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VS Extreme™
Polyurethane Vacuum Bag
4' x 9'
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Product Description

VS Extreme™ is the ultimate vacuum bag. Each bag is made from an extra-thick (30 mil) polyurethane material that has been designed for using an advanced thermoplastic capable of withstanding pressures exceeding 3,750 PSI and stretching more than 6 times its width and length*. VS Extreme vacuum bags offer superior resilience and unmatched puncture resistance. Made in the USA.

Each bag is welded with a state-of-the-art custom RF welding machine operating at 7,000 watts and 50 lb/in of pressure. This exact combination of frequency and clamp strength yields the most durable and airtight seam available. Each bag then undergoes a series of inspections including a final check that I do prior to shipment.

*Elongation and breaking strength based on ASTMD 412 test method.

Critical Information: Updated Stem Fitting
Our vacuum bags now come with a new style brass stem that works with the new lock-on connector included with all vacuum press kits purchased after February 10, 2020. The new lock-on connector and the required barb fitting for vacuum press systems purchased before the update
can be ordered here.


  • Flush-Mount Valve StemFlush-Mount Bag Stem - The VS Extreme vacuum bag also includes our flush-mount bag stem assembly that allows you to use the full length of the vacuum bag without worry of project surface damage. A specially designed 2.5" diameter 50 mil flange is molded onto the polyurethane stem body and is permanently welded onto each bag. This creates an 80 mil total thickness reinforcement area for maximum durability. A lock-on connector is required to attach your vacuum tube to the bag stem.
  • Lubricant Infusion - VS Extreme vacuum bags are infused with a non-transferring lubricant that works in several ways to make vacuum bagging easy and trouble-free. This lubricant prevents most woodworking adhesives from sticking to the bag. Glue that sets on the bag simply peels right off. Unlike traditional urethane material, infused polyurethane allows the user to easily slide the platens and project panel into the bag without "blocking" or binding. The slippery surface makes inserting project panels a breeze.
  • Superior Resilience - Months of extensive testing resulted in a custom formulation that is unsurpassed in durability. VS Extreme bagging material typically withstands 650% more use than standard 30 mil vinyl.

Vacuum Pump Inside a Vacuum BagAdditional Information

  • Actual Size: 54" x 114"
  • Approximate Project Size: 48" x 108"
  • Material Thickness: 30 Mil
  • Material Variance: +/- 1 Mil
  • Total Thickness: 60 Mil
  • Transparency: Slightly Opaque
  • Softening Point: 150° F
  • Melting Point: 320° F

Each Bag Includes

  • Attached Flush-Mount Bag Stem
  • 58" Bag Closure
  • Detailed Care and Instruction Sheet

Product Notes

  • pg-closure-included.gifThe opening on this bag is on the 54" side.
  • Click here to download the PDF instructions.
  • A lock-on connector is required to connect a vacuum line to this bag. The lock-on connector is included with all of our vacuum press kits.
  • This bag is sealed on three sides. Some users prefer to have two opposing open ends so that a shop helper can assist with loading larger projects from the other end of the bag. To do this, purchase an additional bag closure and simply trim off the end seal.
  • The vacuum flange is RF welded to the center of the bag (left to right) and approximately 15" in front of the bag opening.

Breather Mesh Option
Be sure to order breather mesh with your vacuum bag. It eliminates the need for a grooved top platen board which can often be heavy and difficult to set over a project panel. The mesh prevents the trapping of air pockets inside the bag that cause veneer bubbles, and it makes it much easier to remove any glue that seeps through the veneer face. Learn more about breather mesh on this page of the JoeWoodworker website.

Free Shipping on Breather Mesh
The shipping charge for breather mesh can be quite expensive, but we have a way to save you some money. There is no additional shipping charge on breather mesh when ordered along with a vacuum bag using the option menu above. This discount does not apply if the mesh is ordered from the product page.

How do I attach my vacuum tube to this bag?
Our lock-on connector is required to connect a vacuum tube to this vacuum bag. This connector is included with all of our vacuum press kits.

Do I need a top and bottom platen for the vacuum bag?
A bottom platen is required for flat panel work. Most large home centers offer 3/4" thick melamine board which works very well. The bottom platen does not need to have grooves cut into it. Breather mesh placed over the veneer panel is typically easier than using a top platen - which can be heavy and awkward. Breather mesh also makes it easier to remove glue bleed-through on the veneer.

