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Product Description

I must admit that this package of veneer tools and supplies is long overdue. I can't count the number of woodworkers who requested a combo package like this. So here it is! Combine this package with a vacuum press system or kit and you'll be ready to build a sweet looking veneered panel. This package deal includes a selection of the essential items to get started in vacuum press veneering and saves you about $10.

  • Better Bond X-Press™ Veneer Glue (Quart)
  • Glue Roller
  • Super-Soft™ Veneer Softener (8 oz.)
  • Dual-Edge Veneer Saw (pre-sharpened)
  • Roll of 3-Hole Veneer Tape (650 ft)
  • Roll of Elastic Pre-Tape (180 ft)
  • Polyurethane Seam Roller
  • Veneer Tape Moistener

Tone Options
Light: Tinted to match Ash, Birch and Maple
Medium: Tinted to match Cherry, Mahogany and Oak
Extra Dark: Tinted to match Walnut and Wenge

Note from Joe
X-Press veneer adhesive is not suitable for multi-layer laminations, extra-thick veneers, or crotch grain veneers. PPR glue such as Ultra-CAT™ is a better option for these types of uses.

Warning: This Kit Contains a Tool with Sharp Edges
Safety should be your highest priority when working with the veneer saw included with this kit. It is your responsibility to use and handle this tool in a safe manner and in accordance with all safety policies in the work area. Wear appropriate safety equipment including eye protection while using this tool. Use of this tool is at your own risk. JWW Services Inc. doing business as disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury or expense.

How much money does this kit save versus buying each of the items individually?
You'll save about $12 when you buy the combo package.

Can I exchange the X-Press glue for Ultra-CAT?
Unfortunately, this kit is only available with the X-Press glue.

Where can I learn more about basic veneering?
The JoeWoodworker FAQ page has questions and answers to more than 100 veneering questions.

Will the veneer tape leave markings on the veneer surface?
Veneer tape will not leaving markings or residue if applied and removed correctly from the veneer face. For some, it will take a bit of practice. See this link for more information.

Product Reviews

  1. All the Stuff You Need

    Review by Bryan Jones

    This is a great kit if you are just starting out. Everything you need for several veneer project is included. Don't think you don't need all of this stuff if you don't have it already… you do need it. Tape, saw, roller, etc. Joe is very responsive to answer questions. This was a must have for my first veneer project.

  2. Great Starter Kit

    Review by Drew Knox

    This was a great starter kit! Everything needed to get going, and seems like it'll last a long time. Everything included was good quality and now I'm looking for more projects to use the equipment!

  3. How I See It

    Review by David Clark

    I waited too long to get these tools in the veneer drawer! The glue roller was a real surprise to me and it works wonderfully. I like the way Joe interacts on a personal level, the orders come quickly and service is great! That's why I like doing business with them.

  4. Humidor - First Veneer Attempt - Success!!

    Review by Nick Pelliccione

    I'd like to support Veneer Supplies on a number of items. I purchased this item, as well as the vacuum system, the mesh and the polyurethane bag along with curly maple and walnut veneer. This is my first attempt at veneering which I used to make a humidor as a gift for a friend. Overall it was a great experience and I could not recommend these folks more highly. They provide great products, fabulous support and give you confidence to do this. I used the vacuum kit to veneer the curly maple to the sides of my humidor, as well as my own veneer of ambrosia maple for the top. I followed the superb instructions as provided in the numerous online support documents and it worked great. I look forward to more projects in which I will use these products to obtain high quality end results. Of course, the service was also fabulous and they will answer any question - no matter what related to veneer - clearly, and in record time. I highly recommend Veneer Supplies if you are even remotely considering veneering in your woodworking.

  5. Everything you need to get started

    Review by Richard Hewitt

    It's got everything you need to get started! I was a total noob. Never did any hand veneering before. This kit got me started, which is oftentimes the hardest part of any project.

  6. My Project Turned Out Really Well

    Review by John Dymond

    This is a great way to start into veneering. It has all the material needed to create some great looking veneered panels. I was building a classic Vienna Regulator clock case from walnut, and needed to bookmatch a backer panel. With no background in using veneer, equipped with this kit plus the information available on, my project turned out really well!

