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Project: V2™
Auto-Cycling Venturi
Vacuum Press Kit
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Product Description

Note from Joe:
The new Project: V4™ system is a better value! Be sure to check it out before ordering a V2 kit which will be discontinued later this year.

WoodSmith MagazineThe Project: V2™ vacuum press uses your air compressor to create vacuum for veneering and clamping. This system automatically shuts off air flow to the vacuum generator (called a 'venturi') when the desired vacuum level is reached so your compressor does not run continuously.

No modifications are done to your air compressor. Vacuum is created using the air that comes from your compressor air line. The flow of compressed air stops when adequate vacuum is created within the V2 system. Your compressor will only turn on as pressure is needed to refill its air tank.

This 32-piece kit includes the core components of the press including the venturi vacuum generator. Some additional items will need to be purchased at your local hardware store. The standard system is adjustable from 10.5" to 25.5" of Hg. An alternate vacuum controller for low vacuum applications is available here.

The kit instructions and parts list is not included with the kit. Please download the instructions (which includes the parts list) at the link below.

V2 Mini™, Basic™, and Plus™ Kit Instructions: PDF Download
V2 Premium 5™ and Premium 9™ Kit Instructions:
PDF Download

Vacuum Press FAQ:
Click here

Before Ordering...
Be certain that your air compressor can generate the flow (CFM) required by the version of the V2 system that you wish to order.

Vacuum Press
Kit Version
Air Demand
@ 80 PSI
Air Demand
@ 90 PSI
Bag Size
Vac Pro Mini™ .5 CFM .8 CFM 1.2 CFM 2' x 4'
Vac Pro Basic™
1.2 CFM
1.8 CFM
2.2 CFM
4' x 4'
Vac Pro Plus™ pg-recommended.gif
3.2 CFM
4.8 CFM
5.5 CFM
4' x 9'
Vac Pro Premium 5™ 5.5 CFM 7.8 CFM 9 CFM 4' x 15'
Vacu Pro Premium 9™ 9 CFM 12.5 CFM 14 CFM 6' x 15'

The Project: V2 builder's kit contains all of the parts shown below and some additional parts that are not shown. Please see the kit instructions for a list of the additional required parts which are available at most hardware stores. The additional hardware store parts typically cost approximately $60.

  • Vac Pro Venturi with Silencer
  • Mac Valve
  • Black Hi-Flex Tubing (2)
  • Vacuum Valve
  • Braided Tubing (10 ft.)
  • Vacuum Gauge
  • Vacuum Controller
  • Breather Fitting
  • Lock-On Vacuum Connector (new version)
  • Thread Sealing Tape
  • Quick Connector
  • Brass Street Tee (2)
  • Brass Hex Nipple, Pipe Union (2)
  • Brass Barb Fitting for 1/4" Tube
  • Brass Barb Fitting for 3/8" Tube (2)
  • Brass Cross
  • Brass Barb Elbows (2)
  • Brass Close Nipple
  • Brass Check Valve
  • Screws: #4 x 5/8" (2)
  • Crimp-On Connectors (2)

Electrical Options

  • 120v AC - The standard voltage version of the V2 sytem works with ordinary 120v household current. You can also opt to include a 10' power cord.
  • 24v DC - The low voltage version of the system includes a 24v DC Mac valve and 24v DC power transformer with a 6' cord for use with 120v household current.
  • 240v AC - The high voltage option replaces the standard 120v AC Mac valve with a 220/240v AC (50/60 Hz) unit. No power cord is included with the 220/240v option. Please note that we do not provide support for the 220/240v AC version of this kit. You will need to consult an electrician for this type of wiring option.

PVC Reservoir Option
As explained in the kit instructions, the PVC reservoirs are a required part of the system. We have found the some customers can not find schedule 40 PVC at their local hardware store so we offer it here.

  • Two 15" pieces of 3" diameter schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • Two 3" schedule 40 PVC pipe caps (not tapped)
  • Two 3" schedule 40 PVC pipe caps (tapped for 1/4" NPT fittings)

pg-warning-yellow.jpg WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, including lead, which are known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information visit

What else do I need to complete my V2 vacuum press?
There are some additional parts that can be found at most hardware stores. Please see the kit instructions for the list of hardware store parts. For veneer work, you may also wish to order a vacuum bag, breather mesh, glue, and glue roller.

Does the V2 kit take more time to build than the V4 kit?
Yes. The V2 kit takes two to three hours plus whatever amount of time it takes to pick up all the miscelleneous parts at the hardware store, cut the carrier pieces, cut the PVC pipe, and tap the PVC caps. The V4 kit includes pre-tapped PVC caps, pre-cut PVC pipe, and a ready-to-assemble birch plywood carrier.

How does my altitude affect the maximum vacuum level of this system?
There is a loss of approximately 1" of Hg for every 1,000 feet above sea level. For example, at 5,000 feet above sea level the most vacuum this system will create is 20.5" of Hg. The generally accepted minimum for vacuum pressing a veneer is 17" of Hg.

Will this system have enough force to bend strips of wood so I can make bent laminations?
This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on many factors such as thickness, species and grain direction. It will also depend on the radius and complexity of the curves that are being used on the project. At sea level, a vacuum press can create up to 1,750 lbs of clamping pressure per square foot. You will need to decide if that is enough for your bending project.

What can I do if my air compressor falls short of the requirements for the venturi?
The system will not work if your air compressor can not create the required air flow for the venturi. In this case, the venturi will only achieve partial vacuum.

Where can I find answers to several questions I have about this kit?
I've written a full page of frequently asked questions on this page of the JoeWoodworker website.

Why don't you include the kit instructions with the kit?
It would be too wasteful to print copies of the instructions. Most people have already printed a copy of the instructions before they order... something I highly recommend.

