bubbles or Lifting After a Full Day of Being Wet

    Review by Sean Lambkin

    I recently (unfortunately) tested the water resistance of this glue. I had a piece of furniture at an outdoor show where it rained all day. While, everything was under a tent, it still got quite a bit of splash around the edges of the tent. The veneered piece held up fantastic. No bubbles or lifting after a full day of being wet... And that's on a combi-core ply where the outer 1/8" is MDF. It is well worth the measuring and mixing to have a product I don't have to worry is going to come back to me because a client spilled something on it. Thanks to Joe for finding the best products so I don't have to spend valuable time researching them.

  34. Worked Great

    Review by George Dolle

    Worked great with the walnut crotch veneers. Held fast with clamping caul, with no creep or ripple. More of a breakdown in mixing quantities would be helpful, as it would require less math.

  35. Glad I Found Ultra-Cat

    Review by Larry Fisher

    I'm glad I discovered Ultra-Cat! Before that, I was having a devil of a time getting a good veneer application and also achieving good, non-structural glue joints that didn't cold creep or keep a clean edge under temperature and humidity variations.

  36. Great Glue

    Review by Rod Taylor

    I recently purchased Ultra Cat veneer glue to use attaching veneer to some substrates, and found it to be a very good product! The mixing was very easy using the Ultra Cat mixer I also purchased. One of the extra features of this product is you can also add their lightening powder to control the glue color, giving a lot more control of the finished color and to match light or dark veneer!

    We have used many of Joe's products in the past and this product like the rest has been thoroughly tested and is the highest quality and has always outworked any comparable product. Joe is a real veneer guy, not only is this a business it is also a passion and the products he sells are always the best one can get any where. His customer service is also awesome! He returns e mails and his tutorials are a wealth of information for a seasoned professional or someone just beginning in veneer work! Love the glue Joe! Thank you so much Rod and Diane Taylor

  37. Rock Solid

    Review by Jody Lutz

    Great for bent laminations, rock solid-and the lightener is perfect for maple glue lines. Wish I would have found this years ago!

  38. Perfect

    Review by Caleb Walston

    We purchased a 25 Lbs. container of Ultra Cat several weeks back and were very satisfied that the package was shipped that day. The glue is straight forward to mix and open time is perfect for gluing up a large frame press full of door stiles.

  39. First Big Veneer Project

    Review by David Bernrad

    After my first large veneering job using the Ultra-Cat glue, I'm sold on it. The glue was easy to mix, using the rollers recommended, spread evenly, thick or thin depending on the coarseness of the surface. Had only one area of last panel which had a small area which was not adhered but that was due to me trying to short cut and just weight the platen down instead of clamping as I did for all else. Moral is, CLAMP IT. I'll sure use again.

  40. VERY Long Shelf Life, Epoxy-Like Performance

    Review by Jeff Roltgen

    So many reviews...what else to say?
    I'll stick with 2 points:

    1- I'm not only using this as a veneer glue, but as indicated, you certainly may use for assemblies, which as a professional I often do. As solid as epoxy, this is the best for dining chairs, as well as bent laminations. So much more economical and easier to clean, making epoxy unnecessary for me.

    2- Based on 12 month shelf life notice on the label, I wrote the purchase date on the bucket. Just used the last remnants of a 5 lb bucket that I purchased April, 2014 (currently July of 2018!!!). Did a bent lamination using 1/16" resawn maple for a curved chair back - 3 1/2x24" long strips on an 8" radius - stack of 12. Compared this to another one done with a fresh bucket of brand W, and see no difference in strength, indicated in this scenario by spring back, which is basically immeasurable. Pretty dang awesome!

    You should still buy only as much as you need, but nice to know you may be surprised how long the shelf life can be, especially if you keep properly stored. Seal well, stable temperature environment, inside a closed cabinet out of sunlight.

    Thanks again for providing the best possible quality products Joe!

    [Note from Joe: No one previously has reported being able to use UCAT glue 3 years after it expiration date. I would never recommending using a glue so far beyond the directed shelf life. This is just asking for trouble.]

  41. Awsome Glue

    Review by David Meeks

    I am building some large full height doors that are veneered. I needed some extra time to get the veneer in place. This glue is the ticket. I had enough time and the doors turned out great.

  42. Great Product

    Review by Dave Frameli

    This was the first mixing glue I've tried and everything went great. I followed the instructions,used the helix mixer and added the colorant to lighten up the ending color. I was initially concerned using water but I had no problems with the veneer curling up. The result was a rock solid glue up on a project which had both bends and twists.

  43. The Best Veneer Adhesive

    Review by Aaron Saxton

    This really does work and it holds like no other product. Be advised if doing this in winter or low temps throw an electric blanket over the vacuum bag to ensure it cures. Once it is cured it is amazing.

  44. Best Veneer Glue!

    Review by Nels Hanson

    This is a great product! Easy to use and quick clean up! Highly recommended!

  45. Great Glue and Great Service

    Review by Robert Tompkins

    This veneer glue works great for gluing up bendable plywood and veneer in my vacuum bag. And Joe and his company got this to me fairly quick, and he always has lots of good advice on how to use the products he sells. I prefer buying from smaller companies like this rather than Amazon or other monopolies. Thanks Joe.

  46. Satisfied Customer

    Review by Phil Campbell

    Ultra-Cat is the only way to go for curved panels as far as I'm concerned. You might need to heat it up a bit with an electric blanket. Beyond this product review I've been buying veneers, vacuum press parts, bags, glues and dyes from Joe for several years now and I can't imagine where else I would go for all this stuff in one place, never mind the fast shipping and great how to articles. The only problem is I have more veneers than I can ever use. Just can't help myself. Joe and Christine do it right.

