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Paper Backed Veneer Starter Kit
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Product Description

Paper backed veneer is very easy to use when you have the right parts for the job so I put together this package to save you money (15%) on these essential tools and supplies. The everyday price for each of these items totals more than $66!

The starter kit includes the following items:

  • Titan DX™ Contact Cement Quart
  • 6" Glue Roller
  • Veneer Scraper
  • Paper Backed Veneer Sample (8" x 10", 10 mil)
  • Paper Backed Veneer Sample (8" x 10", 10 mil with PSA)
  • The JoeWoodworker Paperbacked Veneer Guide

Freeze Protection Information: Click here for details    Freeze Protection Info

Optional Enhanced Scraper Tool
Enhanced Scraper ToolI designed one of these specifically for a friend who has a bit of arthritis in his hands and he absolutely loved it, so it just made sense for me to have additional scrapers made and offer them here on my website. I guess that makes this scraper a exclusive!

The enhanced scraper is 13.5 inches in length (50% longer than the standard version) and has a large hardwood ball mounted to the top that allows the user to put more pressure near the scraper edge. The scraper is designed for maximum pressure and exceptional ease of use. Click on the thumbnail image to the right to see a full-size picture.

With this version, I estimate the average person can put nearly twice as much pressure on the veneer while scraping compared to the regular version of the tool.

Product Reviews

  1. Great Product

    Review by David L Cahoon

    Nice package Joe. I did not need the samples, but for this project it was a cost savings for me to purchase the kit rather than the individual items. Cheers!

  2. Great product.

    Review by Angelo Lautazi

    This was my first time working with veneer and this product and its instructions worked great. My project was just a few cabinet panels and the veneer kit was just what I needed. I am very pleased with the results.

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