Why does the venturi require more CFM at higher PSI? Shouldn't it be lower CFM at higher PSI?
We have two topics that are being co-mingled. The first is how much air flow can a compressor generate when the flow is unrestricted, and the second, how much air is flowing out of the compressor when it is connected to a device that restricts its flow.

This question makes a valid point about compressors having higher output flow rate (CFM) at lower pressures. The key here is the conditions where this is true. Higher flow rates at lower operating pressures result from having little to no restriction on the output of the compressor. As the restriction increases, the pressure in the compressed air line will increase and the flow decreases.

When air leaves a compressed air line and shoots unrestricted into the atmosphere, the pressure in the air stream, once it exits the compressed air line, is 0 PSI. To prove this, place a "T" fitting at the exit of the compressed air hose and place a gauge in the leg of the "T" that is 90 degrees to the axis of flow. Provided that the through bore diameter of the "T" is the same size or larger than the inside diameter of the compressed air line, the gauge will read 0 PSI. If you place a ball valve on the outlet side of the "T" and slowly close the valve you will see the gauge show increased pressure and the amount of air leaving the "T" will decrease. Once the ball valve is fully closed, the gauge will show full pressure and no air will be flowing out of the "T".

When there is a venturi at the end of the compressed air line a very different condition is created than what is noted above because the air is not allowed to exit freely to the atmosphere. The venturi has a limiting orifice which presents a significant restriction like the ball valve in the example above.

When a venturi is connected to the compressor, a specific amount of compressed air will pass through the limiting orifice inside the venturi. When the input pressure is increased, more compressed air will flow through that orifice because there is more force being applied to each air molecule which results in more air molecules fitting through the orifice.

In summary, when there is a restriction in the system, a higher compressed air pressure will result in more compressed air leaving the compressor. The compressor will not produce more flow at higher pressures however more air will leave the compressor and flow through the venturi.

What are the warranty details?
The venturi is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship by for the life of the product. The additional components of this kit are warranted for 90 days. As defined by federal law, this is a limited, non-transferable warranty and is given exclusively to the original purchaser and applies only to Vac Pro™ vacuum generators (venturi) sold at by JWW Services Inc. for exclusive use in a vacuum press for veneering.

JWW Services Inc. disclaims any warranties, expressed or implied, whether of merchantability of fitness for particular use, except as expressly set forth herein. If at any time during the warranty period a Vac Pro™ venturi is found to have a defect in material or workmanship, JWW Services Inc. will, at our discretion, repair or replace it free of charge. The warranty is void if JWW Services Inc. determines that the venturi has been abused, misused, mishandled or tampered with in anyway whatsoever. Further, product malfunction or deterioration due to normal wear is not covered by this warranty. This warranty shall be declared null and void in the event that the venturi unit is found to be used in any industrial-use application. No implied warranty of this product is extended. Some states do not allow limitations of implied warranty so this limitation may not apply to you.

This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights, which may vary from state to state. This warranty only applies in the United States. JWW Services Inc. reserves the right to replace any product, which has been discontinued from its product line with a new product of comparable value and function. JWW Services Inc. shall use reasonable efforts to repair or replace any venturi unit covered by this limited warranty. In the event repair or replacement shall require more than thirty days, JWW Services Inc. shall notify the customer accordingly. The sole obligation of JWW Services Inc. under this limited warranty shall be to repair or replace the covered product, in accordance with the terms set forth herein. JWW Services Inc. expressly disclaims any lost sales, profits, general, special, indirect or consequential damages which may result from breach of any warranty, or arising out of the use or inability to use this product. Any warranties which are implied and which cannot be disclaimed shall be limited in duration to a term of 30 days from the date of original retail purchase. Warranty service products should be returned postage pre-paid to JWW Services Inc.

When returning products for warranty service include a note explaining the problem, a copy of the purchase receipt and a return shipping address. Return the unit with a check or money order in the amount of $10.00 to cover handling and return delivery charges. A return authorization number must be obtained from JWW Services Inc. in advance of return. Please call for an RMA number. This number must be displayed on the outside of your shipping container. Should a buyer provide JWW Services Inc. a delivery address that is incorrect, the buyer will be held responsible for the item(s). When sending a product back for warranty service, please be sure to get delivery confirmation or a tracking number, we will not be held responsible if a product is not received.

Product Reviews

  1. Highly Recommended!

    Review by Norman Smith

    I gave a lot of thought to the choice between a pump vs a venturi system and I've been very pleased with the result. The system without a bag draws a 21 in vacuum in less than 3 seconds and evacuates a 5x8 foot bag much faster than anticipated. The parts all arrived complete and quickly. The instructions are clear, complete and easily followed. When finished, this is a quality, reliable tool. Highly recommended!

  2. A Great Choice

    Review by Mark Horton

    This venturi is a great choice for anyone who has a large compressor already at hand. It pulls down a 4x8 bag in no time, even testing it out with a 20 gallon Campbell Hausfield compressor. I don't see it needing any more air since it hardly cycles . I chose it because I didn't want a mist of oil contaminating wood that will be finished [from oil bath vacuum pumps]. Thanks to Joe and Christine for making the knowledge and tools available for veneering nearly effortless to people like me that are new to it. Thumbs up!

  3. Very Happy with the Results

    Review by Lewis Justis

    Thanks Joe for great products that shipped and arrived as expected. The packaging protected the products with no damage at all. The instructions/plans for the vacuum generator made it a straight forward project and I am very happy with the results. My first veneer project, panels for 4 flat panel doors, turned out well and I learned a lot. Joe answered (by a quick return email) questions that I had prior to buying my system, and I believe that the product is as advertised and pricing is good too. I will definitely recommend this site to my fellow woodworkers looking to get into veneering economically and efficiently. Thanks again Joe.

