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Super-Soft 2™ Veneer Softener & Conditioner


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Product Description

Veneer SoftenerSuper-Soft 2™ softens crotch, burl, and other wavy veneers. This improved version conditions veneer by temporarily plasticizing wood cells without leaving a residue or odor. Veneer softener helps prevent splits and cracks by making the sheet surprisingly flexible. It does all this without affecting the veneer's bonding, staining, or finishing properties.

  • No mixing required. Do not dilute.
  • Not for use on dyed veneers.
  • Apply by dipping, spraying, or brushing the softener onto the veneer.
  • Always test this product on spare material from the same veneer bundle.

Pint (16 oz.) with sprayer: $14.90
Quart (32 oz.) with sprayer: $22.90
Half Gallon (64 oz): $29.90
Gallon (128 oz.): $48.90

SDS Information: Click Here


  1. Saturate both sides of the veneer with softener by dipping, spraying, or brushing.
  2. Allow the veneers to stand until the surface is free of shiny, wet areas.
  3. Place veneer between two sheets of absorbent paper (paper towels, brown paper, or unprinted newspaper) and place it between two flat boards.
  4. Apply plenty of weight or clamping pressure to the top. You increase the success rate of the flattening process with each pound of weight that is added. Inadequate weight or pressure can allow the veneer to become more wavy. Some species, including but not limited to maple and bubinga, require a very, very large amount of clamping pressure which sometimes can only be achieved with a vacuum press.
  5. Leave the veneer under pressure for four to six hours. Then replace the absorbent sheets every 6 hours and apply the weight or pressure again until the veneer is completely dry. Keep as much pressure as possible on the veneer during the drying process.
  6. Determining when the softener has fully dried has a lot to do with your senses. If the veneer feels cool, looks dark, or smells a lot like the softener, then it is probably not fully dry.
Super-Soft 2 on Walnut Burl

Notes from Joe

  • pg-supersoft2-sample.gifI took the picture shown here to give you an idea as to how well Super-Soft 2 works on certain species. This image shows madrone burl veneer rolled around a pencil. There are no cracks or splits!
  • Super-Soft 2 may also be dried using an ordinary clothes iron (in a well-ventilated area) on the low/medium setting for instant veneer flattening.
  • A vacuum press is often considered the best tool for the first stage of the flattening process.
  • Keep in mind that some veneers such as maple are very difficult to flatten and can require more weight than most users have in their shop. A vacuum press will apply enough pressure to flatten maple.

pg-video-supersoft2.jpgWill Super-Soft 2 work on thicker wood veneer and thin lumber?
Generally speaking, the softener will be less effective on thick-cut veneers. The range of effectiveness is based on thickness, species, and grain orientation. We have heard of good results from guitar makers who use the softener to make some species of thin lumber more bendable.

Does Super-Soft 2 affect a veneer that will be adhered with any specific adhesive?
Once dry, Super-Soft 2 has no impact on the bonding of a veneer with any adhesive including CA glue, PPR glue, hide glue, standard cold press glue, or epoxy.

Can I stack veneers between layers of absorbent paper when flattening?
I don't recommend stacking more than four veneers at a time. If the veneers are extremely brittle or wavy, only stack in groups of two. Keep in mind that additional pressure is needed as more layers of veneers are stacked.

How much coverage will I get from a bottle of softener?
There's no way to specify a coverage amount. It really depends on the veneer species, grain, moisture content and method of application. Most users find that a quart goes much further than expected.

Is the softener freeze/thaw stable?
Freezing will not harm this product.

What color is Super-Soft 2?
This veneer softener is as clear as water.

Why did my veneer not flatten after being clamped between two boards?
A failure to fully flatten is the result of having inadequate pressure on the veneers during the drying process. Some species will require a lot of clamping pressure to flatten out. Maple, olive-ash, bubinga, and mappa are notoriously difficult to flatten unless a very significant amount of clamping pressure is used. Crotch grain veneers also require a large amount of pressure. A vacuum press and vacuum bag are ideal for the more troublesome veneer species. The vacuum press creates up 1,750 lbs of clamping power per square foot and can be used to flatten a veneer for the first few hours.

What can I do if my veneer didn't flatten out?
If your veneer does not come out flat after the first pressing, apply the softener and start the flattening process again using more clamping pressure. A second application of softener is generally not needed when flattening with a vacuum press, but it is often required if you are simply clamping between two boards with woodworking clamps.

I can't get the veneer to flatten. Isn't this what the softener is supposed to do?
No. Veneer softener is simply a chemical that makes veneer more flexible. Flattening is accomplished with pressure. The softener only relaxes the wood cells so they don't crack during the flattening process. Veneer softener contains water so it can sometimes cause the veneer to develop additional wrinkles, ripples, or waviness (however you prefer to call it) at first, but the softener will make the veneer more pliable so it can be pressed flat with the right amount of pressure. Think of it as one "step backward and two steps forward" when an adequate amount of pressure is put on the veneer.

Will this softener allow the veneer to bend in two directions?
It is a challenge unsuitable for all but the most advanced and well-trained user to apply a veneer to a project with curves on two planes - such as the shape of a potato chip. There are a few master craftsmen who can do this well. Veneer will bend but it will not stretch. Veneer softener makes veneer flexible but not stretchable. You can bend veneer along the grain or across the grain, but not both.