  7. Very, Very Good

    Review by Gary Depelteau

    Joe was great to deal with. He provides excellent, personal service. He designed this kit well to fit the needs of people doing veneer for the first time. Packaging of this and some veneer I bought was very, very good.

  8. New User

    Review by Richard Boykin

    I'm just getting into working with veneers, and this combo kit was exactly what was needed. Great idea, and very useful.

  9. Very Pleased

    Review by Jerry Mals

    Joe at Veneer Supplies is very knowledgeable, answered my questions promptly and accurately. He was a pleasure to work with. He's one of those guys that does what he said he was going to do, received my order the very next day. Will definitely buy from Veneer Supplies again.

  10. Great Products & Great Service!

    Review by Kevin Conway

    Great assortment of must have tools and materials. These guys ship fast and ensure everything is well packaged. They also provide technical support for care and handling and use of the products they sell. Excellent experience.

  11. Very Happy and Pleased

    Review by Randy Green

    Everything it said it was. I actually went to this company after viewing a veneering project video by the Woodsmith Shop. They used these products on the show. I immediately ordered and received it yesterday. The best packaging job I have ever seen. I love it and will return to Veneer Supplies again. Quality is excellent.

  12. Amazon Can't Do This.

    Review by Randy Meyer

    As a newbie to veneering I thought this would make it a lot simpler than trying to piecemeal the needed tools one by one and messing up projects along the way by not having the essentials. Joe was quick with an email offering some advice and even answered a question I had on a Saturday evening. Amazon has never done that.

  13. A Great Kit

    Review by Shawn Roland

    I'm new to veneering but have been working with wood for 15 years in various capacities. Veneer work has always seemed a bit out of reach for me but I have no idea why. I had some questions that I sent to the owner of this website (Joe) and he replied very quickly and with uncommon enthusiasm. I ended up buying a vacuum press system from a local cabinet shop that is going out of business but I asked Joe for his opinion on vacuum bags and a selection of start-up supplies. He gave me a lot of helpful info and I ordered the next day. The items arrived late last week and I used them over the weekend on a test board with some walnut veneer. The results were near perfect.

    So this is a great kit. The price is reasonable and I feel like the shipping cost was very good... especially considering that Joe rushed my order through so it would arrive by Friday. The kit includes a nice size bottle of veneer softener and a quart of veneer glue. The glue roller is a must-have part. The veneer saw is perfectly sharpened and the other kit parts are excellent as well.

    I would buy this again and I recommend it for all budding veneer users.

  14. Good Deal But Order with a Vacuum Kit

    Review by Adam Taylor

    Joe suggested this little kit to me to go with the Excel vacuum press I bought last week. It has everything shown on the picture. Not much to say about the veneer tape and moistener thing but I can't get over how sharp the veneer saw is and how well the veneer softener works.

    This is a good deal and I recommend that you buy it when you order you vacuum press so that you save on the shipping. I dont know why I didnt think of it but I forgot to order this with my kit so I had a lot tied up in shipping costs. I needed some walnut burl anyhow so no big deal.

  15. Excellent Product

    Review by Jack Chilton

    Has everything I needed to get started with my vacuum press which was also purchased here. Joe provided excellent replies to my questions before and after I bought my stuff. Great guy - great product.

  16. Review from Canon City, Colorado

    Review by Gordon Kemler

    I am an experienced woodworker and I thought I would give veneering a try. My wife and I found a very nice chest of drawers and a dresser that needed the veneer replaced at a local antique store so we said, why not give it a try? I ordered this kit after I had done the research and it seems to have everything that I could use for this first attempt at veneering this dresser. The products were very well thought out with the assortment of items that you will need. My order was shipped in a timely manner and it was very well packaged. Everything was as described. I would highly recommend this product along with Joe and his company very highly. His information on veneering to the newbie was very helpful.

  17. Review from Falls Church, VA

    Review by Alasdair Keith

    This is my first purchase from Joe. The products came in two(!) days and were packed beautifully. I have not used any of them yet but the quality is apparent, especially the rosewood veneer. Joe also followed up after the order with a great level of detail and a sincere offer of any veneering advise I might need. Great experience that you could never get from a large online retailer.

  18. Review from East Granby, CT

    Review by Rick Gray

    This is a very good starter package and the pre-sharpened veneer saw works great.

