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Veneer Glue Roller
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Product Description

There is one easy way to insure against bonding issues on a veneered panel and that is to apply the adhesive evenly. This glue roller allows you to create a smooth and even glue layer. With this tool, you'll avoid putting down pockets of excessive glue which always lead to ripples in the finished veneer panel.

This 6" glue roller has a one-piece plated metal frame mounted to a medium density foam rubber roller. This is not cheap imported disposable roller. It is made in the USA and it is very reusable. Just rinse it in warm water while the glue is still wet and you can use it over and over again. This tool is ideal for all Better Bond™ veneer adhesives. Not for use with solvent-based adhesives.

6" Glue roller with handle: $11.90
6" Replacement roller (no handle): $7.50

Combo Special - Save $4.50!
Select the combo special option above and you'll get a 6" glue roller with handle and two replacement rollers.

Tips from Joe

Using - The key is to apply veneer glue evenly to the substrate. It should not be dripping wet. A good test is to draw some pencil lines on the substrate and then apply the glue. If you can readily see the pencil markings on the substrate (through the adhesive), then you probably have applied the right amount of glue. If you can't see the pencil lines at all, then you might have applied twice as much glue as necessary.

Cleaning - Be sure to clean the roller immediately after use. Warm water works wells for most water based adhesives.

Seasoning - Keep in mind that you may not be able to get the roller completely clean. It will get "seasoned" after its first use and will never quite be the same. Professional painters say a paint brush works best after its been seasoned. The same is true of this glue roller. After it has been seasoned, it will work even better and subsequent cleanings will be much easier.

Rejuvenating - If a glue is allowed to harden onto the roller, try soaking it in mineral spirits overnight. Then use a scrub brush with plastic bristles to loosen any adhesive remnants. This technique will not remove every type of adhesive but it appears to work well on cold press veneer glue and water-based contact cement.

Is this roller made in the USA?

Product Reviews

  1. Essential Tool

    Review by Kevin Olson

    I cannot imagine spreading Better Bond Heat Lock glue without this roller. This made the job so much easier and I'm so glad I bought it. I highly recommend it.

  2. Worth the Money

    Review by Sergey Svetlikov

    Really glad that I have listed to the recommendations and purchased the veneer glue roller. Definitely worth the money. Easy application. Washable and easy to use.

  3. Great Applicator Tool

    Review by Joseph Ribak

    Unlike application with a brush, this roller allows one even application of the Heat Lock adhesive. With a brush it's likely that two coats are needed, and still it probably won't be an even, uniform thickness. This glue roller is 6" wide, so it covers a large area quickly. It's kind of a hard rubber with a foam-like texture. It cleans up easily (while still wet) even with cold water! I'm glad I ordered this for my Heat Lock application.

  4. Perfect for Thick Glue

    Review by Jonathan Danforth

    First of all, my order came fast and was well packaged. I was surprised to find the veneer glue here to be so thick but now that I understand that, I'm fine with it. Finding the right thickness to apply took some experimentation. I initially put on too little glue my edges came up.

    I heartily endorse buying the veneer glue roller. The foam applicator is perfect for this thick glue.

    I didn't like how the glue tended to spray in the direction I was rolling but I realized that going slower with less pressure seemed to help.

  5. Easy to Clean

    Review by Jerry Chapman

    Works well. Easy to clean. I roll and squeeze off the excess on a paper towel, and then wash it with water. This spreads the right amount of glue to the veneer compared to a soft roller.

  6. Highly Recomended - Worth Every Cent

    Review by Steve Spreeman

    Worth every penny. I started my project cheap as possible. After a couple practice pieces I decided to order the glue roller and sure glad I did! It really does an amazing job at spreading glue evenly. And with the instructions it's so easy to develop a feel for exactly how much glue you need. I highly recommend it.

  7. Worth the Money

    Review by Glen Wolff

    The glue roller is worth the money in my opinion. I've tried a hard rubber roller and a notched trowel but neither worked nearly as well as this roller. It's easy to clean up if you don't let the glue cure on it. Very happy with all of my purchases from this company.