  4. I Recommend It!

    Review by Jerry Mace

    I looked around for a vacuum system for my CNC Router, and that wasn't too overpriced. I found Joe's vacuum system and it seemed like a perfect fit. I watched the videos and seen how easy it was to assemble the vacuum kit. I then decided to purchase the kit. I am an Engineer by profession and I must say that the Joe's vacuum kit is superbly put together. The instructions and kit are 100% accurate, went together very well without a hitch, and operates just as advertised. I would recommend this kit to anyone who is either a hobbyist or has a full fledged wood shop.

  5. This is a Great System

    Review by Jeffrey Kibler

    I had concerns about the air demand required for this system but it was no problem at all. I purchased the Premium 9 series venturi. My 60 gallon compressor laughed at this setup. I started at 150psi in the tank (regulator set at 90psi) and the reservoirs on the vacuum rig completely empty. It took less than 60 seconds to pull full vacuum on the bag and reservoirs and the compressor never had to kick on It was actually at 140 psi when i was done. I emptied the bag and did the entire test 3 more times before the compressor finally kicked on, so needless to say I can probably veneer something and the compressor would never even run. Also I can't believe how quite this thing is.

    This is a great system. My compressor is rated for the proper scfm output, however the reserve capacity makes it a non-issue so far. Great great unit.

  6. An Excellent Product

    Review by Thomas Groller

    Combine this with the information on this site, and you can produce awesome results. I feel this product can deliver for the professional and hobbyist as well. I set up using a 60 gal Puma compressor, the unit cycles maybe 4 times in an hour of pressing. The compressor didn't even need to boot up. I am very pleased with this kit and will be using it quite a bit in the future.

  7. Super Simple to Build

    Review by Brian Noble-Marx

    Wow! I got the V2 Premium 9, as I have an 80 gallon compressor, and it only takes about 45 seconds to evacuate the 4' x 8' bag. I laminated curved doors and flat panels and both were fast and easy. The kit is super simple to build. Great value.

  8. Very Please with This System

    Review by Max Neu

    I just finished my V2 press kit,and I couldn't be happier with how well it went together.The instructions are very straight forward,and I was able to get it done in just a few hours as advertised. I made a test run with some scrap and everything looks great, and I was surprised how quiet it is, and how fast it clamped down on the work piece! I am excited to start using this system for some upcoming jobs.

  9. Worth the Money, Time and Effort

    Review by Lyn Baker

    Bought this kit a while back, put it together, set it up and then shelved it until needed. Just used it for the first time 2 days ago. Very impressive, but a bit of a learning curve. I couldn't get the unit to 21" but only 15". Thought about it over night and realized that my compressor regulator was set at 80 psi instead of the 95-100 psi recommended. Once I upped the pressure, Viola! The other trick was to turn the switch on and off as the compressor cycled back up to full pressure. Definitely a fun project building the vacuum press and rewarding to see the first pieces of veneer come out of the bag. Worth the money, time and effort. Buy with confidence.

  10. The System is Very Fast!

    Review by Terry Spawn

    I ordered the V2 Premium 5 kit. I was very happy with the supplies. The order came within a few days and was complete. Following the excellent directions from this site I was able to assemble the kit in two short evenings. I was able to find the correct PVC locally and easily drilled and tapped the holes. I deal with a lot of vacuum systems at work, and thus have a lot of experience with vacuum pumps. I was very impressed with this small simple system for home use. The venturi is very high quality, and the system is very fast and easy to use with virtually no moving parts.

  11. Works Like a Charm

    Review by Tom Miller

    I chose a venturi system so that I could buy a compressor that would come in handy for other uses. If I had gone with a vacuum pump system, that would have been all it was good for. This way I can use the compressor for other air tools. It only takes a couple minutes to achieve vacuum pressure and I can go about other projects in my shop. The assembly was a piece of cake, and it is compact enough to store easily when I'm not using it.

  12. A truly great tool - and very good value

    Review by Randy Gengarelly

    I am delighted with this press. The website instructions were very thorough and easy to follow. It evacuates a 2'x4' bag very quickly.
    After a year of using it I still marvel at how powerful and quiet the venturi is. The evenly distributed pressure makes for beautifully veneered pieces. It's also great to have so much capability for so much less than other systems cost.

  13. Thank you - Great Kit, Great Service

    Review by Tony Clark

    Brought this kit and have been able to build it successfully. Joe has been extremely helpful answering all questions promptly.

    Cant say anything other than this is great kit, with great personal service to back it up.

  14. Great Everything

    Review by Casey Cloud

    Just wanted to thank you, I recieved you kit today, and it is truely all its cracked up to be. I put the kit together in about an hour, fired it up, it worked as I hoped it would. Perfectly!! I love the product, and will soon be buying some veneer for my kitchen cabinets. Thanks again!! great product, great delivery time, great packaging. I can not wait to get to it. Thanks again. You will be seeing me again real soon.

  15. My Best Projects Are Now Even Better

    Review by L. Jackson

    I've been building custom tables and chairs for 15 years and recently I decided to add burl veneers to my models. The customers love the burls and are willing to pay more for it. So I invested in this system and I couldn't be happier. The Project V2 kit is very easy to build and the Premium version pulls down a 4x8 vacuum bag in less than 2 minutes.

  16. A Great Product At a Fair Price

    Review by Frank Carpenter

    Just want to thank you folks for the Premium V2 kit. The unit arrived in two days and assembled complete in about 3 hours. I used 4" PVC for the reserve tanks (because I had it) and the system pulls 24" with ease and impressive speed. I have used a friends commercial system and was alarmed at how hard it worked the compressor. In your kit, the vacuum reserve made all the difference and put his $460 box to shame.
    A great product at a fair price, can't ask for more than that.

