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Project: EVS™
Auto-Cycling Pump
Vacuum Press Kit
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Product Description

Project EVS

UPDATE: EVS-2™ kits are now available. The new version is much better and the 100-piece kit includes all of the parts to make the system. The EVS-2 kit also has easy-to-follow instructions so nearly anyone can easy assemble it. Click here to see the new kit.

Project EVS Picture

This 36-piece builder's kit includes the core components of the Project: EVS™ auto-cycling vacuum system. It's designed for woodworkers who already have a compatible 120v AC electric vacuum pump and wish to use it to build a vacuum press system that cycles on and off automatically.

The latest revision of the Project: EVS system operates more efficiently than previous versions thanks to a smaller sub-reservoir assembly and an improved manifold design which also makes the system easier to assemble. This new version can be built 30% faster and weighs considerably less.

Additional parts will need to be purchased at your local hardware store. This list of additional parts can be found in the kit instructions.

Kit Instructions: PDF Download
Vacuum Press FAQ: Click here


  • The EVS kit turns a compatible 120v AC vacuum pump into an auto-cycling vacuum press for veneering. The adjustable vacuum controller powers your vacuum pump only when a vacuum drop is detected. The standard system is adjustable from 10.5" to 28" of Hg. An alternate vacuum controller for low vacuum applications is available here.
  • Integrated Mac valve and sub-reservoir prevent motor burnout by releasing back-pressure on the pump when the desired vacuum level is achieved.
  • Space-saving design and free downloadable assembly instructions make it easy to get your press running quickly.
  • With the optional vacuum clamping kit, the EVS system can be used to hold projects for sanding, routing, carving, and more.

EVS GalleryKit Contents:

  • 1 Vacuum Controller (type I)
  • 1 Stainless Steel Vacuum Gauge
  • 1 Vacuum Valve: 1/4" NPT
  • 1 Mac Valve: 1/4" NPT
  • 1 Lock-On Vacuum Bag Connector (new version)
  • 1 Vacuum Filter (high flow)
  • 1 Hi-Flex Tubing (1/4" ID): 1 ft.
  • 1 Breather Fitting: 1/4" NPT
  • 2 Brass Elbows: 1/4" NPT to 3/8" Barb
  • 1 Roll of Thread Sealing Tape
  • 2 Brass Branch Tees: 1/4" NPT
  • 1 Brass Street Tee: 1/4" NPT
  • 2 Brass Hex Nipples: 1/4" NPT
  • 2 Brass Pipes: 1/4" NPT x 1.5"L
  • 1 Brass Pipe: 1/4" NPT x 2"L
  • 1 Brass Cross: 1/4" NPT
  • 2 Brass Fittings: 1/4" NPT to 3/8" Hose Barb
  • 1 Brass Fitting: 1/4" NPT to 1/4" Hose Barb
  • 1 Brass Street Elbow: 1/4" NPT Female to Male
  • 1 Brass Barb Fitting: 1/8" NPT-F to 1/4" Barb
  • 1 Braided Tubing: 3/8" I.D, 10 ft.
  • 1 Brass Check Valve: Female to Male
  • 1 Project Box with Cable Gland
  • 4 Screws (to attach project box to carrier)
  • 1 Braided Tubing: 3/8" I.D, 1 ft.
  • 2 Crimp-On Electrical Connectors for Vacuum Controller

Please Note
This kit does not include a vacuum pump, exhaust muffler, and several parts that must be purchased at your local hardware store to complete the system. Also, this kit is suitable for use with 120v AC pumps only.

Optional Items

Need Help?Vacuum Damper Option: If your vacuum pump draws more than 4 CFM of air, a vacuum damper is required to prevent the pump from chattering.

Relay Option: This option adds a relay to the kit and is required if your vacuum pump draws more than 10 amps at startup.

pg-warning-yellow.jpg WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit

I already own a vacuum pump or found a used one. Will it work with this kit?
Please see this link.

Where can I find more questions and answers about this kit?
The JoeWoodworker Vacuum Press F.A.Q. answers more than 80 common questions about this vacuum press kit.

Can I use a vacuum press for clamping boards together face to face?
At sea level, a typical vacuum press can put down the equivalent of 1,750 lbs of pressure per square foot. If the boards are flat, then this is generally considered more than adequate for a project where two sheet materials such as plywood or MDF are being glued together face to face. This also is true for gluing solid wood boards together.

Will a rotary vane vacuum pump work with the EVS kit?
No. Rotary vane vacuum pumps such as the Gast 1023, 0522, and 0523 vacuum pumps have been a nightmare. I have found them difficult to fine tune for vacuum pressing and they draw a tremendous amount of power when they start up. There are much better choices in vacuum pumps than rotary vane. I am well aware that several other companies are using rotary vane pumps for their vacuum press systems.

If you are using a rotary vane pump, you will at least need the relay and vacuum damper parts along with your EVS kit. I offer ZERO support for troubleshooting vacuum press systems built with rotary vane pumps. If you try to use this kit with a rotary vane pump, please know that I will not be able to help you troubleshoot problems. You waive your right to return this kit if you are using it with a rotary vane pump.

What does the optional vacuum damper do?
The vacuum damper is a brass fitting that attaches to the vacuum controller to prevent it from sputtering on and off at the end of a charge cycle. It simply restricts the flow of vacuum to the vacuum controller sensor. It's a good idea to add the damper if your vacuum pump pulls more than 4 CFM.

Will a vacuum pump that requires oil work with the EVS kit?
Oil-bath pumps (typically used for refrigerant systems) can be problematic. This type of pump has a tendency to emit a plume of oil mist into the air. For most users, this can be a huge issue that causes problems with the finish that is applied to the veneered project or any other unfinished project in the vicinity of the pump.

Which vacuum controller comes with this kit?
We offer two versions of the vacuum controller when sold separately but the kit always comes with the "type 1" version which is adjustable to 28" of Hg. The EVS kit can only be ordered with the type 1 vacuum controller.

Why don't you include the kit instructions with the kit?
It would be too wasteful to print copies of the instructions. Most people have already printed a copy of the instructions before they order... something I highly recommend.

Will this system have enough force to bend strips of wood so I can make bent laminations?
This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on many factors such as thickness, species and grain direction. It will also depend on the radius and complexity of the curves that are being used on the project. A vacuum pump that generates 25" of Hg at sea level can create up to 1,750 lbs of clamping pressure per square foot. You will need to decide if that is enough for your bending project.

Why does my system require me to tap on the vacuum controller to make it cycle off?
The issue is not caused by the vacuum controller. It is the effect from another problem. There are two typical scenarios where this happens.

