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Hand-Held Veneer Glue Applicator
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Product Description

The application of veneer glue to large panels and production runs of smaller panels is much easier with this type of adhesive spreader. This is the ideal gluing tool for Ultra-CAT™ and X-Press™ veneer adhesives.

The flow of adhesive is controlled by a finger-operated lever conveniently placed by the handle. Pressing the lever down allows the foam roller to engage the aluminum feed roller in the hopper. The foam roller is then evenly coated with adhesive which sets a smooth coat of glue onto the panel. Pull the lever up to disengage the foam roller from the aluminum feed roller and stop the flow of glue.

Bonus: Additional foam roller included at no extra cost!

Similar hand held glue applicators from Europe have been around for years but many users have found the $160 to $195 price too expensive for most jobs. It is a simple tool and so why is it so expensive? Surely this is explains why there are many "knock-offs" being offered by several over-seas companies.

I've tried many alternate versions and found myself disappointed with the quality. I disassembled each of them to better understand the failures in the design, craftsmanship, and material selection. During this process I came across one glue spreader model that works very well and is reasonably affordable. I tested this hand-held gluer thoroughly in my shop and have to admit that I'm impressed, so here it is now on my site.

Glue Spreader

Customer Reviews
We have just a few product reviews submitted for this glue roller but they are all very positive. Click the "Reviews" link above to see what others have written.


  • Easy disassembly for complete cleaning after each use
  • Aluminum feed roller for maximum durability
  • Trough design on the bench-top support stand prevents spilling
  • Mounting holes in the support stand allow permanent attachment to your work bench
  • Includes cleaning instructions (in real English!)

Please Note
This glue applicator is not designed for use with any type of contact cement or solvent based adhesive. Use with thick, water-based adhesives only. Not for use with TC-20™ or Heat Lock™ glue.

Important Tips

  1. The speed and convenience factors are major advantages to using this roller, but thorough cleaning is required after each use. Allow at least 10 minutes to disassemble and clean the unit. Proper use and cleaning is critical to the durability of this unit. The tool must be fully disassembled and cleaned immediately after each use. Failure to do so will result in jamming of the feed roller which could render the unit unusable. It may be very difficult or impossible to clean the unit if the glue has cured. Disassembly of the unit requires pliers and a 5mm Allen wrench (not included).
  2. Always apply glue to the substrate material and not to the veneer.
  3. The key to applying veneer glue is to put it on evenly. The rule of thumb is that the surface of the substrate should look evenly painted with veneer glue. It should not be dripping wet. A good test is to place a pencil mark on the substrate and apply the glue. If you can easily see the pencil mark on the substrate (through the adhesive), you likely have the right amount of glue.

Is the 3" roller exactly three inches wide?
The 3" glue applicator is 2.75" wide and the 6" glue applicator is 5.75" wide.

How much glue does the hopper hold?
The 3" roller holds about 12 oz of adhesive which is enough to cover approximately 25 square feet of substrate material. The 6" roller holds about 24 oz. which is enough to cover approximately 50 square feet of substrate material.

What is the diameter of the foam roller part?
The foam roller is approximately 2.5" in diameter.

How long does it take to clean?
It typically takes about 10 minutes to disassemble, clean, and re-assemble. It is critically important to clean the gluer while the adhesive is still wet.

Will this product rust if I use a water based adhesive?
The glue applicator is made from plastic, aluminum, and plated steel so I don't think any part will rust.

Can I use this with contact cement?
No. Do not use it for water-based or solvent-based contact cements. Use it only with water-based woodworking adhesives.

Will this roller work with solvent-based glues?
No. The solvents in the adhesive and in the clean-up fluid could damage the plastic and the foam roller.

Will this work with all of the adhesives on
This unit is compatible with X-Press™, Ultra-CAT™, and Flex-Pro™.

Product Reviews

  1. I Just Purchased Two More

    Review by Bruce Kincaid

    I just purchased two more of these rollers for our shop. We're very happy with the performance so far and they are a lot less expensive than the German glue rollers that we used for a few years. The rollers come well-packaged and with a good set of instructions including disassembly steps for cleaning. Be sure to clean the roller pins because glue does get in there somehow with extended use. Buying from this company has been a great experience every time. The owner cares about his customers and he ships very quickly. Overall, this is a good product and comes from a good company.

  2. Another Great Review

    Review by Greg Seiferth

    I was skeptical at first until I used the glue applicator. I have a project that has twenty 2x8 panels and to be able to press multiple panels at the same time. Due to the amount of open time of the Better Bond it was imperative the glue was applied consistently and quickly. This tool worked great and what amazed me there was very little dripping on the edges. I should have known Joe's description of his products is dead on! As far as the cleanup, I was concerned of getting the boards in place to start the pressing process and I wouldn't have time to clean the applicator fast enough. I submerged the tool in a five gallon bucket of water and cleaned it about twenty minutes later. The cleaning was a breeze.

  3. Why Pay More

    Review by Michael Turner

    Once again, I bought a product from Joe that is exactly what it said it was and does what it was described to do. Joe is my go to for our veneering parts and supplies.

  4. Impressive

    Review by Sam Gardner

    It's hard to find fault with this gluing system. It doesn't look like much but what it does is impressive. I can lay down a perfect layer of veneer glue on a 2x4 panel in under 2 minutes. Clean up is easier than you think... takes me about 5 minutes to clean it. Shipping here was quick and affordable. Great website too!

  5. Excellent Product and a Great Price

    Review by Gary Handel

    Our shop goes through a lot of veneer glue and we have an expensive model that works ok but I wanted something that I could be comfortable with if I left it in the hand of one of my shop helpers. This was perfect for him and I'd say it works better than the one that cost us more than double the price here. So I've come back to write a review and place an order for two more.

    This is a very good product and the customer service here is excellent.

  6. Good Roller, Great Price - Very Happy

    Review by Tim Kemper

    I worked for a slab door company for 15 years and we had a metal version of this roller that was a life saver. I remember the boss saying it cost more than like $200. I now have my own smaller shop doing similar work so I bought this roller here as soon as I saw it. For the money, I don't think it's a bad product. The plastic is easy to clean but the durability is questionable since it not stainless steel like my old one. I've already used it more than 10 times in the last week and it's invaluable to me at this point. You wont regret having a roller like this and the price is right. The handle is a bit light-weight but I don't really have any complaints. It works perfect and cleans up well and I'm glad I bought one.

  7. A Great Addition to My Veneering Arsenal

    Review by Charles Taylor

    This glue roller got to my shop less than 48 orders after I ordered it. Very happy with this purchase. It puts down a quick coat of glue which is great for my shop since we are typically doing 2x8' panels. The plastic hopper was a bit of a concern for me but after seeing it, I can now say there is nothing to worry about. The plastic is thicker than it appears in the picture. Very good instructions were included but its an easy tool to use. The clean up is not as bad as I thought it would be. I guess it takes about 10 minutes to clean it top to bottom. Overall its a great addition to my veneering arsenal.

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