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Dual-Edge Veneer Saw
Replacement Blade



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Product Description

This veneer saw replacement blade has the "ramp" tooth grind that cuts on the pull stroke. With 18 fine, unset teeth per inch, this blade cuts with precision accuracy. Fits all veneer saws sold by


Sharpening Option
If you select the option above, I will hand-sharpen both sides of the blade for a thin, true and laser-like cut. I absolutely guarantee that you will cut exceptional seams with this blade using the right technique. You can find more information regarding the sharpening technique by clicking here.

Warning: This Product Contains Sharp Edges
Safety should be your highest priority when working with this tool. It is your responsibility to make sure you use this tool in a safe manner and in accordance with all safety policies in the work area. Wear appropriate safety equipment including hand and eye protection while using this tool. Always store the tool inside the box. Use of this tool is at your own risk. JWW Services Inc. doing business as disclaims all responsibility for any resulting damage, injury or expense.

Learn more about this product by clicking here.

Product Reviews

  1. Very Sharp

    Review by Robert Hixson

    I purchased my veneer saw with a blade sharpened by Joe some years ago. It has served me faithfully and well through many veneering projects. I recently ordered two sharpened replacement blades from Joe as my original blade is getting dull. I guess I could have tried to sharpen the saw blade but (1) I don't sharpen any of my saw blades, (2) as I'm now 78 years old, have no desire to learn how and (3) for the price it's not worth my time. These blades are very sharp. Thank you Joe.

  2. Sharp Saw - Does Clean Cuts

    Review by Les Burstein, DDS

    Very good. They give it a sharpening and you can sharpen it a couple of more times.

    I first found Joe and Veneer Supplies about 7 years ago and learned veneering techs with his help. I grew up in a lumberyard family but only worked solid wood and Formica. With this product and the Heat Lock adhesive I constructed 4 dental operators rooms of cabinets and used rosewood to create a complete reception room of cabinets, an office desk and credenza.

    Retiring to Florida, my wife found additional items for me to create: a flame mahogany credenza, ebony bathroom cabinets and a walnut entertainment cabinet.

    I cannot rave more about Joe’s line of products and support. Next is a four support walnut curved set of ‘legs’ 18” wide to support a 60” Calcutta marble coffee table top. Then, I am sure my wife with try to find another project to keep me busy.

  3. Good Source for Supplies

    Review by Patrick McNamara

    Nice blade, well made and extremely sharp. Good price for the blade and shipping was fast. Veneer is an excellent product, packaged very well for shipping. Well done!

  4. Flawless Sharpening

    Review by Edward Peterson

    Just like my original presharpened blade, this blade is razor sharp. Joe does a great job on these blades. I should mention that the only reason I needed a replacement is because I drop my saw and dented the blade. Had I not done that, I'm sure the blade would have lasted for many years.

    You couldnt ask for best service from Joe. He's aways got a timely and well thought out answer to my questions. His shipping prices are fair enough. And his products are top notch. Well done, my friend.

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