  17. Assembled In Three Hours

    Review by Mike Carter

    I bought this kit several weeks ago and decided to wait to put it together until I had a full weekend to work on building the system. Well I can tell you that was a stupid misappropriation of my time. I thought it would take a day or two to assemble. I HAD IT ASSEMBLED IN LESS THAN 3 HOURS! By dinner time, I was already pressing panels. And the first veneer panel I pressed came out perfectly. So the point of my review is to let everyone know that this kit is a piece of cake to assemble. I'm blown away by the quality of Joe's instructions and his totally incredible personal service. One last comment - Buy the 6" glue roller with your kit. It is a real time saver. A+A+A+A+A+

  18. Well Worth The Money

    Review by Christopher Tooher

    All I can say to Joe is thanks so much. I built the entire unit in about 3 hours and it was so simple. Print out the PDF instructions on this site and it takes you through the assembly step by step. It is a very quiet unit. Make sure that you buy the tap so you can thread the PVC end cap for a good seal. I hung the completed unit on the wall in my shop next to an outlet and an air line. Joe has done a tremendous service by putting this package together. It is well worth the money.

  19. Everything Is First Rate

    Review by Dave Martin

    Joe, Just received my parts Friday. Every thing is first rate. My V2 Premium unit works great. Your web site puts other so called professional sites to shame. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. Dave

  20. Satisfied with the Product and Ease of Use

    Review by Duane Doyle

    It has been about 2-3 weeks since purchasing this kit, but today it has been put to work. While some of the pictures in the instructions could be turned to show better detail, I am satisfied with the product and ease of use. I am more impressed by the fact that you get personalized service from Joe. I am now using this vacuum kit to flatten some veneer and its going great. I will continue to purchase from VeneerSupplies not just because they offer good products at a reasonable cost, but because you are not just another customer. When you can have an email conversation with the owner, that says something.

  21. Excellent Kit!

    Review by Tim Roseborough

    The kit came quickly and was exactly as expected. The highly detailed instructions made it very easy to assemble. Everything works as advertised and I am very happy with the purchase. Thanks Joe!

  22. Just Ordered

    Review by Jeremy Larson

    Veneer Supplies is always great, and their info is very helpful. Looking forward to getting this vacuum pump up and running.

  23. Arrived Very Fast

    Review by Kevin Guarnotta

    Just got this in the mail. It arrived very fast, all the parts were there. I put it together - I had bought one bag.

    One thing I'd change - I wish the lock on connector worked better for connecting to the bag. I wonder why it isn't a connection like the ones for the compressed air hose connection. Otherwise great product, good directions. I got it together quickly. I just need to fine-tune my mold to get it to work right.

    [Message from Joe: Compressed air connectors do not hold vacuum. They will work fine at first but within a few dozen uses, those connectors will fail with vacuum. This user simply needs to depress harder on our lock-on connector before releasing the spring clip. I am working to get a softer o-ring inside to reduce the amount of pressure needed before releasing the spring clip.]

  24. Review from London, England

    Review by Ben Rawlinson

    When I first found this kit I thought it would be a good solution to keeping the noise down in my workshop when veneering, but was a bit sceptical of ordering from the US and about how effective it would be. Everything arrived well packaged with no missing parts. I ordered the additional reservoir kit as well, put it all together in an afternoon and it works very well indeed with the vacuum pressure being topped up every fifteen minutes with a short burst from the reservoir or the compressor. Very impressed with the simplicity of the kit and how all the parts worked together. Also have to mention the excellent customer service from Joe who answered my emails straight away. Overall a very satisfied customer!

  25. Review from Jackson, New Jersey

    Review by Tom Jonin

    This kit went together well. The results are amazing and I'd recommend it for anyone with a large enough compressor to handle the needed air volume. The air volume need isn't tremendous until you do a lot of pieces. I think it would be a drag if you had to wait for your pump to fill it's tank. The parts are all good quality and I've never had an issue with it. In fact, I'm thinking of building another one! Never having used vacuum pressing before using this pump really surpassed my expectations.

  26. Review from Hopkinton, MA

    Review by Robert Ionta

    Yesterday I assembled my V2 Venturi valve vacuum press. Amazing. The kit contained absolutely everything I needed (except the PVC pipes and the wood, of course) and the instructions were perfect. Every piece of hardware was exactly as described on the web site and in the instructions and the quality is impeccable. The press works perfectly and at the end of the day I charged the vacuum reservoir, turned off the press and disconnected the compressor line. This morning it's at 19" Hg, only 2" below the set point. Amazing.

    It's a treat to get a vacuum press perfectly suited to the work I need to do for a very modest price. There is no place locally and no other place I have been able to find on the internet that can accomplish that for me. This site has a wealth of information for anyone who wants to use vacuum tooling in woodworking. Joe answers questions promptly via email with deep knowledge of the subject. The service and product quality are uncompromising and in spite of shopping around on the Amazon and other sites I was not able to beat the prices.

    Next step: build my vacuum frame press.

  27. Review from Louisville, KY

    Review by Mike Dixon

    Fast delivery and first class parts, I researched this locally to see if I could source local material, well after the first two parts I quit and bought Joe's kit. Saved me money and saved me time. Good service and quality parts. Went together in 3 hours and worked flawlessly. Do yourself a favor and just buy the kit.

  28. Review from Bettendorf, Iowa

    Review by David Reinders

    This is a very sophisticated design yet simple to build. It works great. It draws the vacuum fast and quietly. Mine only needs to recycle about once every 45 minutes or so, and then only for a few seconds. The instruction manual is easy to follow. This vacuum press kit definitely exceeded my expectations.

  29. Review from Old Town, ME

    Review by Ray Voyer

    I built this system last spring and just ran my first test with a 4 ft vacuum bag. I am attempting to flatten a piece of ash burl that I had softened. Couldn't be more satisfied or more proud. The grooved bottom platen and the vinyl mesh did exactly what was claimed by Joe's instruction sheets. Best of all, the V2 pump worked perfectly on the first throw of the switch. My compressor only switches on once every 15 minutes. I did take a lot longer to assemble the pump kit than two hours. I lacked the confidence and prior experience with manifolds. I wish there were more direct references to the photos within the text of the instructions. I did an awful lot of staring at the photos, trying to orient myself and the partially assembled kit, trying to be sure that I was getting it right along the way.

