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Our vacuum bags have been getting great comments and it seems that each review mentions the flush-mount bag stem as a key improvement. This kit allows attachment to the vacuum bag with our lock-on connector without worry of project surface imperfections caused by the protrusion of our regular bag stem.

Flush Mount StemThese improved bag stems have a specially designed 2.5" diameter 50 mil flange molded onto the stem body. A sharp-barbed brass insert slides into the molded flange body and locks into place. With the included cement, the bag stem is permanently attached to your vacuum bag. While other companies are selling something similar for $25 to $35, our unit is about half of their price and works twice as well.

Important Note
We recently changed the lock-on connector that is included with our vacuum press kits. To use the flush mount stem kit, you will need to order an updated lock-on connector if you have the old version.

Made in the USA!

Instructions: Click here

  • Be sure to order the bag stem flange material type that matches the vacuum bag you are building. Do not use a polyurethane flange on a vinyl vacuum bag.
  • The polyurethane version of this item may only be compatible with our polyurethane. It is not likely compatible with other polyurethane products.
  • If you have ordered a vacuum bag from us, it will include a bag stem. See the vacuum bag product page for additional information.
  • This brass stem fitting is designed to attach to the updated version of our lock-on vacuum connector.
  • Replacement stem inserts can be found at this link.
  • Replacement flanges are available here.

pg-warning-yellow.jpg WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit

How do I know if my existing vacuum bag material is vinyl or polyurethane?
Our vinyl vacuum bag material is very clear, and the polyurethane vacuum bag material we offer is slightly opaque.

Will the flange on this kit adhere to nylon and other surfaces?
I honestly do not know the answer to that question. If you try it, please let me know and I will post your comments here.

Can I order just the flange or just the brass insert?
The flange can be found by clicking here. The insert can be found by clicking here.

Why is the item so expensive?
Corporate greed. The shipping cost on the vinyl cement (which I get from China) more than doubled in October of 2021. A month later, the cost of the brass fitting went up by 45%, and then in early December the cost of the flange increased by 80%. There is an old saying that "he with the gold makes the rules" and the manufacturers have the gold. They do what they want, when they want. Why? Because they can. Some degree of inflation is understandable these days but these kinds of massive price hikes are killing us.

Why does the vacuum bag have to stay connected to the vacuum press after full vacuum is achieved?
Yes because a perfect seal on a vacuum bag is virtually impossible. Here are some things to consider.

  • Sometimes the bag closure doesn't seat perfectly across the opening.
  • Sometimes the bag stretch a bit after full vacuum is created and will then need a bit of additional vacuum. This happens most often when there is a large project in the bag. You'll hear the vacuum system cycle off (if you have any auto-cycling system) and then turn on again for a few seconds. After that, it may not cycle again for several minutes or even hours.
  • After many uses some bags develop pin holes which can be almost invisible. In those cases, it's best to let the vacuum press keep the bag vacuum under control.

If the vacuum system is disconnected from the bag, you won't know if there is a leak because there is no vacuum gauge on the bag itself. If the bag is connected to a vacuum press system, you can easily see the vacuum level by looking at the gauge on the vacuum press. The vacuum inside the system is the same amount of vacuum inside the bag. If your vacuum press cycles on and off too frequently during a project pressing, you'll know there is a leak and if you can fix it. However if you can't fix the leak, at least the vacuum system will keep manage the vacuum in the bag until the panel is finished.

Product Reviews

  1. Bag Stem Replacement

    Review by Dan Rudy

    After my bag connection [from another supplier] failed, I installed this quick connect stem as a replacement. Easy to install and a much better connection for my style of work

  2. Very Happy Customer

    Review by Greg Pennenga

    I've been using Veneer for a few years for my vacuum bagging operations. Perfect parts for my bad repair. Easy to find on the website, fair pricing, and fast shipping. Will definitely continue ordering from Veneer Supplies.

  3. Works Great On Older Vacuum Bags

    Review by Victor Spellman

    I had an old vinyl vacuum bag from another company and needed to convert it be compatible with the locking connector sold on this website. Easy-peasy I just cut off the red nipple on the bag and cemented on the new one. Popped in the brass stem and had a leak-free connection. Voila!

  4. Easy Installation

    Review by Brent Clifford

    Comes with easy to follow instructions so no problem getting the stem assembly properly installed with a perfect seal. The components are high quality and the included adhesive works well.