1. Carbon will build on the switch contacts inside the vacuum controller if the pump is drawing more amps at start up than the 10 amps that the vacuum controller can handle. This causes the contacts to stick. The solution is to use a relay do to the high-current switching. You'd also have to get a new vacuum controller but you will not likely have this problem again once this change is made.

2. The vacuum pump is being "asked" by the vacuum controller to deliver a higher vacuum than the pump can offer. In this case, the vacuum source (either a vacuum pump or a venturi) typically has some sort of issue which is preventing it from achieving full vacuum. It may be able to achieve slightly less vacuum than what the controller is asking in order for it to switch off the system.

  • For a vacuum pump, the most common cause is a clogged exhaust muffler. If your pump has a bronze muffler with hundreds of tiny metal "beads", then simply remove it and soak it in denatured alcohol or lacquer thinner and then blow it out with compressed air.
  • For a venturi (assuming that the air compressor is delivering enough air) the most common cause is debris caught inside the mesh screen at the intake port of the air valve. Simply remove the compressed air fitting from the intake port of the air valve and clean the screen inside.

Product Reviews

  1. Definitely Worth It

    Review by Rob Blondeau

    This kit was definitely worth it. I just stayed home and had fun working through it and putting my own touch on it with a paint scheme instead of having to run around from store to store to find the right parts.

  2. EVS Vacuum Press Kit and Veneer Supplies

    Review by Bruce Wolfe

    I bought this kit from Joe & Christine over 3 years ago, along with a vacuum pump. I have since purchased sheets of veneer and glue from Veneer Supplies. All of my orders were shipped out promptly. I'm a life-long woodworker, but I don't have a lot of experience applying veneers. So I've written to Joe several times with many questions and Joe has been great about answering them. I highly recommend purchasing your veneer supplies from Joe & Christine. Their customer support is exceptional and it's hard to find that elsewhere these days.

  3. No Regrets

    Review by Thomas Vogel

    Sublime - simply sublime, I enjoyed putting this kit together so much I want to do it again. I used a defunct compressor's 8 gal tank for a reservoir - had to do a bit of figuring had a few parts left over but with those instructions it was a pleasure. I used a tiny rocker 300 pump .7 cfm-ish, pulls down a 2x2 bag with a 3" x 12 x 22 form in about 45 sec or so. As I said sublime. My neighbors think I'm a wizard because of this devise.

  4. Extremely helpful...

    Review by Chris Brainard

    This is the second order I’ve placed with Joe. Both times he was extremely helpful in answering multiple questions which often generated more questions. In each case he was prompt, polite, and thorough in his answers. Both orders were shipped very quickly, well packaged, complete, with reasonable shipping charges, and were good value. I plan to continue my business relationship with this company, both due to the customer service and integrity of the owner.

  5. Was a Good Choice

    Review by Len Pierce

    Plans and parts were all correct and easy to follow. Build took less time then expected and the unit seems to work as it should. Now to purchase a bag and build some curved laminated cabinet doors.

  6. Perfect

    Review by Jim Wickham

    I followed Joe's very well written directions for how to put this together and couldn't be happier. I know the vacuum pump I bought from him years ago will last for years into the future - on a 3'x5' bag the pump only comes on every hour or so for a few minutes to maintain the vacuum. Putting it all on a single carrier that makes the system portable and plug and play makes the whole thing perfect for those like me who don't do a ton of veneer work.

  7. All Inclusive Kit with Quality Parts

    Review by Dave Craft

    If you are wanting to get into vacuum bagging and do it at a reasonable cost, Joe and crew has put together a "turn key" parts kit, that is quality stuff. Follow the directions and you will be in business in a short time.

  8. Save time and money with this kit!

    Review by Bill Levering

    Parts and instructions were excellent. It was a great time saver to have all the parts in one large collection. The PVC parts ended up being another ~$75 and for my odd-ball case I needed a few more parts which added another ~$75. I cannot imagine how much more it would have cost (way more that the $58 indicated above!) if I had to source all the parts included in the kit. Thank you!

  9. Great Product - Great Instructions

    Review by William Mckinley

    Built it according to plan listing. Purchased rebuilt vacuum pump Thomas 3.15 cfm with kit order.
    Instructions very clear and easy to follow. Took me about 4 hours to build.

    It works great. Was relatively quiet, made a little quieter by adding rubbers washers in-between the bottom of the pump and the mounting board. Also added rubber feet to carrier. Only cycles about every 20-25 minutes. Shuts off at 21" Hg, back on about 17" Hg.

    Also bought build-a-bag kit and breather mesh. Everything is working well. Will continue to buy supplies and any more tools needed from here.

    Would recommend this product and site.

  10. Excellent Kit, Fun to Build!

    Review by Bernd Kraft

    I ordered the set because I hoped I would get a set that is proven to be working, together with detailed instructions, and at a fair price. The package came quick with all items very good explained. Especially the instructions were detailed and good to understand, including hints to all little obstacles that would have been an problem otherwise. The quality is very high, higher than usual items I would have got here. Joe answered to all questions quickly and helpful, so my expectations were not only met but exceeded. I am glad I chose to buy here.

  11. Grateful

    Review by Steven Haworth

    I have to write and tell of my experience shopping here. I ordered the kit and right away it was packed and out the door with an email giving a tracking number. I received it with no issues and it had to pass through customs. It went together without a hitch. I did have a wiring question and Joe cleared it up for me. Its been a couple years and I have ordered more since. I am ordering again. I am grateful for Joe and Christine.

  12. Very Nice System

    Review by Sean Nolan

    All of the parts are good quality. By following the directions carefully and by paying attention to detail, I was able to create a system that has no appreciable leak. I left it under vacuum overnight (unplugged) attached to my wood stabilization chamber and found that the needle hadn't moved at all in the morning.

    I wavered for several months before buying this (along with a pump) and in the end I am very happy with the result.

  13. Second Kit Purchased

    Review by Arvind Bhatty

    This the second kit I have purchased. As usual the kit arrived promptly. Was kept updated on shipping status. The first set up is running beautifully needed another one. Great quality and free instructions on building your own setup.
    Cant beat that !! Keep up the good work.

  14. A necessity to build an auto-cycling vacuum setup.

    Review by James Crockett

    Without this kit, and Joe's concise, easy to follow instructions, this would have taken me months to achieve. Trial and error, parts sourcing and compatibility, all the headaches are removed from the process. This kit turns a lengthy and involved experiment into a satisfying 4-5 hour project. Bravo Joe!

