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Build-a-Bag System
VS Elite/Extreme™ Polyurethane


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Product Description

Build A Bag

The Build-a-Bag system lets you quickly and easily build a vacuum bag to the length needed for your project. I'm offering this product because I've received countless emails from woodworkers with very special vacuum bagging needs. Need a quick custom bag? This is it!

This is a very simple concept.

  1. pg-made-in-the-usa.gifThe bag material is sold as a seamless tube. Select the grade, width, and length of the polyurethane tube from the menu above.
  2. With your order, I'll include our flush-mount bag stem which you can apply to the bag in any place you choose.
  3. Your order will also include two bag closures for each end of the polyurethane tube.

VS Elite™ and Extreme™ are the ultimate vacuum bagging materials. This film was designed for using an advanced thermoplastic polyurethane that can withstand pressures exceeding 3,750+ psi and stretch more than 6 times its width and length*. Our polyurethane films have superior resilience and unmatched puncture resistance. Made in the USA.

*Elongation and breaking strength based on ASTMD 412 test method.

Important Note
The brass stem that is included with the Build-a-Bag kit is designed to work with our updated lock-on connector. This connector is not included with this kit. Please click here for more information.


  • Lubricant Infusion - This bag material is infused with a non-transferring lubricant that works in several ways to make vacuum bagging easy and trouble-free. This lubricant prevents most woodworking adhesives from sticking to the bag. Glue that sets on the bag simply peels right off. Unlike traditional urethane material, our lubricant-infused polyurethane allows the user to easily slide the platens and project panel into the bag without "blocking" or binding. The slippery surface makes inserting project panels a breeze.
  • Superior Resilience - Months of extensive testing resulted in a custom formulation that is unsurpassed in durability. VS Elite™ lasts up to 10 times longer than standard 30 mil vinyl yet weighs almost 40% less. VS Extreme™ lasts up to 40 times longer than standard 30 mil vinyl and weighs about the same.

Vacuum Pump Inside a Vacuum BagAdditional Information

  • Widths: 27" or 54"
  • Length: Up to 30'
  • Thickness: 20 Mil Elite™ or  30 Mil Extreme™
  • Softening Point: 150° F
  • Melting Point: 320° F

Each Bag Includes

  • Flush-Mount Bag Stem
  • Two Bag Closures (one for each end of the bag)
  • Instruction Sheet

Tips from Joe

  • Allow an extra 12" of bag material so you have space to apply the bag closures.
  • Full instructions for applying the flush-mount bag stem can be found here.
  • Making a giant vacuum bag? Some users have increased performance by adding a second flush-mount bag stem and using two vacuum pumps.
  • Here's a link to a great review of the Build-a-Bag system on Lumberjocks.
  • A lock-on connector is required to attach your vacuum system to this bag. This connector is included with each of our vacuum press kits or can be purchased separately.

What is the difference between a Build-a-Bag™ and a regular bag?
With the Build-a-Bag system, you have to adhere the stem body to the bag which takes a bit of time. The Build-a-Bag system has two closures (instead of just one on a pre-assembled bag) which means the vacuum press may run more frequently because the closures always leak a little bit of vacuum.

Does the vacuum bag have to stay connected to the vacuum press after full vacuum is achieved?
Yes because a perfect seal on a vacuum bag is virtually impossible. Here are some things to consider.

  • Sometimes the bag closure doesn't seat perfectly across the opening.
  • Sometimes the bag stretches a bit after full vacuum is created and then needs a bit of additional vacuum. This happens most often when there is a large project in the bag. You'll hear the vacuum system cycle off (if you have any auto-cycling system) and then turn on again for a few seconds. After that, it may not cycle again for several minutes or even hours.
  • After many uses some bags develop pin holes which can be almost invisible. In those cases, it's best to let the vacuum press keep the bag vacuum under control.

If the vacuum system is disconnected from the bag, you won't know if there is a leak because there is no vacuum gauge on the bag itself. If the bag is connected to a vacuum press system, you can easily see the vacuum level by looking at the gauge on the vacuum press. The vacuum inside the system is the same amount of vacuum inside the bag. If your vacuum press cycles on and off too frequently during a project pressing, you'll know there is a leak and if you can fix it. However, if you can't fix the leak, at least the vacuum system will keep manage the vacuum in the bag until the panel is finished.

Is the width measurement the diameter of the bag?
The measurement is the "lay flat" width of the bag.

How do I order a 27" bag in the Extreme thickness?
The VS Extreme™ Build-a-Bag kits are only available in the 54" width at this time. I am working to change this but for now the 27" bags are limited to the Elite thickness only.

Does epoxy stick to this polyurethane material?

I have tested the polyurethane with several brands of epoxy purchased from the local hardware store. The epoxy did release from the test samples. However, I've have received differing opinions about this from our customers and my guess is that it depends on the type of epoxy, how much epoxy comes in contact with the material, and how often the vacuum bag is used in this capacity.

One of our customers recently wrote...
"We're using West epoxy, and have had zero problems with the material sticking to the bags. Just pops right off. We're using it neat, and also with microfiber thickeners, and I can say there's no need to worry about sticking with West epoxy and these polyurethane bags." - Kenny Delapp, Albuquerque Joinery

Do you offer samples of this polyurethane material?
Yes. Please click here for details.

What is the pricing breakdown for each Build-a-Bag type?