How do I know when the veneer softener has dried?
Determining when the softener has fully dried has a lot to do with your senses. If the veneer feels cool, looks dark, or smells a lot like the softener, then it is not quite dry.

Does Super Soft 2 leave a residue when dry?

What kind of incompatibility issues are there with this softener?
We have yet to find any incompatibility issues with veneers treated with SS2. This includes water-based stains and finishes, oil-based stains and finishes, lacquer, conversion varnish, polyurethane, alcohol-based finishes, wood dyes, shellac, and others.

Is this softener guaranteed to flatten all veneers?
There is no way to promise that veneer softener will work on every veneer. Some veneers respond better than others and it is not always due to the species. For example, there are some teak veneers so oily that no amount of softener will flatten them despite it working very well on other teak veneers. Also, we've found that veneers which have been previously treated with glue-based softeners may not work well with our softener since the glue-based softeners limit the absorption other liquids.

Can I use this veneer softener on paperbacked veneer?
Generally speaking softener is only used on raw wood veneers. However, it can be used sparingly on the face side of a paper backed veneer to allow some additional flexibility. Spray a paper towel with softener and gently wipe on a light, non-saturating coat to make paperbacked veneer more flexible. Always test the softener on a veneer scrap before applying to the project veneer.

Is this veneer softener diluted?
Absolutely not! It is full strength but you can dilute it by 10% with water (though we don't see a benefit to doing that).

What is the shelf life of the softener?
The shelf life is indefinite.

Will the softener cause my veneer to bleed color onto the drying paper?
Some veneers have so-called "loose pigments" which when wet (with water or veneer softener), can transfer some color from the wood to the drying paper. This is especially common on darker species such as walnut and rosewood. Don't be alarmed though since this bleeding does not have an impact on the finished tone of the veneer. In this picture, you'll see a rosewood veneer that was treated with softener and dried on absorbent white paper. An image of the veneer transferred to the paper and the actual veneer appeared to have lost some contrast. However, with the application of a clear finish, you can see that all of the contrast and color returned on the completed project.

What's the best method of application?
Spraying is the most efficient way to apply Super-Soft 2.

Can you ship this softener to Canada, Australia, and the other countries listed on your International Orders page?

How long will softening effect last?
The softening effects vary from one species to another. Users often find that some flexibility remains for as long as 2 weeks. Generally speaking, you can expect the effects to last from 4 to 7 days.

Can this veneer softener be used on the same veneer more than once?
Yes. If the veneer requires additional flattening, Super-Soft 2 can be re-applied as many times as needed.

Will Super-Soft 2 make the veneer sticky like homemade softener?
Not at all. The veneer will feel soft and pliable not sticky and brittle.

Can I heat the softener with a clothes iron to dry it faster?
Yes but do so in a well-ventilated area. After applying Super-Soft to the veneer, use a clothes iron set on medium heat to dry and flatten the veneer at the same time. It's best to put a cotton or flannel cloth between the veneer and the iron. Keep the iron moving continuously around on the veneer. When the veneer appears to be dry you can prep it for glued in the veneer press. The effects of the softener are notably shorter with this trick so be certain to use the veneer as soon as possible. Otherwise it may ripple again.

Is it safe to dry it with heat?
Here is the answer provided by the chemical supplier about this question: "Most of what will be evaporated into the air at temperatures above 212° F will be water. Super-Soft 2 has a very high boiling point, meaning no volatiles will be produced until over 350° F. Because it contains some water, it's possible that the steam from the water above 212° F will carry some of the softener with it. It's unlikely that the lower temperature will create any volatiles from the veneer softener, so it would be a small amount, if any. If some of the softener does get airborne in the steam, the chemical driven off is diethylene glycol monoethyl ether which, according to the SDS, it is not expected to be an inhalation hazard. However, circulating and exhaust fans should always be used where volatiles are present."

Will this softener affect cutting/trimming with a veneer saw?
A properly sharpened veneer saw will work perfectly with a veneer treated with SS2 once it has dried.

Will this softener allow me to make bent wood rings with veneer?
It depends on the species, radius, grain type, grain direction, and other factors. The softener will help make the veneer more pliable and increase your chance of success but there is no product that can promise success in every situation.

What safety precautions should I employ when using this softener?
Use with adequate ventilation. Keep away from heat, sparks or open flames. Wash thoroughly after handling. Do not eat, drink, or smoke when using this product. Do not breathe vapors or spray mist. Wear an appropriate, fitted respirator (NIOSH/MSHA) during/after application unless air monitoring demonstrates vapor/mist levels are below applicable limits. Follow respirator manufacturer's directions for respirator use. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Wash thoroughly after handling.

Product Reviews

  1. The Softener Saved Our Old Veneer Sheet

    Review by John Williamson

    We thought we would have used our veneer 4 years ago, and the car project did not move like we thought. We learned about this product in a Triumph forum and gave it a try. Our veneer had been between plywood all this and was very dry an prone to cracking. We had to soak and press it three times to get in in good shape to use, but it worked and the project now has a dash board. Probably could not have used the veneer we had without it.

  2. Great Company to Order From!

    Review by Dave Shafer

    The product was as advertised. But the best part was a helpful instructions that were provided separately after I ordered. I live in Texas and my barn which I build and do my carpentry can be very hot and dry. This product saved me and my projects. Great company to order from!