  15. EVS Kit is a Winner!

    Review by John Dingman

    I purchased this kit to make a vacuum press to do bent laminations and I was impressed with how well it was packaged and sorted to help in the assembly. After following the instructions this pump works great! The kit is legit!

  16. Worked Like a Charm

    Review by Mark Brock

    Excellent product, great instructions, worked like a charm. With a little common sense and patience it was no problem to assemble. Thanks again.

  17. Great Kit

    Review by Hank Smith

    I built one of these with the 5 CFM pump from Joe. I have used it with my 2'x6' and 4'x8' bags with great success. It was easy to build and a pleasure to use. I have used it to press over 400 square feet of veneer with no problems. I occasionally get some leakage but it has always been at the bag seal. This is a easy to build kit for a great vacuum.

  18. A Breeze to Assemble

    Review by Jaymie Gadal

    I finally got around to assembling it and put it through its paces. It was a breeze to assemble, given your very detailed instructions and pictures, and I was repeatedly thankful that I purchased a well designed kit, rather than have to go find and buy all that stuff myself. My one regret is not buying the PVC as well, since it turned out to be more difficult to source than I thought, and not any cheaper since they sell minimum quantities and I therefore have leftovers and no idea what to do with them. The unit ran like a dream from the first time I switched it on. I've been having a lot of fun with it and even my practice pieces are so beautiful I may have to build things with them. Thanks for a great kit, good advice, and your valuable web site.

  19. All a Furniture Maker Needs

    Review by Jarred Yates

    I have had the opportunity to build 2 of these in the last year (my shop was robbed a few months ago). The directions are clear and straight forward. Combine this with the 5 cfm pump from Joe and I challenge you to find a cheaper pro cycling press. I found that the pressure switch was a little sensative to dust on the first one I built - never covered the pump and it wound up with a thick layer of dust all over it. Be nice and throw a cover over it). I got all the parts wrong on the first order Joe straightened it out with email before he shipped the order. Because of the service, pricing, and shipping Veneer Supplies is always my first stop for veneering products.

  20. Exactly as Advertised

    Review by Joey Naeger

    The instructions were very easy to follow and the kit went together beautifully. This product takes all the thinking out of it.

  21. EVS Build

    Review by Paul Nealis

    Part and directions were great, I used the 5.3 CFM pump. Good job Joe! A good way to find the center of the 4 inch caps is to use a ball bearing and dimple it.

  22. Very Pleased with My Vacuum Press

    Review by Robert MacLeod

    I am planning on retiring from my career in information technology and spending my day’s woodworking. I have been collecting tools of the trade and a veneer press seemed to fit into my plans. I purchased the EVS™ Auto-Cycling Pump Vacuum Press Kit along with the Thomas re-conditioned vacuum pump, and a scratch and dent sale VS Extreme™ Polyurethane Vacuum Bag 4' x 6' at 50 percent off. The whole system has sat in my garage for months waiting for an opportunity to use it. Well, I finally got my chance. The system worked flawlessly. The pump was quiet and pulled a 22.5" Hg vacuum on my project within 30 seconds. Twelve hours later the vacuum was at 21" Hg and the pump hadn't cycled once. I am very pleased with my vacuum press system. Thank you Joe for making the plans and parts available.

  23. Fast shipping parts all there!

    Review by Gerald DeHoog

    Just received my kit and vacuum bag and mesh and other parts for my vacuum system. My order was complete and very fast shipping! Joe's prices are great I can't buy brass fittings at my local big box store for his prices. And his shipping this time of year was fast. I'll send pics of my unit and comments when I have it completed.

  24. Excellent Kit

    Review by Dennis Powell

    An excellent kit that has all you need (except the pump) to get a vacuum system up and running. I built mine for use with my lathe and it works great. Highly recommend this kit, and Joe keeps you informed right up to the minute on your order.

  25. Works Great

    Review by Mel Dahlberg - Mel's Woodworking

    I built the EVS pump from the plans and parts from Veneer Supplies. It works great and was an easy build from the detailed instructions. All the parts were included and came in a timely fashion.

  26. It Works!

    Review by Steven Paul

    I also bought the 32-part kit and the refurbished Thomas 3.15 cfm pump. It all came in 3 days, went together a little faster than the documentation suggested (no parts missing or left over) ... and it works !!

    Using a crummy bag (purchased elsewhere) it had no problem laminating rosewood and padauk veneers to make classical guitar sides. Jut ordered a vacuum quick disconnect and a 48x48 bag.

  27. Great Kit

    Review by Kerry Mahoney

    I put it together in an afternoon. I matched it with the Thomas 3.15 CFM pump and it works very nicely. The kit was complete and the instructions (online pdf) were clear and detailed. After one quick test, I have used it several times without issue. I'm using a 4'x4' poly bag and after the initial pull down it cycles about 4-5 times an hour for 2 minutes each.

  28. Review from Detroit, MI

    Review by Steve Sawyer

    You can spend more money, and spend a lot more time chasing down quality parts to build your vacuum veneering setup, or you can rely on Joe to put this all together for you.

    All first-quality parts, and everything you need to turn your vacuum pump into a truly usable tool. I can't recommend this product more highly, nor can I say more about the service.

    Great folks to do business with!!

  29. Review from Morgantown, WV

    Review by Evan Jones

    I just ordered the kit as I am gearing up for a marquetry hobby. I had compared costs with other possible vendors (Lowe's, Amazon are my local and non-local choices) and the prices are equal to/better than those I could find. Knowing that I have the parts needed which will fit with the other parts as part of a kit has saved a ton of time and hassle! The detailed instructions for making the vacuum press will allow even me to succeed with this.

    I was very impressed with Joe before I even really considered a sale: he answered several questions in similar topic as well as an unrelated topic (vacuum table question). He was very helpful and gave detailed responses. I have no doubt but that post-sales customer support will be excellent.

  30. Review from Mililani, HI

    Review by Jens Jensen

    I was pleased to receive my order one day short of the predicted date. Everything was present and following the detailed instructions I had my vacuum clamp up and running in less than predicted time. Highly recommend purchasing from

  31. Mesquite, Texas

    Review by Lee Armola

    Tired of using clamp and cauls and found this kit while searching for veneers. I had a vacuum pump acquired sometime in the past and thought Hmmm... new tool. The plans are great and the kit eliminates hunting for a lot of these fittings. Making a bag is next. Can't wait to use it on a project.