  8. Will Buy Again

    Review by Brad Gutierrez

    Very good product for applying glue to the veneer substrate. It is easy to move the glue around and keeps things as neat as possible when gluing up large door panels. Getting to the edges without chasing glue off the panel was a plus. Cleaned up easily with soap and water.

  9. Excellent Tool

    Review by Rick Boss

    Excellent tool for spreading glue evenly. Very easy to get a thin consistent coat on the substrate before pressing. Rollers are very durable and can be easily cleaned.

  10. Works Great

    Review by Carter Whyte

    Follow directions and this roller works great. I was surprised at how evenly and easily it spread the glue. I used it for veneer glue and the heat activated glue.

  11. Pick Up This Roller

    Review by Shaun Cooney

    This roller is the tool I never realized I needed. For years I've used foam brushes for veneer glue, because they're found everywhere pretty cheap. My opinion changed the first time I used this roller. If you want to ensure an even coat over your entire project, pick up this roller!

  12. Worth It!

    Review by Kevin Whitt

    I bought a couple of rollers back in 2016 and they served me well over the course at least 100 veneering projects. My nephew visited last weekend so we could build a "long-board" (an extra-long skateboard) and I left the roller with glue on it over-night. Since I used the Ultra-Cat PPR glue sold on this website, there was no way it was coming off the roller a day later. So I just bought the combination package and two extra rollers a few days ago and the box is already here at my house. Looks like they made the rollers even better with a clip thing in the middle of the handle to keep it together. I never had any problems with the old style but the new one is an improvement. These rollers put glue on the panel board very evenly and if you pay attention to what you are doing then it's super easy to get the right amount applied. Tip: I find that if I put too much glue on the plywood that I can remove the excess simply by running the roller over a piece of cardboard to dry it off and then re-rolling the panel.

  13. Great for X-Press Veneer Glue

    Review by Adam Bergeron

    This roller was great for spreading the Better Bond X-Press veneer glue. As advertised it is easy to clean off with water and looks like it was never used!

  14. Works Great and Is Inexpensive

    Review by Brian Bieger

    Works great and is inexpensive. Not sure what else you need to know. If your gluing up veneers you are going to want this in your tool box. As others have said, it works better after you use it and clean it the first time.

  15. Excellent Results

    Review by Jasper Bogosian

    I have used this roller for years with excellent results. Applied Better Bond X-Press fast-setting veneer glue on my substrate, then veneer and inserted into to my veneer vacuum press (parts supplied by Joe Woodworker), have yet to have a bad result.

  16. Does the Job Well

    Review by Daniel MacRostie

    Does a great job of quickly applying a uniform thickness of glue. The roller is also easy to remove from the handle for clean up. It help make my first veneer project go very well.

  17. Trust Me on This

    Review by Ted J. Ward

    I do a lot of veneering and I've been buying these rollers here on and off for several years. You really can't go wrong with these. There are other ways to apply glue but none as good as this roller. It's cheap insurance that you've applied the right amount of glue. If you apply too much glue, the veneer will get ripples. Use the roller and follow the glue instructions and you won't have any problems.

  18. Glue Roller for Veneering

    Review by Juan Alvarez

    My purchase experience was very good with Veneer Supplies. Two of these rollers and a quart of glue was shipped the same day that I ordered. I've used these in the past and they are durable unless you forget to clean them and the glue cures on the roller. I also use these rollers for edge gluing solid lumber with woodworking glue. Of course you have to have a lot of edges to do to make it worth it instead of using your fingers to spread it. There is no question about using it for veneer panels. It works well and the price is reasonable. Just don't forget to clean it.

  19. An Absolute Must-Have!

    Review by Matthew Warwick

    This thing is a gem of a product! It made my entry into veneering SO much easier than another glue roller I tried (a rubber/plastic roller that didn't work well AT ALL). You won't know how you managed to function before once you start using it. Plus it's easy to wash out and re-use for years and years to come!

    I honestly don't have anything close to negative or even precautionary to say about this other than making sure you wash it as soon as you're done with it so you can keep re-using it. That and if you DON'T have one of these things, your life is going to be MUCH harder with veneering and even just face-laminating pieces of wood together. You HAVE to get one!

