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Elastic Veneer Tape


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It looks like ordinary painter's tape from the hardware store, but its appearance can be deceiving. Most clean-release tapes like this are not inherently elastic. That's great for painting, but it's not very useful as a temporary tape when used in veneer joinery. The ideal tape is one is made with PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) and can be stretched and return to its original size. The elasticity is critical because it pulls and holds the veneer edges tight while the standard veneer tape sets up.

This clean-release tape has the ideal amount of stretch and a strong memory so that it pulls back with enough force to keep unruly joints tight. I can't stress enough that this is not the same tape found most hardware stores. Don't let the blue color mislead you.

What's nice about this tape is that the user can control the strength of the "return". In other words, if it's stretched lightly then it will gently hold the veneer seam tight. Increase the stretch and it will work more aggressively to pull the seam closer together.

Made in the USA.

Size: 11/16" x 180'
Thickness: .004" (+/- .001")

Elastic Clean-Release Tape

Instructions: Traditional Joinery Method

  1. Cut a straight and clean joint line with a veneer saw and a straight edge board.
  2. Apply the tape across the seam on the back side of the veneer using several pieces spaced 3 to 5 inches apart. Use finger pressure to set the first half of the tape in place on one side of the joint.
  3. Use finger pressure to hold the starting section of tape in place (from the step above). Then gently stretch the tape across the seam line and press the second half of the tape in place so it can pull the joint tight. If a gap between the two veneers is visible, then lift the tape from one side of the joint and stretch the tape more forcefully before pressing it down onto the veneer. Note that a very large gap may indicate that a veneer edge is not straight and needs to be cut again with a veneer saw.

    Note from Joe: Consider experimenting with scrap material to get an idea of how much the tape can be stretched and how that relates to the amount of pull on the veneer seam. It is possible to stretch the tape so much that it causes one veneer to pop-over the other. Obviously that is a bit too aggressive, so remove the tape and try it again with less strecthing force.

  4. The face side of the veneer can be taped with standard veneer tape once the blue tape is applied.
  5. After the standard tape has set, remove the blue tape by pulling at a low angle and 45° away from the direction that the tape was attached as shown in the image below. As long as the glue has fully cured, you can use a hair-dryer (not a heat gun!) to warm the tape and make removal even easier.

  6. Removing Blue Tape

Instructions: Modern Joinery Method

This tape can also be used on the face of the veneer as a simple solution for keeping seams tight. Traditional water-activated paper tape is not needed with this joinery method. Use the same technique as described above to set the tape, but apply it to the face of the veneer instead of the back side. Carefully remove the tape, as shown above, after the panel has been pressed.

This process works on most, but not all species. It's always a good idea to test on scrap materials first. Since this is a PSA tape, removal is more difficult if the panels are clamped with excessive pressure. For vacuum pressing, 21" Hg of vacuum is typically recommended.

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Product Reviews

  1. Not Your Father's Blue Tape

    Review by Jeff Woodward

    It really is different than [painter's] blue tape. And it does stretch a bit. Super helpful for stitching seams. Just as Joe says. Recommended although not essential. But - why not have the best to do your best?

  2. This is the Best Replacement for 3 Hole Kraft Tape

    Review by Wade Christifano

    I have been working with veneers since 1982 and I have used 3 hole kraft veneer tape for most of my project lay ups. Yes it is sometimes a pain to remove that tape but that is just part of veneering. I found a post on a woodworking forum that this tape was better for veneer seams. I tried it out and can say that this is a better veneer tape. It is easy to remove and the tiny amount of stretch it has is great for tugging joint lines together. The tape comes off easy compared to kraft tape, and it doesn't leave impressions on the veneer. On a large layup, the time I spend using tape (applying and removing) is reduced by 75%. I'm happy to report that I will not use traditional kraft tape anymore.

    Shipping was a little expensive when I ordered one roll a month ago. But on my order this morning the shipping was very reasonable - though I had a lot of other items on my order. Otherwise, this is a great place to buy veneering tools and veneer. The owner will answer any questions you send very quickly.

  3. Great Veneer Tape - No Need for the Water-Activated Type

    Review by Jim Schumacher

    Don't even both with the brown or water water activated tape. I just use this tape to hold my veneers together and then peel it off after the project comes out from the vac bag. It cleanly peels off of most species. I've done 24 piece sunbursts with it this way!

  4. Great Veneer Tape

    Review by Craig Hammel

    Joe is right about this tape being different from painter's tape. It stretches just enough to be very effective holding seams tight. I just bought three more rolls!

  5. The Perfect Veneer Tape For My Layups

    Review by Martin Wilkerson

    I've been buying these tape for years from Veneer Supplies. I don't even bother with the kraft water-activated tape anymore for layups. The blue tape stretches enough to hold my seams tight but it's not so sticky that it doesn't come off the veneer very easily. Orders are always shipped very promptly from Veneer Supplies and the customer service here is superb.

  6. Great Tape

    Review by Andrew Timko

    Great product! I used to try and make do with painters tape and veneer tape, but always fought it. Tried this stuff and my life has changed. I have gotten into chessboards recently which doesn't seem difficult, however perfect alignment for a great project is important. This helps me to pull in those fine veneers that may not want to play nice well for a great glue up. I am very happy!

  7. I Recommend It

    Review by Dave Johns

    Good stuff, shipped and received on time and without any damage. The website description was also accurate and fair. I would recommend this product to anyone interested.

  8. Well Worth Having

    Review by John Laupheimer

    This does just what it says. It pulls veneer pieces together temporarily while you paper tape the face sides. The tack is enough to hold but still is easy to remove. Well worth having on the shelf. It is also good for light clamping use on boxes and the like.

  9. A Believer In This Tape

    Review by Dave Agostini

    This is the first time I used this tape for a veneer project. I have previously used regular blue painter tape. But, I love this tape! It far out performs the regular old blue tape.

  10. Will Order More!

    Review by Ken Gebhardt

    It does take a little time to get to know exactly how to work with this but once you know it pulls seams together and comes off easily. I will buy this again it's that good!

  11. Great Tape

    Review by Mark Parker

    This stuff is great! Just the right amount of stretch and stick. I used it for book-matching veneer and then put regular veneer tape on other side. When that was dry, I removed the blue tape. Removes easily too.

  12. Good for Gluing Binding and Purfling Too

    Review by Larry Fisher

    While this tape is excellent for taping veneers together, I mainly use it to glue the binding and purfling on my harp soundboxes. It's strong, flexible and is the best that I've used.

  13. The Perfect Blue Tape

    Review by Robert Stewart

    This is the perfect tape for veneer! I should have known that Joe would have this item. It works exactly as described and has the perfect stretch factor.

  14. Perfect for Real Wood Veneers

    Review by Aaron Saxton

    I had cracked veneers that had dried apart...regular veneer tape just couldn't hold it properly. It would take forever to get the tape dry enough for each staple to hold anything - and even then it as too stiff. This tape however, did the job. It has just enough tension to "pull" the pieces together and is strong - and comes off remarkably easier than regular tape. Wish I had this tape a long time ago.

  15. What more could you ask for?

    Review by Bob Cole

    I have been using many types of "blue" and "green" tape with my veneers for quite some time. Since I ordered, and used, this tape I use no other. I highly recommend its use. It "pulls" veneer edges together and leaves no residue. What more could you ask for?

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