  5. Worked Perfectly

    Review by Kevin Cowan

    I had two older version bags from a different manufacturer. I patched the holes and installed a new bag stem from Joe. Worked perfectly! Instructions were clear and there was more than enough glue provided in the tube to patch a few seam splits.

  6. Works Great

    Review by Ken Crea

    Replaced a wine bottle evacuator-type fitting with this so I could connect to a vacuum pump. It works great and there was enough vinyl glue in the tube to fix a split seam in my vacuum bag.

  7. Easy Peasy

    Review by Mitch Moehring

    The flush mount kit is so easy to install. The instructions are to the point and easy to understand. The glue provided works quick and holds a permanent bond. Wonderful product.

  8. Excellent Solution to Prevent Damage

    Review by Justin Leslie

    This is brilliant! Save over $30 to get your vacuum bag stem. This bag stem comes with Joe's vacuums but can be purchased separately to avoid damaging your project when using your vacuum system!

  9. Great Results

    Review by Larry Zampino

    I installed this stem on my polyurethane bag. Follow the directions carefully... wait the suggested 24 hour cure time. Great results.

  10. I highly recommend this company.

    Review by Wm. H. Grady

    Its just a valve stem but its worth my review because it solved a major problem for my company. I have a bag from [another supplier] and it had leaks from many months of abuse. When my helpder decided to build a custom bent form for the bag we decided it was time to fix the leaks and move the valve stem to a more practical location. I contacted this company and Joe replied with a suggestion to use this valve core and then to upgrade to the bag connector that he sells. He also was able to provide me with cement and a patch kit for fixing my bag and closing up the hole from the old valve. My total investment to fix/update a $300 vacuum bag was only $35. I highly recommend this company.

  11. Hard To Find But Worth It

    Review by Charlie Koenig

    Excellent product. No problems. This made is very easy to connect my vacuum to a home made vacuum bag. Shipping was cheap and arrived quickly. Very happy with this purchase

  12. Great item and fast delivery.

    Review by Paul Hufton

    My shop foreman used this on a custom vinyl vacuum bag we needed for a large desktop. This stem is excellent. No leaks at all and took less than 5 minutes to apply. I recommend this stem - Two thumbs up.

  13. This is a great product with no fuss.

    Review by Bartleby Woodworking

    Really didnt want to get involved in gluing a stem to my bag. I just dont have much time these days but. But the process took about 3 minutes and the bag was ready to be used a few hours later. It was no big deal at all. Joe emailed me to follow up and see if I had any questions. This was a welcome surprise and something you just dont find anymore when dealing with any company; especially an internet outfit. If you have a worry about this product or this company, you'll find that there is really not much worry about here. I'm very pleased with everything I've bought here.

  14. A great improvement on the original idea.

    Review by Joseph Allen Roberts

    I have several of the VS vacuum bags in my shop and I've been a customer of Joe's for several years. There are few companies in the world that offer service like this. I can tell by Joe's emails to me that he's always looking to make his products better, faster, or just more sensible. This is a great example of his methodology. The stem is simple and process of attaching it is as easy as can be. For the money, this type of connection is about as perfect as can be.

  15. Works For Me

    Review by Nolan A.

    I updated my old vacuum bag from [another supplier] using this product and the locking connector. Works fine. No complaints. Arrived quickly.

  16. Much better than the heavy duty version

    Review by Bryce Anderson

    I have been buying vacuum pressing stuff from Joe for years and I've built several vacuum bags (vinyl) over the years. I currently have 6 of them that I custom made. Each bag has the older valve stem. Those stems are great and I really have no complaints about them but it must be understood that they do have a bit of an effect on the veneer because they can leave depressions on the veneer. The new valve stem eliminates this problem. I've updated each of my bags with the new stem and I'm glad I did. The brass part of this stem is machined flawlessly. The barbs on it are astonishingly sharp and as the instructions say, the barb will not come out of the nipple part. The process of adding the valve stem takes less than 10 minutes. By the time I did my 3rd stem, I was done in half that time.

  17. Just What I Wanted!

    Review by Victor Newman

    I bought several of these valve stems so I could convert some old vacuum bags to use the lock on connector offered on this website. That connector really simplifies the attachment process. The new valve stems are just wonderful. The application instructions are clear and well written and the product itself is nicely machined. My old bags are like new and now my connection is 100% perfect.

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