  32. Review from Aamosa California

    Review by James Relyea

    I have found the information contained in this site to be invaluable to me. I have done veneering for several projects in the past. I had wanted the convenience of a vacuum press and like most wanted to build the system. In the conversations that I have had with Joe he has brought several added thoughts to my learning and plans. I appreciate the timely responses and the depth o answers.

  33. Review from Loveland Ohio

    Review by Paul Wimmert

    My friend and I decided to build a vacuum system to share. The kit and pump arrived promptly and we assembled it in a few hours. I have to compliment Joe on the quality of the instructions. In a former life, I was a Quality Assurance Leader responsible for developing Standard Operating Procedures to be followed by thousands of employees. Joe's SOPs would have met my standard. We had a laugh when I drilled all of the end caps even though there was a bold warning not to. Idiot-proof instructions just create determined idiots!

  34. Review from Leuven, Belgium

    Review by Hilko Guitars

    Ordered this kit and after two days it was at my doorstep. I'm living in Belgium-Europe! Super fast shipping and replying from Joe! Still have to assemble the kit (waiting for the vacuum pump to arrive) but I'm sure it will be a prevalent tool for my workshop.

    ***** for service!

    Thanks for making vacuum woodworking affordable!

  35. Review from Milton, MA

    Review by Dan Strout

    The EVS auto-cycling vacuum press kit is fantastic! It arrived on-time, was well-packaged, and nothing was missing. Joe was super helpful (and quick) to respond to my e-mail questions....(on New Year's Eve no less!). The instructions were easy-to-follow and well-illustrated. And most importantly, the product works great!

  36. Review from Riverside, Califronia

    Review by Ivan Yasuda

    If you are building the EVS Auto-Cycling vacuum press this is the kit to purchase. It has almost all the small parts required to build the system. I couldn't imagine hunting around hardware stores for all these parts. It is a great value and time saver.

  37. Review from Wilmington, Il

    Review by Nicholas Santorineos

    The kit is excellent. My pump only turns on for the initial pull. It never loses enough vacuum in an hour to require cycling. I should have punched this years ago. I will never go back to clamps and cauls.

  38. Review from Gastonia, NC

    Review by Curtis Johnson

    This kit contained everything needed and arrived quickly. The instructions were easy to follow and very clear. I'm an absolute beginner of vacuum pressing but managed to get everything put together, adjusted, and working in an afternoon.

  39. Review from Tupelo, MS

    Review by Adam Stewart

    I would definitely consider myself to be a beginner with little to no knowledge in the skills needed for this project. The products arrived quickly and very well packaged. I was able to follow the instructions very easily with only minor hiccups that were my errors and easily corrected. I appreciate Joe and his team for providing resources like this and will definitely be back for more products in the future! Thanks Joe!!

  40. Review from Madison, WI

    Review by Alan Kalker

    The kit arrived quickly, contains parts of outstanding quality and comes with easy to follow instructions. When I had a question Joe answered it almost immediately. If there were a rating better than 5 stars called over-the-top service I'd give it.

  41. Review from Escanaba, MI

    Review by Bob Rosenfeldt

    I love that this kit is so complete. I looked at doing things a little different and getting individual parts and soon realized the kit had everything for a great design.

    It couldn't have gotten here any faster if I had gone to pick it up.

  42. Review from Los Osos, California

    Review by Dennis Schloss

    I am writing about the EVS hardware kit, but my opinions apply equally to the Veneering Essentials kit in that the contents are so thoughtfully chosen and instructions so thorough as to add additional value to the parts themselves. Without all the work that went into creating these kits, I would never have been able to participate in vacuum veneering. All the individual pieces are first class material and a pleasure to use.

  43. Review from Portland, OR

    Review by Jesse Felling

    I've been considering a vacuum press for a while. So, when I had a compressor start to fall apart on me and had trouble locating replacement fittings, I purchased a new compressor and decided to repurpose the compressor motor and tank as a vacuum press.

    This kit has all the parts you need kids.

    Instructions for constructing the kit are on the website. Of course, using the compressor tank required some modifications to those plans, but some puzzling over the photos with helpfully labeled parts got me there easily enough.

  44. Review from Hendersonville, NC

    Review by Tim Johnson

    Haven't started building yet but order arrived very promptly as all my orders from Joe have. Everything was included and packed well. This kit is a great value as opposed to buying parts separately. Can't wait to get started using the excellent plans and resources on this site.

  45. Review from Menifee, California

    Review by Joe Hardell

    Just built the vacuum press with the vacuum clamping option and could not be happier! Super service, fast delivery, and well thought out instructions that we very easy to follow.It was a pleasure to build this project and I highly recommend this site. Thanks so much Joe for the fast delivery and a great product.

  46. Review from Overland Park, KS

    Review by Mark Lawrence

    I ordered the EVS kit and a rebuilt Thomas vacuum pump from Joe. The order was handled professionally and shipped right away. I received the order faster than expected. It was packaged well and everything arrived undamaged. The kit was easy to assemble and only took a few hours to complete. I cheated though and had the PVC Tanks, the carrier, and wiring ready to go before my order arrived. The system works better than expected and I have no doubt it will last a very long time. I would definitely recommend purchasing a vacuum system from Joe.

  47. Review from Athens, AL

    Review by Joe Gassen

    Quality components at a price less than half of the big box stores (many items are specialty and not available at the big-boxes). Instructions are well planned and easily adapted to items you might have on hand. I used a propane bottle for main reservoir. Don't skimp and try to do without mac valve (for unloading the pump) or other items in system. Joe has a well designed web site with abundant veneer instructions, and that alone is worth more than the price of this kit. Support this customer friendly web-store so they will continue to offer free in-depth knowledge. I buy a majority of my woodworking supplies online... this is by far the best site for service.

  48. Review from Rochester Hills, Michigan

    Review by Ed Rosenquist (Norse Audio Technologies)

    I have to thank you for all the help getting my vacuum pump together. I usually have a very hard time with anything that uses electricity. I always mess something up! I can't believe that after I wired something, it actually worked. I used a couple different ideas from some other builds on your website. She chugs along to 21" of vacuum, then shuts off until it drops to 17". My system appears to be so tight that I had to open the ball valve to get the system to drop back to 17" to make sure she'd start back up again to get vacuum back to 21". And is this thing quiet! I thought it'd be almost as loud as my air compressor. It isn't even close. I can't wait to try this thing on Formica and veneer! I couldn't have done this without your instructions. And if I can put this together and have it work on the first try...then anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, could build this! Thanks again, Joe. You have a world class business going! I hope that you continue to help as many in this hobby as you can!

