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Elastic Veneer Tape



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Despite what some authors have written online and in certain veneering books, most blue painter's tapes are not inherently elastic. That's fine for pre-taping a veneer seam if the veneer edges lines up perfectly, but often there is an edge that needs a little extra "pull" to keep the seam tight.

I tried countless blue tapes from every manufacturer I could find to get a removable tape that had some elasticity, and eventually a box arrived from someone who followed through on a promise he had made to get me the perfect blue tape for veneering. This clean-release tape has the ideal amount of stretch and a strong memory so that it pulls back with enough force to keep unruly joints tight. I can not stress enough that this is not the same tape that you can find in a hardware store!

Apply this tape to the back side of the veneer joint. Then prepare the face side with regular brown kraft veneer tape. After the brown tape has set, remove the blue tape and press your panel without worry that the joint will separate.

Size: 11/16" x 180'
Thickness: .10mm (approximately)

How to Remove Blue Tape from Veneer
Always remove the blue tape by pulling it at a low angle from the veneer face
and at 45 degrees from the seam line as shown below.

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Product Reviews

  1. Great Tape

    Review by Mark Parker

    This stuff is great! Just the right amount of stretch and stick. I used it for book-matching veneer and then put regular veneer tape on other side. When that was dry, I removed the blue tape. Removes easily too.

  2. Good for Gluing Binding and Purfling Too

    Review by Larry Fisher

    While this tape is excellent for taping veneers together, I mainly use it to glue the binding and purfling on my harp soundboxes. It's strong, flexible and is the best that I've used.

  3. The Perfect Blue Tape

    Review by Robert Stewart

    This is the perfect tape for veneer! I should have known that Joe would have this item. It works exactly as described and has the perfect stretch factor.

  4. Perfect for Real Wood Veneers

    Review by Aaron Saxton

    I had cracked veneers that had dried apart...regular veneer tape just couldn't hold it properly. It would take forever to get the tape dry enough for each staple to hold anything - and even then it as too stiff. This tape however, did the job. It has just enough tension to "pull" the pieces together and is strong - and comes off remarkably easier than regular tape. Wish I had this tape a long time ago.

  5. What more could you ask for?

    Review by Bob Cole

    I have been using many types of "blue" and "green" tape with my veneers for quite some time. Since I ordered, and used, this tape I use no other. I highly recommend its use. It "pulls" veneer edges together and leaves no residue. What more could you ask for?

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