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Product Description

The Project: EVS™ and Project: V2™ vacuum presses can be used for much more than just veneering. With this clamping kit you can use the massive holding power of vacuum to instantly hold work pieces to your bench top for sanding, routing, carving and more. The kit includes a pneumatic latching foot pedal to instantly apply and release vacuum to clamping jigs on the work bench.

pg-clampkit-compatible.gifVacuum clamping jigs are required to complete this clamping system. We offer everything needed to make a custom jigs or simply order our very versatile Podz system shown below.

System Compatibility
This kit is an add-on for the Project V2 and EVS vacuum press systems. It has not been tested with any other vacuum press system.

Assembly Instructions: Click here


  • (1) 3-Way Latching Pneumatic Foot Pedal
  • (1) Vacuum Filter
  • (1) Brass Hex Plug
  • (1) 2" Brass Pipe
  • (1) Brass Barbed Elbow (1/4" NPT to 1/4" Barb)
  • (1) Short Brass Street Elbow
  • (1) Long Brass Street Elbow
  • (1) Tank Adapter Fitting

Podz Clamping Jigs

Podz™ Vacuum Clamping Option
Behold the power of Podz! These simple vacuum jigs are designed to affordably clamp projects to your bench top. Using the power of your vacuum press and vacuum clamping add-on, the Podz 26-piece kit allows you to configure the clamping jigs any way you choose to clamp projects as small as 4" x 4" and as large as 5' x 4'.


  • (24') Blue Vacuum Clamping Tube
  • (4) Podz Jigs - 4" x 4" HDPE, Pre-Drilled/Pre-Tapped
  • (4) Mach Ball Valves
  • (1) Brass Plug - 1/8" NPT
  • (7) Brass Barb Fittings - 1/8" NPT x 1/4" Barb
  • (8) Removable Podz Gaskets

Notes from Joe:

  • Podz™ clamping jigs work best on non-porous surfaces. This includes your bench top. If you have a porous wood bench top, the vacuum pressure will be diminished. In this case, I recommend applying several coats of oil based polyurethane to seal the pores and allow maximum vacuum clamping pressure.
  • Porous woods such as oak and walnut will allow vacuum pressure to escape from the system. You can choose to allow this air to leak out and clamping pressure will be decreased. Alternatively, you can place blue painter's tape or even contact paper on the clamp side of the work piece. This will create a non-porous surface that can be clamped with vacuum.
  • The Podz™ system is adjustable. You can cut the tubing to any size needed for the scope of your projects. I recommend using a 4-3-4 tube layout. This means four feet of tube from jig #1 to jig #2, three feet of vacuum tube from jig #2 to jig #3, and four feet of vacuum tube from jig#3 to jig#4.
  • A set of four spring-loaded ball valves is included with each Podz™ jig which allows you to pre-arrange each jig on your work bench (while the vacuum source operating). The valves minimize the loss of vacuum pressure and keep the jigs in place until your work piece in set on top.

Will the vacuum clamping add-on work with the Excel 1™ or Excel 5™ systems?
It is not designed for those systems but there is an alternate system which will work. Contact us for details.

Can I vacuum clamp porous materials with this add-on kit?
It depends on the porosity of the material. Porous materials such as oak, walnut, MDF, and particle board will leak a lot of vacuum and will cause the vacuum system to run more frequently or continuously.

Does the clamping area on my work bench have to be non-porous for this system to hold vacuum?
Yes. If the work bench is a porous surface such as oak, walnut, MDF or particle board, then the vacuum press system will run very frequently or continuously.

Product Reviews

  1. Review from Pittsboro, NC

    Review by Jonathan Ward

    This clamping pedal works like a champ. You'll have it in use a few minutes after it arrives. Having both hands free while you run the vacuum control with your foot is really great.

    I have bought numerous products from Veneer Supplies, and am a satisfied customer-for-life. Joe runs a great site here. There's a wealth of information here, along with all the parts you need to make your ideas happen. I adapted Joe's design for a DIY vacuum press by connecting the system to a larger air tank, and wound up with a system that provides more-than-adequate vacuum with minimal pump cycling.

    Thanks to Veneer Supplies, I have plumbed my whole stringed instrument shop (2,000 square feet) with vacuum, and use vacuum clamping for most work-holding operations. Double-faced tape and other jackleg work retention methods don't hold a candle to vacuum. And there is no better way to apply veneers.

    Service from Veneer Supplies is immediate, and they devote personal attention to your order. You will not have a better experience as a customer. I give this product and the company a very enthusiastic 5 stars.

  2. Review from Altanta, GA

    Review by Steve Poulter

    Works great! I do production runs of parts several times a year. Ten separate vacuum clamping steps per part in about 15 minutes. It works out to 24,000 clamp and unclamp operations under rough use for 2 years before I broke it. I looked at other foot valves costing almost 10 times as much, decided to buy 2 more of these so I would have a spare. The new one will get treated better.

    The Add on kit is well worth the price. The dust filter and fittings are at a better price than I could find locally.

  3. Review from Ottawa, Ontario

    Review by Lance Poulter

    My order was shipped promptly and received in record time (4 business days) with no additional charges or taxes. The shipment was well packaged, complete, undamaged and all items were exactly as described on the site. I intend to use the components for a template router setup and to add vacuum clamping to a plastic bending machine. Great kit. Thanks, Joe.

  4. Review from Kapolei, Hawaii

    Review by Jerry Himalaya

    If you don't like running around and purchasing every little piece separately just to find they don't stock everything in one place, then this kit is PERFECT! It made my assembly time quicker and without the frustration of not having all the correct parts. With my purchase I added on the Podz Kit and I strongly suggest this kit. It makes me smile in amazement every time I use it.

  5. Review from Pulaski, NY

    Review by Jeremy Hopewell

    My company builds custom wood counter tops and we needed a good system for holding the tops in place while we route the ends and sand the tops. This clamping kit works as described. The parts all appear to be commercial grade. The click on and click off function of the foot pedal is extremely handy. I use this kit with my air powered vacuum system and its a huge time saver. This is well worth the cost in every respect.

  6. Review from Greenwood, IN

    Review by Steve Spurgin

    Excellent kit. I got everything needed to build the vacuum clamps with Joe's website instructions. I also bought the vacuum press kit and it works great too! Thanks Joe!!!!

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