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VS Vinyl™ Vacuum Bags

Our 30 mil vinyl vacuum bags are perfect for value-minded woodworkers looking for a basic and durable bagging solution. If you demand the utmost strength and flexibility, there's nothing better than our Elite™ and Extreme™ polyurethane vacuum bags which are built to withstand even more use. Learn more by clicking here.

VS Vinyl™ Vacuum Bag Instructions: PDF

  • $135.50 $115.00
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    VS Standard™ Vinyl Vacuum Bag
    4' x 4'
    Our VS Standard™ vacuum bags are not made from ordinary vinyl. Each bag is made from one of the most flexible, durable and puncture resistant two-ply vinyl films available. This material has a higher concentration of plasticizers...
  • $19.50 Vacuum Breather Mesh/Net
    One of the keys to vacuum pressing success is being able to evenly distribute the vacuum throughout the bag. Breather mesh is the perfect way to do this! Breather mesh is a plastic fabric that is used in the vacuum bag to allow air to move toward...