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Simple Veneer Tape Dispenser and Moistener
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Product Description

If you've ever joined two veneers with veneer tape, then you probably know how important it is to have a decent tape dispenser on hand. There are several imported dispensers out there that are remarkably expensive but I doubt there are enough woodworkers visiting our website that would want or need something so costly. With that in mind, I created this simple benchtop veneer tape dispenser using some everyday parts found in the hardware store. I hope you will find it a useful and valuable tool in your shop.

Veneer tape is not included with the dispenser.
The tape cutter is sharp. Always keep your fingers away from the cutting edge.

Instructions (PDF): Click here


  • Super simple design made from aluminum and recycled plastic.
  • Designed by me (Joe) and made in the USA by a good friend.
  • Included rubber feet keep the dispenser from sliding across the benchtop.
  • Works with all water-activated veneer tape from 3/4" to 1.5" wide.



Clean Up and Tips

  • When you have finished using the tape dispenser, remove the bottle from the mount (leave it attached to the hose) and hold it below the water basin. Tilt the dispenser on its side to direct the water toward the filling port. Gently squeeze and release the bottle to pull the basin water back into the bottle. The wetting wheel can then be removed and dried with paper towels.
  • Lightly moisten the end of the veneer tape. Loop it back over the aluminum pin and stick it onto the roll as shown in this picture. Doing so will keep the tape from sticking to the wetting wheel until it is ready to be used during your next veneering project.
  • Increase the rate of wetting by pulling the tape slowly. If you prefer even more wetting, pull slower and place gentle finger pressure on the tape over the wetting wheel.


  • If the wetting wheel develops patches of mold, spray it with a mixture of 1 part bleach and 9 parts water. Then rinse it thoroughly with clean water.
  • The tape cutter is made from spring steel and should be sprayed with silicone or machine oil as needed to prevent corrosion.

Warning: This Product Contains Sharp Edges
Safety should be your highest priority when working with this product. It is your responsibility to make sure you use this product in a safe manner and in accordance with all safety policies in the work area. Wear appropriate safety equipment including hand and eye protection while using this product. Use of this tool is at your own risk. JWW Services Inc. doing business as disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury or expense.

Learn more about this product by clicking here.

Product Reviews

  1. It All Worked Out

    Review by Arvid Lindstrum

    I was crossing my fingers and holding my breath but it all worked out. The dispensers that are $200 are a little better but not near enough to justify the money, given the fact that this one is available.

  2. Great Design

    Review by Bryce Williamson

    Great design and easy to use. So much better than the sponge on the workbench method. Having this made my most recent veneering project much less frustrating and faster.

  3. Quality Product and Affordable Price

    Review by Nathan Schneider

    This tape wetter deserves every bit of 5 stars and more. Just like everything else on this site, it is a quality product at an affordable price. All of the parts of made from plastic, aluminum, or brass. There is nothing here to rust or corrode or fall apart. The water bottle idea is pure genius. I also want to mention that the customer service here is unbelievable (in a good way) and it's so good to know there are still retailers who care about their products and customers.

  4. Useful Tool in My Shop

    Review by Mark Robbins

    This is useful tool in my shop because I do a fairly significant amount of marquetry in the style of Silas Kopf. So far, it appears to be very durable and well made. Time will tell and I will update my review later on if anything goes wrong. Shipping from this company was affordable and quick. I ordered on a Monday and received notification of shipment that same day. Then the taper arrived two days later. That is pretty good.

  5. Simple is Good

    Review by Ben Rasmussen

    This tool deserves 10 stars! I love how they call it a "simple" tape dispenser because that is exactly what it is. And SIMPLE is GOOD. You can tell how much thought went into this thing just from reading the instructions. I don't do a lot of complicate lay outs but make basic seams have never been so easy because of this tool. So glad I found this website. The owner is very helpful and honest.

  6. Review from Oxford, OH

    Review by Don Byrkett

    I am pleased with the veneer tape dispenser. It arrived quickly (three days after order) and effectively performs the function of wetting veneer tape. It is easy to use, does not slide around, applies sufficient water (when I gently press the tape on the roller with my finger) on the tape, and cuts easily. It is a lot easier than pulling tape by hand across a wet sponge and is much less expensive (half as much) than tape dispensers sold by other suppliers.

  7. Review from Asheville, NC

    Review by Sharon Whitley

    This was a birthday present for my father. It came in a timely manner, in perfect condition. It is everthing that is advertised. My father is extremely pleased with it, as it works exactly as it should. I considered the price fair. My father would recommend it to a friend or a stranger! Joe sent a very nice email saying if we had any questions, just to contact him. Thank you very much.

  8. Review from Roanoke, VA

    Review by John Richard Dochinski

    Ok so this is the third review I've written on this website. Why? Because its just another great product with a great price. I have spend over a thousand dollars here and there has never been any reason for me to shop anywhere else. Joe rocks!

  9. Review from Bellevue, Washington

    Review by Francis Calhoun

    I've always been pleased with everything that I have bought from this company. The owner here is super helpful and he stands behind his products. Since Joe makes this tool himself I thought I'd lend my support to his company by writing a review but I can see that many others have already done so and everything they have written is about as true as I've found.