How large should I make the bottom platen?
The platen should match the nominal size of the bag. In other words, if you have a 4' x 6' vacuum bag, then the bottom platen should be 48" x 72".

Can I put a small project in a large vacuum bag?
Yes. There is no harm using a large bag to press a small project.

If I use a large vacuum bag for a small project, do I need to seal off the unused area inside?
No. Generally speaking, there isn't much "loose" or "free" air inside the unused part of a vacuum bag. If you are using a large bag for a small project, there is not much to be gained by closing off the unused area with a secondary bag closure.

Can I press multiple projects in a single bag at the same time?
Yes. Small panels can be set side by side in a large vacuum bag. Use breather mesh over each panel instead of a top platen. You can also stack identical sized projects on top of one another if a piece of wax paper is placed between them. This will prevent glue squeeze-out from bonding the panels to each other. Be careful not to stack so many panels inside that it causes the bag seams to pull apart.

Does the vacuum bag have to stay connected to the vacuum press after full vacuum is achieved?
Yes. This is because a perfect seal on a vacuum bag is virtually impossible. Here are some things to consider...

  • Sometimes the bag closure doesn't seat perfectly across the opening.
  • Sometimes the bag will stretch a bit after full vacuum is created and will then need a bit of additional vacuum. This happens most often when there is a large project in the bag. The vacuum system will cycle off (if you have an auto-cycling system) and then turn on again for a few seconds. After that, it may not cycle again for several minutes or even hours.
  • Old vacuum bags and ones that have been stored near sources of UV light can develop pin holes. In those cases, the vacuum press can help keep the vacuum maintained.

If the vacuum system is disconnected from the bag, you won't know if there is a leak because there is no vacuum gauge in/on the bag. With the bag connected to a vacuum press system, the vacuum level is visible on system gauge. The vacuum inside the system is the same amount of vacuum inside the bag. If the vacuum press cycles on and off frequently during a project pressing, a leak can be recognized and then fixed. However, if the leak can not be immediately repaired then at least the system can try to maintain the correct vacuum level in the bag until the panel is finished.

Can I use this bag with a vacuum press from a different company?
To use this vacuum bag with a vacuum press from another manufacturer, you may simply need to remove the existing connector on the vacuum tube and replace it with our "new" style lock-on connector.

Does epoxy stick to this polyurethane material?
I have experimented with our polyurethane material using several brands of epoxy, and it released from the test samples without issue. However, I've have received differing opinions about this from our customers, and my guess is that it depends on the type of epoxy, how much epoxy comes in contact with the material, and how often the vacuum bag is used in this capacity.

One of our customers recently wrote...
"We're using West epoxy, and have had zero problems with the material sticking to the bags. Just pops right off. We're using it neat, and also with microfiber thickeners, and I can say there's no need to worry about sticking with West epoxy and these polyurethane bags." - Kenny Delapp, Albuquerque Joinery

Do you offer samples of this polyurethane material?
Yes. Please click here for details.

What else should I know about the bag?
The maximum project size that is listed for this bag is approximate. It may vary by one inch due to tolerances in the manufacturing process. The maximum project size also depends on the total thickness of the platen and project. The usable size of the project panel can be maximized by using breather mesh instead of a top platen. It is critically important to avoid using a platen that is too large for the bag which will cause the seams to pull apart.

Where can I find more answers to vacuum bag questions?
The JoeWoodworker FAQ page has a large section of information specifically about vacuum bags.

Product Reviews

  1. A Great Vacuum Bag and a Stellar Business

    Review by Keith Coleman

    I can't say enough good things about this vacuum bag. The original plan to buy a vinyl bag was changed because my lovely spouse encouraged me to spend more and get something extra durable. She calls it the "cry once" policy which basically means spend more now to avoid frustration down the road. I'm not one to argue with her over getting a better tool! So I ordered it with an Excel 5 kit and some breather mesh.

    Joe and company shipped it out the same day and it arrived here in Colorado four days later. He also emailed some tips on using the bag and mesh. I had emailed him several times prior to ordering and he was very communicative and open to all of my newbie questions. There's a sort of benevolence in his replies in so far that he doesn't try to sell you anything. He actually dissuaded me from buying two things that he thought was unnecessary for my types of planned projects.