  20. Very Satisfied with My Purchase

    Review by Grant "G" Smith

    The glue roller is a must have tool for putting glue on a substrate board. I have had to replace the roller a couple of times because I forgot to wash the glue off and it cured on the foam. Now I keep a small painter's tray with water next to my bench. I just drop the roller in there as soon as I finish putting down the glue. If I forget it, there is no harm and I can clean it off the next. I wish there was a wider roller like this but the 6 inch version is a good size for my projects.

  21. Yes, It Really Does Help

    Review by Paul Jackson

    I was skeptical about the need for this roller, but decided to try it and I'm not sorry. Quickly applies an even layer of adhesive and is easy to clean. Very happy with my purchase.

  22. Great Tool

    Review by Bob Dodd

    Really worth the money. Joe recommended it and he wasn't wrong. Really allows one to spread the glue evenly and without worrying about not having enough time.

  23. Handiest Glue Roller

    Review by James Tewell

    Hardly little roller. I like that it’s rubbery and I can wash and reuse! It's light weight and rolls well. It loads with glue fairly well, not as well as say a foam roller but isn't as messy as foam and if cleaned and used with water based glue it lasts a long time.

  24. Just Perfect for Smooth Application

    Review by Nancy Christel

    So glad I ordered the glue roller. It worked exactly as described, and cleaned up easily and beautifully. My project is not yet finished, so I’ll be repeating usage, and expect everything to work just as smoothly each time.

  25. Indispensable

    Review by Paul Osman

    I find this indispensable for lamination, as well as for veneer. It gets an even glue line very quickly and it also retains very little glue and so it's quick and easy to wash - Top tool!

  26. Must Have Tool

    Review by Brad Hopke

    A must have tool. This tool quickly rolls on an even level of glue. It has eliminated getting too much glue in areas. Then you have a bubble of glue you have to fix. I highly recommend this tool.

  27. Best Glue Applicator Ever Made!

    Review by Brian Janonis

    I've tried them all, and I've been frustrated with them all, until I purchased Joe's. It is by far the best at applying an even coat at the correct thickness. I only wish they made a 3" for smaller pieces.

  28. No Brainer

    Review by Scott Slater

    I hadn't planned on purchasing a roller, but the more I read it was critical to get an even coat. I'm glad I bought it. Makes applying the glue almost a no brainer.

  29. A Great Tool

    Review by John Felten

    Ive been using either a brayer or, on occasion, brushes to apply longer. These rollers spread the glue in an amazing way and the distribution is equal and sufficient to make for an effective bond for my veneers and marquetry designs. Although they clean up well with water, I’m pleased that I bought some spare rollers...a great tool!

  30. First Time Roller

    Review by Ian Harrison

    First time I’ve used a roller to lay down adhesive - it won’t be the last. So much easier than trying to level it out by hand with a card of some sort.

  31. Works Perfectly

    Review by George Ledvina

    Works perfectly. Easy to apply the correct amount of glue EVENLY across my panels. Cleans up with warm water. Dries fast. Should last for many glue-ups, if I don't forget to clean it. Got the extra two rollers though, in case that happens.

  32. Applies Just the RIght Amount of Glue

    Review by Ken Crea

    Twelve dollars seems high for what could probably be done with a cheap paint roller. However, this applies just the right amount of glue (used it with BetterBond X-Press glue) and it was easy to clean with running water.

  33. Fast Application of Glue

    Review by Ray Peloquin

    I have been using a smaller width roller for years. This roller is smoother and helps me get the glue down faster and more evenly. I'm able to get the veneer panels in the vacuum bag so much faster.

  34. Worked Absolutely Perfect

    Review by Bob Lufburrow

    I am new to veneering, followed the lead of Joe's website and used both the X-Press and Heat Lock Glues and they worked absolutely perfect - and the veneer glue roller is an excellent $12 investment as well!!!!

  35. Works as Intended

    Review by Eric Tappan

    This is a simple veneer glue roller that works well. My first attempt at veneering several years back did not go over well. I had used products bought from a big box supplier. With Better Bond Titan DX glue, this roller worked as intended and it was easy to wash off the glue to reuse for other days worth of work. Can't argue with that!