    This is a well made device. It is mostly made from a recycled wood and plastic so that means no rusting or corroding. The water bottle idea is very intelligent since it allows me to keep water in the device but not out in the open where it would dry up and cake with air-born sawdust. When I finish using the taper I just suck the water back into the bottle and put it away. The cutter works nice but with that comes a razor sharp edge on the teeth. I'm not sure where he is getting this part but it is ridiculously sharp. Watch your fingers on this part.

    I've used the tape machine for both the narrow and the one and a half inch wide tape. It works well with both.

    Overall, very pleased with this purchase.

  10. Review from Sarasota, FL

    Review by Phil Hokins

    Joe sent a letter with my order asking if I would write a review of his self-made tape dispenser. I would not normally do this kind of such thing but I am really impressed with it and as most people know, Joe's customer service is second to none.

    So let's get on with a review of the taper. It is as easy as can be to use it. You just load a roll into the hopper part and fill the water bottle. A few squeezes and she's ready to go.

    The construction of the taper is simple and straight forward. It's the kind of thing that I might have built in my shop on a lazy weekend. The parts are all either aluminum or plastic. I think the only exception is the tape cutter which is spring steel I think.

    I ordered on a Monday evening and received on Thursday morning. Joe emailed me a tracking number on Tuesday morning so I could estimate when it would arrive. Again, his customer service is really good. That is typical of most small businesses but not so typical of online merchants. So I highly recommend this site for everyone in veneering.

  11. Review from Palmer, MN

    Review by Dennis Rousch

    Mine arrived quickly (2 days after ordering). Its built well and the design is interesting. There is not much I could write about it but I thought I would do Joe a favor and post a review. It is a very simple mechanism and because of that it works very well. I like being able to easily take the water out of the trough. Good idea!

  12. Review from Lafayette, California

    Review by Jerie Kelter

    There are tape dispensers and there are imitations and this is indeed an imitation but its damn good and better than the others. Our shop builds 5 to 10 layups everyday for a high end custom furniture maker. We have the expensive tape dispensers on several workbenches. I cringed at the thought of buying $600 of tape dispensers when we added 4 new benches last year. The dispenser sold here is every bit as good and better than half the price of the import models. Shipping was reasonable and the website is easy to buy from.

  13. Review from Miami, FL

    Review by Bob Delmonica

    It's good! Mine arrived last night. Like others, Joe ask me to write a review if I liked the taper. And like the others, I think this is a great piece of kit. I've been wanting one like this for years but wasn't plunking down $120 for something that I wouldnt use THAT much.

    This is a very good value and its built to last. It works as others has said. No complaints. I would buy it again.

  14. Review from Charlotte, NC

    Review by Reed Kozlowski

    This is a new product on Joe's website and since he designed the tape dispenser, he was anxious for me to tell him my thoughts. He emailed me about this when he shipped it out to me.

    I'm not a personal friend but I am a repeat customer. There might be 20 or more orders that I have done on this site. I can tell you that know one cares so much about his customers, his products, and his website as Joe does. The tape dispenser is just more proof that he is doing whatever he can to make veneering as affordable as possible.

    Now, on to the review of this tool. It's called a "simple dispenser" for a very good reason. There is nothing complicated about it and that is why it works so well. I've seen tape dispensers that have a shaft for the veneer tape roll. Its a waste and that's why you wont find it on this tool. Instead, this one uses a "cradle" design which makes it easier to change the tape rolls when you need a different size. But the beauty of the cradle is that it prevents the tape from free spinning when you pull the tape across the water wheel. See? Simple is better.

    I also like how he incorporated the water filling bottle. It does two things I like. The first, you can't overfill the water tray. Excess water just goes right back into the bottle when you stop squeezing it. The second is that you can easily empty the water from the wheel well back into the bottle. Joe gives instructions for how to do that. Piece of cake.

    I have a feeling this will be on my workbench for many years and I recommend it to any one doing more than a standard bookmatch.

  15. Review from Washington, DC

    Review by Gary Schrager

    Joe and I emailed back and forth several times about this tape machine because I wanted to be sure I would get a decent unit that performed as good as he said it would. I reluctantly ordered and it showed up at my door a couple days later. Honestly I probably made too big a deal about this because now that I have used it, I can see how much thought there was put into making it. I couldnt ask for a better way to wet the veneer tape for my pie-piece veneer lay ups. Thank you Joe for the support and the quality of this taper.

  16. Review from Cleveland, OH

    Review by Frank Bateman

    My box arrived by UPS about two days after I ordered and inside was this tape dispenser and some other supplies. When I emailed some questions to Joe last week, he quickly replied and with his help, I decided this tool was right for my shop.

    Now it is here and I must say that it is very well made. It has a nice heavy feel and all of the parts look like they are machined via CNC router. The water wheel is especially slick.

    I got to use the tape dispenser last night for a project layup with some maple burl and walnut burl in a pie-shape design. All that I can say is that this worked out perfectly. It wets the tape nicely and when you're done, its very easy to empty the water back into the water reserve.

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