  47. Great Stuff, Great Bond, Great Value, and Great Service!!!

    Review by Doyle E. Hale - Cabinet Solutions - Alton, IL

    Ultra-Cat PPR is a great veneer glue. The pricing from is very competitive. Customer support is outstanding. Questions are promptly answered by super qualified experienced people (who have actually worked with the product). Shipping is likewise prompt. I've shopped the adhesive and found Ultra-Cat PPR from Veneer Supplies to be the best value.

  48. Using This for 10+ Years

    Review by Rick Funcik

    This glue is always my first choice for veneer. Rigid, waterproof and gets along with finishes. The 70-degree limit is real, but worth the trouble. And the service from Joe is ALWAYS excellent. He knows the products, and is available for guidance.

  49. Super Easy

    Review by Alan Kalker

    This is super easy to use (just wear a mask) and it has always worked beautifully. When I want to use a light colored wood such as Maple, the colorant additive makes the lines between layers disappear. Plus, there is the added benefit of ridiculously outstanding, very prompt service from Joe.

  50. Worked Perfectly

    Review by Satoshi Yamauchi

    Used this veneer glue for a commercial project and worked perfectly! It's been the most reliable type of glue for veneer work for me.

  51. Review from Salt Lake City, UT

    Review by Tim Wolfe

    Great glue for shop cut veneer. Dries hard and has little to no bleed through. Color is wood colored so blends well with most woods. Permanent non-movable fix. I struggled finding any good veneer glue for shop cut thicker veneers in our city even at the veneer shops - found it on this site and it's great.

  52. Review from Midlothian, VA

    Review by Brian Noble-Marx

    I veneered a cabinet with curly ash that contained a bit of marquetry and this worked great. I found little or no spring back on my curved panels. Two tips: I found I needed about 25% more glue per sq ft than the container approximated. I guess I had a "thirsty" substrate. Use a mixing blade in a drill, I tried to mix the first batch by hand and found I couldn't work out the lumps as easily.

  53. Wapakoneta,Ohio

    Review by Max Neu

    This is now my go to glue for bent laminations and veneer jobs that require extra toughness. I did a pretty tight radius with strips of hard maple and got next to no spring back. I was using Uni-Bond but I am sold on this glue and as always, I got great service from Joe!

  54. Review from Saginaw, Michigan

    Review by Kevin Westendorf

    Ultra Cat PPR is the ONLY glue we use to build our high performance sporting equipment laminations. This stuff is amazing and dries rock hard for NO warping. THANK YOU!

  55. Review from Corona, California

    Review by David Hirte

    A great glue! We use it at Summit Door to build rail and stile doors. Quality is consistent and dependable. Warm it a little and it sets up in a matter of hours.

  56. Review from San Diego, California

    Review by Taylor Russel

    Finally, I'm using this for bent laminations on my rockers. Before this, I used resorcinol but the fumes are too harmful. The Ultra Cat works just as well and costs less so we're now buying this from Joe on a regular basis.

  57. Yet Another Great Product

    Review by Joe K

    Used just last night. Not as convenient as pre-made glue but it really is no big deal to make up. Directions are clear and it's easy to get a good consistency. Stuff bonded my veneer great. I only made up a 1/2 cup and had no problems. Stuff should last me a while. I'm doing thicker home-made veneer so Joe recommended this for a long-lasting bond. From every indication.. that's what I got.

  58. Holds Bent Laminations Even Under Water

    Review by Noah M.

    Recently I was making a large reception counter for a CPA firm that required bent lamination panels. I ended up having an extra 50" radius vacuum pressed panel. It was made of two 1/4" panels of bending ply faced with walnut veneer. I attempted to salvage the unused veneer from the panel by soaking the whole panel in a large tub of water hoping the glue would break down and gently release the veneer. After 5 days underwater and no release I gave up. I know the product states water resistant, but I thought that was especially good as it held up even with the pressure from being bent. And it still had its same shape.

  59. Great Stuff!

    Review by Bill E

    I've switched to this as my main veneering glue. I sometimes use it for other gluing tasks as well. Easy to mix. Rolls out evenly. A nice rigid glue line and sandable too.

  60. Very Satisfied With My Results

    Review by Craig Lester Sr.

    I read about this glue on an online forum. The OP (original post) was from a guy who wanted to make a bent lamination sleigh bed. Nearly everyone on the forum brought up the UltraCat glue as a suitable glue for his projet. He later posted his results and he wrote about how well this glue worked for him. His words stuck with me and so did the comments of the other forum members. I tried out this glue and all I can say is that its very easy to use and the strength of the bond is comparable to epoxy in my opinion. The squeeze out glue I had was rock-solid. It sanded off well too.

  61. The Finest Veneer Glue Available

    Review by Will Berkmieser

    This is the finest veneer glue available. It takes some time in the vacuum press bag but the results are exceedingly satisfactory. I've been using it for several years and I've never had a veneered project come out bad because of glue. I've used at least 10 containers so far and each has been fresh and ready to go. The instructions are top notch and the price is a dream. I am one happy customer.

  62. I'm Back For More

    Review by kenneth capton

    This stuff works great, with a balanced set up time to finished press time it all comes together perfectly. Mixes easily, rolls smooth. I'm back for more!!

  63. Incredibly Rigid Glue Line

    Review by Howard S.

    All I can offer for a review is to say that our company uses about 10 of these pails every 3 months to build high-end custom entry doors. This is the only glue on the market that gives an incredibly rigid glue line. For us, it helps prevent doors from warping. Yes, its a veneer glue but its also one helluva good general purpose wood glue when you need unmatched strength.

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