  36. Applies Titan DX Very Smooth and Quickly

    Review by Aaron McBride

    When clean this applies Titan DX contact adhesive very smooth and quickly. If you need one roller order two, they are cheap enough that when you are in the middle of a large glue up you may want to pop the first roller in a bucket of hot water if the adhesive starts to build up on the roller and grab the spare roller.

  37. Roller Makes the Job Easier

    Review by Joel Watson

    Used this glue spreader to roll out glue for just under 200 sq feet of new cabinet end caps and doors. Spreads the glue smoothly leaving an even coat and no spatter. I recommend this glue roller.

    Shipping was prompt, packaging good, and delivery was quick. I recommend Joe: great service and solid advice!

  38. Use it with Heat Lock Glue

    Review by Kerry Armes

    Works exactly like it's supposed to. I usually use it with the Heatlock glue. It's easy to clean but don't forget about it or the glue will dry in it since it is porous and ruin the pad. I had my first one for several years before I did this and had to replace it.

  39. The Right Tool for the Job

    Review by Randy Walters

    Exactly what I needed. It would have been impossible to glue the large 26"x14" sheets on my project without this. Easy to clean, and ready to go for the next area. Still looks brand new!

  40. Great Add-On Buy

    Review by Nicholas Glascock

    Well worth the money, I don't recommend anyone veneer without it. It makes spreading out the glue much much easier. Easy enough cleanup also, just rinse after use.

  41. Rollin Rollin Rollin

    Review by Ed Rivers

    Used brushes fiber and silicone, also rollers but this is the best. This has helped me speed up my veneering and allowed me to focus on placement and grain direction for gluing. Best part is how easy it cleans up and remains durable. Love using it specific on burls.

  42. Essential Tool

    Review by Michael Minton

    This is an essential tool. It puts glue on flawlessly and is very easy to clean. I've tried several ways to get a good layer of glue, but this is the best.

  43. Works Great!

    Review by Doug Lynn

    Spreads nice and evenly and cleans up very easily. Have used it a few times and seem like it will last for a long time. Service and shipping are also top notch.

  44. Well Worth the Price

    Review by John Gowrie

    What can I say? It does exactly what the product description says it does - spreads the adhesive even and smooth! Well worth the price and a must have in my opinion.

  45. A Necessity Even for Small Projects

    Review by David McMichael

    I have a relatively small project - a small speaker cabinet. I tried a test piece using a brush to apply my glue simply because I didn't want to clean the roller to apply one piece. I switched to the roller for the actual project and I am amazed at the difference it made. The application is far, far more even across the veneer and substrate - there's no contest about it, a roller is a far superior choice.

    It cleaned easily with hot water.

  46. Nice Even Coat

    Review by Mark Slivka

    This is a nice glue roller that provides the perfect amount of glue. It makes it very fast and easy to get the glue on the substrate. It is very easy to wash out by running under warm water.

  47. Awesome Roller

    Review by Gary Jacobs

    I would not, and could not do veneer projects without this roller! I always had lumps and wrinkles in my veneer before I got this roller. Better Bond glue washes out of these easily.

  48. Great Product

    Review by Craig Newton

    Great product. I've been using hard older rollers for years. They don't compare to this tool. This tool spreads the glue evenly and quickly. There are no areas where it's too thin or too thick. I just ordered another 4" and a 6"

  49. Good fro Covering Larger Areas Quickly

    Review by Jim Brown

    This tool is very useful for spreading the glue. I'm an absolute novice with veneering and this roller solved the problem of too much glue for me. From what I understand and from my limited experience too much glue is the enemy of good veneering. Good for covering larger areas quickly.

    And you will not have a better online shopping experience than with Joe & Co. The BEST!

  50. Great Experience

    Review by Michael Deputy

    First experience with a glue roller, but I'm very happy. It rinsed out just as advertised, soaked in warm water. I even left the glue on it for a couple hours because I forgot about it, and it still came off just fine. Rolled my veneer glue very well, and looks like I'll be able to continue using it for many future glue-ups.

