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VS Standard™ Vinyl Material



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Product Description

Our VS Standard™ vacuum material is are made from a very flexible, durable, and puncture-resistant vinyl. This is a marine-grade 30 mil thick material and it has a high concentration of plasticizers and softening agents which creates a vinyl material that is supple and resilient. A UV stabilizer is also added, making it more durable and resistant to tearing. VS Standard vinyl is thick and tough, yet flexible enough to handle some curved vacuum pressing projects. It is a great material for durable and affordable vacuum bag veneering.

Both sides of the sheets are highly polished which can help prevent veneer glue from adhering to the inside of the vacuum bag. The size options shown above are for single pieces of material. You may need two pieces of a given size to make a vacuum bag.

pg-made-in-the-usa.gifThickness: 27 to 30 Mil
Color: Clear
Flexible: Yes
Weldable: Yes with most vinyl cements

Important Notes

  • The size options shown above are for single pieces of material only. This product is not a vacuum bag.
  • The shipping cost is the same for each of the sizes listed. This is because the dimensional weight of the box is greater than the physical weight.

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Product Reviews

  1. Review from Omaha, NE

    Review by Ed Hollingsworth

    I ordered some vinyl material to make a bag. I got it promptly, and the quality appears to be very good. The best part is that it was less expensive than I could find it anywhere else. I'm pretty satisfied.

  2. Better Than I Expected

    Review by Martin Hawthorne

    I got this vinyl as part of my 3rd order from Joewoodworker. The vinyl is much stronger and thicker than I expected. I suspect it will last a long, long time.

  3. I Give It Five Stars

    Review by Frank Jenna

    I am a part time woodworker but a full time tinkerer. I was going to buy a premade vacuum system but I love building things on my own and this vacuum press was just what I needed. I built a bag that was 6' long and 2' wide with the vinyl here and it worked quite well. One thing I did notice is that you definitely have to "paint" the seams as Joe suggests in the article part he calls "the secret". This made a huge difference and now my bag is 150% air tight. Last night we did a curved panel for a small drawer front and the vinyl was did the job very nicely.

  4. Thick and Heavy

    Review by Victor Cole

    I ordered 3 yards to make a giant bag to press veneer to a large table top. I am really happy with the vinyl. It s thick and heavy but it rolls up easily for storage.

  5. Excellent Material

    Review by Benjamin Batilidge

    This is excellent vinyl material. After I built the bag and assembled the press, I tried it out on a long curved piece for the top of an arched headboard (on a bed). The vinyl did the job with no problems whatsoever. And even after being on pressure for almost 8 hours, it showed no sign of kinks or stretches. A+

  6. Heavy Duty Stuff

    Review by Robert Hanon

    Received vinyl 2 days after ordering... that's fast! Arrived well packed and ready to go. This vinyl is as thick as listed and weighs more than I thought. This is definitely heavy duty. I cant wait to get started.

  7. AAA+++

    Review by Bernie Miller

    Great stuff. Very thick and appears to be nearly puncture-proof and its alot cheaper than polyurethane. AAA+++

  8. They take a lickin and keep on tickin!

    Review by JC Daughtery

    We build three of Joe's vacuum systems for use around our shop. So far, we have also built 6 bags ranging in size from 2'x4' to 5'x10'. This is really great vinyl. We use the bags nearly every day...either as a work related job or just one of our employees staying late to do some personal veneer work. After so much use, the bags have held up wonderfully. They take a lickin and keep on tickin!

  9. We use them every day

    Review by Carvis Undelvia

    We made 2 bags with this vinyl and have used them everyday in our 12,000 sqr ft shop for almost 4 months. So far, everything works like new. No holes have developed and the material is still as flexible as ever. We just ordered another 5 yards to make out third bag which will be used to make a panel that is going into a multimillion dollar home in North Dakota.