  19. Review from Frankfort, IN

    Review by Jeff Waggoner

    I am very impressed with both the products and service. This was our first time to try veneering and we started by reading all of the FAQs. We then ordered all of the veneers and supplies. The next day I received an email saying it was on its way and offering to answer any questions. I sent a question and got an immediate response. This kind of service is very rare today and I will be a customer for life.

  20. Review from New York, New York

    Review by Josh A.

    As you start a project and still in the learning process, the most frustrating thing is to find at the last minute that you can't start because you miss a single tool to tackle the job. This kit provides everything needed but the press and the veneer.

    I must admit that I looked and quickly dismissed at the veneer tape moistener. After the first project was done I realized how something so simple, that could be grossly replaced with a wet cloth and a cup of water could make the whole experience of gluing and taping (a bit under the sword to be within the open time), more efficient and cleaner. Recommended without any reservations!

  21. Review from Centreville VA

    Review by Dave Agostini

    I am just getting started with veneering and this kit has everything that I needed to get going. The included items are of good quality, not cheap stuff. I really like this site. It is very well organized and extremely informative. Since I am new to veneering, I can go to the site and read the necessary info to proceed with every veneering process I need as I step through my project.

  22. Reasonable Price on Great Starter Kit

    Review by Thomas H.

    I was happy to be able to get everything I needed to get started in vacuum-bag veneering (along with my new Excel 5) in a nice package. The Combo consists of all the things I would've purchased anyway, so this made it easy, and the price was very reasonable. Best of all, the included items are of very nice quality. For example, the Two Cherries saw is already honed and ready to use.

    When you add in the great service provided by Joe Woodworker, it just makes sense to buy what you need for veneering here. BTW, the sales that come along every now and then make a good thing even better!

  23. Excellent

    Review by Eddie Hopkins

    This review is not so much about this combo deal (which is very good by the way) but more about the customer support you get from Joe and Christine. You're going to be pleasantly surprised when you email this company. They do actually reply to their customers and they do appear to care that your project comes out successfully. I've emailed Joe about 12 times in 3 or 4 days and each time I got a polite and intelligent answer within a short time frame. If you have questions about veneering, this is the place to be.

  24. Not A Bad Deal

    Review by Greg Hughes

    I'm just getting into veneering and I wanted to get everything I needed without spending a fortune. This kit has all of the stuff I needed to get going with my first project which was a walnut burl humidor. The project turned out great. The parts of this combo deal are all top quality. I'm very satisfied.

  25. Everything Exceeded My Expectations

    Review by David Ragan

    I had read some on veneering (all over the internet), and some folks make it sound so hard and easy to make mistakes. However, with all the information, and sincerity of Joe and his website, it increased my comfort level to a point I was willing to "take the plunge". I got the Excel 5, the starter kit, a fancy bag, and of course some veneer.

    Everything has exceeded my expectations, Joe always returns emails, giving tracking numbers and answering emails. For instance I just found out one of my questions was addressed in his website. the Excel 5 is exceptionally quiet for an industrial machine, was easy to assemble, and the tools and glue with the kit are perfect. I might also add that the veneer saw is razor sharp, and beveled perfectly. the veneer I purchased had wifezilla and her mother salivating at the possibilities, it is so gorgeous (almost as much as wifezilla). When Joe has AAA veneer, it really is AAA.

    My opinion is that he, like me, a small business person realizes that impeccable service and products at a reasonable price are the keys to success. Your reputation is everything in this world to the small business person. Joe deserves a great reputation, that I believe he has.

    I would absolutely say there is no better reason to rack up your credit card if you are a woodworker and are not yet veneering. The process has come a long way in the last 40 years, and is now a science, not "cheap" stuff. If you approach it carefully with diligence, you'll be amazed, like me and ever so glad to have a resource like Joe to help guide you.

    Take the plunge, you'll be glad you did-Joe is the best.
    David Ragan
    Cumming, GA

  26. Just What I Was Hoping For

    Review by Allan Wenzer

    This kit is exactly what I was hoping for. It has the basic tools you need to get started in veneering once you have the vacuum press project completed. Everything included with the kit worked wonderfully. The glue roller is a must-have item and the veneer softner pint is enough to hold me over for several months.
    This is a great buy for anyone getting started.

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