  49. Review from Pawtucket, Rhode Island

    Review by James Joyce

    I purchased the Thomas Vacuum pump and vacuum press kit. Downloaded the EVS project plans. All of the supplies arrived and in a couple of hours I was up and running. The directions were easy to follow, parts were quality. It simplified the clamping on my CNC and it didn't take long before it made its way over to the lathe.

  50. Review from Chelsea, Michigan

    Review by Robert C. Jackson

    I wanted a vacuum veneer system but didn't want to spend $1400 cost for the quality commercial systems. I found this site, examined the plans, and ordered the kit. I modified the design to accommodate materials that I had on hand, such as 6 in. PVC pipe. The build was very straight forward. I decided to use 3/8 inch to 1/4 inch brass bushings epoxied into the PVC reservoir end caps instead of tapping the caps. (3/8 NPT tap cost: $12.00) Purely for appearance purposes I used a Radio Shack 15A/120v rocker switch for on/off control. The wiring scheme was very simple and easy to follow. I had a small leak in a reservoir end cap at initial start up that silicone bath tub sealant easily resolved. After that, the system held 21 in. of vacuum for 24 hours. When complete, including the pump, bag and mesh, and shipping, I spent about $750 total, or roughly half of what a quality commercial system costs.

    If you are viewing these plans and have reservations as to ease of construction or quality, my advice is to forget them and order the kit. You won't be sorry!

  51. Review from Littleton Colorado

    Review by Kim Adcock

    Excellent kit and pellucid instructions. Went straight through the assembly process with no problems. No leaks! Easy.

  52. A Very Happy Customer

    Review by Marc Baril

    You could source out all of these parts yourself... or just let somebody else figure out all of the needed pieces for less money and effort. I built this kit approx. 1 year ago and it works very well. I have the 2'x9' polyurethane bag and the system very rarely cycles after the first pump down. The pump comes on for a minute or two every couple hours; fantastic! The vacuum switch can be a bit touchy (does not turn off when vacuum is reached) - fortunately, this is "correct" direction for a failure (failing to turn on when the low pressure threshold is reached would be much more of a problem!). I've had this happen twice over several pump downs, and this happens regularly with dad's setup (also built from the same kit). Usually tapping the switch is sufficient to trip it when it gets "stuck" closed.

    [Note from Joe: This 'failure' occurs only when the user has a pump that draws more than 10 amps at start-up. This is why I suggest using the vacuum controller relay with larger pumps.]

    A very happy customer. One thing though, I don't really like the vacuum hookup connector to the bag. This is a minor complaint because the connector is perfectly serviceable, it is just rather touchy in ensuring a good seal unless the tubing is propped up so that vacuum connection is not broken. This is the only reason I docked a star in this review (otherwise no one would pay attention, right?)

    [Note from Joe: This user simply needs to press down on the lock-on connector before releasing the spring clip. It's a shame that this user docked a star for this. There are thousands of EVS systems being used worldwide and I've had zero complaints. I could find no one in my system with this reviewer's name. If this user would have contacted me first, I could have explained the remedy to him and we could have kept the perfect 5 star rating that this system has maintained for so many years.]

  53. Worked Perfectly the First Time

    Review by Rick M

    It was really nice to have the entire kit in one box, eliminated that one piece that we always seem to forget then have to wait 2 weeks for it. Great job Joe, everything you need hardware-wise for the cycling pump.

  54. You won't be disappointed

    Review by Brad M

    I was very happy with Joe's timely response to all my questions. This is a very nice kit and saves me the trouble of having to run back and forth to town to acquire the right stuff. Parts were packaged well and shipped quickly. Thanks Joe

  55. Quality Product and Works as Described

    Review by Lew N.

    Learned about this from a woodworking magazine. Read all Joe had written and ordered the kit. Contemplated getting an already built system but liked the "feel" of this product and liked the idea of building it myself for fun and education. It's a quality product and works as described.

    I should have read about how a lot of others built their systems for some neat ideas about other configurations. Actually, I like Joe's the best for my situation.

  56. Very happy with the quality of the kit...

    Review by Peter M

    I am a (mature!) student at Palomar College, doing woodworking night classes - this semester is veneering 101. The instructor mentioned as a good and reputable potential supplier of veneer equipment. I liked the site, and decided to go for it.

    The downloadable instructions are very well written, and easy to follow - but you HAVE to follow them! It probably took 8 hours total to build, without rushing too much. Started it up for the first time last night with vacuum pump - no leaks!! It dialed right in to 21-22 in.Hg. easily, and I am good to go!

    In my area, Lowes stock the schedule 40 pipe caps for 4" and 1.5" pipe (HD did not stock 4"). I had trouble finding the 4" schedule 40 or 80 pipe in lengths of less than 20 foot - fortunately a friend had a 4 foot length of schedule 80 lying around which he gave me for free (check it out first and maybe buy from Joe if you cant find it... a 20 foot length is about $80, and what you going to do with the other 16 feet!)

    Minor cosmetic tip - don't use purple PVC primer for the pipe glue up - get clear stuff if you can (take it from me, the purple drips don't look so hot on the nice white pipe..!)

    Very happy with the quality of the kit, the prompt shipping and good customer service. No hesitation to recommend this kit.

  57. The Woodlands, TX

    Review by David W.

    I have been woodworking for several years as a hobby but I have never worked with veneer. Thanks to the great information available on, I decided to expand my skills to include veneers and I ordered the EVS Auto Cycling kit. My order arrived quickly and completely and the assembly instructions Joe has posted online is very clear and simple to follow. Purchasing the kit from Joe makes it very convenient as compared to purchasing each component separately and the kit is competitively priced.

    I would not hesitate to recommend to others looking for supplies or an economical option for a vacuum press.

  58. Fantastic

    Review by Gord M

    Wonderful company to deal with first of all. I had an existing vacuum system, though it was missing some key components. These components were hard to come by at one supplier alone and would have been annoying to say the least to order from different places. made all the parts available to me out of one kit, and they work like a charm. Instructions and trouble shooting are also a bonus available on the website. Highly recommend ordering from Joe.
    Thank You

  59. My System Works Great!

    Review by Dean Schopp

    I am an experienced woodworker but I had never done any veneer work. I had a Richie Yellow Jacket vacuum pump from air conditioning work and a old pancake air tank. I looked at the kit for building my own system and the directions where so detailed and easy to understand I figured this was a simple task. IT WAS! I ordered the EVS kit and a 4x4 bag. It arrived in a couple of days and everything was included and in excellent condition. Since I was using a pump and reservoir that was not in the plan I did have to get a couple of brass fittings to fit everything together but that was no problem. They were standard type parts available at any hardware store. My system is 220 volts but less than 10 amps even with my 6 cfm pump so I just followed the instructions for the less than 10 amp electrical system. I did order the 220 volt MAC valve . Just read thru the directions and take note of the details. These directions are excellent and easy to understand... you can not go wrong. My system works great. It pulls a 25" vacuum in about 40 seconds on a 4x4 bag. It only cycles about once in two hours. It took me one afternoon to build the system. The service and products from are great and I will be dong business with them for all my veneering needs. They have great products at good prices and the service is sincere and honest.