  3. Easy & Affordable

    Review by Matt Baskerville

    This stuff works wonders! I used it on some madrone burl that was very wavy (1/4" difference between peaks and valleys) and brittle (accidentally snapped a few corners on the sheets). It's an easy process too - and if it doesn't flatten it the first try it'll definitely work the second time! I didn't have a vacuum press with my first batch, so I pressed the veneer flat between two melamine panels and put about 500 pounds of rock on it. It worked great, but a vacuum press is obviously more convenient. I was also able to reuse much of the paper towels, as long as they were completely dry between uses. Generally it took about 3-4 pressings for the veneer to be completely dry, but I was drying 4 sheets at a time. with quite liberal spraying I've flattened about 10 sheets of 16x16 veneer and still have over half of my quart spray bottle left. The veneer glued up great after flattening also! I'm going to stick to this stuff from now on!

  4. You Need This

    Review by Justin Micheli

    This stuff works great. I bought the spray bottle with an order of figured maple expecting it to come with some interesting waves from storage and shipping. It sprayed on easily, and worked perfectly. 24 hrs later I have perfectly flat veneer. I will be buying more of this.

  5. Improved Flexibility

    Review by Tony McDonald

    Super Soft 2 considerably improved the flexibility and decreased the the brittleness of my 30 year old African mahogany crotch veneer that had been sitting in a hot Florida attic.

  6. Exactly What I Needed

    Review by Benjamin Parry

    I received this softener very quickly. It works great at preparing & flattening my crotch mahogany veneer. The instructions are clear and precise. The spray bottle works great too, often times they break quickly but this one will last through many uses.

  7. Great Product

    Review by Ken Ellis

    I think this is a great product. When I use Heat Lock adhesive, another great product, I spray it on the face side of the veneer before applying glue to the back side. The veneer remains flat and easy to handle, Try it. I think you will like it.

  8. Must Have

    Review by George Follett

    I used this product to help make copper rings and it worked perfectly. I highly recommend this product for any veneer work. Makes any task easier to accomplish and should be mandatory in the supply room.

  9. Edge Banding Use

    Review by Carter Whyte

    I did not need to use this on the veneer I received before making my panels; however it came in very handy when I got to the edge banding. From applying the heat activated glue it curled up a little bit but I just sprayed a bit of this and ironed the edge banding on without any cracking.

  10. Good Stuff

    Review by Mark W Schilling

    It worked great on heavy figured walnut burl veneer. Came out very flat and flexible.

  11. Works Like Magic

    Review by Jim Bonebreak

    The veneer softener and conditioner is a fabulous product. It's easy to use and works as advertised. Most of my work now is with burls and crotches (the toughest of conditions), and it works, it works, it works.

  12. Quick & Effective

    Review by Peter Constable

    I had ordered a bubinga veneer from another vendor and it appears to have been stored in a roll: when it arrived, I wasn't able to roll it out flat to store without getting splits. Fortunately, I had just ordered some Super-Soft 2 from Veneer Supplies and so could apply that to the rolled veneer. It worked quickly and effectively, making it easy to get that veneer rolled flat.

  13. Great Product... Even Better Service!

    Review by Stan Traas

    I had excellent results flattening some very gnarly burl veneer with Super-Soft. But more important than just a great product, the vast depth of information available on this site and ensured success though I have little experience with veneering.

  14. Veneer Softener

    Review by Kaine Meshkin

    Bought this product to flatten some walnut burl on a project of mine. Really had to saturate the veneer and then put a ton of weight on it. It flattened it well and I was able to glue it on to the substrate with no issues. I'd recommend this to anyone needing to tame some difficult veneer.

  15. Kudos!

    Review by Michael Hyatt

    I only have good things to say about this softener. My order was packaged very well, shipped quickly, and arrived on time for my veneered table project. I followed the instructions exactly as described on the bottle and clamped the walnut burl sheets with a lot of pressure. Changed the paper towels on schedule and within a few days the veneer was completely dry and flat as a sheet of paper. Kudos to the people at Veneer Supplies for quality products and great prices. I should also mention that their customer service is worth of praise.

  16. Did Not Disappoint

    Review by Adam Bergeron

    I bought this because I saw it helped for getting the veneer flatter. It did not disappoint. I will say I sprayed the veneer on my dining table with paper covering most of the table, I did manage to get some overspray onto the table finish which softened the finish,making it semi sticky (I don’t care that much about that table,since I'm building a new one, but just a FYI). So keep it away from finishes.

  17. Works for Me!

    Review by Chris Johnson

    Frankly I have only used this softener. As I have had consistent success with it though, there is little motivation to try anything else. A good spray and pressing between paper towels and substrate material makes for solid outcomes.

  18. Got Bent?

    Review by Jeff Wylie

    This stuff does the trick when working with figured woods for bentwood rings that tend to facet along a tight radius. Gotta have mucho flexibility which is what Super-Soft 2 provides.

  19. Unruly veneer? No problem!

    Review by Ramon Valdez

    I love this stuff! Wrinkled or even wavy veneers are impossible to work with effectively. This veneer softener [works well with] unruly veneers including crotches, burls and highly figured woods…all typically undulating and challenging to cut, seam or even glue. A game changer for anyone working with raw veneer!