  10. Best Vinyl

    Review by Bill Kunkel

    I tried vinyl from my local fabric store (Joanne's) and had problems bonding it right away. Then I went to a upholstery outlet and bought more of the vinyl. After I made my first bag, I had problem with the platen puncturing it at the corners. Finally, I decided to try the vinyl here and it worked perfectly. This vinyl is thick (of course) but its also more resilient to sharp edges and folds. After I used the bag I made from this website about 15 times, I noticed that it had becaome much easier to roll up and store but it still hasnt punctured or leaked. Overall, I'm very happy with this vinyl over everything else I've tried. Its expensive though but you get what you pay for. Also wanted to add that Joe helped me out through a dozen emails when I was having trouble with the vinyl that I bought elsewhere. Now how often do you find someone williing to help out with a product that was purchased some place else? Ultimately, 90% of my vacuum parts came from this website. The funny thing is that the 10% (2 parts) that I bought elsewhere are the ones the have not worked the way I had hoped.

  11. Highly Recommended

    Review by Joe Imanino

    So far we have made 6 bags with Joe's vinyl. It is excellent material for vacuum bagging. Now that we have a bag for every shape imaginable, we are building our 3rd vacuum press based on Joe's instructions. Our full time cabinet shop runs Joe's press about 7 times per week. These bags (and the press) hold up to some serious torture without fail. Very highly recommended. You wont find vinyl this good anywhere else.

  12. Great Product And Delivered Quick

    Review by Howard Wilmot

    Following Joe's easy instructions, I made an absolutely air-tight 4'x6' bag on the first try!

  13. Great Product

    Review by Harold Meurie

    My bag came out perfect! This is thick material. I expect this vinyl is thicker than 30 gauge buy who's complaining?

  14. Great Results

    Review by Reggie Rupert

    Finally, someone who has decent bagging material. I built my first bag with Joes instructions at a whopping 4' x 16'. I used the bag several times with some pretty rough substrates. It holds up very well. My last two bags were pre-fabbed by machine and leaked after a month or so of pressings. So far, this bag has held up and still looks new. I am very satisfied with the VS Vinyl and will be buying more for a medium size bag soon.

  15. Buy Some Now

    Review by Hyoi Yamushiro

    This is a good vinyl for vacuum bagging veneer. My press is custom from this website and my vacuum bag is very large. I have made very many tables with my system and the bags are still working super. BUY SOME NOW!

  16. This is Great Stuff

    Review by Jesse Hines

    This is great stuff. It is more flexible than I thought 30 gauge vinyl could be but its thick and durable. I have been using my vacuum bag for 6 months and it still works like new. Joe's instructions are great and building a vacuum bag is a piece of cake. I've built 4 bags so far so I can have a nice size bag for my odd ball projects. But you only need one big bag to do all of your work. Joe's website explains why.

  17. This Stuff is Worth it !

    Review by JR Hart

    I bought 3 yards to build a custom bag that turned out very well. This is indeed industrial vinyl unlike the cheapo pre-made bags that (edited) are selling. Just remember, this is flexible sheet vinyl not a ready made bag. For me, this was perfect because I wanted a bag that was not available pre-made. The bottom line is that you get what you pay for. This stuff is worth it!

  18. 3 Yard VS Vinyl Material

    Review by Barry Trillio

    I was cleaning out my desk today and found the invoice for the vinyl material that I purchased at JoeWoodworker last year. Since the bag is holding up so well, I think it deserves my review. The VS Vinyl is probably the best vinyl on the market. I bought 6 yards of it in June of 2003. A year later, and over 200 uses later, the bag is still holding up and has not yet developed any holes. Its remarkable because our last vacuum bag lasted about 3 months (maybe 30 pressings) and began to leak which we promptly fixed. But then the bag began to leak every time we used it. The VS Vinyl was a bit stiff when we first got it. I remember my helper building the bag and we were thinking that the vinyl was too stiff to use. After each use, the material got softer and more flexible. Now its so soft that we just roll it up when not in use. Its so easy to work with that we dont even worry about leaking anymore. If it did leak now, I'd gladly buy more. In a production shop like ours, seeing a "soft" tool last more than a half year is a miracle. This vinyl well exceeds everything we could even hope for.

  19. Very Satisfied

    Review by Miles U.

    I'm very satisfied with the vinyl. Its quite thick and very flexible... exactly what I was looking for. No complaints at all.

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