  60. I would do again without hesitation.

    Review by BB

    Purchased the EVS kit with the Thomas pump, 4x6 polyurethane bag, and mesh shipped for around $550. I had the kit almost completely assembled within 2 hours of opening the box. The longest thing to build was the plywood carrier, and that's only because you have to wait for glue to dry. Very easy to build, and works great. Clear instructions and fast answers from Joe made this a quick project and you end up with a highly effective tool. I would do again without hesitation.

  61. Excellent kit; Wonderfully clear and complete instructions

    Review by Michael Obrecht

    Title says it all; The kit, the smaller Gast pump, one trip to the hardware store (spent about $60.00 there) and a couple of days work following the assembly instructions and I'm good to go! I know wood, not so much mechanical or electrical; but I did what it said, flipped the switch and I'm good to go!

  62. I built an EVS press using Joe's parts and instructions and couldn't be happer with the results!

    Review by Jim McFarland

    I purchased the EVS parts kit and a Gast pump from Joe and built the system using the excellent instructions provided by Joe. I couldn't be happier with the result. Joe quickly answered the few questions I had regarding construction (his instructions are spot-on!)and he has offered great advice re veneering. He has a great selection of veneers and supplies -- I've never had a reason to look anywhere else for anything veneering related!

  63. Even I could make a vacuum press with this kit

    Review by Sheri P.

    I am pretty handy with wood and woodworking tools, but this kind of stuff is completely foreign to me. Nevertheless I really wanted to explore veneering and after lots of research, I chose this kit. With the added pump and the directions on this site I built my vacuum press in about half a day and couldn't be happier. It's really expanded my woodworking and I am sooooooo happy I took the plunge. Everything you need (except the pump) is included so there's no excuse to wait any longer.

    Come on. . . . . you know you want to. . . .

  64. Always Wanted to Do It - Didn't Know Who To Ask

    Review by Ed M.

    I've wanted to try out vacuum press veneering and curved lamination for many years. I've done a good deal of curved lamination as a component of architectural woodworking projects and saw that a vacuum press could make this operation go more smoothly and result in higher quality work. Joe's efforts have hit a home run for me.

    The product and the instructions are of the highest quality. I've always enjoyed making tools and this one was fun to make, a joy to use, and has become one of my favorite tools. And there's also some magic involved. Seeing that press pull down a stack of bending ply and veneer into an 8 inch radius curve is still a thrill.

    It's also worth mentioning that, in my experience, this company is a perfect example of everything an Internet business should be. Good product design and support, great value, excellent service after the sale, quick shipping, and good people to deal with.

  65. Perfect for jumping into veneering

    Review by Travis Feight

    This kit is great. I looked at veneer presses for 2 years before I actually decided to buy this kit. The instructions are great and it was an easy build. I love my press and it has exponentially increased the capabilities of my shop. I would highly recommend this for anyone that is interested in veneering.

  66. You can spend more, but you will be hard pressed to find a better product!

    Review by F. Young: FY Woodwerks, Inc.

    For bagged veneering this product is as good as any. I found, to do a great job assembling, you might spend more time than is stated in the instructions but it is time well spent. You will have a good understanding about the process in how the system works. The building process is fun and your main goal is no leaks, not hard to do just take your time. Joe has put together the best components for his system. I have zero leaks except for the actual connection to the bag but that is mainly a hose support issue, put a block of wood under the hose as it connects to the bag and allow it to interface vertically or you could change out the connection to a lockable, bicycle pump type or screw type; you may find, like me, your pump might cycle only once and hold pressure throughout the curing process.

    The value-to-performance of this system can't be beat.

    Everything Joe states is true and accurate, if you are wanting to get into vac pressing or upgrade to a non-compressor system this is the wisest move, buying a pre-packaged system would be financially foolish.

    The most difficult part of the entire process is obtaining the 4" PVC pipe without buying enough to build 10 pumps at a cost that defeats the entire process...I got a small section from a golf course, they typically have scraps in a variety of diameters. If that is not an option, just buy the pipe from Joe...that is the easiest way and most reasonable. I found end caps cheapest at the big box home improvement centers but Joe may sell those also and probably at a competitive price.

  67. Great design, Great instructions, Great parts

    Review by Linda S.

    This review covers all the parts (including the Gast pump) sold to make the EVS. Not just this parts kit.

    After a lot of internet searching I decided to build my own vacuum pump setup and couldn't be happier. I was so thrilled at the thought of customizing my own setup that I got the miscellaneous parts I could not get from Joe and had them on hand when my order was delivered. I built the project the day the parts arrived and could not be happier with the outcome. The design is very functional and the instructions for putting it together were detailed and easy to follow. All the parts provided are to a very high quality standard and perform as described. I appreciated being able to get them all in one place as opposed to hunting around to find everything. Sure, as Joe says on his website,you can probably buy the parts for a bit less money if you go around searching for them but I'm certain that in the end this was the cheapest and best way to do it when you consider fuel costs and the time it takes to find suppliers for everything. Given the quality of the finished product I doubt I will need to build another one in my lifetime (I hope to have another 40 years of woodworking left in me.) but would not hesitate to recommend this option to anyone looking to get into veneering.

  68. Will Not Disappoint

    Review by Geoff W

    Like other who have reviewed this product I could not be more happy. Being an international buyer I found the deliver time and cost excellent as was the quality of the product.

    Instructions supplied are concise and the job went together smoothly and worked first time - amazing!

  69. Even easy for a beginner like myself!

    Review by Brandon Hatch

    This is the first time I have ever attempted anything like this. I am a guy that really has not built much of anything besides a few decks through the years.

    Its very easy to put together and works like a champ. I bought the Gast 5.5 cfm pump that is for sale here as well. Everything went exactly as the directions said they would.

    I bought mine for vacuum bagging fiberglass parts for my boat restoration project. If I can do this, anyone can!

