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Woodworker's Guide to Veneering & Inlay
by Jonathan Benson
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Product Description

If you thought veneering was difficult and avoided veneered projects, you owe yourself the opportunity to read this book and see just how easy it is to use a sheet of veneer to make your next project truly outstanding.

I have admit that this book is probably going to be one of the de facto standards for veneering guides. The author clearly explains nearly every aspect of veneering from log to finished project without over-stressing any particular concepts. This keeps the reading enjoyable, interesting, and wonderfully helpful. If you're interested in vacuum bagging your veneered projects, Jonathan Benson's book has it covered. Looking for alternative veneering methods, well... this book covers many alternative methods as well. For inspiration, there are countless pictures of various veneered project by the author as well as Silas Kopf.

From the publisher:
pg-book-benson-images.jpgWoodworkers will learn how veneer is manufactured and how to choose glue, adhesives, and substrates; band-saw their own veneers; cut, match, and tape veneer panels; accomplish complete four-way matches; and other procedural skills in this expert guide. These techniques are demonstrated through a series of step-by-step exercises that culminate in four finished projects: a dining room table, a wall mirror with shelf, a marquetry picture, and a parquetry design. Complete with a troubleshooting section for repairs and problems and featuring contemporary methods and materials, such as hammer veneering with PVA glue and vacuum pressing of flat and curved panels, this reference is the most inclusive resource for working with veneer and inlay designs.

Jonathan Benson is a professional furniture maker who specializes in contemporary curved pieces with extensive veneer figures. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, he has won numerous prestigious design awards and is the author of Wood Art Today. He lives in Des Moines, Iowa.

  • Retail Price: $24.95
  • 160 pages
  • Soft cover
  • Published March 2008

Product Reviews

  1. A Lot of Good Tips

    Review by David L Cahoon

    I really enjoyed the read - a lot of good tips and techniques. I was surprised that Veneer Supplies was not listed as a supplier! It will help me on this current new project.

    [Note from Joe: We put a copy of a letter from the author inside the cover that has his very positive comments about our website. He is one of our customers!]

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