  20. Really Happy with the Results

    Review by Kevin Cochran

    I couldn't be more pleased with this veneer softener. I tried softener from [another company] and it was worthless. I almost gave up, but there were great comments about Super Soft on that gave me hope of getting some nasty curly maple veneer flat. It was shipped very quickly and at a decent price. The maple softened up immediately and I put it under weight for several hours for the first stage of drying. When I removed the veneer from the weighted panel I found it was nearly perfectly flat. A few rounds of paper-towels changes and I was in business. This is a great product and a fabulous company do to business with. Highly recommended in every way!

  21. Well Priced

    Review by David Onderwater

    This product worked as advertised but the excellent rating was for the guidance given by Joe on how to apply and work with the softener. Well priced for the results.

  22. Great Product

    Review by Keith Kane

    I ran out in the middle of a project. I reordered and it arrived in two days using standard shipping. The product works as advertised and made it easy to apply and glue the veneer.

  23. Worked Great

    Review by Kirk Coryn

    I used this on 1 mm thick veneer to make it pliable to do a compound veneered table base. Worked great and I will be using it on other projects. Quick and easy to use.

  24. Worked Like A Dream

    Review by Larry Couture

    Worked like a dream to flatten and give some flexibility to some old and dried out not-flat lacewood, burled walnut and curly maple veneers I had been storing for years and needed for a recent project.

  25. Very Pleased

    Review by Ian Webster

    Does exactly what it said on the box. Only the second time I've tried veneering. The fist time I kept it simple and use PSA paper backed veneer. Work just fine. Thought I'd mix it up time with a slightly more exotic veneer (figured walnut). Worked out great - very pleased with the result.

  26. Good Product

    Review by Tom Frederick

    I have used on wavy veneer that probably didn't need flattening and it was just as easy as doing some Bubinga burl which Joe rates as somewhat hard. I used my press for the first 6 hours and then used some pretty hefty clamps with platens for a couple of days, changing sheets of unprinted newspaper to help dry - loads of which may come in your shipment of veneer as packing material. It worked as advertised and would recommend this product.

  27. Very Easy to Use

    Review by Scott Slater

    This stuff is critical for getting the veneer flat. Very easy to use. My only mistake was getting the small bottle. I purchased this, a roller, and veneer. It all arrived quickly and with zero damage. The best this is being able to ask Joe whatever you need help with on veneering. Great site.

  28. Great Veneer Softener

    Review by Larran Walls

    The veneer I was working with was pretty flat to begin with but it seems to work very well. I sprayed on and then pressed between 2 pieces of melamine and paper towels, weighted by a whole bunch of landscaping blocks. Came out VERY flat!

  29. Veneer Softener Review

    Review by Marty Daigle

    This product worked great on some old walnut veneer I had laying around. The instructions were excellent and the end product is something I can be proud of. Thanks for the great products. I will be buying other items from you as the projects come up.

  30. Amazing Results

    Review by Geoff Webster

    Super Soft 2 works great on all types of veneer. I had a piece of Carpathian elm in my stock that was warped and wavy. Attempting to lay up such a veneer would have resulted in a destroyed project, but after carefully following the instructions on the product, the veneer could be worked easily. The end result is a pliable, flexible veneer that is easy to work with. It's just a great product.

  31. If you need flexibility...

    Review by Dave Elledge

    Excellent product. It will soften veneers that would otherwise be Too brittle to work with on larger areas. I first used it on a black walnut burl veneer that would crack by just picking it up. I won’t use any other formula.

  32. Worked Well

    Review by Ted Baughman

    This worked well on walnut burl veneer. I pressed the wet veneer under vacuum for 30 minutes, then used gravity pressure and paper towels for drying. The veneer was ready to use in less than 48h, start to finish.

    [Note from Joe: Unless you have an extremely dry shop environment, please do not plan to have the veneer dry in 48 hours. This is highly unlikely in my experience and applying the veneer before the softener dries could lead to splitting on the finished panel. ]

  33. Professional Product that Works

    Review by Riad Miah

    This product was excellent for softening the veneer I purchased from Veneer Supplies. The product is very easy to work with and does the job. I was building a solid body guitar and wanted to have a curly maple on the front and back of the instrument. Putting the veneer on the back was not a problem. The front, with the pickup cavities, bridge, etc provided some difficulties. This product made the process effortless. It worked as described. It softened the veneer enough that it allowed me to cut and shape around the details of the guitar body without splitting and chipping.

  34. Easy to use and Super Effective

    Review by John Keller

    I used this to flatten some quilted bubinga. I was surprised at how easy and effective it was. Having never worked with veneer before, I was a little hesitant because the instructions seemed daunting but it was very straight forward and worked better than I ever expected. I will most definitely continue to buy this stuff for future projects.

  35. Great Product and Well Priced

    Review by Marco Cecala

    This has been my go-to softener for years. Living in Arizona this helps with dry veneer that's prone to cracking as well. I use a Joe Woodworker veneer press and plain paper to absorb moisture.

  36. The Way to Go

    Review by John Ringer

    If you are wondering how to get your veneer to flatten out Super Soft 2 is the way to go. I don’t own a vacuum press and use two flat surfaces with about 150 lbs. of weight sometimes more depending on the project. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t completely flatten out the first time as some veneers I have found require more coats. Super Soft 2, once dry, doesn’t leave any kind of residue on your veneer and I find it will accept any kind of stain and finish.