    After using it for awhile it seems the possibilities are endless. I really like the fact that I can could change it up easily if I chose to. Like adding to the manifold or easily switching out the hose after use.

    Two thumbs up from me!

  70. Yahoo! A Great System!

    Review by Wayne H. Nesbit

    My system is up and running. It took me about 2 to 3 hours to put it together and it fired up on the first try. This system is so amazing. I can't believe I havent done this sooner. The directions are very easy to follow and the parts in the kit are all high quality. I dont think you could buy or build a better system than this. Bravo!

  71. Great kit and instructions!

    Review by Joel Watson - J Watson Woodworking

    Just a brief note about the EVS style vacuum pump I've built using the directions and parts you supply, with modifications and ideas I gathered from other users builds. The build was very straight-forward. Your directions were so detailed and clear, and the build so smooth, that I hesitated before turning the pump on to test it. To my delight, it worked right out of the gate, drawing 21 inches on its 3-gallon tank in about a minute. WOW!

    I can't thank you enough for providing a wealth of information on It was key in my decision to try building my own system, and I couldn't have built my pump without it!

  72. It was fun, and it works!

    Review by Ivan Moses

    My press kit arrived 3 days after I ordered it. It took me about 5 hrs to assemble it, which is longer than it would have taken had I not chosen to modify the design to fit into a wooden tool box I had laying around.

    The instructions are straight forward and answered all my questions before I had a chance to ask them.

    After I had the press assembled I tested it and found that I did have a leak. I applied a small amount of silicon sealant around a couple of hose connections with the pump running. I felt the pump pull the sealant into the connection and POOF! No more leak.

    The press kit looks intimidating to build, but it really is quite simple. What a deal!

  73. Deal-o just works

    Review by John Foote

    Best set of instructions I've ever seen for anything. What is, in fact, a rather complicated assembly goes together fast, and works exactly as described. It's just a superb integration of all the requisite component pieces, in their simplest, cheapest iteration.. Nothing more than necessary, nothing less. Bravo, Joe.

  74. Good deal!

    Review by Matt Kula

    I have a small CNC machine that I use to make circuit boards; unfortunately, it is without a means for which to adequately hold a work piece. Tried various methods without much success. So, I have been studying and searching the Internet for various forms of vacuum tables for CNC machines; and have learned that they tend to be on the expensive side (at least for my budget).

    I found various systems/pumps for, again "not-my-budget", and was teetering on buying a refrigerator compressor, vacuum advance, glass syringe among other things and was cringing at the thought of trying to control the "oil mist" output when I happened upon this website.

    After reading most of the reviews and seeing what some others have done I knew I was on to something good. Further research revealed that this kit is a good deal, so I ordered one. I was pleasantly surprised to experience that the system does indeed go together in a day and after assembly/testing all I can add to the reviews is "...yea, what they said."

  75. This is a Good Deal - Buy One!!

    Review by Matthew Kula

    After reading most of the reviews and seeing what some others have done I knew I was on to something good. Further research revealed that this kit is a good deal, so I ordered one - adding yet another project to 'the list'.

    I was pleasantly surprised to experience that the system does indeed go together in a day; and after assembly/testing all I can add to the reviews is "...yea, what they said." Anyone will be hard pressed to find a better deal delivered to the front door.

  76. A Superb Vacuum Press

    Review by Tom Hertz

    I cant add much more to what the other reviewers have written. They are all correct. This is a great vacuum press system. My kit arrived within a few days and took less than 3 hours to build. It runs like a champ and Joe's support is just incredible.

  77. Works Perfectly

    Review by Greg Getzoff

    I just completed my EVS system and it works perfectly, however, don't do what I did, instead buy Joe's "Builder Kit" Here's why: you will spend more money and most importantly, more time trying to find all of the fittings at local plumbing supply shops and hardware stores because they don't have them! This kit contains:

    1. Pneumatic parts (most hardware stores and/or home improvement centers are very limited on these items)
    2. Plumbing fittings (you'll find the parts, but you'll have to build them to get the right geometry)
    3. Specialized/proprietary parts (you won't find these locally, you'll have to go to the pneumatic-automation industry to find them)

    Finding all of the plumbing parts turned into an epic saga and a colossal waste of time; four trips to the hardware and plumbing stores finally completed the project. Fortunately, I bought everything else from Joe, otherwise, it would still be incomplete.

  78. Well Written Instructions

    Review by Gary Mullenix

    I built the EVS vacuum press system using the new Gast 5.5 cfm compressor. By following the well written instructions I was able to complete in the system in only a few hours. I have used it many times along with the 2ft X 4ft Dura-Max polyurethane vacuum bag and still have not experienced any leaks at all. I plan to add a 2ft X 9ft bag next to expand to length of pieces to veneer. I have been veneering a long time but this vacuum press has eliminated the use of multiple clamps and messy lay-up and has taken the frustrating hassle out of producting a beautiful matched burl veneered piece of furniture.

  79. High Quality Parts

    Review by Jeff Greenberg

    I researched vacuum presses for a while before I bought this. I never wanted to invest the kind of money required for a quality complete system and bought this after I read the website information and saw how complete and well-described the instructions were. I had absolutely no trouble constructing the system. The instructions were very clear and the kit was complete with high quality parts. Even the instructions on troubleshooting were helpful and they helped me solve a very minor setup problem that I encountered. The system works great and I am looking forward to completing many projects using my new vacuum press and vacuum clamping system.

  80. Fun To Build

    Review by Terry Leright

    This is the 1st review Ive ever written.
    I was hesitant to order this kit .
    I received the kit within days of ordering it.
    I sat down and read the instructions, then dove into the build.
    All the parts were there and the instructions were extremly detailed, fun and easy reading.
    As I built the pump press I just followed step by step and in a few hours with only one trip to the hardware this project was up and running. The EVS Vac Press was actually fun to build and I virtually had no problems.
    Also I recieved response to Email questions within an hour of posting.
    Ill be hunting through this sight for more of these well thought out projects
    Thanks so much

  81. A Shop Must Have

    Review by Bill Warfield

    I recently purchased an EVS kit plus enough other parts to build up a vacuum clamping system. All of the material arrived quickly and was well identified. Assembly was a matter of following the instructions and diagrams. I started it up and within minutes had it adjusted as I needed it. The thought and the effort put into making this a simple system is excellent. I had recently built up a CNC router from a kit and wish that it was as thorough. The vacuum system has worked very well and has given me great flexibility on the router. It is a shop must-have if working with repetitive production machining. Thanks again for the great product and process!