  30. Review from Cutchogue, NY

    Review by Adam West

    First time ordering from and had a fantastic experience. Bought the V2 Plus kit and couldn't be happier! The order was shipped promptly and Joe emailed to verify order and shipping, great customer service! Product works as advertised and can't wait to order veneers for future projects. Thank you again Joe!

  31. Review from Modiin, Israel

    Review by Amnon Dayan

    Absolutely great product. Shipped quickly. I ordered it together with lots of other items and everything was in the box nothing missing nothing wrong. Building the vacuum system was so enjoyable I did not want it to end. The instructions are second to none. I use a drill press to cut circles in stone which is immersed in water. I had to find a way to hold the container without using clamps as they were getting in the way and I was spending too much time time fiddling with it. The V2 was just the perfect solution. BTW, as I live in an area with 220 volt electricity supply I preferred to use the 240v Mac valve. It has the same connection like the 120v version so all I had to do was following the instructions for the 120v. I will be using the system for other applications as well and that is just an extra bonus.

  32. Review from Lee's Summit, MO

    Review by David Clark

    I started buying from Veneer Supplies due to a recommendation from a fellow woodworker. My first order was small to "test" how the product was compared to its description by "Joe" and how good the experience was. Both were excellent. Since then, I have ordered bigger lots of veneer, veneer supplies, and the V2 veneer press. The added value of the website is probably the best I've come across. Information and tutorials, emails and direction were all there, along with a friendly disposition from both Joe and his wife. I'm a pretty cynical guy when it comes to dealing with people via long distance, but my experience with "Joe Woodworker" has been a good one, and I now trust him to send me quality for what I'm spending. My latest shipment was Bolivian Rosewood for a very special humidor for a very special customer, and they delivered above my expectations - - again. I think this guy is the real deal, and highly recommend him to all veneer junkies out there!

  33. Review from Tewksbury, MA

    Review by Sam Makris

    If you have a compressor, this is the way to go. It took me a couple of hours to build and the system works flawless. I am very impressed. The instructions were clear and detailed. You will not regret buying from Joe. Packing was awesome. UPS could have pulled a Ace Ventura move and kicked my package all the way to my door without anything getting touched inside.

  34. Review from Rhode Island

    Review by Benjamin Briggs

    Being a DIY'er I ordered separate fittings and valves to make a few changes for my application. I must say that doing business with Joe has been fast and efficient and anyone that is hesitant about any of the products don't be. Order up and have fun.

  35. Review from Acworth, GA

    Review by Bill Graham

    Great kit, all the parts you need except for some scrap plywood and a trip to the home center for the PVC pipe and a switch.

    Instructions are detailed and complete, easy to follow and get you through the assembly in great shape. The system works great, pulls good vacuum without causing your compressor to run continuously. I have a small compressor and once the vacuum is drawn down the compressor cycles maybe once an hour with a 24x48 bag.

    Shipping s quick and the customer service at Veneer Supplies can't be beat!

  36. Review from Thornton, CO

    Review by Luis Olivas

    The Project: V2 is absolutely great. It took relatively little time to build and functioned perfectly after being built. I am mainly using this combined with one of the Polyurethane Bags on this site to laminate wood and it is wonderful.

  37. Review from Canton, GA

    Review by Whit

    Well, it looks like another 5-star rating for the V2 project!!

    I completed the build a few weeks ago and recently used it for a template routing project. It. Was. Incredible! It was SO much easier than using carpet tape and saved me probably five hours over the course of the project.

    I've written a full review on at

  38. Review from Fargo, ND

    Review by David Olig

    The system looks wonderful. I was looking forward to using it to stabilize wood turning blanks. Quality was top notch, as are the directions. Only problem was the directions weren't sent with the kit but are very easily extracted from the website. The website is also very well done and am looking forward to using it often.

    Note from Joe: I don't include instructions with the kit. They are too expensive to print and some people use the web based instructions instead of the printable PDF file. Also, the instructions get updated fairly often so it makes it hard to have the instructions professionally printed.

  39. Review from Waynesville Ohio

    Review by Dave Adae

    What a great kit. It went together without out any issues. The first panel I pressed was a little worrisome. I was not used to seeing glue press out of the pin holes in the veneer. It cleaned up nicely and the panel looks great.

  40. Review from Glendora California

    Review by Morgan Jones

    Awesome kit! When I ordered this kit I imagined I would have some problems with the assembly but I thought I could figure it out. It turns out the parts and instructions are absolutely perfect. I had the kit together in about 3 hours. The first time I plugged it in it ran flawlessly. In fact I thought something was wrong because it ran for a short period and stopped. The only thing I had to do was adjust the vacuum switch. Also, I expected it to cycle on and off but it does not leak at all. It pulls the vacuum and never turns back on within the hour clamping time. Very nice.

  41. Review from Kent, WA

    Review by Ken Bowman

    I just completed construction of the V2 kit; very easy to the follow instructions. Pump works great and performs efficiently; finished veneering a music box with ash burl with no issues and the results for excellent. Thank you Joe for a great product.

  42. A Fantastic Vacuum Press

    Review by Leland Liston

    I just finished the V2 plus system. It is a fantastic vacuum press. I can't believe how small and light it is and have such a large capacity of applications. I wish I had done this years ago.

  43. It Works So Well...

    Review by Dwayne C

    Very easy to follow instructions. Buy the pipe thread tap if you plan to build this. I had trouble finding the tap at my local hardware stores. Pump works great and is very quite. It works so well that I decide to buy the Podz vacuum clamping jig system to use on my Legacy ornamental mill. Joe thank you for a great product. I will tell my woodworking buddies.

