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Simple Vacuum Bag Closure



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Product Description

pg-closure-comparison.gifThis is a functional and affordable vacuum bag closure that has a couple of nice improvements over standard plastic bag closures. Our closures are made from PVC instead of ABS or polystyrene which gives it greater clamping strength and durability. Unlike other plastic closure systems, the PVC will not stretch or weaken over time.

Made in the USA!

This new closure has an angled edge on the sleeve component which makes it very easy to snap over the tube. It's a small change but a huge improvement. You'll find that our bag closure is nearly 100% larger than some competing bag closures. This additional surface area provides more clamping power and is much easier to use._

Bag Closure Diagram


Addtional Information

  • You might not need this bag closure if you are ordering a vacuum bag since our bags include a closure.
  • The 82" version of the closure can only ship by USPS. If you order other items along with the 82" closure, those parts will ship separately.
  • This closure is generally not ideal for homemade vacuum bags.

International Orders
The bag closure may ship separate from other items in your order. Because of this, there is an additional handling charge for non-US destinations.

Is there way to connect two or more closures together for a very large bag opening?
A small piece of .75" poplar dowel can be jammed into the end of the tube part of the closure. The dowel diameter needs to be accurate for this to work correctly. I've had success forcing half of a 3" dowel into one side of the tube and then lightly sanding the other side so that the second tube can be attached without forcing the dowel further into the first tube. The C-shaped part of the bag closure can now be attached. There can be a small leak where the closure pieces butt together, though it shouldn't be so bad that the vacuum sytem can not overcome it.

What can I do to make it easier to remove the closure from the bag?
It is easier to attach the closure and remove it from the bag if a light coat of carnauba-based car wax is applied to the inside of the C-channel, the outside of the white pipe, and the area of the bag where the closure is attached.

Product Reviews

  1. Highly Recommend It

    Review by Jay Marino

    The vacuum bag I have has some kind of a tar strip to seal the bag. It's hard to work with, hard to get it apart, and it is a big mess. This closure system is clean, it's fast, and it's easy to open. I highly recommend it.

  2. Easy to Use Bag Clamp

    Review by Troy Stevens

    Works great, nice and simple. My only complaint is the blue sleeve and the white tube are the same length so they are a little hard to get your fingers around the blue clamp to separate them. However that was easy enough to solve there is enough room to chop a little of the rod and presto it was fixed.

    [Note from Joe: The easiest way to remove the closure is to hold the a section of the bag behind the closure between your thumb and first finger. Then use your other hand to pull the open side of the bag away from the closure. Doing this will pop the white tube out of the blue c-shape part of the closure.]

  3. Great, Quality Product

    Review by Laurie St Aubin

    These closures are very reliable and easy to use. So happy I upgraded from my own diy wooden versions. I use two on my bag, I large a large bag that I resize e.g. make smaller when needed by using a clamp on both ends. This suits me well as I have a smaller compressor.

  4. Great Product

    Review by Shane Burkhart

    Works great, seals well with little to no vacuum loss. Enables one to quickly seal and unseal vacuum bag without having to deal with sticky vacuum bag tape.

  5. So Much Simpler

    Review by Ken Crea

    Simple, fast, and it works! So much simpler than the black, tar-like sealing strips that came with my vacuum bag. One suggested improvement: make the white pipe about 1" shorter than the blue clamp to make it easier to get a grip to separate them (easily fixed with a hacksaw).

  6. Excellent Replacement

    Review by Ray Peloquin

    I bought this to replace my original closure from another manufacturer. This piece allows me to close the bag by myself. Air-tight seal with very little effort. Excellent addition to my vacuum bag veneering set up.

  7. Great Website

    Review by Joe Polich

    Joe's website makes it very easy to find everything you need and if you have any questions, his email response time is impressive. Veneer Supplies will be my first stop from here on!

  8. Works Great

    Review by Charlie Plesums

    Years ago I bought my first bag, and fought the wooden closure with clamps common at that time. My newer bags had this type closure - works great. Only recently did I learn that the years of struggle could be fixed for about $20. Why did it take me years to discover that Joe had these available.

  9. Great Product

    Review by Randy Doan

    Bag closure works exactly as expected. The first one lasted much longer than expected and wore extremely well. Shipping was super fast as always and everything was included.

  10. New Closure for an Old Bag

    Review by Lary Ritter

    I have a vacuum bag [from another company] and got tired of messing with the heavy butyl rubber closure. I bought this closure and it makes it so much more simple.

  11. Review from Simi Valley, California

    Review by Mark Theobald

    The closure works perfectly and simply could not be easier to use! The few extra inches provided allow you to be a little lax in placing the closure making it even quicker to install.

  12. Review from Cary, NC

    Review by Tim Peplinski

    Great closure! This is much better than what I've been using and works great; no leaks. Also well packaged and very fast shipping. Thanks!

  13. It's a Real Improvement!!!

    Review by Harold W.

    Just wanted to say that I'm REALLY happy with Joe's "new" "plastic closure" system -- it's a real improvement!!!

    With the closed cell foam tape he supplied for the first bag I bought, my vacuum pump would come on every 15 minutes. With the new "plastic closure" it doesn't need to come on for 2 hours, it may even be longer, but that's when I open up the bag and reload it.

    Not only doe it seal better - but its WAY easier to install on the bag.

    Thanks for the improvements!!

  14. Unusual Use for Quilting

    Review by Susan N. Zimmer

    My quilting club just bought a dozen of these clamps and we love them. They are perfect for holding quilts and they do not stretch the fabric. These were recommended to us by a quilt instructor at Joanne's Fabrics. Our shipping cost for 12 closures was reasonable. We ordered on a Thursday and received the closers on Monday.

  15. No Hassle Bag Closure

    Review by Miller R.

    Not much to say. This closure works without fuss or headache. That's more than I can say about the closure that came with my vacuum bag from [another company].

  16. Great Product And Delivered Quick

    Review by Erin Anderson

    I've ordered from this website 15 to 20 times and I have never been disappointed with anything that Joe has sent me. This bag closure is no exception. It is much better than the closure that came with my bag from another vacuum press supplier. The plastic is a bit more rigid and the size is just right. Shipping was reasonable as was delivery time.

  17. This Closure Is Much Better

    Review by Dean Roloff

    I've found nothing better for closing my vacuum bags. I have been vacuum pressing veneer for 10 years and I've gone through my fair share of bags. At one point, I had 8 bags in my shop. Every time I used one, I would curse the closure. It was a pain beyond all pains. But this new closure is much better. It's easy on the fingers and seals a bag much better than anything else I've tried. No more worrying and no more cussing. The service here is excellent and the shipping was reasonable and quick. I highly recommend this item.

  18. What A Flawless Closure

    Review by Kevin Roddy

    I've always been impressed with Joe's products here and this closure set is no exception. I bought one set from Joe which arrived promptly and tried it on my old 30 gauge vinyl vacuum bags and found that it sealed flawlessly. Just for giggles I did a small test using my vacuum system. I pulled a full vacuum on the bag with my old closure which is about half the thickness of Joe's closure. The cycle time in a 4 x 8 bag was about 6 and a half minutes. Then I switched over to Joe's closure set and the cycle time went all the way out to 28 minutes. Enough said. It is clearly a better closing system than the stock stuff that (edit - another company) is selling. We then bought enough sets to re-fit all of our bags in the shop.

    Kudos again! And two thumbs up.

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