  37. You need this!

    Review by Dan Younker

    This is an excellent product. Great for flattening and a necessity if you do any veneering on curved surfaces. I was able to successfully veneer a recessed compound curve on a project using this softener by clamping the softened veneer (with blotting paper on each face) into the recess (using a caul) before it was completely dry, and allowing it to dry. I then glued it in place, clamping it once again.

    One thing to be careful of is if you store it for a very long time, it may cause the spray bottle it's in to become brittle and crack. It did this to me, but it took about ten years, so probably a rare occurrence. The softener itself was unaffected, and still worked perfectly after transferring the remainder to a new bottle.

    [Note from Joe: Any plastic bottle stored near a UV source, including sunlight, will break down and become brittle. This is not caused by the softener.]

  38. It works!

    Review by Jeff Matsuno

    I had already begun to iron down some veneer for a table top and got to the edges and there was too much curl. I was afraid I was going to have to make relief cuts. I decided to try the veneer softener. I was not very hopeful but figured it couldn't hurt. To my surprise the curled edges laid down fine. Very happy.

  39. Awesome Product and Awesome Service

    Review by Andrew Mirlo

    Fantastic product. Works great. Have used it many times and it’s amazing. Customer service is awesome as well. Great place to shop. Will keep coming back. Thanks for all the awesome service and products.

  40. Great for Carved Guitar Bodies

    Review by Scott Agner

    Worked great for prepping redwood burl and quilted maple to be applied to a carved-top guitar body! Work time is long enough to allow for flattening, gluing, pressing to substrate, and removing excess without panicked time crunch.

  41. Worked Great on Oak Burl

    Review by Andrew Trammell

    This was a super easy product to use! I had some 2ft wide x 10ft long oak burl veneers that went from wavy, flaky, and crispy to flat, flexible, and easy to glue down to my substrate. With one of my glue-ups nearly being an entire sheet of veneer. Thanks for the recommendation!

  42. Worked Great

    Review by Andrew Levay

    I highly recommend this product. It worked great to flatten some African mahogany crotch I purchased. It flattened out in less than 24 hours.

  43. Works Great

    Review by Jim Patterson

    My first time using burl veneer. This product worked like a charm helping to take the warp and bubble out. A little goes a long way so unless you work with veneer a lot get the small size. I bought a quart and used about two tablespoons. Regardless, it does what it's supposed to do - take the curl out.

  44. Great Softener and Glue

    Review by Kim Gondring

    This is a great product that helps with the most unruly veneers. I am back for the big bottle as a second time buyer. Another great product offered here is the veneer glue. It is formulated specifically for veneer and the incidence of "bubbles" is dramatically decreased.

  45. Worth It

    Review by Gary Crosson

    This was my first attempt at flattening veneer. I followed the recommendations and flattened a very puckered bubinga veneer. Very pleased with the results using clamps, plywood, and paper towels.

  46. Super Soft 2 Works Great!

    Review by Joe Polich

    Super-Soft 2 Veneer Softener & Conditioner does exactly what Joe says it will do. My mahogany crotch veneer had been rolled up for several years and was difficult to even unroll. After spraying it with the Super-Soft 2 I was able to handle it without cracking it and followed Joe's instructions for drying and pressing. My pieces came out nice and flat and pliable!

  47. Great Product

    Review by David Wildman

    Purchased this to soften some burled elm. It works quite well. After applying, I put it in a vacuum bag for a few hours which did make quite a difference. Would definitely recommend.

  48. Super Product

    Review by Diane Taylor

    Super Soft veneer softener is the one and only product to use to help with veneer that is a little stiff or a little wavy thru grain or wood species. The difference between using it and not using it on a product is very apparent if you do not! One can turn a very unmanageable section of veneer into an easy application job by using this fine product!

    I have found that when veneering burl this is a must use product, it is amazing what an easy product to use and the results are always excellent!

  49. Great for Brittle Veneers

    Review by James Naprawa

    This spray works wonders. Really helps to make stubborn veneer workable. I mostly use it with an iron to quickly make certain veneers less dry and probe to splitting. For very wavy veneers, you'll probably need to soak it and flatten it in a press for best results. As always, customer service is phenomenal and Joe kept me updated throughout the order.

  50. Would Recommend It to Others

    Review by George Dolle

    Worked well as advertised, shipped and arrived promptly, and would recommend it to others. Was affordable and Joe's instructions were needful and helpful.

    [Note from Joe: Then why not give it a 5 star rating?]

  51. Great Service - Great Product

    Review by Alan Kaplan

    Recently ordered two sheets of veneer and a bottle of Super Soft. The veneer arrived quickly, was packed perfectly and was in excellent condition. The super soft worked as advertised. I plan on ordering again from Veneer Supplies.

  52. A Must for Luthiers

    Review by John Crooks

    Used for bending mandolin sides and flattening veneer on the back of peg heads. Works great ! Had tried using DIY where near as good. I only wish I had ordered a larger bottle.

  53. Man, this stuff is terrific!

    Review by Larry Fisher

    I sure wish that I'd discovered this years ago! In the past, working with wavy veneers was a real pain and I had many veneer failures. This stuff does a miracle job in softening wavy veneers like the quilted maple that I use. It works great with Ultra-Cat veneer glue, too.

  54. Love This Stuff

    Review by Phil Mueller

    What can I say, it just works - better than all the homemade recipes I’ve tried. Makes the most troublesome burl and crotch veneers flat, pliable, and easy to work with. Great product.