Elite™ 20 Mil

27" x 6' - $80.00
27" x 10' - $125.00
27" x 14' - $170.00
27" x 18' - $215.00
27" x 24' - $245.00
27" x 30' - $310.00

Elite™ 20 Mil

54" x 6' - $180.00
54" x 10' - $250.00
54" x 14' - $325.00
54" x 18' - $410.00
54" x 24' - $540.00
54" x 30' - $675.00

Extreme™ 30 Mil

54" x 6' - $225.00
54" x 10' - $312.00
54" x 14' - $406.00
54" x 18' - $512.00
54" x 24' - $675.00
54" x 30' - $843.00

Product Reviews

  1. High Quality Products

    Review by George Plaisance

    First time using vacuum veneering and I found the polyurethane bags far exceeded my expectations. The material is extremely tough. Veneer Supplies shipped the order promptly and it was well packaged. All of the items I received from Veneer Supplies are high quality.

  2. Best Vacuum Bag on the Market

    Review by John Keller

    I make canoe and kayak paddles. A vacuum bag is one of those things that isn't necessary, but will increase your output tremendously. After purchasing the West Systems vacuum bag system and experiencing utter failure time and time again, I decided it was time to invest in a quality system. This Build-a-Bag is the perfect solution. I wish I had gone to this straight from the beginning. It is easier to use and much more robust than the other bagging systems I have used.

  3. A Great Option

    Review by Norman Seay

    The Build a Bag package is a great option for longer projects where you need to access the work from both ends to position it in the press. Veneer Supplies has a great website, and everything you need for veneering and vacuum pressing supplies.

  4. Great Bag

    Review by Jarred Kaiser

    The two closure bars allow for you to use it in any size along the bag length to match it to your project size. Great setup with lots of capability.

  5. High Quality Polyurethane Bag and Breather Material

    Review by Jamie Harvey

    The is a very nice bag. I'm glad I opted to spend a little more money to get the Polyurethane bag versus the vinyl. It is very flexible so rolls up and stores very easily. I also bought some breather mesh which works very well. I haven't used a top platen, and just put the breather mesh over the piece with was paper in between. Very pleased with the results.

  6. Lasts a Good Long Time!

    Review by Simon Cooper

    This is the 3rd bag we've ordered and put into use in a full on professional woodworking shop. They have each lasted about 5 years, with the use of the patch kit on occasion!

  7. Works Great

    Review by John Gabriel

    This build a bag kit was exactly what I was looking for. The turn around was very fast with it it coming much faster than expected. The bag works great, I plan on purchasing more items from this source.

  8. Very Satisfied

    Review by Paul Hutchins

    This is a great vacuum bag option. It's cheaper than a pre-made bag and it took me just about 2 minutes to understand how to put it together. I cemented the stem where I wanted it (near a corner of the bag) and the next day I pressed 3 veneered doors. The material is very stretchy and its thick enough that I guess it should last a very long time.

    I would buy again from this site. They send you tracking information within a few hours of ordering. I ordered and had my package within 3 days. Very satisfied with this purchase and the other order I placed here.

  9. Comes with Everything You Need

    Review by Dave Simmons

    I have bought of alot of veneering equipment from this site and I've always been quite happy with everything. The Build a Bag product comes with everything you need to build a high-end polyurethane vacuum bag. The two closures are a nice touch because it allows you to get a helper to reach in and pull the panel into the bag from the other side. Its hard to explain but you will understand it if you try it.

    The brass fitting that attaches to the bag is a good idea. I like how the locking connector goes on. No fuss no muss as they say. As many other have said, this site is run by a guy who really cares about the products that he sells. You won't find junk here eventhough the prices are pretty good.

  10. Super Simple to Use

    Review by Tommy Roffe

    Awesome product - mine arrived a day after I ordered it and I had the bag pulled down later that evening. It is super simple to use. No leaks, no problems. Just a great vacuum bag and a fair price. Will order again from here.

  11. Review from Queensland, Australia

    Review by Greer Furmage

    I have been on the lookout for a vacuum bagging system for a few months so that I may build fiberglass parts for model aircraft. After seeing the build a bag was exactly what I was looking for I took the plunge and ordered one. I found ordering and delivery to be very timely with good feedback as to what was happening. Since its arrival I had no trouble in fitting the bag stem and the first few uses of the bag prove it is very easy to use and does exactly what I want.

  12. Elite Stretch

    Review by AJ Finan

    The Elite bag is very durable and has nice elongation and returns to original shape with minimal deformation. Perfect for tight corners and complex surfaces. It eliminates bridging and build up of resins and/or glue in air voids.

  13. It will be in my shop for a long time.

    Review by Josh Newton

    I needed a bag that was 20" by 23' and could not find it anywhere but here. I tried several companies and they all wanted a ridiculous sum of money to custom make this size. They also wanted 14 days to make it for me. When I came across this product I knew it would work for me but I don't like online shopping a lot.

    But all of my concerns were put to rest very quickly. I emailed some questions and had a reply within an hour from the owner of this company. I then ordered and my bag it showed up at my door 2 days later.

    The dual closure system works well and it only took about 10 minutes to bond the valve stem to the bag. The bag material seems to be very durable but I won't know for sure until I've used it a good number of times. I doubt there will be any problems. The material stretches nicely and with all my poking and prodding I feel comfortable in saying that it will be in my shop for a long time.

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