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Edge Banding Trimmer



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Product Description

pg-edge-trimmer-in-use.jpg This is one of the best edge banding trimmers available in my opinion. It has two blades for cutting in either direction and both blades can easily be reversed if one becomes dull. I've used one in my shop for quite some time and rarely have to change the blades. The finger-friendly design of this edge trimmer makes it safe and easy to use. I've always maintained a "simple is better" approach to most veneering tools and this item is no exception.

Not for use with PVC or plastic edge bandings.
This tool is designed to trim fleece-backed wood veneer edge banding only.


Edge Trimmer Details

Optional Item
We'll include a set of five replacement blades for $2.95 if you select this option above.

Note from Joe
The manufacturer's instructions included with this trimmer are not exactly great if you ask me. And a lot of users have problems getting this tool to perform to their expectations because of those instructions. Here is what you need to know...

  • To get a clean edge, pay attention to the direction of the grain. Edge banding typically has a somewhat straight grain but it's rarely perfect. Look closely and you may find that the grain has a slight angle. The best cut comes from sliding the trimmer in the direction of the grain as shown below. Cutting in any other direction will cause tear out.

The white arrows above show the slight angle of the grain direction.
The blue arrows show the correct direction that the flush trimming tool is used.

  • Don't attempt to trim all of the excess edge banding in a single stroke. Instead, take light cuts and remove no more than 1/8" of material with each pass. Removing less per pass is always better and it doesn't add much time to the process. Once the edge banding is almost perfectly flush, take a final pass while pressing extra firmly downward on the tool. This should get it trimmed enough that a light sanding will make it perfect.

Be sure to check out the Edge Banding Guide on the JoeWoodworker website for more information.

Will this trimmer work on thick edgebanding?
You have to be reasonable with expectations for any given tool. This trimmer is not a router bit and therefor it will only trim veneer-thickness edgebanding.

Can I use this tool to trim paper-backed and two-ply veneer?
No. It will only work on fleece-backed edge banding (with or without hot-melt adhesive).

Will it trim end grain?
This tool will only trim the long grain of edge banding. A chisel or razor blade is a reasonable choice for trimming end grain.

What is veneer-thickness edgebanding?
Any edgebanding that is 1/42" thick.

Would it be better to use a trimmer that cuts both sides at the same time?
I'm not impressed with those types of trimmers because one of the two edges will often end up with tear out and and a jagged edge where the knife cuts against the grain. The knife should only cut in the direction of the grain. In the sample image below, a double sided trimmer that is moved from left to right would leave a jagged edge on the lower side of the edge banding.


Can I use this tool to trim paperbacked veneer from the face of a panel?
The trimmer is for edgebanding. A paperbacked veneer can be trimmed with a veneer saw, razor knife, or flush-cutting router bit.

Will this cut the edge perfectly flush?
No. I would not take liability for saying that a tool does anything "perfectly" but it does do a very nice job that requires little follow up work.

How much over-hang can this tool trim off?
The trimming process is completed by making multiple passes with the tool, so any amount of excess edge banding can be trimmed off. Each pass of the tool should remove no more than 1/8" of material. The final finishing passes remove a very fine sliver of material.

Product Reviews

  1. Perfect Results

    Review by Betsy Mendelsohn

    This novice wanted perfect results the first (and likely only) time she applied veneer for a home decorating project. The tool provided perfect results - be sure to follow the advice and slide with the woodgrain as the directions indicate. Now that I’m done, I’m giving the tool to a nonprofit woodworking school in my county.

  2. Works Very Well

    Review by Riki Heck

    As others have said, this works very well. It took me a bit of time to get used to it. My sense is that it works best when it there's only a small overhang, so I took to cutting anything big with scissors. But then it was perfect.

  3. Follow the Website Instructions!!!!

    Review by Mark Bowden

    I was not having much luck with the trimmer and was about to toss it in the back of my tool box. So I emailed Joe a message of complaint. He replied quickly with some instructions that were very helpful and trimmer works perfect now. I have no complaints what so ever. This is fine tool and a great company to buy from. You just gotta use the trimmer the right way!

    [Note from Joe: I updated the instructions on the product description page so that everyone can understand the best way to use this tool. If you missed it, look at near the bottom of the product description on the main product page for two bullet points.]

  4. This is a must!

    Review by Jeff Schaefer

    Great tool for small jobs or when you don't have time or space to get out the router. Plus you can get replacement blades! If you don't have a shop or are working in someones home? This is MUST. Also, Joe is so helpful and a pleasure to deal with.

  5. Nice, Simple, Easy to Use Tool

    Review by David Britt

    Simple in design and use. No need to buy a more expensive product. I have used this on two-inch and one-inch edgebanding. Works a treat and simple to change blades.

  6. Excellent tool

    Review by John Barbor

    This little tool does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

  7. Simple and Easy to Use

    Review by Jennifer Chalmers

    You might not expect much from such a simple tool (thats what I thought) but it really does a nice job on the edges. I trim once with hard pressure and then I go back a second time with less pressure just to fine-tune the edges a bit. As long as you pay attention to the grain direction, there is no tear-out or any other kind of surprises.

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