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VS Elite/Extreme™ Polyurethane Material



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Product Description

Vacuum Pump Inside a Vacuum BagOur polyurethane is the ultimate vacuum bagging material. It was designed for using an advanced thermoplastic polyurethane that can withstand pressures exceeding 3,750 PSI and stretch more than 6 times its width and length*. This polyurethane film has superior resilience and unmatched puncture resistance.

The size options shown above are for single pieces of material only. This product is not a vacuum bag.

All VS Extreme™ sizes are currently sold out. We expect more in January 2022.


  • Lubricant Infusion - This bag material is infused with a non-transferring lubricant that works in several ways to make vacuum bagging easy and trouble-free. This lubricant prevents most woodworking adhesives from sticking to the bag. Glue that sets on the bag simply peels right off. Unlike traditional urethane material, our lubricant-infused polyurethane allows the user to easily slide the platens and project panel into the bag without "blocking" or binding. The slippery surface makes inserting project panels a breeze.
  • TPU Modifier - VS Elite and VS Extreme polyurethane material has a thermoplastic urethane modifier which gives it the very unique ability to be permanently welded with HH-66 vinyl cement.
  • Superior Resilience - Months of extensive testing resulted in a custom formulation that is unsurpassed in durability. Our polyurethane lasts up to 10 times longer than standard 30 mil vinyl.

pg-made-in-the-usa.gifMaterial Information 

  • Softening Point: 150° F
  • Melting Point: 320° F
  • Weldable: Yes with HH-66


VS Elite™ (20 mil)
54" x 36" - $33.00
54" x 72" - $57.00
54" x 108" - $80.00
54" x 144" - $102.00
54" x 180" - $126.00
104" x 72" - $128.00
104" x 108" - $174.00
104" x 144" - $220.00
104" x 180" - $266.00
104" x 216" - $312.00

VS Extreme™ (30 mil)
54" x 36" - $58.00
54" x 72" - $102.00
54" x 108" - $129.00
54" x 144" - $162.00
54" x 180" - $195.00
104" x 72" - $200.00
104" x 108" - $269.00
104" x 144" - $338.00
104" x 180" - $407.00
104" x 216" - $476.00

Notes About Extra Wide Material

- The 104" widths of this material are non-returnable.
- The 104" widths will have a slight crease in the middle which might not flatten out.
- The 104" width may be as wide as 109".

*Elongation and breaking strength based on ASTMD 412 test method.

Is the polyurethane film perfectly flat?
This is not the right product for anyone requiring "perfectly" flat material. There will be some small wrinkles here or there but under vacuum, these will pull flat.

Does epoxy stick to this polyurethane material?
I have tested the polyurethane with several brands of epoxy purchased from the local hardware store. The epoxy did release from the test samples. However, I've have received differing opinions about this from our customers and my guess is that it depends on the type of epoxy, how much epoxy comes in contact with the material, and how often the vacuum bag is used in this capacity.

One of our customers recently wrote...
"We're using West epoxy, and have had zero problems with the material sticking to the bags. Just pops right off. We're using it neat, and also with microfiber thickeners, and I can say there's no need to worry about sticking with West epoxy and these polyurethane bags." - Kenny Delapp, Albuquerque Joinery

Why is the shipping so expensive?
FedEx, USPS, and UPS have significant surcharges on boxes over 48" in length. We do not (and never will) profit from shipping charges on our website.

Do you offer samples of this polyurethane material?
Yes. Please click here for details.

Product Reviews

  1. Composite Layup

    Review by Charles Jones

    Can't say enough good things about the VS material. I use both the 20 and 30 mil for very large vacuum layup with composite material. With an appropriate release agent it works well with epoxy. Even better is the excellent service that Joe and his team provide. They really put in the extra effort to make your order perfect and exactly to specification. Highly recommended!

  2. Great Resource

    Review by Kevin Ryan

    Great product and great service! My go-to place for polyurethane membrane for all my custom vacuum presses.

  3. VS Elite/Extreme Poly

    Review by Steve Collins

    Ordered some of this a while back to build a vacuum press. Worked like a champ. Very strong, but light and flexible so it gets into small spaces under vacuum. Logging on to purchase some more now! And Joe is awesome.

  4. Polyurethane Material

    Review by Phyllis Campbell

    We love this product. We had it across a frame, leaning on the wall, cat decided to climb it. Doesn't work so well with tiny pin holes all over. So we ordered another.

  5. Excellet Service and Products

    Review by Bernhard Lampert

    I needed a replacement top for my frame press and had some questions. Emailed Joe, got response in less than 30 min, ordered the poly and received it 1.5 days later. This is the best place I found for polyurethane membrane in terms of selection, cost and quality. I have ordered now 3 bags and 2 sheets. Also like the veneer glue: easy to use and does not creep and is available in several tints.

  6. Great Service!

    Review by Upton Bowden

    Worked perfectly! Easy to use.

  7. Finally - A Source for the GOOD STUFF

    Review by Brad Nichols

    This polyurethane is the most economical elastic film on the market. Now that doesnt mean its cheap. It just means that you get the most bang for your buck. I've been building vacuum frames for mounting artwork for several of the guys in my photography guild. While I wish we could all share the same unit, it just doesnt work out that way and everyone wants there own. The instructions from Joe's websites are top notch. Follow them closely and you wont go wrong.

  8. This is way more durable than anything I've seen before.

    Review by Gordon T.

    Our shop is in Paradise Valley, Arizona and we use the power of the sun to warm our vacuuum pressed panels while in the bag. We use a PPR glue (the one sold here) and it cures much faster with heat. After gluing up the panel in the shop, we take the vacuum press table and roll it out into the sun.

    With this method, we would go through one vinyl bag every 3 months or so. But with this polyurethane material, its been more than 9 months of abuse and its showing no signs of fatigue or wear. We custom-built our own bag because its much easier for us to work with. Overall, I couldnt be more satisfied with this poly product.

    Is it expensive? Yes
    Is it durable? Hell yes.
    Would I buy it again? Absolutely.

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