  51. Great Roller

    Review by Charles Thrower

    I bought the 4 inch roller for a small jewelry box walnut burl inlay. The roller spread the glue evenly and I would highly recommend. Easy to clean and reuse.

  52. Excellent Glue Roller

    Review by Jamie Harvey

    The roller works great. It rolls out just the right amount of glue and is easy to clean. It's well worth the money to have a glue dedicated roller versus the disposable paint rollers I used to use, which tended to leave debris in the glue.

  53. Highly Recommended

    Review by Luke Kelleher

    Ordered 6" roller to use with X-Press glue product. Mission critical. Easy to use, ensured even glue layer for veneer and easy to clean. Highly recommended.

  54. Veneer Glue Roller Review

    Review by David McCune

    Great little roller! Cleans up easy. Soap and water cleans away Better Bond X-Press. This roller should last a good long while.

  55. Good Roller

    Review by Troy Harding

    This roller is exactly what you would expect. It applies glue evenly and cleans up easily. I have used it multiple times and the surface remains as nice as when I received it.

  56. Easy to Use

    Review by Hank Smith

    I use these to spread glue on door panel substrate for veneering. I found that they are very easy to use to get an even glue coating. I did a few tests and found that the first time you use them it will take a little extra glue. I washed them in clean water after I was finished for the day

  57. After 3 Years

    Review by Alan Kalker

    When my last roller finally quit I thought I would save a few cents and just use a cheap brush. Big mistake. This roller saves lots of time and helps the stuff go on very quickly, easily and uniformly. It's also very easy to clean if you just remember to do it as soon as you are finished using it.

  58. Review from Winterset, Iowa

    Review by William Kneller

    The roller worked great. It smoothed out the glue to the correct thickness and it wasn't messy.

  59. Review from Vancouver, WA

    Review by Jim Fitzgerald

    I ordered the 4" and the 6" rollers both. Great product. Used the 6" roller with the Heat Lock glue and it works great. The roller is not to hard or to soft, just right. It does a beautiful job.

  60. Review from Weaverville, NC

    Review by Mark Henry

    This roller works very well in applications of glues, it is cleanable for many times of use. Then you can change the applicator as it wears out with new and continue gluing. I recommend this tool in you veneer work, maybe 2 or 3 of them!

  61. Review from Mansfield, Ohio

    Review by Allison Baer

    This roller seems expensive to me but I still come back and buy a few once or twice a year because there isn't a better tool for putting out a smooth coating of glue. Things get hectic in my shop and I keep forgetting to clean the roller before the glue starts to harden... so here I go again buying more. These do work very well and I have tried other rollers and adhesive trowels but the others put on too much glue and they leave behind a lumpy surface. These work perfectly though.

    I can say that the shipping cost was not bad at all and though it took a few days to arrive, I know that they are shipped very quickly because they send you a tracking number a few hours after you submit the order to them. Go ahead and buy a couple extras because you will want to keep using these if you do any veneering at all.

  62. Review from Seattle, WA

    Review by John Grace

    The only product for applying veneer glue evenly and quickly. Made in the USA!

  63. Review from Wilmington, Il

    Review by Nicholas Santorineos

    I was skeptical and almost didn't get this roller. I have always used a mini paint roller, but honestly there is no comparison. This little roller kicks butt.

  64. Review from Erie, Colorado

    Review by John Hall

    I can't believe how well these rollers work. And with easy clean up they are always ready. You won't be disappointed.

  65. Review from Vancouver, WA

    Review by Jeremy Huber

    I have not used this for veneer, yet but for edge gluing it works great. Just run a bead of glue down one board and use the roller to spread the glue on that edge and transfer it to the mating surface. Perfect amount of glue on the joint, a small continuous bead of squeeze out along both sides of the joint. I can't wait to try it on th veneer for this project.

  66. Review from Wapakoneta,Ohio

    Review by Max Neu

    These rollers do a perfect job of spreading glue evenly! I do recommend buying extra rollers. I found that I rotate them throughout the day if I am doing a lot of veneering. If I clean one, I alway's have a clean dry one ready to go, then just keep rotating them.

  67. Review from Boonsboro MD

    Review by Daniel Rudy

    Don't even think about it, buy it. You will thank yourself later.