  55. A Diffferent Kind of Use

    Review by Dave Hunter

    I ordered the softener from Joe and received it very quickly. I am using it differently than most. I use it to soften the veneer to make bent wood rings. It definitely softens the veneer and allows me to roll it around my form. I will be ordering more veneers from Joe as my need arise. He has been very easy to work with.

  56. Makes Sequence Cutting Easier

    Review by Jim Hoerter

    Excellent product; really makes it easy to flatten your sequenced sheets so when it comes to cutting, it makes it so much easier to cut the veneer with a veneer saw. I recommend this product for preparing book matched pieces for your next veneering project. Instructions help to make consistent results.

  57. Changed My Veneer from Brittle to Flexible

    Review by Glen OHalleran

    I used this product to help bend veneer around a car console. The product worked really well to allow it to bend. It also smoothed out a lot of the waves in the veneer.

  58. Figured Walnut Guitar Back

    Review by John Gorrell

    I used this stuff to stabilize some very figured walnut guitar backs. I joined the backs, sanded to about .1 inches, and applied my bracing. With changes in the weather, the backs bowed completely opposite the back bracing. I removed the braces and used Super Soft to stabilize the backs. I then applied two ply walnut veneer to the inside of the back with epoxy. Everything seems ok now and I am proceeding with the build.

  59. Makes Veneer Very Flexible

    Review by Mark Slivka

    Makes veneer very flexible and [helps] makes the veneer dead flat. I first used this and on some veneer that just had a little rippling and everything went well. I then thought didn'ti really need to use it so I then tried without using it and the panel did not turn out. I will now be using this on most all veneering projects that even have the slightest rippling.

  60. Works Great

    Review by Dwayne Cooper

    I bought this to use on some burl walnut. I was doing a 4-way book match. I followed the directions and it turned out perfect. The glue-up went flawlessly and everything stayed flat.

  61. Easy Veneer Flattening

    Review by John Hall

    I am into a large cabinet project using curly maple veneer. I am having to flatten all the veneer and this veneer softener and conditioner has made the task simple and successful. simply spray the veneer with the softener, cover with paper towels and weight and let it dry changing the paper towels every few hours. In addition great customer service.

  62. Keeping It On Hand

    Review by Arvid Lindstrum

    I've used this softener on sapele pomele and figured anigre. It works well. I like that it has an indefinite shelf life so I'm comfortable keeping it on hand.

  63. Magic Juice

    Review by Steve Woodard

    Recently, while going through items in my deceased father's estate, we came across an ancient, dust covered, spider web entangled cardboard box containing many large sheets of Oak, walnut, cherry and other veneers. 'Sheets' is probably not the best word to use, they were more or less long pieces of extremely dry and cracked veneer that to the untrained eye looked like a box of old scrap wood pieces. My brother and I painstakingly gathered the veneer and took it to our shop for evaluation. Hardly a piece was usable; That's when I remembered I had a bunch of the veneer softener left over from a project from a couple of years back. We followed the instructions on the bottle to a tee (very important to do so) and after about a week or so, we had some of the most beautiful old walnut, oak, cherry and maple burl one could ask for. The softener conditioned the veneer to a point that it was actually easy to work with and we have been turning out some beautiful projects with it. I would HIGHLY recommend having this product as a necessary element of my veneering supplies. It is more than well worth the money. After seeing the results, we have re-named it "Magic Juice"! Get Some, Now!

  64. Softens like it's supposed to

    Review by Justin Easterling

    Softener works very well... From the smell and feel of it, I'd guess it's glycerine based... The screenprinting on the label gave up pretty quickly, but nothing a marker couldn't fix to keep your chems labeled

  65. Perfect for Guitar Sides

    Review by James Scott

    I use this stuff for bending guitar sides and it certainly helps out a lot. I also use it for flattening veneer and works makes even old and brittle veneer usable again.

  66. Great Product and a Personal Touch

    Review by K.T. Schafer

    First, let me say that shortly after ordering this product, I received an email from indicating my order had been received....pretty normal right? What was refreshing is that this email stated I could reply if I had any questions, and they would be answered! Wow, a real person on the other end of cyberspace! I took advantage of this and replied with a request for some advice on the project I was working on. Joe got back to me pretty promptly with his advice.

    I thought this was a very nice personal touch that is so lacking in today's online environment. Now then, the Super Soft worked well, although I was working with some pretty stubborn Mahogany crotch, so it took three applications to get it relaxed and flat. After that, it was a breeze to cut, match, stitch, and apply. My project worked out great thanks to this product, and of course Joe's advice.

  67. Works!!

    Review by George Hoffer

    Tried ironing a piece of cheap wrinkled popular backing veneer with the Heat Lock glue - cracked and split all over. Sprayed the next piece on the unglued side with Super-Soft 2 just before ironing, no splits no cracks. Perfect!

  68. Graet Website! Great Product!

    Review by Steve Gonwa

    The Supersoft 2 product is highly recommended for pre-treating figured guitar sides to make them more pliable before bending them. This is a great website to order from. Their communication is prompt and friendly and they process their orders quickly. Thanks!

  69. Worked Well for Our Family Project

    Review by Joanne Grasso

    This softener worked well on some veneer applique projects I did with my daughter last week. We put walnut wood on plastic jars. We used epoxy for the glue but some of our veneers were bubbled. The softener took care of the bubbles so we could get the wood to sit flat on the containers.