  44. A Great Addition to My Shop

    Review by Earl Cowles

    I purchased and built the Plus version of the V2 Vacuum Press Kit about a year ago. The unit went together quickly and easily. The unit functions flawlessly. It pulls down a vacuum in a 2'x4' bag in just a few seconds.

    This veneer press is a great addition to my shop. Prior to owning this I struggled with pressing my veneer with various different methods, cauls, weight, etc. There are no more struggles making my own veneer using this vacuum press system. I highly recommend it!!!

  45. Easily Built

    Review by KS

    This kit is easily built by anyone with even limited skills. Every stage of the build is thoroughly documented, and once completed the elegant design and use of this vacuum kit becomes readily apparent.

  46. Well worth the money.

    Review by Dan Bentley

    Great instructions and easy to assemble. The hardest part about the project was that I chose to make my own threads on the PVC caps. Takes a little time and muscle (just like Joe said) but I saved $9.00.

    I am a woodshop teacher and we use this system everyday to make skateboards. It is a great system and well worth the money.

  47. A Really Good Vacuum Kit

    Review by John W.

    This is a really good vacuum kit for those that wish for fine quality results on a small scale. The kit was shipped the next day and arrived with no missing parts. I used Joe'e design and it took me about 3 hours to having it up and running. This unit really does not use that much air to build vacuum. I also built his frame press and it works like a charm. I will buy from this site again and must say that it is nice to deal with a pro!

  48. More Than Pleased

    Review by Christian Gamache

    I'm more than pleased with the vacuum press I built using Joe's kit and instructions. Today I veneered my first pieces (curved doors) and using advice on veneering given on Joe's web site everything went as predicted. The V2 Plus kit is what I'm using and to my great satisfaction the bag emptied in about 15 seconds and the system didn't re-engage at all for the hour I left the doors in the bag. Pressure went from 17.75 to 17.00. I have the unit hooked to a 30 gallon compressor and the 4 times I filled and depressurized the bag the compressor started once for about 30 seconds.

    A home made vacuum press that works fast, silent, efficient, easy to operate and affordable. Bliss....

    Thanks Joe for sharing your knowledge!

  49. Great Kit

    Review by Andrew B

    Like everybody else, two hours later I was in business. My unit cycles on and off a little more frequently than Joe said it would (i.e once every 4 minutes not once every 10 minutes) but I understand that is not a problem. My issue is with a small air compressor that I own, purchased for brad nailing only, maybe .8 CFM at 80 psi. Not enough CFM for the kit that I got (V2 Basic). But just like one of the Q & A's that I read suggested, I just have to "baby" the air compressor until full vacumm is reached (i.e. set it at 125 psi and turn off and on the vacuum kit a couple of times so that the compressor can catch up). Once all the air is out of the bag, both machines (compressor and vacuum press) cycle on and off as advertised.

    Now just have to figure out a bent lamination project worthy of such a unit!

  50. Great do it yourself project.

    Review by Phil Koher

    The V2 kit arrived in 2 days and with Joe's instructions it was a piece of cake to assemble in just a couple of hours.

  51. Fear Not - You Can Do It !!

    Review by Bill Poplaski

    My first thought was I spend all this money and I won't be able to do this. Fear not - you can and I did and it works great. The direction here make impossible to fail. All of my transactions with have been first class.

  52. Mature System That Works Perfectly the Very First Ttime

    Review by Jason Beam

    I ordered the V2 kit a while back and had ZERO trouble assembling it. Joe's instructions were more than I needed to get thing together. And once it was together, boy that thing performed so well. My first panel came out perfect thanks to a reliable system that Joe put together for us all :)

  53. Great system that provides great results.

    Review by David E

    I have used this system for about two years with the vacuum press for cabinet door insert panels, bookcase shelves and end panels with perfect results. I have not needed to re-do a single item. Perfectly flat and smooth every time.

  54. Pulls 25+ Inches Vacuum Easily

    Review by Andy Pitts

    I bought my "Plus" venturi kit a few years ago. I use an old Craftsman reciprocating compressor that max's out at 100 psi, and I can still pull 25+ inches quickly using a large 4x8 poly bag. The instructions on Joe are all I needed to make this work great! Why buy an expensive pump when you can quickly make your own from this website?

  55. Venturi Press Kit: A+++

    Review by Joe Bochar

    Hands down one of the best investments for my shop. The kit arrived promptly and with my two 24" pvc tubes tapped & cemented I was ready to go. In under 2 hours I had vacuum. Easy to assemble, very clear instructions, and it works!

    Now... time to make a vacuum infuser.

  56. Festool Systainer Vacuum Press

    Review by John Schumer

    I bought the, V2 Auto Cycling Venturi Vacuum Plus Press Kit from Joe last week. It arrived at my door in 3 days, well packed. Everything is top quality!

    Took me about 5 hours to assemble mine, with a few trips to the local hardware store for extra brass fittings. I was able to create two 21" vacuum tanks to fit into my Festool Systainer.

    Under testing, with my first ever veneer panel in the bag, it created vacuum in 30 seconds, and never cycled back in in 5 hours!

    Thanks Joe,

  57. Worth It's Weight In Gold

    Review by Darien Hobes

    Yup. The title says it all. I love this system and I wouldn't trade it for anything (almost). My system took 2 hours to assemble and worked perfectly the first time.

    The shipping charge for my order was under $10. You cant beat that. And just like everyone else has said, Joe's level of customer service is super.

  58. Easy And Fun To Build

    Review by Mat Werber

    I ordered the Project V2 standard.

