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Veneer Tape
3/4" x 650'



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Product Description

Veneer tape is used to join two pieces of veneer and keep the seam tight while the adhesive cures. The beauty of this water-activated veneer joint tape is that it shrinks as it dries. It is this shrinking action that pulls the veneers together and makes a well-cut joint almost invisible. This is a must have item if you have purchased a veneer saw and are bookmatching, quad-matching or inlaying raw wood veneer.

  • Acid-Free
  • Non-Staining
  • Very Fast Tacking and Drying
  • Vegetable-Based Adhesive
  • Made in Germany where it is called "fugenleimpapier"

Styles and Pricing

Style Color Size * Weight Thickness ** Price
No Hole Brown 3/4" x 650' 40 gram .003" $7.10
No Hole
White 3/4" x 650' 34 gram .002" $7.10
Three Hole Brown 3/4" x 650' 40 gram .003" $8.80
Three Hole White 3/4" x 650' 34 gram .002" $8.80

* actual width is 20mm
** approximate

Choose the Right Veneer Type for Your Project

Brown vs White Veneer Tape
White tape may be a better choice on veneers that have a brown color. The contrast of white tape on a brown veneer is an excellent visual indicator of any tape remaining on the surface that needs to be sanded off. Likewise, the brown tape may be a better option on lighter color veneers like birch, maple, fir, tamo ash and white oak.

No Hole Veneer Tape
This is a full strength tape for stubborn veneers. I highly recommend it for maple, karelian birch, and bubinga.

Three Hole Veneer Tape
Ideal for standard veneer joints where it is important to see the seam line under the tape. It is this 3rd hole (the center one) that allows you to see the joint.

Gram Weight
The weight is actually a reference to the thickness of the tape with 34 gram being thinner than 40 gram. Thinner tapes are harder to remove without tearing but they can be layered or crossed on the veneer surface without creating much of an indentation in the veneer surface when vacuum pressed. Thicker tapes have the advantage of offering a bit more "pulling" power to keep the joint tight.

Veneer Tape

Tips from Joe

  • You can prevent the veneer tape from leaving residue on the finished panel by dabbing the tape with a wet paper towel. Give it a minute and the adhesive on the tape will loosen up and the tape can be peeled off. If it doesn't peel off easily, allow more time with the wet paper towel.
  • After the tape is removed, you can wipe down the area with denatured alcohol to remove any residual tape adhesive. Be sure to let the panel thoroughly dry before sanding it. Otherwise any remaining adhesive will booger up the surrounding veneer when you sand the panel.
  • If you're comfortable using a cabinet scraper, you can often use it to remove veneer tape as well.
  • Some woods have a tendency to develop dark spots from excess moisture around the veneer taped areas. This can be prevented in most cases by using distilled water to moisten the veneer tape for application.
  • Though it is uncommon, lightened areas can occur when veneer tape is removed. This is caused by the veneer tape which blocks UV light (from the sun or even fluorescent lighting) which normally causes the veneer to darken. This can be prevented by covering the veneered panel with a blanket or piece of cardboard until the veneer tape is removed.
  • When you are finished with the veneer tape, you can prevent it from unrolling from the spool by lightly dampening the loose end and sticking it back onto the roll.
  • This veneer tape is designed for veneers that will be bonded to the substrate with X-Press™ and Ultra-CAT™ veneer glues. It will not work well for contact adhesives or Heat Lock™.

Learn more about this product by clicking here.

Which side of the tape is wetted?
The shiny side of the tape is the glue area and is the side that should be wetted.

Product Reviews

  1. Recommended!

    Review by Adrian Amparan

    This is the place to order your veneer products. I recently started ordering from here and they always deliver quality products in a timely matter. Easy to work with.

  2. Arrived Quickly

    Review by Benjamin Parry

    Quality tape at an affordable price. This veneer tape is perfect for holding together sheets of crotch mahogany veneer. It's strong enough to keep it together but comes off easily when it needs to. It arrived very quickly along with everything else in my order. I'll definitely keep Veneer as my go-to site for all my veneer supplies.

  3. I Recommend It

    Review by Dave Johns

    Order was shipped on time and arrived safely without any damage. Product was as described in the description and I would recommend it to anyone looking for veneer tape.

  4. Workable and Sufficiently Strong

    Review by Chris Johnson

    As opposed to thicker tapes, I like the workability and ability to sand through if needed. Placement best if rolled away from the middle though as it can get sucked up in roller.

  5. This IS the Best Veneer Tape Available

    Review by Elliott McDermott

    I've tried a few different veneer tapes over the last 15 years and they all have worked well but this one is better for some reason. I thought they were all the same however the tape from Veneer Supplies doesnt leave as much residue on the wood. That, I believe, is because this tape doesnt require as much wetness to get tacky. I wont use any other tape at this point because I've had to spend too much time dealing with staining and ghosting from other tapes. Get a roll of brown and white because it really does help to have a contrasting tape when its time to remove it. Also, my order was shipped out within 3 hours after I ordered it. You can't beat that!

  6. Fast, Easy, and Affordable

    Review by Cindy Goldman

    My order arrived quickly after a very easy online experience. Very affordable price. This tape is exactly what I needed for repairing veneer sheets for the Fine Art Wood Marquetry that I do.

  7. Good Veneer Tape

    Review by Barry O'Mahony

    Shipping was fast; it was in the same box as my veneer order. There's a lot in one roll, so you get your money's worth. It's nice that you get a choice of colors, since one works better on some wood types than the other.

  8. Easy to Remove with Very Little Residue

    Review by Mark Slivka

    Great veneer tape. Goes on very easy and dries very quickly. It is very thin so it wont leave impressions on the veneer. It is also very easy to remove. One quick wipe with a damp sponge and a few seconds later it pulls right off.

  9. Great Holding Strength

    Review by Greg Weigand

    Tape works as advertised. Great holding strength, considerably better than others I've used from W***craft. Much better pricing as well! Joe's attention to his customers is first rate. I ordered veneers, and tape on a holiday weekend, and the stuff was still here by Wednesday!

  10. Great Veneer Tape

    Review by Catharine Kennedy

    Works exactly as described and was just as I anticipated. Great customer service as well! I would certainly order again from Veneer Supplies.

  11. Good Stuff

    Review by Douglas Leader

    This is good stuff. It is easy to apply and does the job well. The holes make it easy to center the tape on the seam.

  12. Great Service

    Review by Tony Rizzo

    Excellent Service. Order shipped same day with excellent correspondence from Veneer Supplies. A pleasure to do business with.

  13. Review from Conover, NC

    Review by Shawn Mosteller

    We have bought several orders of veneer tape from this company and our order was always shipped on the day ordered. They are a very friendly and efficient company to deal with. We highly recommend them!

  14. Review from Jackson, Michigan

    Review by Kirby Cochran

    Been using Joe's German veneer tape for years and have never had a problem. I particularly like his 3 hole tape. There is something different about it that makes it easier to wet. I'm not sure what it is but its better than what I used to by up north.

  15. A Great Help

    Review by Michael L.

    As a first time bookmatche, the holed tape has been a great help once I realized that you wet the tape, then apply it. I should have known. One note: I live in humid south Florida and the humidity ruined the 1st roll by sticking it together in short-order. This time I will keep it in a Zip lock bag.

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