  68. Amazing

    Review by John Hall

    I have just started working with veneer and have had a terrible time with the glue ups. I tried spreading the glue with paint rollers, rubber rollers, notched credit cards just to name a few. I ran across this site and decided to try this roller. It works amazing. I have glued up three projects with it and it not only was easy to use but spread the glue very evenly.

  69. Worth Every Penny

    Review by Joe K

    I was going to use to small foam roller from Home Depot but since it came in my starter pack, I said what the heck. Well worth it. It has a more "stiffness" so it's much easier to get the glue on evenly. A little soap and water when your done and it cleans right up. I used both the CAT glue and Better Bond.. no issues.

  70. Satisfied.... and then some!

    Review by Reggy Poundstone

    Titan works fine with this roller. Two gallons of Titan were ordered about a month ago and they arrived very quickly along with this roller and a few replacement rollers. I've gone through the first gallon of glue and I've still got plenty of life on the roller. It did get a bit more firm after the first use but it still rolls out a coat of glue as well as I could expect.

    My neighbor suggested that I try this website because he has had very good service from the owner of this business. The owner answered my questions via email on the same day that I sent my message. I really the way your site is set up!!!

  71. Fantastic

    Review by Bob Gabor

    The glue rollers that I recently bought are fantastic! They aid me greatly in applying the right amount of glue.The easy clean up is my favorite feature. Woodworker friends who visit during a glue-up are really impressed too! I just placed an order for more accessories. Thanks.

  72. A simple and effective tool for gluing veneers.

    Review by Russel Garfield

    I just placed an order for more of these rollers. My previous two rollers lasted for well over a year (with nearly daily use). Last week, the phone rang while I was gluing some MDF with the rollers. I got tied up on the phone for too long and the glue dried on the roller thus ending its life.

    For the money, you cant beat these glue rollers and I dont think I could go without them. I've seen some high tech rollers that were $119 each. These types have a hopper on top and they're hard to find. The problem is that if you were to leave the glue roller without cleaning, you'd be out a serious chunk of change. So with my days of constant interruptions, I prefer this roller. If it gets messed up, there's nothing to cry over and I'll just get another one for 10 bucks.

  73. Another Great One

    Review by Miles U.

    Yet another great product that Joe offers here. Works like a champ and didnt allow any bleed-through. I got a perfect panel on my very first pressing!

  74. Excellent Product

    Review by Michael Browning

    This roller is perfect for applying veneer glue as well as yellow glue on board edges. I bought a dozen so I'm always prepared with the right tool. The 4 inch version is more handy for edge gluing than the 6 inch which is better for spreading veneer glue on larger surfaces (obviously). These things clean up very easily. In fact it takes me less than 30 seconds to clean it. There is something unique about the soft rubber that makes it put down a flawless coat. What ever it is, I'm loving it.

  75. Nothing Bad To Say

    Review by Mike Markowski

    I have to agree with the other reviews. The roller is definitely worth the money. I've found nothing quite as good as this one. My shop once used a roller that cost $120 for spreading glue. It had a hopper on top that created a huge mess and cleaning it was a royal pain in the rumpus. One of my friends tried the roller offered here and had only great things to say about it. There isn't really anything that I would change about it except the price but we all know that if you want something good, its not going to be free.

    Joe's customer service is also worth a mention here. When I first ordered some supplies from him, I had several questions. He answered all of them within a matter of 45 minutes via email. How sweet is that? His email was genuine and thorough and he even took the time to send me some links to pages on his website and others that would further my understanding of my own questions. Recently, I called Joe to find out about a paperbacked veneer. Of course, it was him (Joe) who answered the phone. He spent at least 15 minutes talking to me and answering my questions. I cant begin to explain how easy he is to talk to. Its like talking to your best friend. On top of that, he doesn't push any products on you. If there is something you are looking for and he doesn't have it, he will tell you where to get it even if it's one of his competitors. I ask you, who else do you know that does that? Kudos!!!

  76. Works Just Like Advertised

    Review by Tim Sproul

    Works just like advertised and shown. Have some 'blotting' paper the first time or two you use so you can easily remove excess glue, if needed.