    The kit was easy and fun to build; I was worried that it would leak because I threaded the PVC chambers by hand (simply drilled a hole and screwed the brass connections in)...but the first time turning it on it worked, and there was zero leakage. I can leave it alone for half an hour or more and the pressure doesn't drop at all.

    I ordered it for acoustic guitar construction...specifically, I'll be gluing the braces to the back and sides, and attempting to make a double-top using nomex and paper-thin (1mm) sheets of cedar/spruce.

  59. Dealing With Joe Is A Pleasure

    Review by Aaron Petersen

    Like everyone else has said, this is a great kit. I ordered on Tuesday morning, had shipping confirmation with tracking info within 2 hours, and the kit (complete with every part) was on my doorstep Thursday morning.

    If you have any interest in veneer this kit is for you. It's so easy anyone can put it together in an hour and start pressing veneer. Plus, dealing with Joe is a pleasure and I can't wait to order from him again.

  60. What Good Quality Products

    Review by Chuck Tade

    Like many others whose reviews I've read, I've been a hobby woodworker for many years. I happened across this site by accident and was amazed by the quality of content. After surfing here a few times I decided to build the project V2-plus. Due to the accuracy and completeness of Joe's instructions, I found the press very easy to make. It took longer to make the upright style carrier than to assemble the press. I couldn't find 3" PVC where I live (unless I bought a 20 ft piece), so I decided to modify it from two 3" resevoirs to four 2" resevoirs. This means a few more joints and it took a bit more determination with silicone sealing of all fittings, but now it works perfectly. I also bought some vinyl and made my own bag using Joe's plans. Works great, and now I'm gonna make a bigger one. I enthusiastically agree with all the things others have said about how Joe is so easy to deal with (I've never seen such prompt response from an internet seller before), and what good quality products he sells. Don't hesitate to build one of these if you're thinking about it. It's fun. I'm going to do lots of veneering and add vacuum clamping to my system soon.

  61. A Breeze To Assemble

    Review by Mark Beers

    I am very new to vacuum pressing and was anxious to find an economical way to get into it. I have been woodworking for years but have not ventured into bow or bent fronted chests, but am ready to go there now. and are great resources to guide you through every step to be successful.
    I built the V2 Plus kit and am very impressed with the both the quality of the kit and parts and the thoroughness of the instructions. This kit is truly a breeze to assemble. It took me less than 2 hours from receipt and opening the box to having a vacuum press ready to run. I do pride myself on my mechanical skills but did err in my initial assembly. When I e-mailed Joe to explain my symptoms he nailed the issue exactly (I had incorrectly installed the check valve) and he responded in less than 30 minutes at 7:00pm at night. I made the corrections and the system functioned perfectly. This kind of support and response is a model of how internet purchasing and support should be. Great job.
    I have since ordered the vacuum clamping add-on for the vacuum press and am absolutely sure that it will be the same high quality as the V2 Plus kit.
    I WILL purchase all of my veneering supplies from Joe as I am a firm believer in supporting and dealing with great on-line vendors. You should have every confidence in your dealings here. Good luck.

  62. This System Works Great

    Review by Jeff d.

    I ordered this kit after doing a fair amount of research on the Net. There are a lot of references to this site from all over and I finally came and looked and sent Joe a couple of e-mails that were returned usually that day. After getting the kit, which was shipped and received very quickly, I was able to put it together without any problems due to the great directions. After testing, which went smoothly with no leaks, the controller cycled after about 6-7" of pressure. I e-mailed Joe in the morning to ask if this was OK and got an e-mail back that afternoon saying that it would be allright to use on a panel but that it should not be like that and that he wanted to replace the controller, which he was going to send out the next day. That was on New Years day! I didn't expect a reply to the e-mail untill maybe the following Monday. Instead, that is when I got the new controller.
    Everything that is written about the great service, pricing and quality of Joe and this site is right on. My system works great and I will be ordering more in the future. Thanks Joe for giving us "normal" woodworkers a place that wants our business.
    Jeff D. Gilbert, Az.

  63. A Well Thought Out System

    Review by Dave Young

    After puting off purchase of a veneer system for years due to high cost I found Joe Woodworker's system and found the web site so well organized, thorough, and simple to follow that I bought the V2 Plus kit. Assembly was straight forward, Joe's answers to questions were same day, and his tips covered every detail. To save space in the shop I wall mounted mine on a hook so it is still portable if needed. I added a 5' compressed air line to the Mac valve to take connect/disconnect force off the Mac valve. This is a well thought out system that's very affordable and works great!

  64. Excellent Ptoduct And A Reasonable Price

    Review by Dan Volman

    I ordered this kit last week. It arrived in a few days and following the plans from JWW was straight forward. Probably not even the 3 hr. build time expected, but I wasn't really keeping track. It draws a vacuum in my small bag, 30" sq., more than easily. Now I'm on to building a larger bag to veneer a desk top. This is an excellent product at a very reasonable price. I am also very impressed with the timely way Joe answered my questions about gluing up a DIY vinyl bag. I emailed a question at 10:00 am and an answer was in my mailbox when I had time to check in the evening! This is superb customer service.

  65. Very Concise Instructions

    Review by Karl Henderson

    I purchased V2-plus kit with a 4'X4' poly bag and I have to say the system works great! The kit arrived on Friday. I started construction when I returned home from work and I had the system tested and working before the 10pm news.

    The build instructions are very clear and concise.

    The best part of this system is that I now have a vacuum press that I can repair, replace, and upgrade.

    I highly recommend this kit.

  66. Bilding It Was A Snap

    Review by Scott Noakes

    I just finished pressing my 1st panel using the V2-Plus, spent less than 2 hours building the pump and had my panel glued up that night. The instruction were easy to follow and made putting it together a snap.
    I've made veneer panels before using cauls and clamps, but this was so easy and quick, vacuum is definitely the way to go. I can't say enough about the customer service I received, it was great and shipping was very fast. Looking forward to doing business again.