    The shipment arrived quickly and everything I ordered was packed very well. They use tons of white packing paper to ship stuff - much better than stryofoam peanuts! The kit assembly took all of about 20 minutes. The vacuum press has now been in my shop for a month and I've put 5 or 6 panels to use from it. They have all turned out flawless. There is no better way to use veneer than with a vacuum press. A big thank you to Joe and his team for making this a perfect transaction.

  2. Highly Recommended

    Review by Michael Moore

    After many years of using a shop made vinyl bag I am very pleased with the polyurethane bag. Excellent value and quality! My pump easily got to 28” hg and held for hours. I should have bought one years ago. I would highly recommend to anyone and already have to a few local woodworkers.

  3. Good Strong Vacuum Bag - Experienced User Here

    Review by Gregory Davidson

    Background: The 2x4 size has taking a beating in my shop where I do quite a bit of smaller projects for shows in the mid-Atlantic area. Projects are typically jewelry box panels (lids, cases, backing panels, etc) and that bag has gone through at least 500 pressings and still looks new! I didn't think twice when a large and complex sycamore/walnut table project required me to get a large vacuum bag. The 4x9 bag size was perfect for me. Its been six weeks since I bought and it has been in use several times so I feel experienced enough to review it. Here goes...

    This bag has seamless sides so the user doesn't have to worry about busting the edges. The heat-weld at the end of the bag is done nicely and I doubt it will ever be an issue. The flange where the brass vacuum stem is installed is beefy and again heat-welded professionally. The bag closure is easy to use. I like the thicker design of this closure versus the small diameter closures you get with cheap vinyl bags at [another supplier] since its easier on the fingers and I suspect it has a better seal.

    The shipping box is fairly large (6x6x62). It adequately protected my bag during shipment which took just 2 days to arrive. The vacuum bag is shrink-wrapped inside the box so there is really no fussing with packaging to get started. I like this.

    I purchased this bag while it was on sale. I feel the price was very reasonable compared to what I've seen at other online stores. There is a good sense of customer care from this company. The owner is hands-on with his customers and seems to care about what he sells here. He suggested to me that I can use it for smaller projects as well and mentioned that some people cut off the seam of the end of the bag so that shop help can assist with loading a long project into the bag. Doing so makes the process easier and just requires an additional bag closure which they offer on this website.

  4. Highly Recommended for Heavy Use

    Review by Tim Gorsuch

    This bag is very durable. My shop is using it to vacuum press 3/8" thick rough cut oak onto plywood. We have been putting 2 or 3 doors in this bag each day - and it still looks like new and has no leaks. Great product and highly recommended for heavy use.

  5. Best Vacuum Bag on the Market

    Review by Mike McGee

    These 30 mil polyurethane bags are the best on the market. I have several of them and just added a 4x9 to my arsenal. I bought the 2x4 size in 2014 and have pressed countless projects with it and it still looks and seals up like new.

    If you order a vac bag or anything else here, you're buying from the best place possible. The owner (Joe) is very responsive to questions and he ships orders out same day he gets them. This is a great company with quality products... the vacuum bags being a fine example.

  6. An Easy Decision

    Review by Ed Nash

    I bought a 2x4 polyurethane bag from VeneerSupplies a couple of years ago and it has worked flawlessly. It's easier to use than vinyl too. Between me and a friend, we have probably put more than 150 projects into that little bag and it still seals without fuss. We now have a table top to press so it didn't take much thought to go with this bag. I ordered it on a Tuesday and it was shipped the same day... arriving just two days later. Customer service from this website is top notch too.

  7. Great Bag - Heavy Duty!

    Review by Marc Leaman

    Received the order very quickly. It is a heavy duty bag! Using this bag along with the pump, veneer, and glue I purchased I was successful with my very first ever veneer project which was a 5 foot by 3 foot panel. Really happy with this.

  8. High Quality Bags - Heavy Duty Keeps Fuss to a Minimum

    Review by Marc Baril

    I bought this bag to veneer full size doors in one go. As it turns out, I didn't use it like that - but I can run the individual pieces for 4 doors in one go by using the 4' wide bag. It was well worth the cost to save on time when building many doors.