  77. No More Headaches

    Review by Herbert Stansbury

    Worth its weight in gold by saving me so many headaches that I had before I switched to the betterbond glue and this roller.

  78. Joe Knows What's Best

    Review by Brad N.

    Once again, Joe knows whats best! This roller makes applying Heat Lock glue very easy. It does need to be cleaned up after each use though (duh).

  79. Cleans Up In Seconds

    Review by Tim Ruben

    In our shop, we had been using a slew of other tools to lay glue onto the panels. A paint roller works well but occasional leaves areas without enough glue. Then you have to spend 10 minutes cleaning the roller cover. It wasnt fun.

    BUT... this tool puts down a good coat of glue and cleans up in about 10 seconds.

  80. This Tool Does What It Claims

    Review by Jason Andreasen

    "Ditto". As everyone else has mentioned, this tool does what it claims - evenly spreads a thin layer of glue. When you're done, toss it in a bucket of water for a few minutes, rinse it off and its good as new.

  81. It Does What Everyone Says It Does

    Review by Aaron Shoemaker

    This is probably my favorite tool when I do a veneering job. It does what everyone says it does. It makes the glue go down perfectly. I dont think I ve had a bad panel from the vacuum press since I bought the roller. This website is probably the best place to buy the tool. Some other retailers are selling a smaller tool for more money.

  82. I Highly Suggest This Glue Roller

    Review by Bernie Forman

    I have to admit, I only bought this tool because of Joe's recommendation. I've been emailing him a lot about my first two veneer panels which came out so-so. He said this would eliminate the problems I found in the panels.

    Well.... sheesh... he was right. My last 3 or 4 panels came out perfect. Normally, I dont remember to write or offer reviews but tonight I have some free time and thought I should share my experience with Joe and his website.

    If you are new to veneering and you've got an expensive veneer to lay down, I highly suggest this glue roller.

  83. It's A Great Find

    Review by Tom Kelley

    I am tremendously thrilled with the glue roller. I know it sounds odd to be "tremendously thrilled" with such a simple device but it has worked out so well. When I first learned to veneer (through I had occasionally screwed up some panels. I would get these strange ripples in the veneer and would have to scrap the panel and try it again. Eventually, I figured it was worth trying the glue roller. It was definitely worth it. The cost of the roller far exceeds the costs of a failed panel if your using a decent veneer.

    I dont take chances anymore. I use the tool everytime I do a panel and just dunk it into a bucket of water when I'm done. By the time I get the panel into the press and settle down, then I remove the roller and wipe it dry.

    I suspect even professional woodworkers would get great use from this tool. Its a great find!

  84. The Problems Completely Stopped

    Review by Jack M.

    I should have bought this tool along time ago. I have had a few botched panels since I've been veneering. But after I started finessing the glue with this roller, the problems completely stopped. Sometimes I would get glue blisters (too much glue) and sometimes I would get veneer popups (not enough glue). The roller gave me the exact amount of glue and the panels come out of the press perfectly now.

    Joe... thanks for the great advice and this great website. You have turned me into a better woodworker. Veneering has opened a whole new door for me.

  85. It's Never Failed Me

    Review by James Donolstein

    Actually, this is a very good product. I use it everytime I do a veneer panel and its never failed me. The important part is that you clean it before the glue dries on it.

    I just dunk it in a small tupperware bowl and let it sit a few minutes, then I wipe it clean with a papertowel.

  86. Worth It's Weight In Gold

    Review by Phil Harrison

    Worth its weight in gold! Why didnt I buy this thing sooner?

  87. Worth Every Penny

    Review by Greg Tominko

    This glue roller is a life saver. I could have saved so many failed panels if I had only used this tool to begin with. Get one and save yourself the headache!


  88. I Couldn't Work Without This Tool

    Review by Don O.

    The glue roller is definitely a tool I couldnt do without. After I started using it on my projects, I noticed a huge increase in the quality of the finished panels. It eliminates the chance of getting glue bubbles and bleedthrough. I just lightly roll it across the panel to spread the glue out (not putting much pressure on it) and lay the veneer. I recommend this product to all veneer users.

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