  67. Amizingly Quiet

    Review by Leonard Niemi

    Just finished my V2 Plus veneer press that my wife bought for me for Christmas. Kit went together very smoothly and I am amazed how VERY quiet the press operates. I though it would be loud with the compressed air but diffently not.

  68. Everything You Need

    Review by Dan Si

    Just wanted to say thanks for the great kit. Me and my 10 year old son put this one together over a few short evenings in the garage. Instructions are great and made it very easy to build. I looked around for the parts you offer in the kit and I don't think it would be feasible to get the parts cheaper than price you have the kit for, plus it was just easier to know I didn't have to go back to the hardware store 10 times because I forget this brass part or that one.

  69. Your Instructions Are Wonderful

    Review by Al Kelm

    I just finished assembly of my new V2 press. Having bought your kit I feel like I just saved a thousand dollars for one those "other" vacuum press machines. Your instruction documentation is absolutely wonderful. The shipment's parts list & inventory was 100% accurate. I pressed my first project and the unit worked perfectly. I bought the 2' bag, but I am sure I will be back for more of the larger ones. Thanks.

  70. Very Impressive Results

    Review by Larry Fox

    Joe - wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for the speedy order and for all the good information available on your site. I put my unit together over the weekend and gave it a test run last night. All I can say is WOW,
    very impressive results. After seeing the results I can achieve with the V2-Plus with a 4x6 bag, I am hard pressed to think of a reason why one would shell out a ton of $$ for a pre-built unit. Directions for putting together the V2 Plus kit were complete and 100% accurate and getting the builders kit as opposed to trying to source all the stuff myself was without question the right move. Rarely do I make a purchase where I am 100% satisfied but this is definitely one. I think that adding a vacuum veneering setup to my tool-set will definitely take my workto the next level. I think it is safe to assume I will be placing veneer orders fairly consistently going forward. Well done and thanks again.

  71. Works Awesome

    Review by Rob Nolan

    I never knew it could be so easy to build a vacuum press. I bought the kit for the V2 plus from Joe. Followed his instructions and presto! I had it up in running in no time. No leaks either! Works awesome!

  72. A Piece Of Cake

    Review by Helmut Furtner

    I consider myself very lucky to have stumbled a half a year ago onto your web site. I was skeptic, but needed a vacuum system for my own shop. I worked in a shop before, where the owner got a drop down one sheet sophisticated 5x10 foot System for nearly 10,000 dollars! I ordered your V2 Plus Kit and when we got it altogether (piece of cake) the result was better than the competition. The breather mesh also makes all the difference, a must order! So I use only one sheet of 3/4 plywood with a high gloss Mica as bottom. I polished the Mica with a mold release wax, so no sticking and no residue on the veneer. It works better than perfect. I’m a professional carpenter from Germany and produce custom interiors for mega yachts now here in Fort Lauderdale. The V2 System is so good that it is even for my high end work most perfect. I am very grateful to who ever came up with that gadget.
    Thank you,
    Helmut Furtner
    HF Marine Carpentry
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  73. Why Didn't I Do This Sooner

    Review by Dave Forbes

    Got the V2 kit last week, hooked it up and bagged my first wing over the weekend. My only thought is WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER! Works better than advertised even with my $89.99 Pep Boys compressor.

  74. I'm Genuinely Impressed

    Review by Victor Harlow

    I'm genuinely impressed. This is an amazing piece of equipment. It took 2 hours to put together. I started after breakfast expecting to finish by mid day but actually, I had the system fully operational well before lunch. The system runs perfectly. This system sure beats the $500 version that [some one else] carries.

  75. Went Together No Problem

    Review by Rolf Bergstrom

    I received my V2 kit along with a bag, several adhesives (gotta try em all), some supplies and some veneer. Everything arrived quickly and intact. I built the press pretty much exactly to the plans and it went together no problem. Wanted to make sure everything worked before making any mods, though I don't think any are necessary. I'll probably just leave it as is for now. The only thing I might change is the mounting as the unit is very much top heavy. If you lift it by just the handle the manifold assembly will be the fist thing to contact the surface when you set it down, no biggie.
    Being in a hurry to try it out I hooked it up to my little PC 6 gal pancake compressor just to check for leaks and such. With a 2 x 4 bag and two 3/4in, 20 x 42 platens inside that little compressor had no trouble pulling the bag down. It took no more than 30 seconds and though the compressor motor kicked on the air pressure never dropped (had it set to 80 psi). If anyone is thinking about this kit but doesn't have a large compressor I think you could easily get by as long as you do flat pieces and keep the dead space in the bag to a minimum. My PC is a newer one that runs 150 psi but it has worked harder filling my truck tires than it did on the vacuum press.
    Bottom line: Highly recommended.

    Rolf Bergstrom

  76. I'm Completely Thrilled

    Review by Noah Dent

    Wow! It only took about 90 minutes to put my system together. I'm completely thrilled with Joe's system and instructions. Great customer support and excellent value. Highly recommended!!!!!!!

  77. I Didn't Waste Any Time

    Review by Bill Davis

    I ordered the V2 Project Builders Kit, a bag, and some other supplies on Nov 14th and the complete order arrived Nov 21st. I was ready, having the reservoir tanks and carrier assembled and ready to add the rest of the parts. I didn't waste any time and had it ready to test within an hour and a half. I plugged it in and, was impressed when the MAC valve clicked as described in the instructions. Added the air connection and it sounded like it was doing its thing but as I waited for the meter to indicate it was working - NOTHING! OK, a few minutes of inspection revealed that Joe had sent me a check valve with the arrow pointing the wrong direction (just kidding). Not wanting to wait for a new one to arrive I just turned it around and the next test resulted in the vacuum climbing at a surprising (to me) rate. I adjusted the vacuum controller and I was in business. THANKS JOE!

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