    I would highly recommend the thicker bags for anyone who can swing the cost. It just makes life so much easier not having to worry about the edges of boards damaging the bags. I own a 2' wide VS Extreme bag that I've had for about 9 years and it is still in great condition.

  9. A Must for Professionals

    Review by Helmut Furtner

    I got this bag to replace an abused 20 mil bag after 3 years of use. The protection against glue overflow on the inside of the bag is not as good as it sounds. Always use a plastic sheet over your projects. Sharp corners should also be softened with a rag or sorts. Also avoid voids in molds that can suck in the bag, it will pop. So protected you will have it for many years.
    Other than that it is very durable and stretches nicely over tall objects.
    I use it to laminate multiple layers of 1/8" solid wood for curved parts and veneer lay up in marine cabinets and woodwork.

    [Note from Joe: Most veneering glues will release from the vacuum bag very easily. However, epoxies and other post-catalyzed adhesives will stick to the bag after a few years of use.]

  10. So impressed...

    Review by Bob Fynbo

    Product was a great price, company very communicative, shipped promptly and arrived on time. Product was high quality. So impressed with company that when I came back to write the review I ordered some veneer too!

  11. Review from Denver, CO

    Review by Tom Faber

    I ordered the Excel 5 vacuum press and a VS Extreme Polyurethane vacuum bag from Joe and I must say that I am completely impressed. Not only was the system easy to put together but also easy to use. My projects have been turning out better than I had expected with this system and for that I am grateful. Also, Joe clearly made himself available for any questions that I might have using the system and answered those questions very quickly. It has been an amazing experience going through this company and I could not be happier. I will definitely use for all my vacuum system needs in the future.

  12. "Extremely" Nice

    Review by Nick Gilman

    I want to write a review but I'm not sure what to say. This bag is incredible in every. Joe replied to everyone of my crazy emails about this and suggested it (without being even remotely pushy) for my type of use. He was dead on... for making longboards this bag is excellent. Shipping from Maryland to Michigan took only 3 days and was very affordable. Everything on this bag just screams "high-end". You will not bne disappointed!

  13. When only the best will do, this is it.

    Review by Jerry H. Buchanan

    I'm very please with this bag I bought here. The material is sort of like silicone... very flexible. I've been using the bag for a couple of weeks and it seals up perfectly without any hassle. The valve stem works well also.

  14. Got What I Wished For

    Review by Parker Jackson

    My woodworking business runs about 4 to 6 veneer boards each day. That is a lot of vacuum pressing and because of this, we needed a vacuum bag that would stand up to such demands. I've tried vinyl bags (though not from here) and they were fine for a month or two but they would always get some small holes that were impossible to find and fix. This polyurethane bag is built better than anything I've seen. My shop foreman says its probably seen 375 jobs and its still sealing up like new. No holes, tears, or worries. This is what a vacuum bag should be.

  15. The Extreme Bag is Flawless

    Review by Keith Brinson

    I've read so many good things about the owner of this website that I felt pretty good about buying here. Yes, this is an expensive vacuum bag; but only in comparison to the other bags sold here. If you shop around for 30 mil polyurethane vacuum bags, you'll see that this is actually a very good price. Regardless of prices here or anywhere else, the Extreme vacuum bag is flawless. Its a pretty simple concept but the execution is well above par from another bag I bought at [another place].

    The valve stem is mounted in such a way that its virtually melted into the bag material. There's just no way for this to leak.

    Here's my ordering experience: I bought my bag on a Friday at about 10am. At noon, I had received a personal email from Joe saying that it was ready to go. He gave me a tracking number as well. Later that evening I tracked the shipment and the website said it would arrive on Tuesday. That is exactly when it arrived.

    Overall, I'm very happy with my purchase and I've already made a wish list of the veneers I want to order after my next paycheck.

  16. Puncture Proof

    Review by Edward Peterson

    This bag is built like a tank. There's no way anyone is going to puncture this bad boy and I doubt anyone has a project that this bag can handle. The closure system is excellent and is clearly heavy duty but its the valve stem (as Joe advertises) that really makes this bag such a winner.

    I use my bag for curved chest lids and plenty of basic flat work. This, along with my Project V2 Premium press system... a perfect conbination.

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