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Lock-On Vacuum Connector


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I have found only one connector that works perfectly for vacuum pressure. This solid brass vacuum bag connector locks on to the vacuum bag stem with a strong spring-loaded clip and features a soft cast O-ring which makes a leak-proof connection. This nicely machined connector has a 1/4" NPT-female thread. All lock-on connectors now ship with a special large bore to allow maximum vacuum flow.

To use the lock-on connector with your vacuum system, you will need a brass barbed fitting. Select the barb fitting option above to match the inside diameter of your vacuum hose/tube. The barbed fitting is the critical piece that allows the lock-on connector to attach to your vacuum supply tube.

The locking side of this connector is compatible with the following items:

Vacuum Bags
Bag Stem
Brass Tube
Vacuum Clamp

Note from Joe:

All of our vacuum press kits include this lock-on connector. There is no need to purchase this item if you are also ordering a vacuum press kit.

How do I use the lock-on connector with a vinyl vacuum bag from another company?
The existing vacuum stem will most likely have to be removed. Then our flush-mount vacuum stem can be adhered to your vinyl vacuum bag. Our stem kit includes a brass fitting designed to work with the lock-on connector.

How do I use the lock-on connector with a vacuum press made by another company?
You will need to remove any existing fitting on the end of the vacuum tube. Then measure the inside diameter the vacuum tube and select a brass barbed fitting from our options shown above. The barbed fitting is the critical piece that allows the lock-on connector to attach to your vacuum supply tube.

To what thread type does the lock-on connector attach?
The lock-on connector is designed to work with what is often called a "Schrader" thread. This thread is found on all of our vacuum bags and vacuum clamping fittings. It is the same thread found on bicycle and car tires. The external thread size of a Schrader fitting is 0.305 inches outer diameter by 32 threads per inch (TPI), and it has a thread root diameter of 0.302 inches outer diameter.

What is the thread type on the non-connection side of the lock-on connector?
The thread on the back end of the fitting is 1/4" NPT.

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