  70. Thumbs Up

    Review by Arvid Lindstrum

    I used this relaxant on some old, brittle sapele pomele veneer and it did a great job. It layed flat and glued up without issue.

  71. Great product!

    Review by Benjamin Knight

    A great product at the lowest price by over $15 plus you're supporting a great family owned business.

  72. Highly Recommended

    Review by Rick Stambaugh

    It does the job, straightens and softens the raw veneer I was working with that had curled and rippled. Also makes the veneer easier to cut to shape.

  73. Great Product

    Review by R Urlacher

    Friendly service, fast shipping and great product!
    Thank you!

  74. Great Product

    Review by Andrew Kratz

    Great product, super fast delivery. I had my items within one day. Joe was super nice to deal with and helpful - willing to help with advice.

  75. Did an Incredible Job

    Review by Steve Friedman

    I am new to veneering and used this to treat some veneer that I was going to apply with concave and convex curves. Super-Soft 2 did an incredible job of making the veneer pliable and easy to work with. In addition to this being an excellent product, Joe has been extraordinarily responsive to my amateur questions and has been very generous with his advice. He has definitely earned my business.

  76. Worked Like a Charm

    Review by Christopher McDonald

    I used this one some old brittle elm burl veneer that was probably cut in the 70's. Its a bit thicker than normal and it was really wavy. The softener worked like a charm and the veneer was easy to flatten with it. I had no cracks at all when I pressed it flat. Thanks for the great service.

  77. Definitely First Class!

    Review by Greg Seiferth

    I purchased some crotch Honduran mahogany from an old woodworker closing down his business. I bought about thirty sheets. I showed my wife my find and she said it was a total waste of money. I have dealt with wavy materials, but nothing like this. The veneer was rippled and extremely brittle. Working with a potato chip would have been easier. I purchased some softener from [another company] and it had no effect even in a vacuum press. I bought this product as a last resort to prove my wife wrong. I have recently started buying from Joe and his service and products are definitely first class! I was able to straighten the veneer literally within twenty minutes with an iron. I was shocked. I am still going to put it in a vacuum press but I could almost glue up like it is. Needless to say the only thing I kept from the competitor was the spray bottle. Joe my wife wants to know if this stuff will get rid of her wrinkles. I am so glad I found your site. Dealing on the internet doesn't always work out so well, but your products are great. The end tables I made with the mahogany turned out beautiful thanks to Super Soft 2. And the best thing is my wife is super happy I spent the $ 50.00. I rarely write reviews, but dealing with your products and service deserves one.

  78. Review from Atlanta, GA

    Review by Pete J. Wilson

    It took awhile for me to figure out that flat veneers are more expensive than veneers which require flattening with veneer softener. I can tell you the savings are worth the investment since the process to make a veneer flat is relatively simple. The softener works by chemically modifying the wood cell structure for a brief period so that the veneer can be crushed between two boards without cracking. This softener seems to work better another brand that I tried. They looked the same but I think this one is better for some reason.

  79. Review from Winterset, Iowa

    Review by William Kneller

    The veneer softener and conditioner worked very well. It softened the veneer to where it was easy to work with and it helped a lot to keep the veneer from cracking and splitting.

  80. Review from Eureka, CA

    Review by Ed Brown

    I'm just a beginner. I was trying to cut some burl veneer and it just splintered. It was so wavy I almost threw it away. I use about four times as much as I expected, but now that burl is easy to cut and just lays flat.

  81. Review from Alexandria, VA

    Review by Damon Penn

    I've been a dedicated customer for several years and have always been pleased with your products. I recently took out some walnut burl that I stored improperly for several years and it had more waves than the Atlantic in a hurricane. I used the softener and some packing paper and they came out as flat as a sheet of paper. Great product and great tips on how to use it.

  82. Review from Burr Ridge, IL

    Review by Mark Osgood

    Just received my second order of Super-Soft 2. I just had a project with compound curves and tight bends. The project would have been impossible without the softener. I highly recommend this product.

    The project was kind of a "wood joke" and consisted of making a bicycle seat of wood. I used Madrone burl (also from and the finished product resembles Ostrich skin.

  83. Review from Louisville, KY

    Review by Scott Darrow

    Shipping was fast and Joe has been great at responding to questions. I am new to veneer techniques and he has helped a lot.

  84. Review from Wayne, PA

    Review by Erik Curtis

    Great product. Really, I mean great. And always enjoy ordering from Joe. Great service.

  85. Review from Honor, MI

    Review by Bill Stickney

    Not too much I can add about this stuff that hasn't already been said. It works great! Joe is really quick on answering questions and very knowledgeable. Highly recommended.

  86. Review from Bolivar, Ohio

    Review by Sam Morris

    What can I say that hasn't already been said. I took the time to read the reviews before buying this softener so I was expecting great things from SS2. I'm very happy to report that it's even better than I expected. I have some old Walnut veneer and it's brittle. This stuff made it easy to use and my project is turning out very well. Thanks Joe for a great product and your help.

  87. Review from Rockville, MD

    Review by Preston Weir

    This stuff is magic. It turned some old, brittle burl veneer I was given into soft, pliable, and finally usable stock.

    Spray application is easy, and iron drying went better than expected. It works as advertised (potentially even better!), assuming you follow the directions.