  82. I Was Not Dissapointed

    Review by Adan Akerman

    The clear instructions for the EVS project gave me confidence that purchasing the kit would be a good idea. I was not disappointed. It arrived quickly, and every item was there, ready to go together. I had a great time assembling the project.

    When I had a question about using the system, I filled in the "contact us" form and got a very helpful email back in less than an hour... On a Sunday! That's service.

    This has been a great experience so far, and I have no doubt it will continue to be great. I definitely intend to continue buying supplies and kits from this site.

  83. High Quality Products

    Review by Mark Salusbury

    I think you should know that dealing with Veneer Supplies is just great. The products I've bought are of very high quality, the service and delivery fast and professional and buying online easy and safe.
    Joe and Christine really seem to put their customers first; Veneer Supplies is the best "one stop" experience I've found!
    My EVS kit went together so easily. Following the clear, detailed instructions, my kit resulted in the vacuum setup I've always wanted but didn't know how to create for myself. Thanks to Veneer Supplies, I'm up and running in no time!

  84. I Have High Expectations

    Review by L Lehman

    I bought this kit and a rebuilt Thomas pump from My experience was better than expected and I had high expectations. The system was easy to build (the kit directions are great) and it worked like a charm immediately. The website indicated the Thomas pumps were dirty but mine, while obviously used, was very clean. Delivery was also great as it seemd like the mechandise was landing at my front door as I placed the order (it actually took a day). I've already placed (and received) a second order and I'm sure I'll make many more.

  85. An Impressive System

    Review by Chris Robins

    After ordering the kit and purchasing items at Home Depot I studied the plans to be sure I fully understood what I was doing. The plans are very complete and easy to follow. Once I got started it took only a few hours to complete. I checked and rechecked the wiring because I didn't want to damage the electrical parts and have to replace them. I plugged it in and was happy to hear the pump come to life and stop at 20 hg. I had one small leak that was quickly fixed by tightening a connection. I am impressed with the system - it works great! I wish I had built it long ago. Thanks Joe!

  86. A Great Addition To My Shop

    Review by Daryl Buddecke

    The EVS auto cycling kit arrived in 11 days, pretty good for crossing the border into Canada. The building instructions were excellent In one evening I had the plumbing system together and by the next afternoon the wood parts were assembled stained etc. I was surprized when I fired it up. No leaks. I put wheels on the undercarraige to facilitate moving it around the shop. This is an excellent vacuum system and will be a great addition to my shop.

    Emails were answered quickly. Great company to deal with.

  87. High Quality Parts

    Review by Graham T.

    Joe really hit the nail on the head with this one. The vacuum press is a sight to behold. I got mine together in one afternoon. I would advise that anyone who is considering this kit should read the directions on the website first. That makes it easier to understand the parts. The kit includes quite a number of parts (all high quality). I spent $28 at the hardware store getting some miscellaneous parts based on the parts list that is in the instructions. Other than that, I only needed a vacuum bag and I was pressing veneer with no problems whatsoever. Customer service here is outstanding. One way to tell? Ask Joe a question and you'll see how quickly he replies. Amazing!!!!!!! I know of no other place that treats their customers so well.

  88. The Kit Instructions Were Outstanding

    Review by Allen Dubioski

    The EVS kit is superb. I built it in an afternoon along with a pump I bought at a salvage yard. It works flawlessly and the the instructions on the website are outstanding. I had the chance to meet Joe when my local woodworking club asked him to come out and talk to us about vacuum pressing. His demonstration was awesome and I think everyone was impressed. I know several people bought kits later that day after seeing how easy it is to veneer a nice project. I want to mention one thing that I think everyone should know about Joe and the websites that he runs... This website has a tendency to make it look like this business is run by a large corporation. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact Joe and his wife are the only people that make this site work. See his "about us" page to learn more. They do everything from packing orders and making shipping labels to answering the phone and restocking the shelves in his basement wood shop. So when you call, you are speaking to Joe and when you order, your are providing him and his wife with their only means of income. When I visited his shop, I was intrigued by the genuine approach he takes to teaching the rest of us the art of veneering. He one of the most down to earth woodworkers I know and he's not afraid to show you the mistakes he has made to learn what he knows about veneer. And after 2 hours of vacuum press discussion, he never once suggested that I buy anything from him. How unusual is that?

  89. I'm Amazed By This Kit

    Review by Alan Tischer

    I'm amazed by everything about this kit. To start, it arrived within 48 hours of when I placed my order. With Joe's fabulous instructions I was able put the kit together in one afternoon. A day later I was pressing my first panel which came out flawlessly. For the money, you cant beat this system. Add in the fact that Joe's service is outstanding and the shipping is fast and cheap. What more could you ask for? The kit uses all high quality components including a very nice gauge, shiny brass components, a sleek looking (and cleanable) filter, the fancy lock-on connector and electronic gizmos that turn the press on and off. If you have ever thought about building a vacuum press, this kit will save you a lot of time, trouble, and money.

  90. A Child Could Assemble This Kit

    Review by George Stolzky

    My kit took only 2 days to show up and a day to put together. All of the parts are clearly well made and the assembly was a breeze. At first I was worried about having so many parts that need to go together but the instructions on Joe's website are so well done that even a child could assemble this kit. I used a vacuum pump that I got at a garage sale several years ago. I bought it then because I knew the one day I would try to figure out how to make it work for vacuum pressing. It sat in the shop for a very long time collecting dust and spiderwebs. But now it is clean and purring like a kitten thanks to this EVS kit.

  91. One Stop Shopping

    Review by Jim Hutchinson

    I am really happy I purchased the kit to build my vacuum system. One stop shopping! When shop time is at a premium, time wasted going out to purchase all the various components is costly. Great Job Joe!

  92. I'm One Happy Woodworker

    Review by Frank Yascesky

    After looking at the alternatives closely for several weeks, I decided to build my own. I just dont have $800 sitting around for a pre-made unit from (edit... another company). I'm definitely impressed with this kit. My whole system was up and running very quickly. The lock-on connector is very well made. The filter appears to be top-notch quality. Each brass component looked like it was fresh off the assembly line and the other parts also are grade A. Joe's instructions are well written and the pictures show you exactly what you need. Overall, I'm glad I spent my money with someone who offers such great service and such a super product. When I finished the pump, it looked exactly like the one in the picture. I'm one happy woodworker.

  93. The Best Investment I Have Made

    Review by Bill Marr

    I used this kit to make my own press, it was without a doubt the best investment I have made in woodworking equipment. I find myself looking for projects that involve veneering, and look forward to expanding in vaccum chucking.

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