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Seam Roller 2"
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Product Description

This 2" polyurethane roller has a contoured handle and plated steel frame. This is a far better tool than the plastic rollers found in hardware stores costing nearly twice as much. We don't have that kind of overhead cost here so I can offer them for significantly less.

This tool can be used for several veneer-related jobs.


Please note: The actual roller width is 1.88 inches.

Product Reviews

  1. For Pressing Veneer Tape

    Review by Rick Funcik

    Use it for pressing wet veneer tape. Does a GREAT job. Much better than rubbing with a thick sock, with a brass brush, better than anything I've tried. Quickest and most secure method!

  2. Great for Smoothing Copper Veneer

    Review by Amanda Teicher

    This roller irons out bumps in copper veneer easily. It's easy to use, especially considering I tried a two-handed roller from a local woodworking shop, and I get much batter control with this little roller. Comfortable grip too. I'm using the wood version, and I like it.

    [Tip from Joe: Place vinyl sheeting over the copper to prevent the roller from damaging the copper sheet.]

  3. Review from Absecon, NJ

    Review by Tony Eldis

    I recently placed an order with
    The web site was user friendly and it was easy to find what I was looking for. Customer service was excellent, something that is missing from so many online sites. My order was filled quickly and I received it sooner than I thought. I will be ordering all my veneering supplies from Joe.

  4. Review from Fraser, MI

    Review by Clifford Gagnon

    Purchased for automotive instrument panel windshield seal wet out. These roller work great. Appreciate the fast shipping.

  5. Stop using the cans in the pantry

    Review by Josef B. Lewandowski

    I always figured I had other things I could use to do the job. The real thing made my projects go so much easier. A definite must for the beginner and a great tool to continue to hold in the arsenal.

  6. Just Do It

    Review by Carmen White

    You'll need this for applying veneer tape and building vacuum bags. Ordered mine and it arrived the next day. No complaints here.

  7. Worked Perfectly

    Review by Carrol Feinman

    A great product. Worked perfectly and cleaned up easily after making our first bag that was 2 foot by 4 foot. Great!

  8. A Well Made Tool

    Review by Robert Hanon

    The seamer is built very well. The roller and handle are some kind of hardwood and the pin is fastened nicely which makes it roll really smoooth. Even with all of my weight on it didnt flex at all and the vacume bags came out great.

  9. The Seams Came Out Flawlessly

    Review by Martin Hawthorne

    I got this tool last week to build 3 vacuum bags with the vinyl I got from Joe. This is definitely a heavy duty roller. It worked just like he said it would and the seams came out flawlessly. The bags... they are super. I veneered a medium size panel last evening and it came out perfect. Super job Joe!

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