  88. Review from Westerlo, New York

    Review by Dan Fritchley

    This stuff is really great. Even within an hour of spraying this product on pliability was 100% better. I tried to laminate a Les Paul guitar body with some gorgeous grain curly maple veneer... big mistake! A Les Paul has enough curves and contours so even though I used a sand bag and the 400 lbs of wood pellets stacked on top it just wouldn't take the curves properly. But with Super Soft, it laminated true and there are no lifted voids in the curves. I would recommend this to anyone that either needs to flatten or needs a veneer to adhere to a multi-curved surface. Also shipping is great. Ordered Monday and it was here Wednesday. Also products were so well protected it was near bomb proof.

  89. Review from Gordonsville Tennessee

    Review by John Kunstman

    GREAT STUFF! This SS2 works better then it's advertising! Easy to use and it doesn't stink up the shop.

  90. Absolutely amazing!

    Review by Richard K

    Previously had been using water to flatten out my veneer, only to have them rebound once dry. My first project using this product was with some 20 year old crotch mahogany veneer. I was thinking it was toast. Not a chance. I flattened using this product, the results were amazing, and the left-overs are still flat and readily usable!

  91. Performs As Advertised

    Review by Jim T

    This stuff performs as advertised. I also liked the quick-dry tip using the vacuum press. I may add a dash of this the next time we make pasta!

  92. Even Better Than Described

    Review by Gene Nolan

    I've just begun to use this softener and I can already see how much improved it is over the softener I was buying at my local Wood Craft. The softener appears to work almost immediately and for the oak burl veneer that I am currently working with, this stuff is absolutely amazing. I contacted Joe about this item before buying and he quickly responded with some very helpful information about using it. He also was able to ship it on the same day that I ordered. I can say enough about how great my experience has been here.

  93. Hands Down - The Best Softener

    Review by Brenden H.

    Woodworking is not just my hobby; its also my passion and my livelyhood. I've been veneering for 20+ years and I've used a lot of snake-oil products including various concoctions that claim to flatten and soften veneer. Rubbish!!!

    I didnt want to try the Super Softener because I figured it to be nothing better than the rest. I was wrong. Very, very wrong.

    This softener is the best there is. Period. No need to look elsewhere. No need to think about it. No need worry if its going to work. IT WILL WORK!

    I will also mention that the customer service here is impeccable. I sent the owner several questions about a recent veneer concern I had and he promptly replied to each of them with a straight-forward and honest answer. There are few places in this world where you find such excellent service and products.

  94. Does the job and then some.

    Review by Kevin Shoemaker

    A review of this softener really is not needed since it seems that everyone knows how good this stuff is. I use it on most of my voilins and the results are phenomenal. So far, I've gone through 4 gallons of Super Soft and I've always been satisfied with the results. On my first order, I thought the price here was too high on the spray bottle and I didnt order it. Then I went to Home Depot and they wanted $4.50 for a spray bottle. I asked my wife to see if she could get one at the grocery store and she came back empty handed. Finally, I found one at a small local hardware store. It works fine but it was $3.95. So in all, the spray bottle that this site offers is actually not a bad deal. Shipping costs on this site are always reasonable and most of my orders arrived within a day or so.

  95. Now It's Like Silly Putty

    Review by Kurt Kaster

    I finally had a chance to try the SS2 the other day, I used it on some Madrona burl that I was considering getting rid of because it was so hard brittle and wavy. Now its like silly putty, perfectly flat and best of all, usable. Its not very often something works better than advertised. Thanks Joe

  96. A Great Softener

    Review by Chuck Anderson

    Dear Joe, I used your SS2 veneer softener on some old, warped 1/16" poplar veneer with truly impressive results. I knew if this substrate would not lie down flat a decent surface veneer job was impossible. The end results were flawless, thanks to SS2! Also your shipping was faster than I expected. Next timne I need veneer or any related product, I'm coming to you.

  97. This Is Some Cool Stuff

    Review by Steve Rozmiarek

    This is some cool stuff! It works just as well as Joe describes. Sure made the walnut burl I tried it on a lot easier to work. Get the sprayer. I also used this to make really narly crotch walnut lumber easier to handplane. Not exactly what it was designed for, but it sure works.

  98. A Bottle Goes a Long Way

    Review by Neil P.

    I'm very happy with this product. It works very well and was packed safely. I tried it on some walnut burl veneer and found that it softens the veneer almost immediately. The quart size bottle is an excellent size. A bottle goes a long way. One tip though... order it with the spray bottle. I couldnt find a decent spray bottle in any store.

  99. Don't Let The Price Fool You

    Review by David K.

    Dont let the price fool you! The stuff is worth ten times the cost. A few weeks ago I bought a huge stash of rippled up veneer for a bargain. The only thing it needs is flattening. The Supersoft fluid makes it very simple and the effects are immediately obvious. I used the iron drying technique and the veneers are now perfect.

    A great item and a great price.

  100. Wow It Works Well

    Review by Ray Astoria

    I'm not sure how it works, but WOW it works well. I had some 10 year elm burl veneer that was brittle and crumpled up. After I sprayed it with the Super softener, it began to feel like a heavy canvas material. Eventually it softened up enough that I could bend it 360 degrees edge to edge. Fifteen minutes before I couldnt bend it a fraction of an inch without cracking it into 50 fifty pieces.

    I do recommend spraying it on the veneer because it gives the best coverage and doesnt waste any of the liquid. So get the spray bottle with your order. A quart of the softener will do alot of veneer so this is a great value.

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