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VS Standard™ Vinyl Vacuum Bag
4' x 6'
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Product Description

Our VS Standard™ vacuum bags are not made from ordinary vinyl. Each bag is made from one of the most flexible, durable and puncture resistant two-ply vinyl films available. This material has a higher concentration of plasticizers (softening agents) which creates a vinyl material that is supple and resilient. A stabilizer is also added, making it incredibly durable and resistant to tearing. VS Standard vinyl is thick and tough, yet flexible enough to handle most curved and contoured vacuum pressing projects. It is the definitive material for vacuum bag veneering.

The Durability of Two-Ply
The VS Standard vinyl 30 mil material that is used on each side of the bag is made from two layers of 15 mil vinyl that are fused under intense heat and pressure to form an exceptionally durable film suitable for the stresses of vacuum bagging. This truly is bag material like no other.

Hi-Tech Construction
Each bag is welded on a state-of-the-art custom RF welding machine operating at 7,000 watts and 50 lb/in of pressure. This exact combination of frequency and clamp strength yields the most durable and airtight seam available. Each bag then undergoes a series of inspections including a final check that I do prior to shipment.

pg-valve-stem-flush-mount.jpgFlush-Mount Bag Stem
Each vacuum bag includes our flush-mount bag stem assembly that allows you to use the full length of the vacuum bag without worry of project surface damage. A specially designed 2.5" diameter 50 mil flange is molded onto the vinyl bag stem body and is permanently welded onto each bag. This creates an 80 mil total thickness reinforcement area for maximum durability. A lock-on connector is required to attach your vacuum tube to the bag stem.

Additional Information

  • Actual Size: 54" x 78" (+/- 2")
  • Approximate Project Size: 48" x 72"
  • Material Thickness: 30 Gauge/Mil per side
  • Color: Clear

pg-closure-included.gifEach Bag Includes

  • Attached Flush-Mount Bag Stem
  • 58" Bag Closure
  • Detailed Instruction Sheet

 Please Note

  • The opening on this bag is on the 54" side.
  • Click here to download the PDF instructions.
  • A lock-on connector, which is included with all of our vacuum press kits, is required to connect a vacuum line to this bag.
  • This bag is sealed on three sides. Some users prefer to have two opposing open ends so that a shop helper can assist with loading larger projects from the other end of the bag. To do this, purchase an additional bag closure and simply trim off the end seal.
  • The stem on this bag is mounted in the center (left to right) and approximately 15" inward from the bag opening.

Learn more about this product by clicking here.

How do I attach my vacuum tube to this bag?
Our lock-on connector is required to connect a vacuum tube to this vacuum bag. This connector is included with all of our vacuum press systems.

What else should I know about the bag?
The maximum project size that is listed for this bag is approximate. It will vary because of tolerances in the manufacturing process. The maximum project size will also vary depending on the total thickness of the platens and project. You can maximize the usable size of the bag by using breather mesh instead of a top platen.

Does the vacuum bag have to stay connected to the vacuum press after full vacuum is achieved?
Yes because a perfect seal on a vacuum bag is virtually impossible. Here are some things to consider.

  • Sometimes the bag closure doesn't seat perfectly across the opening.
  • Sometimes the bag stretch a bit after full vacuum is created and will then need a bit of additional vacuum. This happens most often when there is a large project in the bag. You'll hear the vacuum system cycle off (if you have any auto-cycling system) and then turn on again for a few seconds. After that, it may not cycle again for several minutes or even hours.
  • After many uses some bags develop pin holes which can be almost invisible. In those cases, it's best to let the vacuum press keep the bag vacuum under control.

If the vacuum system is disconnected from the bag, you won't know if there is a leak because there is no vacuum gauge on the bag itself. If the bag is connected to a vacuum press system, you can easily see the vacuum level by looking at the gauge on the vacuum press. The vacuum inside the system is the same amount of vacuum inside the bag. If your vacuum press cycles on and off too frequently during a project pressing, you'll know there is a leak and if you can fix it. However if you can't fix the leak, at least the vacuum system will keep manage the vacuum in the bag until the panel is finished.

Product Reviews

  1. Great Bag!

    Review by Kim Hoogeveen

    I restore paintings and I'm very happy with my bag. The service is great here. The sending is very fast to the Netherlands. Thanks!

  2. Review from Hebron, Ohio

    Review by Bob Cole

    I have been using this bag in my vacuum press for several years. It is durable and I have never had a failure with it.

  3. Review from Wentzville, Missouri

    Review by Darren Salyer

    I built a vacuum pump using plans found here.
    Bought this bag, mesh, and a vacuum connector. I bagged my first pieces less than an hour after opening the box. Closure works very easy.

  4. It is Worth Every Penny

    Review by Roger Knapp

    Being new at veneering with a vacuum press I had considered making a bag. I decided to buy this bag, that came with the fitting and closure, for the first time around. I am glad I did. It is worth every penny. Joe's service is tops. The order was processed right away and arrived on time. The bag is defiinitely heavy duty and is everything that was described on this web site.

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